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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

gun control

well it happened again, a kid shot kids and adults with military weapons.
this time not through re-enacting a hollywood add., only perceivably random.

with societys falling apart due the influence of a policestate that needs us paranoia,
with no jobs but that of uniformed bully driving a human cattle,

it is still hard to make sense of the most recent massacre.
ofcourse it happened in the land of the massacres, it comes as no surprise,
ofcourse it used the kind of semi automatic weapon that recently escaped regulation once over,

and ofcourse we will not know what medicines, what health history, whose diagnoses etc. are behind.

it is hard to understand it would freak people out like this but actually if you have the guts to assume somewhat more of a thoughtprocess in the people involved (the guy, his mum, probably his father as well, professionals) more transpires than you might think.

in these cases usually the perpetrator is perceived as troubled, awkward and remote , but, generally troubled. in these cases noone put a questionmark to their medication, and they get medicins from a time off, the adult personality has not at all shaped yet.

the people are well respected, also for their money, (of all the three other family members socially respected generosity is on record(?)). that some kid wanders aimlessly raises no questions.

so. it leads me to think.

what i think is the blame for the madness, the affliction is usually with the parents. egotism or simple lack of quality of thought, it does not matter. a small young kid is the one labelled 'crazy'. by the only people they can instinctively trust, the parents.

it takes away the responsibility in the family to think over what is really wrong, typically the family did break up at about the point the young man starts to be a medication zombee..

now it is possible that no parent would be prepared to cope with a kid like that, but in such a case simply they should not. the kid will need social development beyond what made him the target for pharmaceutics.

chances, therapy, adapted living, family therapy etc etc. you name it.

the attitude that adults(parents , professionals) are 'normal' and kids can be 'crazy', is what causes this (and every) drama.

the guns are what turns drame into massacre.


ps. i could write specifically on autism spectre, and it's perceivable causes (many chemical). i don't, i figure his mum was actually the shouting kind, and after the new healthbill destroyed the young mans identity by shreeking:

" you are just an autist, asperger does not even exist, you are not a genius in disguise!"

no longer the mum of a disguised genius. (ritalin then, turns the unwhily into studious homeworkers) nonsense besides, a diagnosis does not decide someones intelligence.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


by now most of us will probably be affected,
whatever ripknip, or ripchip, or ripstrip, it rips, and people may be uncarefull and unsuspecting,

by now they noticed, some, maybe all.
certainly the poor and outspoken

the private riptrip of the ripchippers

Thursday, November 22, 2012

gaza opening

the drama unfolded, accusations, blaming and demonisation struck quick and hard,

apparently bombs fell,

after a few days i searched a live stream. it happened that RT had one, it even sometimes showed a different angle , and transmitted pieces arab and chinese negotiations (thx for not translating)

live streams are anyhow a good tool, even if they sometimes have you staring at a still for hours, the situation can only still be manipulated (in the media usually) to a smaller degree.
gaza however almost fits in one camera field.

it was painfully impressive, in no time the high rise stood shaking, and would i post something a bomb would fall.

yet the first thing that occured before the bombs had time to touch the ground was what a terrible nuisance drones are.

outright incredible, i wonder completely how much of this torture the international community so far allowed.

also i wonder , and i have not the faintest, how much the same goes for pakistan and yemen, are these people also bombarded with the noise of traffic jams at high speed mixed with second worldwar aerial warfare of unknown dimension?

an everlasting airbattle? it got me sad and nervous and also ill very soon.

the next night the sound was dimmed to the point of being almost off. and i saw examples of scrambling,
strangely exactly by the parties that we just read were the victim of that practice..

what a surprise (not)

bombs still dropped, very loud ones even, as the building didnt shake they were big. and the drones were there, not probably much more distant.

a next night came, and even if i hated the view i put on the camera again, it went off-air (happens a lot with livecams, the conditions are not rarely suspect)

found another and as it was yesterdaynight, a truce was anounced (moreless the third such attempt, i feared the most)

enormous shooting was the theatre, the groundwar had broke loose, could hardly hear the drones,
claxoning, singing and cheering people made obvious this was probably a celebration,

not so hard to understand they were happy, hanya held a speech, oh i got he was satisfied with results, the air would be cleared, water sourced and borders opened.

he smiled all the way, nah not really, but was he happy!
this was still in arab, and i had seen the scene in gaza, was actually probably still watching it somewhat perplexly, so i took it that he was declaring a farfetched and great victory, wo these horrible costs and losses, only today i understood it got a bit better.

over the conditions of the cease-fire the borders , water and air, (and a few more i did not understand or hear), and ofcourse the condition of ceasing fire and hostilitys, haniya achieved another thing.

hamas was directly involved in the negotiations.

it means we are making a start with disbanding the practice of criminalising whole populaces, just because some (very rich people) say they can.

a bigger change than that we could have hoped of.

