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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Unfinished posts

Heh it is time to make the balance, I wonder what my first post for next year will bring. Actually perhaps that will be more interesting. It cheers me up to hear firewirks just now, i am not such a christian, i prefer to think about the future as a religious enterprise, all the time there have been fireworks, and at this moment it makes sense. So that should be a nice year, well it is somewhat, conflicts were limited to the results of ongoing occupations, and a few simmering ones, not the hyped masshypnosis of yet another attack.

I am a conflict person, being an antimilitarist you turn into a conflict specialist.
So where is the conflict? It seems pakistan turned huge on india, well it had plenty elections so shortly after the assasinations in the hotels, india.

I guess you can never tell.To me the pakistani worry that usia will march into south-east asia and china by faring war through india as proxy is overrated, but that they worry so much makes me think.

Essentially in pakistan a solution of kashmir that i would call non-commitment is surprisingly far to seek, perhaps the massive india machine is guilty to that.
Like i said in a previous post about mumbai the indian media fails to leave a affirming impression, bluntly put that says it's definetly less democratic then pakistan.The complaints about kashmir are in that sense also a modern complaint,
India is treating the muslim minority's influenced by the wars of terror. It fears that a militant muslim reaction in india could be violent and apparently it does more then you would like to witness to negate any, real or imagined.

Meanwhile i think the pakistani system, likely it's upper (financial) class, can't do without the distraction of india. Wich is partly caused because there is no pakistan yet that is not heavily affectionate with islam. As the strikes on afghanistan , irak and now northern pakistan are also perceived as attacks against muslims, (for example because they are), the political ways of pakistani politics are most diffuse. Given that a politician would make a secular islamic choice for example they stumble upon a reality that forces militairy excursions upon them.

So it is more integer to make a pro-islamic choice, but then you get settled with all the ancient machinery of control and indoctrination that goes with it to rather some extend, and in effect you form a distraction for both the national and the international unity.

So the people in charge tend to be the ones that think more secular, partly for historic reasons, pakistan has in many ways tried to set examples of being a modern state allways. More because the pragmatical reasons off money and power as a result.

Zardari is trying to take good care showing some reliance on musharaf in matters of souvereignity of state, but unfortunately he is less equiped to cope with the somewhat absurd flows of national sentiment in pakistan.

In a way it is funny they make such a show of their innocence, but it is also very fearsome. Pakistan is really of the opinion india is purposedly preparing her population for agression towards pakistan, and since they 'found out' (through mumbai), that the truth about pakistan doesn't count in india but that it is subject to a campaign of allegations, while being provocated into action over repression in kashmir perhaps, well i figure they fought, a warned man counts for two.

Anything else i spend the year with? Irak ofcourse, and obama, a few friends,some african affairs, maybe i should say something about kongo.

But what? this is already going on for years, my opinion about the affair is not flattering but i don't think even when history changes all of that opinion over what happened in the past changes. Southern africa is rather a postcolonial mess, incredibly so actually, angola is very poor, perhaps also because it was colonised by portugal , wich was a development nation itself untill the 1960's 70s', to european standards. Perhaps they should ask the chinese to set up farms:) one thing the chinese have experience with is bringing food production on an acceptable level.
Well i also know thx to al jazeera on what level that often happens, chinese farmers are a partly destute group to european standard.

Then again, so was portugal, greece etc. etc. etc. It's more that people don't know that then that the differences evrywhere have been so immense.

That development in china is an ongoing process is also a reality.

Myanmar and a few other standard targets of western propganda still more or less misbehave, but so do plenty other nations that are not criticised as rigourously.

The climate , or the weather, is something that fascinates me, its not so good, the industrial haze in the eveningsky's still turns what would be clouds into vapors
Yet the continued baking seems to have been altered more then i expected, i dont know what to think, perhaps saddams oil really cooled the climate. I would say there is better rain then there used to be some 5 years ago during the negative trend. Another explanation could be that human generated dust cools the planet by reflecting the sunlight, i used to see that have no appreciable influence on the incoming radiation at all, but in the longer run it may still show to happen. Still not satisfied with that radiation at least it feels safer then also being boiled off.

cheer up ppl.. now we have obama, we can change evrything, i can keep him for the newyear post i suppose. but he was a big thing this year, one would expect. sth to come out of the victory of respect over insult wouldn't one?

i have more unfinished posts:)

Monday, December 8, 2008

interview with mohammed

In the current political climate, and with the hajj going on, an interview with mohammed (Mo) is the ultimate interviewing experience for a blogger like me.

Me: Hello Muhammed, how are you ?
Mo: Fine, (smiles) how's your grass? my plants died.
Me: Well they are ok, what did you do?
Mo: They turned terribly yellow and died, after i gave them cows dung (loox puzzled).
Me: you must have given them a lot of cow dung?
Mo: i put them in a bucket full of it (looks reassuring)(1).

thx for the interview Mohammed!.

