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Friday, December 22, 2006

Unsettling feelings, hamas, 2007

Mid-month, end of the year. Things that stand out: Hamas, Lebanon, open Dutch war-involvement, censory, applied censory, Thailand, Hungary, it's to cold now, more of that next year, Kongo, Darfur, Nigeria, Ahmedinajaadh, Chavez, Nasrallah, Sistani, alSadr, Olmert, as a bush clone, the many blackbox elections. And the utter condemnation of a real one.

A year i lost some illusions, now i think capitalism will always military attack socialism. I think no elections ever will be fair anymore. I think the west kills muslims just because.

Regard the ruling classes a hopeless, decadent, uncanny and absolutely shortsighted few.

Poverty then is shaped to remain, and equality is only left for dreamers.

This is not going to be a short post, since i want to say something about Palestine.
Unfortunately as i don't think the zionist cause deserves that much imago. Relating evrything to so few people is suspect. China and russia or the south-america of chavez, are more fascinating. However these are all endangered. Even showing sympathy is taking the risk capitalism will use it's evil tools of destruction.
This year i learned this is why socialists have to spend so much on weapons.
Not being armed would have made things worse.

So that is 2007, the caring for bad to happen to prevent from worse.
Just an association i type out. But it leads to the next topic:

After all that is the utter israelian excuse. If they don't kill people, people will kill them. And they kill people just to make sure none of them will come to hurt.

Well i honestly don't think these kinds of mystification justify much. Much less the boykot of palestines that democratically spoke out their honest intention to change the situation with regard to israel.

Anyhow the israelians got terribly involved. This year they killed spare numbers in lebanon, it became obvious the 100000's of 'prisoners' have disappeared. They do a kill ration of 100-1 in gaza and call that 'prevention'. It pretty much feels like every person in the world may become 'prevented'.

Censorship is applied in my country on many levels. Intrinsic or intensive, international possibly, the media have so much cooperated with fakes, that nothing they say can be wholly true.
This year i realised in southern africa people have led a harsh life for many generations.

In politics we are confronted with obscure 'nothing-sayers' of 'still just on the edge possibly, at least presumed "arguably" not rassist kind'. In other country's similar idiotics are plugged. Noone i ever meet has very much interesse in these kinds of people. They are just made-belief actors, in a huge fraud, of media and opinions.
Partly blackboxvoting. This year i realised how widespread, how complascently evil, blackboxvoting is such a prominent feature in the struggle to remain in power by the capitalists.

I lost the illusion next year people won't set out for worse.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Oh, oh. forgot to immediatly back-up obviously

In short ordre i might try to reconstruct some of the sentences on my last post.

The situation of the fort is thus: There are some obvious factors playing in the area;
Technical players, police-departments etc., are generally operating professionally and not very diverted. However there is an intense campaign of influencing with prejudices going on,
and as these seem to appeal the most to the lower echolons, some things may be happening.
The population, concerned as it is, is like wax, to the argument of the day.

Interesting ranges of sentiments, (the interim playing a secondary christmas quarrel etc.,)
compromise the misty view. The huge discrepancy between theoretical possibilities and actual situation confuses even the housing-activists. It's obvious that a completely different approach would be the more rewarding. However under constant fire of backdoorpolitics, constraint,
plotting and the exploit of prejudices, the presisting course had set score.

Meanwhile, outside , the world has changed. And not only for the better. The actual burocratics that pull lines on the very project, transgress to diluting the international reality now they are mobilised. The good news is people just have better looks, tv and adds. appear more fashionable.

On the awkward side international impolitics are more outspoken and thus polarising, and the national media-trend is apt to light out differences. One only good notice there: much of it is :
been there seen that, and it surely always will.
(examples, pro-israel bias of UScongress, unwill to release syria of threat, negating somalian negotiation, the huge anti putin/chavez, whoever else might be socialist, blair, rhetorics)

Saturday, December 2, 2006

civil (roof) rights

The past few days i spend defending the squat "fort pannerden, excuse the keyboard.
Its a perfect action because its focus , housing rights, civil rights, and the effectuation of the protest method of non violence. It\ s a squat with a long history but i will try to describe the basic situation:

Some years ago the fort was occupied after some 120 years of neglect and vague transactions.
It appears the township, that hired a specialist at influencing populaces , mostly through connections and
lies, is terribly influenced by decisions and ideas made elsewhere, the usual village/people here don't have a real grasp on the situation, nor politically, neither finacially or for matters of interests and circles of decision.

Since both the place and the event are very significant even the squaters don\t always understand exactly how many people *and how high up in the capitalist circle, they find opposing them, (or perhaps trying to negotiate, if so through the force of the action).
We did some improvements on the fortifcation with a secret future legal purpose, etc. In short we are defending against teh ongoing attacks on our civil rights. The countless sneaky laws and amendments trying to turn us into
narcotised, or psychiatrised or enslaved people. However squaters find their occupation more often in music media and action.

So what did we meet?? It appears teh former owners of teh area , farmers, got ripped of their fertile soil 30 mr deep. the profit going into the vague channels around \ staatsbosbeheer\ stateforest department. .
An officially nature promoting society , that in fact is a moneydrain, and a an ofpromotion place, where indeed several former dutch way up politician (with awkward responsabilitys) are in charge... the current boss, owns, all beerfactorys in netherlands, and is the manager or commisary of countless institutions, and corporations.
Apparently he managed to get terribly rich.
One of his companys got the contract to take the farmers soil, (dumping some of the hole with toxics),
not surprisingly with even more involvment. The next on the list is known for destroying the egalatarian schooling system in netherlands. Mostly withholding the poorer from higher education, and tehse guys, off promoted to a position where they can rob and plunder the dutch uncontrolled and freely, (liberals) ,, Their involvement is also in dutch propaganda campaigns, and media manipulation an a lobby with the army. These unfresh guys, are what we really deal with.

Some negotiations are udnerway, and perhaps a nice soluation is found, to maintain the fort, and improve it.
However, perhaps it is better to just continue the struggle, and show the dutch populace, and find out where all the money goes, and who else have to do with that. Personally for me litttle news will arive, i have known for a long time what structures decide in europe.Otoh facts of this area (people want us to liberate them)
may put new details of the frauds on the table.

It is a wonderfull place to be and an excellent inspiration for improving ecological circumstances and arrangments, i will have to try hard to seep some more accurate information to the world, gl and later.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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