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Thursday, July 31, 2008

wow wat a lively place this is

Hello dear readers, i get into the habit of writing here about what is not allowed elsewhere, and that is pretty much the prediction for the coming month.
This turns me into an obamaniac, that might at least change something. sympathic comments about olmert unwanted? or is it he was the president when israel attacked lebanon? or that noone knows he pretty much collaborated on that war and the wall? or that he was a pessimist for international affairs? perhaps just that i dont trust anyone with his kind of income to be a near decent taxpayer.

Karadzic, appears a cover up operation to avoid media coverage on a procedure against british corporate government. Insanity, the man may be guilty, but that is not for the world to judge, guilty people are roaming everywhere, and it is doubtfull he is a fit example, even if he is, the political context spoils the case, "totally". Similarly i put the remark the perpetrators on bosnian and croatian side are now in charge.

Pakistan etc. the way usian international politics shifts her worrysomeness from one place into the other, irak to pakistan is not to my liking, It is alo not compatible or coherent or conform with desarmament.
It is much like the anti china campaign, the pashtun(chinese) really had no other options, still we blame them from the materially superior context of their previous exploiters, their predatory robbers , and their current slavesdrivers.
The "global economy" is actually based on such markets of slaves, and wants to shift labour globally continuously as a result.

Perhaps this anti-pakistan thing is basically a method to divide asia.
Or to impose the picture on pakistani's india is not really an enemy.
I looked around on pakistani blogs a little, and the intelectuals ebar a lot of rubbish, plain views are also discomfortingly prejudiced. But now i am talking Pakistan main, not necessarilly the outbounds, where politics is a grimm reality.

Nevertheless that pakistani context is discouraging, and with the usual appeal to populism extreme views are once again, just like here, mixed and married to this old fashioned prejudice. The easiest ways to incite violence or counterviolence.

A more apropriate reaction could only be to show the better example, take it for granted that every populace not yet long oppressed by our own hypocritic values will dislike the insincereity collectively and not like here when there is an individual basis to do so. AMEEN, so they shout.

(not that abd my sp.)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

no smoking

These days in netherlands spending one month remote from daily life always becomes a shocking experience, every few weeks some new thing gets regulated, and you see it happening in hindsight,
I said it before and i still remain that the dutch politics is actually one of zero tolerance, i even wonder if the no smoking hadnt been directed at some dresscode before it got imperialised.
Whatever you would think might help society can be turned against it quite easily through the power of rhetorics,
for example the concept flexible labour, this used to be a way to direct the idea that people should be given leisure to do different jobs at times that they want it, however the great attraction of this idea created a need to introduce a new thing under this otherways usefull name, it used to be called availability, not anymore so..
flexibiliy,,, to be available when the bosses cry out for slaves.
how a good idea gets abused.
about zimbabwe.. yes great propaganda, suits 1939, but why didnt people cry out over 3 million deaths in kongo? Whats so special about zimbabwe now? that they never killed millions yet? I think wat makes it special is it is a huge area of land, with just that few inhabitants to conquer or surpress.



Personally i try not to be rude. However sometimes i screw up. Basically i will remove, discriminating and hate posts. And comments clearly derivant from well prepared 'neocon' (kapitalist) pr or secret service agents. (aivd , fbi, mossad etc.) Dutch language is welcome. English prefered, sorry if that bothers my fellow countryman who always seem to think they know how to handle their languages. Ill edit this some time;)

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
Through lies and fraud this one is managed to rob 1000000s of the fruits of their work and their voice