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Friday, March 30, 2007

Quorum reaches decorum, mushroom madness

There is the cry , the cretology for resistance in this matter.
The crue 2 crux.

Nevertheless worldwide implications for the psychodelic(ious;) case can be expected of the slightest character, keystroke or compassion.

This is not needed, let us remain human and dare to see simple truths in the easy ligth they deserve.
What is this international fear for suggestion , other then fear to admit that we knowledgably recognise we are easily and readily open for suggestion.

Then why do we fear to light an advantageous course for the sakes of humans kinds?

Only the complete uniformity , of the denial shows, what really shed the light from these cases.

I suggest the term consanity.
It relates to conspiracy.

sanes, insanes and conspirants.

Monday, March 26, 2007

slightly harrased

Sometimes, when i have been slightly harrased, i feel like posting things like this:

Usbek to the Mollah Mehemet Ali, Guardian of the Three Tombs, at Koum

To what end are the fasts of the imans, and the sackcloth of the mullahs? The hand of God has twice lain heavy upon the children of the law: the sun has obscured his beams and seems to shine only upon their overthrow: their armies assemble to be dispersed like dust.
The empire of the Osmanli is shaken by two defeats more disastrous than it ever experienced before. A Christian Mufti supports it with great difficulty: the grand vizier of Germany1 is the scourge of God, sent to chastise the followers of Omar: he carries everywhere the wrath of Heaven, enraged at their rebellion and their treachery.
Holy spirit of the imans, thou weepest night and day over the children of the Prophet, whom the detestable Omar misled: thy bowels are moved at the sight of their misfortunes: thou desirest their conversion, and not their perdition: thou wouldst have them united under the standard of Hali through the tears of the saints; and not scattered among the mountains and the deserts through terror of the infidels.

Paris, the 1st of the moon of Chalval, 1718.

This was once written by montesquieu.
I like it because it is stylish, it hardly lost context (where did i hear the word Omar before? Mollahs guarding tombs.. it really got everything.)
I have no clue wether Usbeks intends are all that good, however maybe montesquie thinks this is 'his' clue. to the problem. Visionary.

Montasquieu is also identified as one of the ones that couldn't objectively place the function of climate in human evolution, though his theory of france being "just fine" holds when we reflect it is discernible that the energetic reward of industrialisation in temperate zones is highest and cheapest as a result of the impact of climate on human fysiology.

He must think the same thing: how can i get all that bias out of my head.

Monday, March 19, 2007



a papyrus fetish of my robot.

i wonder what golems my mummies let loose so i sum some mummy up.

Woosh... spooky package of bandages appears.

Some difficulties have arissen through the interpretation of the mummy, egypt is a mess,

eternal shepherds have been signalled in the zoo of self-professed mummity.

the certain rise of the mummy casts suspicions on museum crews and military alike, meanwhile we are not sure as to what not all will rise as the mummys. Mummys have again proven a valuable commodity, there is a definite hunger for mummys on the market.

i remain egypt is to blame in this. Like every mummy want the freedom of expression, whereever i prefer to fludder my rotting extensions, there need be space for the prolification of maggots.

Such is democracy that makes a maggot fly.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

death penalty for mummy

How to get death-penalty for mummy

The egyptians are to blame, but the whole world suffers, somewhere in history they decided that the remains of those that in life had been extraordinarilly useless or usefull would be an excellent excuse for future attrocitys.

It worked out that it got progressively more easy to get death penalty for mummy, so that now on the open and more hidden channels it is the more common interhuman death cause.
This proofs to us we shouldn't delay this deathpenalty for mummy. Every delay will disrupt our natural evolvment into total mummification.

Since it is obvious too the arms-wielding majority death penalty for mummy's must be used to show the lack of dead peoples good intend. Only life people can have good intends. Wich is the major ethical problem arriving through death for mummy.

actually it calls for severe persecution for mummy certainly, by monopolising live peoples good and bad intends one could after all disrupt our mummification.

The importance of the mummy overrides the individual humans future,so much is obvious, the archaic system proofs. Dead people can't complain.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Recently kasparov has been complaining over corruption and even repression in russia.This is the most significant event in the whole row to bring down putin , for me.
I wish (or perhaps not) he had called some examples instead of sticking with the same ancient formula of acccusations against sovjet russia. Corruption is rampant on many places, and establishing yet another so and so free market at top speed is no guarantee at all for a halt.
Actually it seems that the slower/calmer transition phases are implemented the better the result and also the more peacefull.

Russia , sovjet russia, has a history with immense aspects of corruption to cope with. This is largely due to poverty, so we may assume yet still in russia there are people in need.

The next aspect is much harder to understand, the repression of (some) free press, (not of eg. kasparov and many others that raised their voices), however personally i have not found russians scared to voice almost any opinion. I perceived them as people that placed themselves in a world that was actually quitte much like the world i was in. A rather realist people. I wish i got an explanation why this wouldn't work, instead of only accusations. Putin doesn't semble saddam much, but the problems of the contemporarys of the chechens do tend to manifest in a similar shape that is pretty warlike and awkard.Quitte possibly; for this you cannot blame the chechens, but also you cannot blame putin. (he has some reason to be scared)

And then more. Because this to is not what apparently kasparov is talking about. The thing is, kasparov is a hippy perhaps, he doesnt realise that everywhere in the world people get harrased, beaten up and arrested for protesting and voicing their often just opinions.
That not the killing of journalists but nonetheless the silencing of voices is an equally intolerable control. It is just a question.

