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Sunday, August 26, 2012

time to think about the children

it is usual to sacrifice the innocent, just to get a war going.

no matter i think martha wellhorn , names:S, a tad naive, she surely has influenced usian public opinion so much it is hard to distinguish where she is carbon copy and where she is original, this happened in vietnam,

refugees where made to have an ugly live, just so people would not want to be refugee.

as if anyone wanted that. yet the bombs still drove them out.

now we see outrages like: lebanon tells syrians they can only stay for two weeks, reminds me of how the dutch monarchy send the jews back into germany,

or turkey 'turkey does not have any more capacity' , preparing the turkish to project their own wealth gap on the syrian victims of a some dictator wannabe monarch.

so what is behind? simple, the many thousands in fear for their lives will add to the 'inhumane suffering in assads syria', because.. well they just can't escape..
it already happened that turkey send back 1000s.

and then? then it is time to blame assad..

oh i support obama, don,t go chemical or biological on them putin, uh assad,
i promise i cry wolf. then again, we will not get that verified will we? (in between a 1000 images i did not see a verified statement or count)

it remains obscure to me why assad still can't be droned.. well obviously they do not want the association on their own skins, the hill-billy,s.

elections? we see a lot of illegitimate (what a word) interference here, as much as the clandestine interference obviously from and too the con's.

similarly to that ron paul got no media attention whatsoever, so that nobody will have to wonder if he would get "his" votes, and similar to that i have not seen anyone in their sane minds support santorium or wosname,ron should have known , it happened exactly last time.

i still really wonder if it is obama who thinks he needs a timeout.
i could allow him so much if he had that in the open, not like ,they need the farce for me next, though it could be exciting to see if he, the big o, would live to see that better day , when the realitys of ecocatatstrophe will finally dismantle the fraudulent banking mechanism and squandering profits of ecologic destruction.

the people give small rise to worry.. what worrys me most is.. the blame game.

however if marihuana is legalised at least the people of the future have a chance not to be complicit in the pharmaceutical destruction, even if the sp projects the case like if they are addicted to cocaine.

(everything is ok if just it remains to blame)

but, it is simple, i made clear in the national elections of the dutch, not coincedentually ofcourse coinciding with the overly brazen fascist-wing campaigns of the billionaires, saving a dollar in a dime, would very probably have no better option than this: sp, and as it still not allowed a war, still not prescribed murder, disrespect and agression, nothing very much changed,

since i am the publisher, i wonder: what about the children?

and since i quite agree chaos is the creative principle, adriaan will have to wait,

but it is fascinating. the face of truth in the absence of fear, and how i would work hard but not to any sudden sacrifice, behind those fogs of war.

sp. let's not get deluded that we are hoovering, anywhere but in the public eye, the tv cameras.
to make a protest count we have to make it heard.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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