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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

work in progress

it is some 3 days into the bloodbath in libya, censors are working overtime. gadafi's possibly not anymore quite integral speech, relativations, the ulimate lack thereoff and no insightfull information of the actual levels of repression that happened in algeria or egypt, completely downplaying nrs, whol range of stupid and awkard manipulations in the public consience going on.

skillfully and masterly groups and people can be predicted and steered with their most seperate
whims. there is close to no transparance. the actual money going around these days from the refugee and mostly still seated cliques is far more then we would be told. transparance is the only way to put an end to dictators and their puppetmasters.

back to libye, gadaffi may be crazy and have a lot of imagination, he has not been much of a puppet. he has probably taken an unfair deal of his nations wealth and progress, and also turned it into a control state.

libya has usually been a rather prosperous nation, and recently the population has grown a lot, because he has been quitte opposite to europe trying to accomodate immigrants. perhaps it explains that a greater level of poverty then before say 10 years would now be their part.

actually it is the censorship kicking in again. reasonable people also are not usually open to be informed to a much greater extend then unreasonable, or just usual people.

the average "intellectual" has not the faintest of plenty of figures they use in mediacampaigns, and discourse when it comes to nations that for some pragmatical reason or another are marked with some "different" stamp. It goes all the way, a similar superficial conception of other cultures is perfectly plausible in plenty chinese. not allways without reason even.

khadaffi is a leader of africa, sometimes clumsy, hardly ever without a sneaky side, in many discussions he was able to communicate with african people then large parts of the european and arab world, he has been humorously and i suspect rather generously supporting developments over africa, and allthough this apparently meant, a sharper division along the 10th nothing of that is necessarilly bad or his to blame. he is a president of africa, and a leader as long as he sticks to his role, humor, nonconformism, cooperation (and even tolerance i think).

he has been not a straight out disappointment for the image of north africa in the respect, however that might be subjective related to his domestic manipulations(..).

as i experienced egypt mubarak would, and the north african culture has obediently adopted any perverted kind of racism from their white masters they did not yet readily own. in the sense of measure of control(..).

ofcourse muammar is cynical about that. the public is apparently never supposed to hear about usian bombings in tunisia, and countless other aspects of these "revolutions".

nevertheless they are actually revolutions, i have been an anarchist since i discovered such a thing existed(...), and for me libya's revolution now appears to be killing her children. censoring is a bad thing, and he censors libya as a whole, screw that, noone should ever again in this world censor a nation, not people even, but certainly not a nation.


how do i know, perhaps any news not according to some policys is filtered from the outside, his speech was..

it is certainly filtered, and muammar ghadaffi , our revolutionairy colonel/clown, the man that did give the libyans, schools, healthcare and food, and tried hard to have his power and nations policy as a tool, rather to improve on the world, deserves a lot of sympathy, and even locked in his bunker, fuehrer, martyrdom syndromes, and his bad conscience for his tribe and family. (it is allways like that bro..) should step back into reality once again. he is the tool with wich europe tries to occupy the main african oil reserve, and the only he needs to seek for a way out is that.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SP and why PVDA

with mubarak gone i have some peace of mind, not that it would last long, i pretty much hope that the world will keep a focus on all the states that change regimes and even to develop strategy's to support changes. in egypt what i think is important is fair ( and that is a very very most doubtfull thing in even many western nations , so...) and indeed well prepared elections.

quick elections is also support, yet it is of the greatest importance the process of political diversity (that might be a better guarantee for creativity and tolerance..) takes of at great speed. the former state television might serve as a progressive , and unbiased platform, but that would need a takeover. hard to say who to delegate that or even who might have a independent contribution professionally. alJazeera springs to mind, but actually, keeping in mind even that is moderated progressivity, sometimes for good sometimes for bad, you might as well slip for example english and french broadcasters into the mix of a reality marathon of dreams and conceptions.

if a thoughtfull and challenging debate can get into the open, and the inspiration of the youth that has allways been the inspiration of revolution and progress taken seriously, why not would a wonderfull people like the egyptians, and a basically rather decent and thoughtprovoking religion like islam be enough for one of those great steps on the republican track, that is much better conceived as a grassroots democracy of by now also by wire connected participants.

