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Friday, February 29, 2008

leap year

On a day like this i wonder why humankind has to make her great leaps on the moon.
Although.. all through the world this year things don't go off quite as bad as they could.
I am really proud of odinga, and perhaps even kibaki in Kenya. Knowing the regular superiority complex we must assume Kibaki has something terrible going on inside himself now, an identity crisis. He will no longer be the upper super of the overpeople... well even that you may consider tolerance. Like i said the year starts ok. Usa however is desperately moving to find an enemy the public would agree with.
On us the public rests the responsability not to give in to this landscaping of animositys. Currently we see israel provocating her due with a rising daily deathrate. Many reports how every aspect of palestinean life is frustrated (on water, food, medicins, fuel, humanrights, seep through), and for the critical observer... this time with prone zionist denials.

Obviously usa is looking for an excuse for fraudulent elections, now it shows the world sees no need to trust white woman over black man...
(man this can cost me an election..)

There is only one thing that would really help this world, and it is when people overcome their prejudices. Now the regular usian may think their prejudices are not as bad as say.. pakistani. A dangerous mistake. It's a whole different thing, if you have prejudices over everything the rest of the world is traumatised about, or that people just have a few prejudices becus they know no better and use the handhold to understand a world that is stolen from them.

The prejudice of the oppressor and the prejudice of the victim. Kenya proves once again, how victims overstep huge prejudices to improve on situations. Where the perpetrators usually have a hard time dealing with their insane attitudes.

Now one might think , in usa obama can only win if Usa oversteps so many prejudices..
if this is the case.. Obama lost.
The discussions on eg. Irak, in the usa, show. Not to mention say syria, of wich people know nothing at all in usa (or even eu), or iran is fed to new heights(1). If all else fails they will start a war the public hasn't been thinking over, becus it usually takes the public an age (several years really) to realise an injustice is perpetrated, and not a democratical move.

Whatever is the old object of animosity.. be it cuba or irak or islam or iran or syria or russia even china, is in the focus of new propagandist attacks, desperately looking for an excuse to use and sell weapons, what they are on the ruling republican side. Each and any of the oldys has been the object of vague and rather agressive attempts in the odd two months this year aged.

I am not saying we will have a war, just that some people seem to be really trying.
So why do republicans want a war? Thats easy: if there is a war the coffins drip in. If the coffins drip in , people want peace, that is.. a win. (loosing doesnt usually appeal to a people untill late in a war).

If people want a win you can sell weapons. Not only that, if there is a war (not a failed occupation) the republicans are at the best of their rhetorics. Used as the neocon system is to aim for war, insult other nations, starve them through boykots in such genocidal circumstances, a republican feels like a fish in the water. His words start running, every bit of lies he has been repeating into even his own subconscience becomes usefull and at its hardest to decipher.

If the usians want a chance to win their elections, they should prevent war. If war breaks out, their prejudices will overcome so much of the common sense, that election fraude wouldn't show easily.

So i think now is explained to the world Usa's last two months of sable rattling. Now to explain it to themselves.

I am trying to tell people that their own prejudices are used to sabotage the elections beforehand. That when there is enough of whining over how to solve the disaster in irak, afghanistan, somalia, darfur to name a few, even obama can't have an answer to everything.

The whole constructive aproach has not been used, so the whole world doesn't know what to expect if we would.

Must say Rice did something good in kenya, i feared her visit a bit. She isn't rili diplomatic always, mostly because she is very partial usually. If Kenya was in the ME , her loyalty would have definitily been with Kibaki, being the conservative that she is. So i feared her inbring would destroy far to much of odingas options. Seems not the case.

I am rili glad for annan he can do something else and hopefully less depressing now, he is a somewhat old man after all. Thinking of old man..

I think i will miss fidel, always found him the most sympathic dictator on the planet, since i consider vietnam, afghanistan and irak acts of dictatorship, i hope i tell you something. From that pov. i apreciate what raoul is doing. Ofcourse i trust that he will know well what fidel thinks, and that perhaps the change will be easier through that. Otoh... raoul is an old human at 76 (so is mccain.. so is hillary), just like honestly it seems mugabe is to old now and should at least consider to have his economically valuable presidency a ceremonial function.
Many people that rule nations are old, and usually actually it is not a great help.
(Kibaki is old).