I can also imagine putin lets go of to much of the national (and knowing him regional(does it help?)) sentiments in his own struggle to achieve things. i dont have to explain do i?;)

it only proofs national sentiments are a national responsability.

so when kasparov and the commision for modernizing education of police personel have reached their conclusions we are still dependend of the voice of the media and the people to maintain the peace.
please realise: inciting hate really doesn't very well pass the measure of : "i feel my press is free" objectively anywhere, if you want everyone to be equally free as yourself. and that is not personally to kasparov at all. (we see a shamefull load of rubbish that had often better not existed)

Monday, March 12, 2007


(warning ahead, although i try to introduce a lot of jokes there is no way this need to be considered a 'nice' story, it is scary.)

the essence of the situation for the palistineans is hardly to claim palestine . It is in essence the right to claim palestine identity.This right has not been an easy one, so if we don't consider to give the palestines their rights, to live a live of equal standard and identity in palestine, but restrict theirs to specific parts of the territory, we should have some respect for the sincerity of history.

In most respects, 1968 is the period 'of what my father said' if only one side is expected not to remind what their fathers said I don't see well how such disrespect could ever lead to mutual respect.

However if this is the place and time to solve all this i don't know. I guess certain problems are not 'the earlier the better'solved.

Obviously from my remote perspective the westbank and east jeruzalem situation appear very much a palestinean case as well. I find no justification for the revenge on a people that had been discriminated. I think that was a wrong decision made on the wrong grounds in that time.

In fact i am only completely before integration of the (2) population groups. On many places we need to learn to live in a world we share, and not all kinds of diversions and distributions will bring future good.

It is also a historical and perhaps unimaginable truth palestineans have perceived the traditional situation as repressive. So in that case it must be obvious that the standards had been a different set of rules.(namely basicly rules applicated to everyone )

The next reason for this is that when palestine is a prosperous area the current palestinean territorys have been untill this point in history starved to the bone. well i hope not, but recent supranational policy has not shown that much respect for the need of palestinean people. That means not only that they are in a bad state of development but it also means they are ill equiped to become a better file, even if no loads of exceptions, regulations and arrangments would burden such an isolated stripe. Anyhow at this moment the influence over palestineans affairs has been complete.
I don't even want to justify this outside the usual terror of a criminal government over minority people.But i realise some people have realised that when u discriminate people
for long enough they will become discriminated.(international boykot)

Even when people like ahmedinajaadh and mine interesse in the sociopolitical accuracy of every story's contexts overrules some interests, what it shows like in people without a tough and broad knowledge around these subjects is perhaps not worth relating it. However well-intended they also derive their own abhorrent conclusions over abhorrent affairs.

another thing unmentioned, is why would not be a somewhat-jewish state in that location be doomed to fail by lack of space? Who knows if that is in fact the matter. Thats it is just some mechanism of negative feedback for to many people. And that indeed not only the west bank but also the attack on libanon can be viewed as some kind of 'unleashed' territorial agression objectively only. Ask a palestinean how much space u need to offer a decent cultural life
to a jemenite?

It seems that the limit of sadness permits many jokes with history.yet it is not everywhere the time to make a joke over palestines.(it's the boykot) Meanwhile i can wonder if they have had palestineans that can think such a thing shot. wich is relevant. The relevance of recognising palestinean identity.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

sex (2007)


2007 seems to become the year of the sexrows. After we had the israelian ministers giving impressivly horrible kisses to female soldiers, after we had the polish do an uncatholic research into someone births authenticity (in that case apparenly the woman was courted by more then 1 man..)now we have japan playing up, we have the iraqi collective denial of singular and possibly multiple rape cases, wel isn't it the 2nd sexrow in irak this year?

I have my own convictions about this matter.As far as i know sex is so abouts the most important commodity to keep man fighting. Not only the traditional classic or medieval army had an immense train of 'marketensters' or wever they are called in english, i am also properly aware of the huge bordels that laid behind the ww1 front on the western side, and knowing the germans they probably had an exact same institution. At least they provided their soldiers with loads of condoms through ww2.

In netherlands the (ww2) germans had their girls usually through brothels as well. It has been well known how after the war people so much liked to harras prostitutes they actually harrased so abouts all agents the resistance had placed in those bordels (preferably soa infected, we did that.. go figure.)
so the next point is not , have there been brothels.. it is how went things there. And for another matter, how do these occupational forces arange this in those days.
ofcourse i can't check asian brothels but i read (some of) the '92 reports and it is a lot of sadness. However i am well aware prostitution and sadness and sexual harrasment go together. Actually one of my reactions was to blame the local 'world' (it's close to mine where i live now),the local 'life' for some of the abuse. and guess what, that is exactly one of the things the japanese do. Blame local 'contractors'.

For someone that has an interest in sexuology and lives in netherlands it is very easy to figure out how that could go off.
Nevertheless i think japan overdoes as long as it doesn't dare to complain over the current practices in this world. They probably got so annoyed over the case they forgot what it is all about.
Harrasment of woman through soldiers. According to not a few generals,the standard warcontribution of the female part of the population.

No what annoys me is aljazeera whining over the japanese. What reasons do they have to whine? the only thing i can think of is that they dont dare to admit to the proportion of sexuality exposed in their own countrys. And they are so right? i think they are right to be so worried. Because *I* don't believe iraki soldiers fight without brothels. And since they are supposed to occupie themselves, they will definetly have something to deny for some time to come.
However i honestly think the world will become a better place through respecting the position of woman (including sexworkers but that is hardly the subject to my regret) then through providing brothels to man with the object to make them kill other man.

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