progress is only tolerance. new ideas have not allways been fought violently and bitter, but they have allways been the only source for progress. i hope people can think themselves of that new circumstances, (and perhaps new 'challenges') bring about new ideas.

so why SP?

the dutch elections system exist of 4 parts atm.

from my pov. the national ones are the most important, because i am very often occupied with trying international and civil laws.

someone said i already threw away this regional elections one, however immediatly finding an excuse. personally i would agree with a boycot of the elections, however it usually only serves them well. we have piles of unelected representation, so for the authority to say we did short at our obligation to vote, we still dont get empty seats, and without it it could only be even worse, sometimes people tell each other what they voted (abouts 95% of time SP or groen links(green) for me). so you get a sort of reference.

so no matter thats it is bullshit and legitimising for looks at least the hidden layers of elitist and nepotist decission making, i will try to explain why i bother with singling out one or two partys for a voting advise.

Basically the new green party (groen links) forerunner managed to say it all in one line. "U is chiquer".

right, that great inheretance, of marxism and pacifism now is "chiquer".

well, best i think that is amateuristic. But it is true they are a bunch of inconsequential liberals, and awkward at it, they hate it so much when i am critical i might expect political represailles for being against them here. liberals, and amateurs, the profs know how not to intimidate me.

that they never eached out to the plenty people supporting them has only one reason, nearly everyone in that parliament is bought. for sale, proprietary class and "academically" biased.

theres a heap of unelected ones behind the screens anyway, and i am sorry that i can't be enthusiast for the "waterschappen", to me it seems just another layer of cliquejobs, more probably in the way then aiding progress, and as things went the past years, probably armed by a own police authority to boot. might well be the final piece in a puzzel of demobilising the 90% of people that have nearly nothing.

so.. i feel sorry for not being happy with it, for some people (my mum basically) does think it can be a contribution to democracy, but i propose we first make the existing systems democratic,
quite a job, and nice material for a revolution.

basically beside a religious vote i had all the choices except for the upper class. the religious vote is an upperclass one, but people that are religious belief something different, they belief it doesn't matter as long as you belief. in fact i wonder if i would declare exactly such votes void;)

there is also the party for animals. i propose that next town elections we all vote that in zutphen,
that way we have a test.

i think it wont deliver much, even if we 80 or so & vote them, certainly not outside townlevel.

there is a simple clue of power to censoring the animal party from the results, and my fellow animalfriends, i am quite sure a few more seats in a rising trend is your actual part...

but just like the green, when it goes somewhere there is not the oversight to claim it in such results, and perhaps not the wish. (what do you think a seat pays on a swiss bank account, its not nothing).

the socialists are better at that and more professional, other partys are hardly worth mentioning. anarchism or communists that i bet never got their seats either, are not there, the rightwing is a fake, and the extreme right is not only a fake, but also exactly the kind of vote that you could actually marginalise as contrary to human rights. psychopaths may vote, buta psychopath policy is illegal. void.

so, SP has the best slogan: PROTEST.

yet the PVDA has more chance to get some actual seats. SP is somewhat less professional in the murky world of politics, and PVDA is indeed already compromised to a greater extent.

often very conservative, and btw i think has been a great partner in international politics.
i very much appreciate the many good sides of the dutch labour movement and politics,
and i will probably vote PVDA altho i campaign for SP.

because i see no credibility in the dutch political system. SP will also be defrauded from their votes to see them dumped on nazitrends "those are also protest votes" or a similar weak joke for argument.

there is really no other option, altho i'd want the SP to grow, but to vote PVDA, and be defrauded as such.

in dutch electoral politics the people lost. it's fake, fraude and complicit, (even the sp perhaps).

this nation needs a revolution so that we can have a real democracy. after that progress will slowly show that anarchism delivers the most productive ideas, but for it to come true doing away with the fake democracy would be a great start.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

mubarakisation of sweden

a transcript

damn i am angry. the whole assange case is subject to a mis,- and des information campaign,
infos disappearing, storys changed and changing

all to put him in a more negative light and cover up the political aspects.
it's a completely bankrupt thing, a showtrial even now.