No matter if these old people (like some) still relate to ww2, or the predigital era, the time isn't standing still. We now don't so much have power blocks that strive for dominance, we have a wide open pretty informable world where it becomes more and more obvious that complete cooperation is the only way out. That there actually even isn't so much room for personal enrichment as it might seem.(2)
That we don't want to buy more hate the communist crap, or democracy is good wars, bs all that.

In anarchist circles (and no we don't usually kill another, if the murderer of Seveke was an anarchist in that time he would supposedly have been better informed about trauma induced in people through police infiltration, then this), they say something funny about democracy, but i can't quite remember.

It's about that you let a whole bunch of stupid or uninformed people decide over something, more usually then not they will reach the wrong decission.
Used as such (what conservatives do) democracy actually equals fascism. Where some supposedly superior elite is allowed to use the masses as slaves.

Worst of all is conservative forces always use this argument to paralyse political processes beforehand.

And this my friends is what we can expect to see happen in the usian political debate. Poor Obama, anything he is even allowed to say will be compromising.

I think he does very well in his campaigning. I also so think our best chances are in his honest aproach on changes. By stressing changes he will have more options open, i also wouldn't know exactly what to do in Irak with Obama in charge on Usa side.

Noone does, the discussion would be completely different, i am very sure. At least the blogosphere might come up with a couple of surprises. Otoh people in irak are more aware then any Usa is all but intend to leave.
So if anything is supposed to change, Obama will need to leave many options open.
The rest of the world is pretty cynical about usa by now.

happy leaping

(1) in the case of iran i wonder if the suggested weapongrade uranium isn't the 1 or so percent that naturally exists in refined uranium. I think it is. Putins contribution sheds some doubt on that, but lets be fair, putin is trying to legalise his own election result, he and bush share an interest for once.

(2) In terms of ecological footprints, it is very hard in a western context to get under 100.. wich is that you use 100% of what you could use and still have neutral ecological impact. It means that you use over 100 some people will have nothing.
Lets assume lich people only buy a house twice as big, they will never stay under 100.
Someone somewhere, will have to try to live under subsistence level, and perhaps several.
That would be twice a rather small house. Best i did was 101, i am a vegetarian, almost greedy with electrical power, with no car, little flights and hardly luxury.
would you have a car you are probably at 110 immediatly, 1 other person would lack 10percent of what they needed to even be happy.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

monthly period

These days i need to write more. I have a procedure ahead, that i need to script my defence for. Ridiculous word, it's actually i am the damaged party. At it it is at a "police-judge" whatever that exactly would be, and my experience with the souple police 'techniques' of the past decades makes me expect a total and complete farce.

Such is a good reason to write a lot, because starting a piece against a nation abusing its laws to bring down individual citizens to despair, and living under subsistence level, is not exactly how i usually aproach matters.

I need practice. So like other bloggers around the world i decide to give you some general views from my life. I even consider skipping every political bit, where there is plenty of actuality with the turks making this newest statement over iraq souvereignity. (wich could be what is behind)

I have 2 kind of views in my life, real life ones and internet ones. These two are not very related, for example that i enjoyed a partner in crimes blog only more after she started a new one:

You will find the links for her other blogs there. On one we are even allowed to comment.. some day in the future i will sway to her system. Have a blog were i speak my ideological truths, and noone can comment, wonderfull, if ever anything happens that would make my blog more relevant then the most, i will be spared the professional propagandists that clutter the comments sections of so many iraqi blogs.

For now i have only this active blog really. So the comments section will stay open,
i will just delete comments that call for pitty for neo liberal, neo con, perhaps not fascist straightout, ppl as van gogh was one. (comment deleted now, le. i see you find need to misrepresent his case internationally now, and i think that suffices.:)

That said lely is a very nice person. With just some general misconceptions and more good then bad ideas. She has a blog:,
wich is nice to read, and not that bad for anglosaxon standards.

Uncensoredblues is as typical a sunni-arab as she is an anglosaxon, people are like that. For most comprehensive blog on iraki matters i still enjoy abbas haniya 'kid'
,who changed his name. The iraki blogosphere turned into tabloid like scenes these days, rather predictably a shift is apreciable, where expatriat iraki's slowly loose some of their credibility. I think it is late at it, i have been waiting for all this as long as i watched iraki blogs. Unfortunately my favourit blog in irak.. (i prefer to call kid's although he doesn't like it, for reason of ease of use), isn't any more in irak. Kid/abbas is somewhat outspoken at times, i couldn't advise it for being the most objective, although i personally get most of my impressions through it, it is also the most original one.

