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Friday, May 21, 2010

oil rigged donkey's

bit of a tough time. hard to stay serious about things, international developments?
i am not so sure, not to many, the oil spill?

actually i know a lot about the oilspill, i didn't trust it in the first place, and sure enough a bp executive assured us this was the best possible oilspill the day after it materialised.

currently i think it is an attack on cuba's healthy environment, a corporate one. obama wants to make peace with cuba, but not so wants big money.

i am quitte sure a hurricane effect contra obama had also been anticipated. he really has a tough job. next, so good as nothing is correct in the whole affair. the machines are disfunctional (a bop in a testing configuration) 1000 barrels are 5000 barrels are 25000 or more barrels a day, bp gets authority not to supply informations that could lead to a proper estimate of the leak,

todays news is the research labs are bp affiliates (wich for some odd reason is said to be better for the birds, forgot why, i guess because ppl think more about birds then causes.)

oddball taraccumulations are 'found to be unrelated' as are the initial turtoise and dolphin victims
not so much for the turtoise anymore since to many fisherman seen them about floating foaming.

meanwhile the feds are making a problem about the dispersants (could be they ran out of stock),
wich ofcourse there is, but they really didnt bother to make in the first place.

i am getting more and more convinced dispersants mostly provide a cosmetical measure, evrything dies but it happens underwater so we will be to dull to notice, and although it still destroys coastal environments, we don't see it happening so much.

i don't want to be pessimist, but i know dispersed products may be more harmfull then oil still.

well thats mid and longterm effects, but there is not much we can do about it now. wait and see how worse it gets. there are also a lot of other questions to be answered, halliburton is oil related company.. that got all these 'contracts' in irak.. transocean is 'cameron', but it is also just another clueless partner in the same network of company's escaping responsibility's. a 'legal construct'.

there are quitte some questions to be answered left, why and how is such a rig productional, what did the executives actually say about it's remaining value beforehand? why are we not told deepsea drilling (and accident) actually happens more then the news has been suggesting? why do they make a huge catastrophe, when actually a smaller one is more common, if it had been a smaller one, would they just have done nothing? how much are these rigs actually leaking on average?

do they keep the oil under more often perhaps even?

and then the position of the usian government in it all, they have no say in anything apparently,
bp blows up the scene, next they have their citizens be coerced, have to admit conflict of interest in their own and facilitairy organisational structures, allow bp to keep all and everything secret,
don't seem to much push for openess about the environmental damage (or the usian news had not been influenced to neglect the impact on animals so much), and they say they will do evrything about it, and evrything about it next.

there is a saying for that, even a donkey does not trip over the same stone thrice.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

remembrance day

yesterday it was remembrance day, today is actually a day with a more appealing name overhere, liberation day. but thats a liberation of one thing only day, i rather have it a liberty day,

so yesterday, admittedly naively i decided to once again have a peek about what netherlands is doing on a day like that. its been decades since i joined in on any of these themes and now i again know why..

i was tired as a dog since i hadnt slept in 29 hours by the time i arrived at the scene, a small and pretty park in a city close. it features a memorial and it was burning 3 huge flames of petrochemicals. i had actually been having a small nap of half an hour short ahead so i was silly sleepy.

before the time i had been pondering, who will i remember.. who do we need to think of most..
who do we forget, what is a decent way to look at the masses and masses of dead caused by armed violence, etc. in short i had been worrying a whole lot about what i were to be thinking there.

i can be an unreasonable optimist, and assumed it might have changed in 30 years, that would have people being serious about , i don't know, todays dead, iragi deaths, jugoslav even or maybe the russians. so many things changed in 30 years, i used to primary associate days like these with sectarism, and sectarism has gotten of a much lesser importance. perhaps, i thought, we will remember all the dead.

so it went on, loads of people arrived, some crowds of them in suits, with a 10 percent odd representation of coloured people in netherlands it was a pretty white scene, i accidently counted the relations and they were only a factor 100 off. (we are not even a division i thought but a bombardment here would make an incredible scene)

so i got suspicious, i assumed we were not going to repent the 100000s or millions we killed in indonesia after all, but lets wait and see, after a lone and sad trumpet blew we had our two minutes silence.

rather impressive, altho i hadnt said a thing a couple minutes in advance for fear of disturbing the occasion wich is a thing that seems to come more natural to me then joining in.

i remember i thought it was a hypocrit event for decades, but i kinda had forgotten why, and remembering the dead is sth i think is usefull. it happens to often people get killed in bunches and noone really notices.

there we stood, and i tried to remember whom i would be remembering, the iraqi's? communists? serbs? russian? dutch? polish? jewish? ooh now i seemed to get in tune with the masses, it was mostly the jewish victims of ww2 they were thinking of besides the dutch..

well ofcourse i agreed, that is a very terribly sad example, yet, except for acute dutch selfpitty, it has allways been the great recurrent theme of celebrations like this,

and actually it showed it hadnt moved up the slightest in all the time i'd stood aside uncompromisingly. but i didn't want to think of the jewish, if there is one genocide i am overly confronted with it is that one, and it is just not even close to thinking of all death , hurt and maim we keep causing.

so thought very loudly .. no i don't want to think of that, and someone thought, how about the polish. ok ok the polish..
well the minutes were over, ppl did the "church scrape of throats", amazingly how so many non smokers have to clear their throats, and soon starting singing..

the national hymn, i don't like it, but that besides it wasn't saying a thing about any dead at all, exactly the monarchy went unscathed, (quite contrary to the text) and i am anti-monarchistic. antifeudalist.. antinationalist besides.

so off i went, after years still forced to comply a remembrance were i wasn't in a position to remember the dead in a human way. still subject of nationalist indoctrination and authoritarianism.

i could guess to the rest, a speech about nationalism, heroism and afghanistan perhaps, well i was glad to leave. i had tried, and 40 years after we still remember the same racially biased things, still keep the mouths shut about our crimes and the numberless victims since that period.

what should be about all those many faceless victims was still about the promotion of a class system.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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