there is no mention of violence (as opposed to intimity's legally ) in the swedish case
and the whole fk based his prosecution on the term, yesterday and as i understand still in court,
and as i understand it they are still to understand this in court, i can think of that i would find a few things in todays article.

montgomery was yesterday featured on wikipedia as a swedish prosecutor, or where was it, names and context disappeared that were quite obvious,

wikipedia, that i looked into to see if i thought he was usian agent
/all to perfect cover, but independently very active, so probs not
not to sure for the ideal fit/and thereby somewhat probable/ aspects of his life i expected than
came to see him as quite ok

a fake trial, it never bodes much good

wish i knew what to do

they do it to us all (the "activists") and me in person all the time, faketrials

altho there have maybe been some improvements, we regard many criminal trials and much of its detail also as fake trial ofcourse, me , plenty ppl i know, several distinct groups in society.

groups - treats so strongly persons have to label themselves with it to deal, basically
not to say they are all great persons, but the experience is the same in many areas

people should be responsible in person not to break a law, since most do, by having a job and signing conditions, they are far beyond in legal justification

is that behind?
beyond i think is behind

neway. to an extent this goes for julian assange as an independent

especially since eg. the swedish at first mentioned abandonment constitutes rape, and that was an argument, i think england should decide there is no possible credible procedure,

but since that also disappeared from public sight, at least mostly, and hard to manage, (as from internet), we see there is a censoring case being made, for a procedure that has once again been called explicitly(i think) not political


twice before this court been referred as nonpolitical. under most doubtfull circumstances,(1) ...


But when asked what he would have done if faced with similar allegations, Alhem said: "If I was in his shoes then I would have gone to Sweden to give my version of events".

thats such bs!

if he had been julian assange, he would now not be his lawyer, but someone who escaped a double trial, under more, different, overtly political circumstances, and the rest.

.. so he wouldnt have gone ? obviously

but hes a fat lawyer, thats probably not even in a condition to have sex with two women
so he would have done it.. yeah right?

perhaps he could have proven he was not in sweden or sth

what a ridiculous notion in an international paper (and probs sth like reuters(2)) about an english court. don't even know immediatly who made the contempt for courtS:
the guy making the question

it doesnt tell who that was.
judge allying with the prosecutor..

must say judges are absolutely great in finding their own stupid little pretences

and even still , if it was a trap ...

Alhem says: afaik i would be innocent, and not fear extradition, but its not if it was him..(3)

and probs julian assange might not fear extradiction, if he wasn't someone already under stress of an illconceived prosecution.(3a)

so its a silly lawyer also

cus that is in no obvious way bad for assange (4)
well thats what i think

look , if you would have been julian assange, would you have gone to sweden for the (same..?) next prosecution?
what do you think?

i could proof i was not in stockholm you thought ?

"i could not proof that i was not in a bed with her naked after having had sex already"
or with pyamas, lol

technically she was quite prepared with the condom, or so it appears
perhaps there was a camera in the room?

i think that dubious political persona with expensive habits like that should not be to much allowed to acquire such "evidence"

interesting point.

only means less

you would have to raise the treshold for criminal not lower it., under this circumstance of observation.

lowering it in public constitutes a "rape" , against fundamental, human and i think even military justice

wich is obviously "political' (5)

it is
a political trial (!)

and the problem is, i dont want to read prepared lies about evrything and all, all the time just to spare few some.

some of what they and moreso the others still get inflicted on them (6)

i dont think i have to much experience with honourclaimscases (lol)

sth. julian could explain about privacy here.(7)


suleiman has to go also, what keeps a guy like him going??

he should opt for baradei, step back from the secret service and police, be explicit that baradei is "just a democrat" for the us, and give his opinion on what he thinks, will be the consequences of what he now sees as a great need for (rather fictive) security. (8)

in public so people know what would have been the things they could be controlled over

we will find a woman for vice president. mubarak is gone, and elections in say 3 months,
or i think that is quite feasible, two, after that.

