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Friday, December 28, 2007

The tiger of pakistan.

It is not much good for a tiger, but the noble preposition,
I respect that woman. Also the joy we all felt, in having our tiger rule a nation.
That was a great day for humankind.

Ofcourse she has been the first in many things, and now with this war between the sexes also a war on terror, she didn't hesitate and chose for the half of people that would love her.

A real martyr, for a cause bigger then hers or ours.

Friday, December 14, 2007


There are more important things going about then Klossovo, namely the climateconference at Bali. Basically however that is characterised by the absolute unwill of the proprietor class to commit to cost efficent economy, for mere short term private profit. Nations unwill to commit to a more tolerant population model is largely due to that. Unequality and pollution to a similar extend likewise. Attempts to make money out of every and even clean technology do the rest i suppose.

So instead of elaborating on unwill and profit destroying our planet, i would like to make a statement over the current european prospects. Hence this article's name "Klossovo". Klossovo is a very typical area somewhere in the balkans, traditionaly associated with the ever plundered serbia. People there; walk on clumps, have a very own religious hierarchy, shave, wear beautifull cloths, and are an overall joy for the eye ever since ivan the great.

Klossovo is the kind of place you'd like to stay a month or 2 to write poems , an excellent place for tourists. However recently Klossovo met tragedy, the Nato bombed this and that an god knows what, so perhaps there is not so much left. I think it also turned radioactive, so you can see it's concurrent position in the tourism market is taken serious.

Anyhow recently it turned into a US airbase, or two, and now it needs independance.
all these 00.3?00.000 people need exactly that , what the basques or the kurds in their millions would destabilise their belongings with. Presumably these nuts will be seated in EU parliament as well, and be in a position to help sabotage votes forever.

Nobody is going to notice anyhow.
Currently we have like 7 or 8 states around there, The one an even more pittyfull excuse of etnocentrism then the other. Theres just about enough "real" macedonians to fill one parliament... The only at them is that they are possesed. They own land, money or factorys and now people. Europe is choosing its voters in parliament with terrible sneakyness.

The nato killed a lot of people to get so far. Do you think they will let go of it?
Europe in a blind submission follows lead. Having nothing better to do each campaigner decides to campaign "liberation" ... it looks so nice.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
Through lies and fraud this one is managed to rob 1000000s of the fruits of their work and their voice