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Saturday, January 19, 2008

taratric , divine truth on a virtual planet

Tartaric might very well have loved to see this post here, yes he would endure it because i talk like this all the time anyway;) Thinking of him i feel utterly ashame
over my formal butto poetry. That is because he was a very good critic. And its not good enough.

i have had so many, only!, *good* laughs from his words. He could make me feel terribly ashamed, but it was plenty worth the hardship for the unique joke we'd (all) get of it. He is so very good company , he never made a clueless remark.
The most educated political perspective (too well explained now in an eery way). Not anything rude ever! Beside perhaps those 2 or 3 offish-jokes that forever made laugh.

Actually the chatroom where i met him, kicked me once over a (not so really, not so)rude joke (not a very rude one).
It was the most despotically censored chat in the world . The only one where the censors made stringent sence(usually),this guy actually always. I prefer to refer to my current dilligence as technicallity.:S

The most perfectly open for nihilist dispute. The world must have been the luckier for the times we interacted. I am a lucky person to have known him. One of the very few people who's eloquence i never had to disregard. A young mind, 2008 kind.

I blame the world a lot over the strange storys i read about him.
the world should know he was a light in our lifes, a great one in mine and the kindest person on the planet.

People must have missed a lot of what this man had to tell them.
perhaps that is what makes me sad. There is huge worldwide media explosion,
and nobody even listened to him? Ah, they must have, what else could they do..

If he has written anything you can get hold off, i would advise you to keep it and read it, delight in it, do something with that.. please??

Rather well that I imagine how long he has been taunted for his anti-zionist attitude.

One of our friends, his so much more then mine still tho, no matter that i loved him much, someone you all also know died last year. So much of what i say is
like him, i feel better reminding them together.

It would really be an idea to start listening to our social heros and dissident voices, the faces of the past century, in time and better.

what a bummer.
What a stupid way to discover all this.

Strangest thing is i am like all commercial now:(
i cry over the dead of a celebrity..

take it as you like;)
i for me will try to behave better. More taratric, more sommerfield as well. You get their regards.

I realise now that they talked with me and kinda knew this, should it be flaw or flows?
no flaw, always flowing.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 year of the censors

Don't be surprised. It's the general trend. So 2008 will be a more censored year then the year before. election haze. We will be lured by election hazes more then ever, the capitalist system, the corporates are trying to sell campaigns for democracy. only strong action by the populaces offers a chance on somewhat representative "results" tho. People are very easy to believe.

A recent example is the "speedboat incident" another insignificant if even real incident that will take a prominent place in wikipedia-en.(most probably)
for one thing the us navy said it had video.. but released scenes only later.
That beside i have a slight suspicion boats are around there all the time, and this time may have thrown sigaret buds in the water?

It's just an example how hardly noteworthy and possibly framed incidents, the viddeo is not very convincing, are abused to influence one of these supposedly 'significant' 'democratic' elections. If you keep an eye open in the current trend of stressing elections in the media and reward disproved results 'incidents' will be more often witnessed. Usually it is the timing that tells the character of the incident.

For example: the incident in pakistan today. Why was it timed there? was the man exploding before the lawyers arrived purposedly?? yes. most probably, if the current version is true (he didn't crash a motorbike in a truck, and he was not on foot),
but arrived on motorbike (largely undamaged) , and ran into a crowd of policeman,
he deliberately targetted the police, or perhaps the cops. However the timing then suggest an alliance with the gathering of lawyers. Not improbable, the anti- musharaf lawyers do tend to democracy perhaps, but tend to be the ones with the conservative aproach, logically speaking, from our point of view, because much of the legal dispute is focussed around the implementation of sharia, or it's veritability contrary to the juridical system.(iafaik)
there is the usual natural alliance of this 'taliban' with the more libertarian forces ofcourse, because both are repressed. However i have not discovered a party in pakistan politics intend on serving the populace (as opposed to eg. their purses), or it must be musharafs. So i kind of exclude the really progressive forces in pkaistan of teh violence. (perhaps not justified, pronouncedly so if the pakistan army itself would be known inside pakistan to use means equaly awfull, (practically , the same). If all 3 recent attacks would be framed by musharaf he certainly hates the cops. Not the most fearsome aspect a dictator could have.

A enough about it.. i could tell more but this is about 2008, not about 8-01-2008
First time i got the numbers riot the first time in the year i think. Poverty got its needs. uhm, part of the nr's.

Economy of this reality depends on cooperation. There have been and , most probably are to be, rather large disasters. Their results we could use to set up something like a patchwork disaster service. I fear they will not be without work in a decade.
Perhaps its a nice replacement for all these armys.

Disasters tend to be survivable, recent floods not only in mid america have prooven that with support many people can be saved from physical harm. It is a nice precursor to ecological landuse that these people need to be provided and resettled.

One thing we may still have to account for is droughts. However both the need for reforestation and the need for water can easily be solved through ecological
planologics. They would have been solved if we had started this worldwide 30 years before.

Forestfires will be inevitable, as a result everywhere were dry circumstances occur uggly lanes through the areas must be realised wich is practical with woodcut but does not at all relate to the corporate models of landuse..

Generally crops can be climate independend. Certain crops, and certain varietys of crops stand a climate, eg. the dutch, better. that besides some stand rain better and some drought, by producing a part of the food along these lines the world could build up much needed resources relatively cheaply and at the least ecological expense. It is also a better guarantee to misfortune. If i understand correctly everywhere on the planet foodprices have been on the rise.

Birth reduction. At least under circumstances of war the arguments are pretty simple.
An adult relation with other nations means that you have a productive birth-control

Stopping clichees. There are to many evident clichee, even i am to blame, i try not to be clichee wich is why i know. People urgently need to stop talking of other people as tribes , religions, etc.political terms are the only really acceptable ones
for an adult discussion of politics. (i predict billions will fale miserably in this aspect this year;)That means you can say capitalist, socialist, or whatever you want, african unionist, unionist soberly, libertarian or whatever. But if you take a standing point like a kapitalist pig would somebody may call you a kapitalist pig.

Thats not a clichee (else we'd be all f**king rich). anyway..

other great events for 2008. development. Now that slowly the uselessness of the production oriented economy dews in, development on itself is not the hardest point anymore. it became a matter of conscience. One might say 'awareness'. Environmental awareness basically. There is an environment where we can provide everyone with food , education and entertainment. But the lower the overall measure of luxury, the more chance we can afford it.

political turmoil. For the left wing it is important to realise that the mass, the general people, the ones that find hardship maintaining their existence, are not so much in a position to protest over remote wars anymore. The luxury is already gone.
We don't protest over vietnam anymore or a ridiculous wikipedia that claims kongo was a deadlier event. 15 years ago, i think, i told you that also the usual people would become very marginalised, and it is pretty much what has happened.



Personally i try not to be rude. However sometimes i screw up. Basically i will remove, discriminating and hate posts. And comments clearly derivant from well prepared 'neocon' (kapitalist) pr or secret service agents. (aivd , fbi, mossad etc.) Dutch language is welcome. English prefered, sorry if that bothers my fellow countryman who always seem to think they know how to handle their languages. Ill edit this some time;)

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
Through lies and fraud this one is managed to rob 1000000s of the fruits of their work and their voice