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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

censory and wikipedia

well it took a while, but it worked. wikipedia is now completely a censoring tool.
it used to be that by virtue of unlimited personal edits and and a fringe of fanatical deleters and ' experienced editors' (some kind of mods with allways noncontroversial opinions), to maintain the status quo.

factual truth has been the first victim. but well.. wiki was still a lot of reading material. and soemwhat interesting at times even in more sensitive subjects.

i think now it is a thing of the past. recent events get protected, even the talk page is not anymore available to post links or raise questions. i was looking at the toulouse case, for no special reason but to check what censored story would be history's fraud.

so i noticed the article states the school was attended by ppl 11-17 yrs old, but all the victims were a lot under that age. i even know what will be the next argument, that a lot of kids (yeah like the kids of the headteacher in the middle of the day) use it as a busstop. nevertheless, even if that is so, wich it ain't , it would be preferable if you could also describe why the kids got hurt.

next the dead 'perp' so the guy the police shot dead, in the media was hit 'by twenty bullets'. in wiki he was just shot with a headshot. it cant all be right and the 20 bullets are apparently unwanted history,

okay i think, they succeeded in setting up a wiki censoring infrastructure, turning wikipedia into an instrument against truth. and since there is nothing i can do about it, without endlessly involving with this specific species of nauseating censoring agents, i won't.

i'll just read the selfindulgent reasonings of the like a couple more time untill i know how and where to skip them. just give up wikipedia will essentially be a bearer of knowledge. only an accomplished censoring tool.

bit like mali, nowhere an open discussion about the topic but surely the wests clients started up a military threat etc. actually what the mali military wants is peace.
with the tuareg. seems they are not allowed, only allowed to die for a fake peace.

it's similar.

(like we are not supposed to know the headteacher and rabbi were actually (apparently) a targetted attack, we are not supposed to know the mali take-over is one for peace in the first place, like we are not supposed to know the police rather wanted the attacker dead, we are not supposed to know a mali soldier's or tuareg life isn't worth a penny, and each result to be gotten through censoring. and all 'protected' against more honest comments.)

Friday, March 16, 2012

syria unhappy aniversary

its been a year, since the protests started, and a year since i saw the eager hawks eyes fall on syria, it annoyed me to no end then and now. ghadaffi starting a military campaign, provoked the armed response the nato had for many years been anticipating..

in alternative circles the question was if i could not prevent ghadaffis fall and promote assads.

i wouldn't, basically because syria is more geostrategically relevant for peace in the world,
but ofcourse i could not speak my mind in that, so i explained that whatever the lack of difference between ghadaffi and assad, ghadaffi was not actually improving a lot and went to side with the the elites of the west and nato, and assad no matter he also had to leave at least did better than his dad.

really speaking my mind i could not, i know by now they are allways listening, what i really thought was : libya is to attractive for the corps, all that oil, and to easy. 3 million people.

syria would be a damned bit more massacrous, and not as much in the eye of the vultures.

but now i said that after all, and see it worked. noone is seriously convinced even the syrian uprising would perform any better than say badr in irak ( a terror campaign), or the loose contraption in libya. a show of backwardness.

that was a serious worry ofcourse also because even if it was kept of the screens i was well aware assad garnered 100000s of militant supporters. quite probably more than ghadaffi because tribal struggle is hardly comparable with the bitterness of religious vengeance.

so i was acting for waht i could, and did not want to show, against intervention in syria where the deathtoll would probably not stay under 2 million. or like in libya 200k.

not that i think syria would be worth 200000 dead. but had i believed it had worked at that unimaginable cost, i might not have protested so much.

not only is assad of the dynastic throne seater kind, syria does have a rather lousy name of reaction and repression. now that is partly due the bias of western monitoring, we don't hear the same about saudi arabia eg. allthough that can be said, but it is still annoying.

so all the year i have been hoping with all my heart he would wisen up and at least leave.
he didnt. actually he instigated a military offensive against the restive populace.
with terror campaign, arrests, torture, disappearings, revenge taking on familys and family homes, but

in the fog of war and nato interests not so much was said about arrests, i am quite sure they try to keep that tool of repression unblamished as much as they can.