And now he's considering switching to arab. I really hope he won't. Although i understand his reasoning.(Other arabs at least have a clue what they went through).

I tried to blog pakistan in a way that resembles how i used iraki blogs to stay informed. It's been a shocking experience. Pakistan being relatively far from the wars that raged in the ME for the most part, has been stereotyping the problems in a not very alien way. The whole pakistani culture is on a level of discussion that for most westerners is kind of inedible. Having a rather deep, and especially historical dislike for zionism is one thing, treating it all out with so harsh voices and only a few trying to smooth the polemics. confuses. One thing is for sure, before the pakistani nation as a whole emancipates from several prejudices is way to go.
On the other end apparently the pakistani archetypical evolved mulsim view has not become very informed inside pakistan itself.

Perhaps i should say something more about irak(blogs). It is not only that people face difficulty in having a clean conversation but, like abbas points out today, Iraqis are generally depressed over the situation. They don't so much regard it in doomsday terms as i do, with my dislike for all armed forces, factions and militia, in the end all militia, representing one or another power base.
More like: this didn't help, that didn't help, what next will not help us.

Personally i am still thinking that removing foreign troops is the best. The violence inside irak could not get worse, and the first incentive, the foreign presence being gone, perhaps the peace will return sooner then we expect.

However thats just as unrealistcally as anything, i can see it that way. But try to convince the presidents (of the oilcompanys) and they will spawn many 100s of pages of reports to deny the option. Good reason for me to keep writing, see you soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

living legends

It's now february 2008, and we did a lot of pretty cool things, and a lot of pretty crappy. In the netherlands the overall impression is one of not very informedness,
when something happens the west really likes, eg. bhuto that went to pakistan or bush to israel, there is a great flush of probhutopakistan and to a somewhat more recollected extend,probushisrael, news, but next the whole nation falls back on some utterly obscure case, that is in fact obviously a plea for a more sensationalist aproach to crime.(1)

Meanwhile with our movements of protest being beaten up , institutionalised and splintered the great majority of people hardly have a say about the controversial neo-liberal rightwing offshoots. The effect is evident in society im many ways, ranging from ridiculous, through funny, to paranoia and frustration. Usually not much good because the perpetual repetition of the fascist themes of capitalism has the predictable effect.

Now i just have to talk about al jazeera as it is my primary news source. Al jazeera as an institute of news is far from perfect. It is a very much regarded stream of publicity and the attentions of mediapolicys are strongly present because the concept(alJ) is limited in what it is allowed to represent. Firstly it is bound by many of the usual restrictions on news gathering, wether they are circumstantial or official interference, secondly it is not allowed to function if it disallows abuse of her medium for the official medialine. This can be in topics, expressions used in topics, but also in the sequence of articles or at least, the sequence of expressions used within a topic over time. However it is still more interesting, open and serious then the usual inet media, and through alJ i 'discovered' youtube.
A pleasant way.

K, that said i assume i could give some general impressions on the political states of affairs, and since the year is new, i should say there are some.

Pakistan that focussed to get the worlds attention a month ago, is actually a complicated nation, when you support say bhuto's PPP it does not say so much about if you are a modern person. Likewise when people support sharif don't know his party's name, it does not mean they are ready to allow freedom of expression. There however are many reasons pakistani don't want to support musharaf, who actually seems the most advanced case. He is a militairy person, he has been in charge for a long time, he organises things in a very hard to understand way, he is very lenient to islamists, yet hard when to proof his authority. He is not much of a dictator, then again he is one, Pakistan is a police state, though perhaps not a very bad and political one, the army has to pronounced a place for a 21st century nation, then again Musharaf was not wrong when he decided to use it as the tool of development under all these circumstances. Nobody trusts what he says, because you can trust him to say only as much as he dares. Actually many Pakistanis behave really paranoid towards him, they blame him for everything to such an extend you really rather believe he is innocent, to put it very clearly, similarly that they judge for example the jews, but there is a consensus they want to get rid of him.
Worst of all more radical elements of all partys involved and at least one of the ones not involved, and perhaps foreign interests may all escalate matters. The more important aproach is one where some consensus that is there now , to actually demote musharaf, would not be abused to heat the fire. The people will have a lot of problems to agree with anyhow, the people that think of eg. ppp as better then musharaf, don't much realise that the ppp might not have better answers to the situation (thinks maliki).