(1) 20-30% is enough

Sunday, December 7, 2008

rare metal

Today or yesterday a convoy for afghanistan packing humvee's and militairy supply's was attacked succesfully by only 30 fighters. Like usually attacking the material dependency's of an oppressor makes a huge impression.

It made me wonder, i related (somewhat suddenly as i hadn't yet perceived that militairy need(1)) the nato trying to absorb georgia could well have a to do with the war in afghanistan.
Okay that seemed to make sense from a militairy pov. , but i didn't get the economics.
It would be so easy to think of a cheaper way to protect an oilpipeline, i just cudn't wholly get it.
So i wondered... uranium?? no there isn't in afghanistan, mining?? perhaps iridium lithium? , i assume there should be a little, but never heard it mention in the context. Except some primitive gemmining i may have never heard of any mining in afghanistan at all. Noone ever stressed in the discussions there would be huge quantities of even iron or anything, soo.. well i googled.

The first hit was very revealing,

Now that is an interesting geology, there is evrything, even lots of coal, gems, piles! more then i expected knowing what is extracted. And evrything else, rare earths, lithium, rare metals, gold, a pile of copper, iron, and....

surprise surprise.. yellow uranite.

k then. with so little populace i know what fortunes they are seeking now.
I suppose considering the geology that is supposed to be extremely fractured, the methods of excavation would tend to be disastrous (first rate and more second rate rare deposits in daymining ruins the landscape ) .. the lesser people, the lesser concern? Fascinating geology really.

(1) i did consider georgia a strategical nato investment (a militairy spending) , for the region yet had not identified an acute relation with afghanistan..

Monday, December 1, 2008

India (censory)

We have been reading about the shocking evets in mumbai for 4 days now. Nobody with some brains that did some research will deny india has been reporting completely inconsistent and even improbable events, including (several?) that didn't take place.

summing it up would be a lot of work, one example the nr of attackers has been named as: 100, 25, 38 (dont know where) 12, 10, 22, about 30, 100 or more, and 18 and 20.

The nr of dead 'gunmen' can be reconstructed as anything between 9-18. the nr of prisoners at 6 or 7 (unknown nationality) , 3("pakistani"), or 1 (status since yesterday)"pakistani" though the indians deal him 5 different names.
The 10 attacks are now 9 (the second "hospital" 'attack' being raised from the records).

There is nothing known about the circumstances of karkares (and 2 aides) death for
4 days now, although different indian statements suggest 'an attack in the policestation, or near the policestation or death in combat , the suspicion is he is actually murdered by the hindu militants.
(under the guise possibly and with suggestive foreknowledge of the attacks.)

Pakistanis think that is the matter, as they have a much larger record on hindu violence blamed on muslims in india, not in the least place with elections shortly.
Pakistani's on that line of thought aren't even sure the whole matter wasn't 1 of hindu militants.

then there is the matter of the nationality of the attackers, two of them spoke during the action and were recorded to the public. 1 probably an indian, native hindi speaker, that adressed the muslim rights in india, he actually appeared to be someone from a small village, that had needed to learn the words to represent his case.
so he went through political schooling (or so you want indoctrination, wich is inevitably connected), although the boy made rational points only (not much of the pbhm stuf etc.). The other person is rumoured to have had a pakistani(1) accent.

Then there is suggestive evidence english phones were on the guy's, the few publicly published photo's appear to show indians, though a witness described some (at taj) as 'whites' (suggesting more pale then the average pakistani to me), but for the man it appeared synonymous with pakistani. He was an indian national tho and a tad more brown then the average wellbeing pakistani with a manager job.

If he is sincere he could know. But i doubt he is very sincere. All the people gotten out of the hotels had been instructed not to tell certain things and details.

Ok i think i have made my point enough. the situation is very vague at best despite 4 days of international coverage, wich i think for the most part hopped dutily behind the indian official version. (without asking serious questions, or seriously investigating the several incidents (karkare))(1).

Now what does this tell us about india? Not much good, does it?
Considering the anti-pakistani stance one would guess hindu sentiments are abused in elections. The inherent denial of the own wrongdoings, paired with known hindu violence, supports that muslims in india hae a lot to complain. (so does participating journalism). It is not very obvious how many of these complaints relate to religious practice tho. My guess is that it is a mix, wich leaves the western side with india possibly. Since the mechanics of islam nations tend to be religiously coloured, if anything we want to modernise kashmir, and not traditioalise it, that should be obvious.