what is perhaps worse is not much was said (after the first 3 months) about people disappearing after arrests.

only now, yesterday i read the nr of 50000 ppl arrested and disappeared. why no stress on that in our media? unfortunately it is simple, it is what they still have in mind for us. and like assad, if people get killed in the proces in a visible place, they would call us, the populace, terrorists.

because in between the considerations about arming groups, foreign influence and the people disappeared in israel, (or at least i dont understand what happened to all those arrested there, i once checked and since 1969 when they had some 70k official prisoners every year 3-5k were added, ending a tally of i think 9000 in 2011. so that was to weird for words, and appears to show the missing persons problem is regionally compounded)

that is what happened start off, and clichee as ever, the opposition were called 'terrorists'. wich they were not, only after many arrests, many people tortured, many disappeared, and many shot, they took up arms and at first started to, carefully, react.

that does not show the resistance is peacefull, according the gandhi's myth. neither was india. the peacefull take was a convenient ending basically. see we gave them what they want when they asked it how we want it to be asked.

they would never hand us aything for asking it peacefully. i have my experiences with activism, and socalled democracys have one excruciatingly exercised answer to it: repression.

including allways torture. usually in the light form of ' common' police harrasment and violence
but really the limit i have not seen. maiming 500 dutch or so was when i stopped counting the ill will of the repression against peacefull activity.

so i dont believe in that. i think the english left india because they got killed. by the hindu followers of kali, (the deity of occcupied populations) or by the sicks or just by their own indian housekeeperslaves.

but they don't want us to know, that you can only beat terror on equal footing. rather they have you believe a myth of peacefull resistance and whack on you for all the time still to come.

and so it is the same for assad in syria. just like turkey blames the kurds, spain the basques, and russia the chechnyans, usia the afghans in short everyone the civilians they like to kill, assad called the citizens: terrorists.

scary. normal.

but what is the realist outlook? for one thing the allawites and shias and the settled minority in charge of the reeling of the syrian republic, do fear the religious zealotry of the generally sunni resistance. that also explains why so many arab nations want to invade or arm the syrians. they are sunni if not in majority then at least as a ruling class. iran and nowadays irak, and syria are the exceptions.

it reminds me for no reason at all at the week before the european union became a transbordering reality, the week before we became one nation : european.
in the accolades about teh development guess what, we were served a logo , and guess what was in: (not in europe but in the logo) israel.

hadnt even been a signatory of teh treaty, so i raised great alarm, i dont want any arabs in my european federation, and that besides they are not in europe and not even bordering it.

so i realised it was to put up europeans against palestinians in that way facilitating those new arms industry markets of genociding muslims.

to my untold surprise it worked. hesitatingly european officials admitted israel had never been in the eu. had never signed a thing, and they would know of no great excuse, except that they like to feel the people of europe, to tell.

in hindsight i assume the treshold of hidden anti-semitism worked for me there. but i was so sick of the israeli manipulations of the day it didn't occur at that point. with so much they let pass how was i to assume antisemitism was a real thing in them.

it was a great surprise, but the logo was done with, changed, and israel became admittedly not a member. i also wish they'd never asked me about my opinion about turkey's joing the eu.

my opinion was : it was not in europe, and provocative, it was culturally alien (except perhaps the army) and seemed much ado with the western corps encrouchment of the middle eastern oil.

again in hindsight i wonder if i should have taken the risk and allowed the great landwar to happen. it is not that much different now.

what does it tell about syria?
well it tells in what i sympathise with assad, that the ones that shouted the most against him are quite ready and apt to cheat everyone and each (except me that is not as easily fooled) in europe.

a lonely position.

what else do i now think about syria? two things that are still important. the first is (and how heroic are the initial advanced guards?) that the resitance is willing to abolished armed struggle the moment assad leaves,(we dont hear that to often, maybe it is not the corps planning) the second, that the regime is not willing (well just like ours but on some scale these days) to give up violent repression and control. oh yes and that 50000 people went missing with indications of torture, for some reason islam apparently promotes torture. it is a very common thing in every theatre in the muslim world. irak , post war, i associate it with torture, mubarak? torture. ben ali? torture. ghadaffi , same, the new libya? torture.

