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Saturday, July 21, 2012

badman's massacres

"we don't know at wich shootout in the movie"

at first i did not want to pay attention, syria is a much more great and urgent subject for example,

i was browsing news anyway, connecting some dots, (why did israel accuse iran over bulgaria eg,)
(at least they have their own arguments documented so to say. it's a bit doubtfull if it's not a day of 'mutual attrocity' btw) and i decided to have a look, (a later addition: actually check how much of it was a stunt for the film, disappointing results, film and ads. promote a theatre shooting there was 'an eerily similar exercise' (in a some theatre, with probs. x-nr of cops participating.. all but a first)

describe the methods? i don't know. here is what mainstream let's you know only once..

a witness in the next theatre, one wall away noticed shot coming through that wall and 'people moaning'. further notice enhanced the idea only one person would be struck,in that room..
(now that is neuroscience..), however the witness has not featured anymore, so if 'to spare his feelings', forensic's are left untested..

similarly allthough initial accounts suggest people had to pass past numerous bodys, it soon becomes obvious i would not be able to compile an impression of more than 9 badly hit persons.

thats were it got me thinking i think, and even though i would not insist it's a faked story, i got the idea the media were being pulled along a few strings.

so i tried to check how he got in, after all i would think such a person rather an outstanding oddball,
ok the projection already was badpeople are oddballs that like to look like riotcops half the time,
and not that much different the rest of it, but that kind of costumes, i suppose would usually be a tad more fluffy.

and see, that had been registered, a witness that apparently saw the person/costume shooting had the impression (the) a guy like that made the impression of a (swat)cop while entering, (on her alltho the article didn't mention explicitly^^.(probs the protect witness excuse for this media lead (wich is neuroscience))

when i found out he did neuroscience, was a good (and even like in today's news an excelling one) student, alltho that had been suggested when the cops insisted on pronouncing him 'mr' holmes.
it also got me thinking,

the hot controversial thing i see in that area is forced medication (through in my mind inconceivably unnatural damaging substances) and honestly if that was my department as a scholar it might drive me sort of mad.  not this mad, but that is a personal thing and has to do with where i direct my anger (anger management).

i do get to the random aspect still.

in a sense, those badpeople can be considered the victim of a masspsychoses, it's a bit extreme perhaps, but neuroscientifically probably all to true, for commerce's sake it seems such statistics are rarely in the open, however if i make a comparison with a recent similar topic, the airco madness ('airco's are cool' ego(?)s) yes they are masspsychotists that would probably support wars and never understand a thing about domestic politics. it's to gross a generalisation for me, i allways consider the 'guts to look different', but so on average, neuroscientifically, ofcourse it is true, and ofcourse the student is made to manage this corporate exploitation..

so it actually got kind of interesting, the guys motivation could be more than some sexual neuroses,
i think only after i concluded that it showed his appartment was well wired,
into the detail, it is the first question in the case of 'emergency torture (ahum)' where are the bombs?

and him being non-communicative.. oh well, the detail, i wonder if he'd enjoyed that movie scene.
the enxt cewl comment i stumbled on, was one that said: after he did his thing, he easily settles with being caught, his 'mission is accomplished'. now it was in a sense of generalist psychologisation that remark appeared, and it's doubtfull that the answers would be so very unspecific,

i started looking into things, time for wikipedia, the ultimate mouthpiece of fbi (and us studious freaks in a way sometimes) would by now have elevated the subject to a round-up but timely topic,
reads.. reads talk page...

the guy stopped studying 4 months ago.. promsising student.. mention of ows
(only on talks, suspect, talks is usually a better source for background facts than article)

it does coincide with his development in a sense.. 4 months. intelligent.. not very social (wich at least implies not very satisfied with society)

he would be disatisfied with the soft actions of ows. otoh. if you are connected to ows you could think of a better target  isn't?

but ah.. the film vilifies ows..

i start paying attention if 'people knew him', and if he was 'in a picture'.
seems they do, the person(ality) is not alien to the head of police, he makes a distraction manouvre with music (possibly in part) to hide his depart from home? maybe he did sth like graffiti?

it seems he is aware of police observation and surveillance. apparently he consciously get's in 'as a riotcop' this suggests,

further elaborating on that riot gear: if you experienced what it is used for and with makes a very fascist impression is a strong symbol of brutal oppression. the teargas is suggestive for that also.
did he witness policeviolence by riot cops? my guess is yes, including the teargas, perhaps, like me .. he noticed people 'disappear', from protestmovements, he was apparently very intelligent, and it is not easy to cope (nor btw. to notice),

so with warrenbros hypedly up criminalising vilifying and assaulting ows.. could he have just gone for the blank symbol?

i wouldn't, but he's young and a male, young males are silly, actually symbols are silly, but perhaps neuroscience told him you beat symbols through symbolic deeds, and that this could work against those badman with a psychoses.