ofcourse people will want to spoof the parliament, more precise the "government(9)" circles

i hope we have a good case study to base us on in tunesia by now.

the parliament is probably completely illegal , imo also for international law,
and as such depriving the egyptian people of rights

like flexible interpretations of privacy indeed don't work in the same way as flexibel interpretations of labour policy.

flexible labour not labour"mobility", but weird working hours
flexible privacy indeed "weird working(sic) hours". not mobility of the legal development.

illegal representation can easily be disadvantaged because theirs is no true legal base.

go egyptians, legalise yourself! go europe reaffirm your laws!

(1)(in wich i would refer to wikileaks also)
(2) compare :"political"
(3) the trial is against someone with an entirely different background and an at least very annoying experience with swedish prosecution.
(4) and Alhem didnt manage to follow up on it
(5)technical infringement of laws is not only political, it is even the area of politics, and not of (show) trials.
(6) in terms of gross neglect of justice
(7) applications for and against privacy turned into a specialist area , that unfortunately is mostly represented by extrajural people.
(8) he didn't, he went for the cosmetic requirement of stopping the protests.
(8b) think moderating looting and destruction of property that has uses after the revolution also.
that does not definitily include property's with a strong symbolic value , before an actual change of power materialised.
(9) an illegal shape of government: dictatorship

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the great pyramid scheme.

lol today i read sth. on mubaraks assets, so about half of everything in egypt. are they going to let him get away with his loot?

unshort interpretation of the events as they unfolded in egypt.

we are now where we got in tunesia 3 days or so earlier. and it takes long.
its like a revolution in slowmotion.

so i am going to shortly describe the things that made it last so long, so long that i as an activist start to wonder isn't it too long? repressive tolerance weighs in by minutes of violence, not by weeks.

the army was everywhere, and as i understand from the preparations the police out in power today. mubs and his fellows have been preaching the great egypt, over the past few days.

in all the tones of repressive tolerance 'peacefull manifestation' 'no disordre' (and a kick in the back of anarchism as usual). mubaraks definition of anarchism is apparently no police on the street.

i call that irresponsible government. 3 days long amidst growing reports of undercover police activitys all police was withdrawn from duty, in cairo, well.. from civil duty.

no wonder a starving mass might loot a bit more then nothing besides.

after knowing or even seeing people killed, by a police that is feared, people will even fear they have nothing to loose. and? what are they bound to loose now? later with all the juridical hocuspocus that declares human rights void, what does it promise for democray? quietude?

i am not in egypt, so i am not sure, after all facts on the ground matter, but i would think this is a setting for even deeper repression, if nothing comes of this.

okay the army declared it wouldnt kill civilians, and perhaps it didn't, but by being everywhere it also showed the people weapons are the tool that decides in 'democracy'.

a very lousy example.

to understand it we have to go back a few days. basically the situation erupted, half or whole of the world got to know about it before a severe attempt on media blackout followed.

internetservices closed, but also a withdrawn reporting in the west. no crying foul over tianan minh, for example, wich i think was less deadly even with many more chinese still then egyptians.

the double standard showed. next aljazeera that remained the most relevant bigger newssource,
did its step back, socalled 'moderate' opinions made the day. the right kind of stress on 'peacefull'
(ie. a policemonopoly on violence) and against anarchy (as if you can have anarchy with one guy getting half the money), and woooops, it worked, people became distracted.

mubaraks 'speech' for example received a load of not very critical attention.
i found it rather disgusting. didn't hold out through the great egypts, and great whatnots.
no wonder these islamists have it high in their head with such lacklustre rhetorics.

medieval rhetorics.

neway, next is the organisers, "the coalition" (of the chilling, in his time of year), sets up a million people demo, and.... a million people come, demonstrate, peacefull, and......
well i think then the elections got postponed again.

thats were we are today, mubarak didn't leave (yet), and before egypt will be safe, there are bound to be more victims, to the nr of mubaraks neglect.

more burocratic hurdles before the hoards of the pharaoh and his friends.

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