oh i think locking women up and veiling them consists torture, so it simple to see how islamic folklores (aka sharia) promote torture and dehumanising treatment, they get it with the breastfeed so to say.

it is easy to understand. start or mid april there are supposed to be elections in syria. i would not hold my breath for surprises, it is not what elections are for.

you know what is the weirdest in this whole story? that when my main concern was geopolitical, and peace, and the end to perpetrating an ongoing attrocity of cold war with china and russia, and also to set free the yemenites, bahreinis, maroccans , saudis and other clients of the west, not only the ones not as cosy with capitalist theft and extortion through speculation and misinformation, would really chnange regime.

well they didnt, and maybe that is what keeps syria in limbo. set them free!
astarting with bradley manning. all my kind regards, and thx for the amazing influence wittingly or unwittingly attached to my thought.

cheer up syria, if the elections (need the time come) don't show a thing it is allways a good moment to rise again...

keep in mind, we are the borg , all your bases belong to us.

that will allways be with the military fighting a populace, no matter if it is internal or the nato doing the mudering.

the revolution will live, assad will leave, only... not yesterday ..

oh yes talking about unhappy, this made me cry, no words for it, and i would love to do to bush what he did to the forestpeople.

(in case of broken link the title is: Green: Death of the Forest.)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

what moves us in afghanistan.

it got rili silly. after the afghanis went on a rampage, over the alledged burning of korans, being shot by police or i don't know what, with 17 dead, to the great discomfort and exercise of laughing muscles of the rest of the world, some bloke went nuts, sneaked out in the night and started killing the family of an elder of the village that had so long and bloodily fought with the taliban, with 17 dead.

sad. ofcourse, certainly for the people involved, all these 34 dead, a suicide attack.

will he be the first usian to stand trial under afghan standards of truth finding?

perhaps he thought he dealt with a human shield once again. they don't let ppl. that first conquer a town like that occupy it for years to come do they?

maybe they do, that would be soooo stupid, i would not be surprised.

but i feel guilty a bit, the day before i wrote i would get mad if someone started shouting their religious fixes and lording from the towers and loudspeakers, and 'as their justice(?) representative said': these people still live in 1600s (as an excuse for extradition)(1).

i beg your pardon? no loudspeakers in 1600. not going to hand out a costy soldier to a barbarian that don't know theres no loudspeakers in the 16th century..;)

and since i am quite sure about it would drive me rather mad, probably that works for other people the same.

not that it is good, but it is similar to putting a bomb on a market, you'd wonder what contrary afghan justice actually sees.

or like he put it "still very much an eye for an eye", forgetting the shakesperean addition: "gets everyone blind", ofcourse.

i pitty that soldier;

tasked with the impossible, to achieve peace and maintaining a foothold on the open front of corporate war on any and all, the killing, the industry, the human shields, the escaping culprits, the lax punishment of battlestress, the lowly standard of a private, the infeasibility to burn a good koran now and then, the burning of schools but not churches, the people that never get out of the house and are probably preparing ied's, (they can be everywhere and must come from some). the feeling of an enemy allways on their necks, the mean officers that insult every and each starting with the afghans, 'smelly bearded hypocrite homosexual adultrists that they are',

the deathpenalty on someone that abolished koran, the endless hoovering of drones, and the ghastly laughter of their remote operators in your headphones, the rewarding of evil and punishment of bradley manning, the piss-on-you mentality of the marines, those admired super-soldiers, the security services allways watching your every step, do you have an identity card for the grocery?! the supermarket?! the street?! the coffee?! the camp?! the neighbours?!, the bus?!
the roadblock?! every other person officered and uniform?!

and all the harrasment by the soldiers fellow machos.. no really, i hope they get him back home soon, cure him (weapons are legal in usia) and publish a book.

(1) or a freak joke, not a very progressive one.

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