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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the choice of weapon of sales

in as much as headlines count "nato intensifies bombardment of libya".
they do target khadaffi mostly at least symbolically or so it says, mh quite, their point.

recently obama had a weird adventure, i personally assume israel has been capturing it's niche, in the media context of arab events.

perhaps not, anyhow he stated "israel must respect the palestinean souvereignety of 1967 as much as israel wants the world to respect theirs", or sth. on the line.

next he deposits the exact opposite for a few days in chorus with netanyahu, perhaps that is why i think i have a good right to say sth. not according to any sharia.

ok i know obama thinks palestineans should have somehow discernable rights, and i know he , his aipac's, and netanyahu will never really go any length into doing the palestineans a good deal.

after obama is once more bumped, snubbed, why insult upon injury, why the boring extra day of non news? propaganda, and obama is only a tool.

is it that both sell weapons? i think so, the difference between my personal destitution and persecuted status and any other people's would be that minor.

that is also a problem with the libya event, there are those in industry and governments, that love to sell weapons, giving them the opportunity allways turns wrong.

Monday, May 23, 2011

miss talk about libya

i still make an ideological post, whatever should i. for libya, i have an idea, think deeply, where in the world can be the experiment of social justice? it is not up to this small tribe of libyans to fail us from there.

libyans themselves can think about the margins, even khadaffi cannot control they are making sense like this. on the funny side, i am curious if @nato would still be on the bombing.

for syria i am not happy. look at what erdogan is doing, the opposition candidates think vote counting is not anything just for tabloids still.

sick sh*t

hello , this time or again. This is another, not really the first post about me.

about me? no rili it is about censoring and terror just as much. but how are you to believe that?
i dont even think my mum beliefs what happens to me all these years.

She does her best for me, or something closely aking a humans best, i love her, but to the topic
i am going to write about it isnt that much help, i get so mad, time and again being disqualified for justice, i cant have a normal discussion about it without getting mad.

justice should be real, and not for the rich by the rich. justice should be for people because otherways the law is against people,

people dont have to be lawfull, when the law is only against them.

that is why justice has a principle of equality, and laws and rights have a long tradition that they need to be correct to be applied.

starting with proof, but also a guarantee against personal prosecution, s guarantee basically for equality before the law.

if one person cannot be punished , to an extent or more, for something, also noone else should.
those kinds of principles.

i wont mention all of those instances of justice degraded to me in person beforehand, i may even write this whole story several times,

obviously i do what they want. by reacting in the public they will have opportunity to find contraptions and disqualifications they would need to otherwise learn by painfull faillure against many different people, who do not theirselves collect and have the argument.

a law that allows for no rights for me, fortunately is not internationaly allowed, not considered humane.

more on this tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

brave new world

not so much new under the sun. except that after two warm weeks we have sun with uncommon cold.

the nuclear accident is damping on, this link for now works to see how we are being killed live:

(that link held for 24 hours, other instances of it got replaced with "fog" only there is no atm)

ok.. for now interpunction works again.

tepco anounced 20mSv for babys is great. not their business ofcourse, that would be to keep rads from getting out.

the whole of jp is still in a stupor of oldfashioned respect for the bobo's. the power corps gamble for every dime. the few leaking nukeRs that were not operating are shut on now, the nr2 reactor with its leaking surpression pool (boiling steam at great pressure released underground now causes 300-400 msv 30 mtr deep. )

and what did they do? use it to sell a few million yens of electra. ofcourse that exagerates the leak, but you cant see that underground. its also out of the books because the thing was supposedly 'coldshutdown' for weeks now.

due to a rise in pressure or hydrogen, i think pressure, they had to yesterday shut it cold down after all. wich they try now, wich may work in half a year or so.

all this time rads have been , are and will be escaping at a similar rate.

20 times chernobyl might be optimistic by even a whole magnitude, million if not billions of ppl living now will develop cancer, if they dont get killed in other ways before that. my money was stolen through the bank once again, so it seems that is what they aim for. (went hungry)

yesterday i took a detour for the sole sake of being harder to get at, altho the indirect methods suggest otherwise , most of the time..

meanwhile the rich are being spared and burdens placed on the poor. inside jp and probably outside.

still today tepco had the guts to state stuf about children as if that is even remotely near their business.

jp released a more dooming prognoses, it made 12th of april. and now sticks or trys to do off on that. in reality its worse. internet censoring is at great heights. many relevant link function only for a day or even not at all.

well i am not their greatest friend they think, altho i may have saved their damn asses nevertheless.

that is enuf of an update for now. i urge people to be critical about ppl like the dutch minister maxim verhagen, he wants a billion in europe and the way to get it is jump in on the profits made through privatised and worn our nukeRs that confirm to no single rule ever perceived.

radiation will be many many times natural for eternity, and if not this one, the next accident will kill you all. do something against it.

putting evrything back into context, where does the world stand. when this went off, i was bussy with 'the arab spring' trying to get the rightwing usia croonys dethroned, bahrein, saudi arabia, and yemen. irak perhaps. ofcourse numerous deads there didnt make a difference.

when after week i checked up on the arab spring, al jazeera said:

dictators like in tunesia , egypt , libya and syria, were target...

aha the whole yemen saudi arb etc line disappeared from even there.

thx for the reality check.

rise up against the billionaires that poison you and the future people. or be doomed.


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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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