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Thursday, April 14, 2011


BE WARNED CAN STILL NOT FORMAT TEXT.. been bussy. what a catastrophe, proportions are unclear. a lot is been said that it actually didn't get as bad as could be, another lot points quite in the opposite direction.

canada for example just shut down it's monitoring system. and indeed nothing out of the ordinairy was registered. it's full of such ostrich policy.

data about pollution not only lost two magnitudes of color but became incredibly hard to find. other data comes in a trickle, usually people go with the data tepco provides, allthough that is anything but complete and has often been misleading.

it still seems that some part of tepco management is mainly bussy evading the costs, and getting a bargain.

the whole nucleair industry is a mess without an end. endless incidents, endless leaks and endless blunders wherever you look.(1)

the raising of levels most suspicious as a cover for future releases, and the anouncing of a lvl7 ines accompagnied by statements that from what happens on the ground, really don't seem to mean a thing.

the more reliable informations are usually spoken, the real situation often remains vague on paper when the consequences have been grasped for days, melt downs, leaking surpression pools, missing sfp 'spent' fuel pools, hydrogen releases, explosions, etc etc. all such things are obvious days or even weeks before they are ever admitted.

the international reactions are not to obvious, usia is in some panic, they are with canada and japan the hardest hit. germany is carefull even frightened, russia plays cool, i suspect in a plea bargain for nucleair pollution. the eu gives no notice and shows the subservient position to internatial atomic agebcy's and their ilk. china and korea at first didnt pay much attention, but now complained about a sea , according to japan informations still pristine.

meanwhile talk is to leave the smoldering heap of deadly particles in teh open for months. this barge, that zeolite, the extra generators, fresh water, evrything goes slow, and todays news was once again one of neglect and stupidity.

making it two or three times worse instantly.

it's a great mess and if things are not changing in nucleair regulation and inspection, couple with a great heap of common sense. even if we get over this accident we have set circumstances guaranteed to blow quite as hard the very next time. so.. well so screwed.

(1)coverups, 'safety' shortcuts, political involvment, multilateral corporate interests, etc. etc.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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