It's relevant that india is "in the western camp", pakistan also is , but the indian side has had and will have some preferential treatment.
Ok now what matters here is that bad media coverage is then not a good message,
it means the 'western(est)' side is spelling war.

okay.. with the secret involvement i suspect in the mumbai case itself, then this can also be analysed from the perspective it would be a preparation for a more hostile attitude. The completely ridiculous suggestion here is that all the nato-effort and pakistani manpower couldnt challenge the north pakistani community's, and they expect it to run better when india contributes.. operating from a set of provinces that are neigh to starting an outright violent struggle.

a costly experiment in militairy terms.(..)

This scenario is not as farfetched as it seems. So long as nato policy does not want to admit it's err's, it will try to find excuse from it.
What follows is that the perceived flaws and tactics of the afghans are projected on the like minority's that exist in pakistan and india. Single mindedly kashmir is perceived as a 'next terrorist reservoir' and probably in terms of information and control treated like that. wich means that the kashmiri focus in the indian nation is not apreciated and overlooked,(or failed to achieve even 1% support in 55 years).

the indian coverage is "100%" nationalist and plain (all the time the same pictures, (like israeli stations featured the baby jewish boy picture for almost whole 24 hours.)

The whole jewish building matter in this still smells. In essence i completely don't understand the police actions there, i am sorry to say that i would need way more convincing (and probably detailed) documentation before i can make anything of it.

The giant spectacle around that building can be 3 things, a serious indian attempt
to 'save jews', a serious indian(?) attempt not to save jews, just a huge spectacle.

How am i to tell, surely it is propagandistically exploited.
What happened to 'other' attackers?? not a single information, but from the hotels, or the jewish centre.

I still go with the hotels for my conclusions like in the first bit i wrote about this. The action on karkare is relatively surely a political murder, except the first attack on the station no other attacks have substantialised in the 100 plus articles i seen or read. Like i concluded in the second piece: Information that romantically still arrives i would regard with thorough distrust anyhow.

Third conclusion "on the international approaches", as long as the western public hasn't the power and persistence to question each and every detail of the situation it will have a negative impact on them. The origin of that is scattery, yet what stands out is the reason is weapons trade, euphemistically 'free trade', and in fact the disempowered masses having no say in their future.(capitalism aka fascism).

It shows us(the rich west) silly, but with indian and pakistani blood on our hands.
It also shows we will have to keep strong reservations to the indian policy's,
the indian establishment, i have seen it mentioned as "zio-hinduism" somewhere.

As it stands either the indians don't have their analyses round, or they support the west in the idea that a war on the muslims in and close to india will weaken their position for the indian government. I would call that "bloody naive".
Look at irak eg. or afghanistan,even palestine, lebanon, under stress and occupation muslims turn from 'completely religious' into 'extremely religious'.In extreme cases their actions for the most part stop making sense except as a bloody reminder.

A real muslim would make fun about that india exagerated the nr of attackers with 2, and 8 people sufficed to get the indian police to kill 50 of theirselves among with some 100 collateral hotel guests, Also that 5 of the attackers actually escaped (like in 9-11).4 of their names we know from the indian media.

But actually something else happened, and perhaps it was a sad carnage, like a respresaille against a village. sth. u'd expect in kongo, but i think also happened in irak and afghanistan, north pakistan. the whole instructing of guests and prolonged escaping suggest the indian police got footholds in the buidling rather quickly and found it impossible to hit much but indian guests during a lot of the operation, probably due to the small nr of attackers.(7).

If it is true the attackers went for a maximum lethal effect, obviously the indians did well in keeping the gunmen under pressure inside(?!) the building.(taj)

the oberon hotel event is even less clear. apparently 28 guests got killed, yet it is also described as a carnage, the nr of attackers is hard to reconstruct, but could then well be the offial nr of 3 or 4. It is not excempt the 3 disappeared, (inconvenient?) prisoners of doubtfull pakistani background came from here.

At least the effect there seems to not have been maximum lethality, the indians slowly blasted their way through each and every floor getting the 'gunmen' only at the top floor (they must have had a pile of gasmasks.)

in the jewish orthodox centre the attackers are supposed to have carried "100 kilo of chicken meat" so they can't have been with 3 it seems. (they were running in after dropping a bomb). The nr's of hostages there also makes no sense, it's either, 5 or 6,
(dead) or about 10-12 (during the event), unexplained how or why.
considering i don't think the indian account of the events is very credible, i almost feel as if upon me writing this, israel will raise the death figures, i would like to see pakistani, chinese, japanese, german, palestine and russian confirmation of the forensic events, i am quite convinced usian, yurpean, indian and their assorted allies confirmation i can get. Whatever the as yet inexistant 'whole story' they decide to go with.

i'll quiz into it a bit more,

(1) not without some doubts as to kashmir border region
(1) relevant is that the nr of KIA civil servants is high, over 40, this is also not represented in the coverage. I am under the impression that especially at the taj india was forced into action by foreign pressure.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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