Lastly to western normes and eyes, musharaf is a bit of an idiot, his personality is much more pakistani then ours, i would guess he is as pakistani as he thinks is apropriate, he does it for them , not for us. It does not go in pakistan all unnoticed. Plenty people do realise atomic bombs are not so great, and his personal grudge and attack on india have also left bad impressions. Partly because they did not win i assume. The international world wants to get rid of him mostly because of that affair in any case.(2)

My conclusion, i am glad i am not in pakistan, i would feel like a playball of forces greater then the pakistani and i am not so sure i would feel completely safe from musharaf either. Us interference in pakistan is also a scary prospect, ofcourse that if people manage to explode in islamabad now, they will certainly do when the nation is a bloodbath.

so these are my opinions about pakistan. I hope the ppp after the elections will live up to the promises of freedom, and not opt for power through division.
It is smore sensible to involve the army and musharaf in the whole probably, firstly any civil government will be safer and it is the easiest way, secondly untill yet musharafs policys have somewhat kept foreign intervention far. In that sense created room for experiment and dialogue, and both empirically and militairy, as well as relating to the love for pakistan, the best choice.

Next not so good subject. Afrika. Both Kenya and Chad have seen little advance in the last times. It is a good thing when the UN at least cares to provide food to chad after this disaster, that is rather incomprehendible and definitly not quite like the media suggest. The more vague aspect is france's role, however it is equally possible to regard it an usian ploy, some chad/usian/sudanese cooperation,
or just a general sign of absolute unwillingness to settle under ydres debri.
All in all some elements from darfur and surrounding nations would sympathise with such a cause over resources. But chad is a very barren nation, with not enough plants to maintain a moist climate, just like btw kenya's more affected region is not the more green one.

So on to kenya. In Kenya the progress has achieved something. But everybody may feel very scared.., we, the people that fight opression, are very used to conservative forces trying to reverse the opportunity after we agree to negotiate. In kenya people will know this too. Kenyan people overall have not behaved so bad, as both sides have managed to tune in the violence. However the authority's are the more dangerous side when they get time to react. I think that is why odingo does not want to settle without new elections and a more solid confirmation of this change of powers. He does not want to have the balance turn against him or the people without securing a better position to implement the result of the negotiations. Indeed he says it would be better Kibaki stepped back. There is some truth in that it would change quite some governments if rigged elections were not as readily accepted in this world.

oow then there is israel, most complicated nations on the planet, one thing they proof alltogether is they know how to make rockets. I really hope the southern gate will some day be unlocked. It is ridiculous that israel insists on supplying gaza with the mere intend to be able not to deliver. It is a very humiliating and embarrasing situation and as such a source for conflicts throughout the region and outside. When criminals take hostages the traumas read like soap adds. but when the whole gaza population is a hostage for many years nobody really bothers what trauma the people get.

Your views pages on al jazeera. way to many western contributions.
Elections, Obama, more credible base for advance and progression.

Interesting dillema btw, The anti-racial stance, because it would emancipate the most people and the extra discriminated woman? Or the prowoman stance , because it might affect half of us and the rest, and really is one of the most substantial matters of emancipation as well.

Within that , Clinton is obviously very associated with the existing political system and obama represents something more out of the ordinairy, much more emancipated, when you look at what both represent. Usians don't mean to do bad to the world so much, they only move for war after the media/government has endlessly been preaching the crusade, and they really don't realise most of us arrange our internal matters in a somewhat more friendly way. That the world is not so much a hollywood cartoon here. And also not that people can be much poorer then them. Thats why they bomb nations that hardly have anything to the stone age, and boycot people in distress, they have no idea what they are doing in between their media hypes.

As a result of that the tone of the debate, essentially international, wich is after all the most important aspect, can be expected to change in a better way by getting rid of racial prejudices that, it seems to me, affect us to a greater extend in all these mistaken wars and conflicts we set loose. For example a typical european has a prejudice against every lua and every kikuyu. Not much of a help.

It would be a great and deserving show for the us to overstep this.
So many nations have xenophobe outlets, great tasks ahead.


oh yes irak. quit it before everyone has to join the army or 'security'?
No, becus of oil. Sees a stone age perspective in the region...
I don't hope they hop over to iran.

(1)the material this sensationalist approach 'precedent' works with is rather untelling as well, looks to me like a story the 2 cooked up together.
(2)It is though as if india spend more attention to the problem after.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
Through lies and fraud this one is managed to rob 1000000s of the fruits of their work and their voice