it would achieve something in the sense of critical consideration of the exploit on protest and ethnical movements hollywood often makes. on their 70% dependence of pentagon eg.

the warindustrial filmindustry. and talking casualtys, it's nasty to risk being beaten up because WARandBRASs  like to suppress the protest for the warindustry.
or is that warring bro's..
gl dreaming.

destroy 'my  movement' (neuroscience and history show the trick works all to well)
i'll destroy bad man,
or so said the joker.

another scenario, all the above but.. his work in (the research labs!) of neuroscience, and there have been recent developments well possibly from colorado amongst in interpretation of neurological patterns as more standard and therefore more accurately telling about thought than used to be supposed), he works against 'us'
people, ows, etc.  for the marketing of war, as he probably noticed a few years ago..
is what they make you do in studies to prepare you for a life of exploit and betrayal.

"being among the cleverests" that is called,
and perhaps he is no more use as a mole in ows very much, and
they want their promising psychocontrolnerd to work undisturbedly under a different identity (does bradley manning exist?)
and he did train a bit for swat, or they just 'arrested him in the convenient location' in the convenient guise, and someone else did the training..

but for now, it's the most plausible explanation i have seen, the war renbros film will also make the victims randomly in a specific group..

perhaps a better group to save, the people that dare to stand out and stand up for society.

gl saving your good people, and quit the commercial nonsense, the world will be better.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

syria, why not

today i was thinking a bit over syria, yesterday also actually, it happens that anan is in moscou, and there is no coverage on aljazeera that would immediatly allow a contribution in that direction,
that besides

here it can be longer,

it's a fascinating subject and idea, russia and syria. like usually the new interface is everything but an improvement.

they are sort of neighbouring, russia and syria, perhaps not really, but the connection has allways been
laid. it is a bit weird. saddam was a baathsocialist and he killed 100000 communists.

and assad is a baath socialist and best friend with the russians, of old. if you judge by plane saddam also was, untill he swapped his fleets of migs for a few mirage's and a saab vickens.

these days every new player on the weaponsmarket wants to proof their newest anti air capacity, so noone is reluctant to give the stuf a test, from everywhere there is a great influx of weaponry into syria,
enough to fool a halfmillion soldiers, 16 million secretive atheists, a jew and 4 zoroastrians, all for the sake of what?

corruption of an unknown specimen. just like here or in israel you bet.
so that thing that has to change,
will not change in syria through assad, and hardly despite him, now russia, as we all know the greatest and most virtuous of all nations, has allways had the good sense to support a unitarian socialism  over the margins of sectarian divides,

and kicking the devils tail, it is time to ask :who is who, but that is taboo.

in syria, i suppose, taking all to few things into consideration, i hope for the us in a the vietnamese do not take there veils out on them as ours do on us. very integratedly , i mean, like if they show the modern face of gaza. thank you for the pretty sight.

so what will a  nation with only similar kinds of peoples end up through all this? everyone will die through pimples and rash for lack of vitamin d.

terrible, poor women, another backward step through the dark times of colonialism into a time of fearfull pseudo-pre-colonialism, the sheer sight.

so much is true, the muslims admitted it when we kicked them oput of spain, all the way to byzantium,
where they admitted it a bit less, sadly and unfortunately by the mere premonitions of a person like constantine, in this case, you can't blame the greek.

these people that have suffered so endlessly, untill the current day under the oppression of the romans and the crude invaders with their weird habits and dress, they took away all the colour from the sunni people.

uhm.. i guess not what i wanted to say, that is racist, a stupid norm, uhmm sorry again,

so talking russia,

why not consider honourfull defeat, evacuate all the alawites, and the turks kurds and christians, and give it to the usians?
why not?
once every threat of dissent is eliminated, no civil war will come to be, they can institute some sheiks, if that is what sunni do best, and uh eat burgers.

the real problem is mc borsjt was never a great hit,
nikeys are no real good either.

it seems to me changes of power are less hurtfull for ideology  when they are swift and easy, but i am not sure, ideology has all the time been the greatest victim.
i am not so sure that a regime contrary to the current would improve a great lot on the people.
why not ask assad to just step up, change plans,

russia has often made the point of selfdetermination, maybe it will finaly lead to results,  heh, self determination , assad determination, there is a solid difference.
i for my part do not honestly believe more then 1 in some 1000 children of a rather great statesman, serves to be a statesperson well, and not their spouses. logically, the more such prestige gets a hereditary custom the more solidly it is only one of luxury and candour.

who would believe he is the only great guy in syria? oh i bet you the next will be worse in a way.
because, after things settle, and assad moves, all the syrian jihadi analfabetists that assad surely took care there were plenty, will be thoroughly disappointed they can't have their own extra superhuge minarets with enormous loudspeakers, and they will fight over it, as if it is football, just like war.

oh yes and kofi anan is great, the rest are racists, assad and the opposition.




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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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