Monday, November 12, 2012

policing syria

how is syria doing?
like a test tube should..

it's incredible, mind boggling, what happens in syria. i have never seen a thing like it in my life. never.

how and what way i look at it, the nr of air missions, the extensity, the damage, lethality, the mess, the resistance, anything, it is sort of incomparable.

i think it beats every other conflict on the excentricity index.

the events are strange, the whole nation rises up peacefully, assad refuses to leave, why should he, europeans still have their medieval kings and queens.

next they resist the european violence, and still assad does not resign peacefully, the european example has taught him in the long run one can frame and fool a populace.

the usians meanwhile are jealous at the emirs' wealth. discrimination is a full-time job there.

the russians, chinese and iranians are desperate, who's next to fall for this mormon bigotry?

the population is caught in between.

and we, the europeans? all we can do is buy, buy the radioactive produce and hope noone will be running out of tungsten.

the european police state is capitalist property

globalisation has led the world to become ever more of an experiment of the rich against the poor.

people and even the whole planets population tested for logic and habitually fail.

the european police state is an example for that, centralist trends, carreer politics, dark rooms, and concerted repression efforts are the ordre of the day.

basically the european populations aim wrong, if they are to improve on their general condition, not the few rich's luxurys and perversions, they will need to get back control of the political instruments.

since that happens to be impossible through policestate supervised 'voting' and 'democracy', people will have to take on other grounds.

get things done on a constitutional level.

it is interesting in that respect how a century old geneva convention still decides hitler's terrorist of that time, are the capitalist' terrorist of today's.

international agreements and guarantees of human rights could iow. be better.

guess what? they will not.

progress in such respects is so slow it is worth coming up with an example why.

in the 1950's a structural attempt was made to p[rovide social housing, huge appartmentbuildings, mid-high rises and standardised single family homes sprung from the earth and housed 100000s affordably , if modest.

the prices were for some time not bad, the integrated building style  and a-bomb resistant concrete structures offered a resilience unknown before.

however the prices went up. for some time the incomes did, but at the point survivability was in the positive for most, the political urge slipped away and people actually never checked it.

there has not been a grass roots movement defending the principle of social housing. the squatting movement after all also worked with alternative concepts. communal housing, combined working-living. even organic farming and student housing.

now in some 25-30 years these buildings of the 1950s , early 60s were payed for.

but guess what? the prices rose and rose and rose, soon to a point it became obvious people were cashing in a lot on that 'social housing', instead of doing something socially constructive with the money.

at some point the prices rose so high buying houses was actually cheaper. if you were allowed , and since noone would or could pay that for a small appartment like that, the state had to sponsor the incomes of the bogus groups still further.

so now we are in a situation that poor people and the state are sucked dry by a small percentage of the populace , comprising amongst the 'social housing' managements,

so that is why. these useless elitists that only know how to steal, are a bunch of corrupt thiefs.

and that is how europeans have a lot to change in every level of their state, political and burocratical systems
before the necronomy will turn again in something worth living and endurable to regard.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3 short storms

probably small posts run better, at the moment i am so annoyed with a few things i turn to my blog,

best i first speak about the climate change that did it to me.

been paying to much attention to that storm, even as it struck and the catastrophe as it unfolded was screened, litterally when i had seen the eye of the storm , on a webcam, i love webcams, very practicle research tool if often used, not to near it's full potential.

i love live streams, people should really make many live streams, if we had live streams from damascus there would be no more 'impossible to confirm'. less at least.

the point is ofcourse something needs to be happening before it gets really usefull. however if they don't exist i invent them now, live streaming per mobile phone camera. time for a new gadget, the live stream phone standard (...)

some people could have used a stable platform for the camera every now and then.

you know what, i'll give a few more tips. when you are reporting, so when your lifestream is filming something 'newsworthy' or so, try to give some overview now and then, don't allways focus on the subject but show the surroundings, so things get a perspective.

the media does not do that so much, they tend to the opposite, at least 3 different sequences of the fire in newyork i seen were filmed in such a way it reminded more of dresden burning than a small tip of an island. zooming in on exactly the places one could get a full screen of flames it may have impressed many, not me. (the last one i saw showed only flames , yet looking carefully you would see the scale was that of sheds burning, not streets.)

so citizen reporting could distinguish itself in that respect.

for another example we got an aereal view of houses, impacted by beachsand, the houses were all well btw, masses of slightly damaged houses and beachsand, here and there a boat between the houses.

you have to take very good care to register the few seconds in the ten minutes that the sea is visible at the usual distance of 10 mtr from the first row of houses to know the sand ought to almost be there, and you have to know these luxury beachvillas have channels between and near them not to be surprised at the boats. (i pitty haiti more)

that kind of thing, would be better if registered by citizen reporting. it can also be valuable to get a better picture of the whole, insurance companys or state and ofcourse private persons have much better proof for the scale and reality of events.

scientifically pictures that show the surroundings and scales, realistically, no matter how dramatically (or not) that provide maximum information are ofcourse the more valuable as well.

an example in historic research is that in all the warpropaganda from the second ww, it are the smallest details that are the most revealing, many okish documentarys spend huge effort to find that one picture of a certain model tank or airplane, and when it is about the holocaust the few accidental or sometimes private shots of populations and their situation are among the more visual of available proofs.

so it is historically prooven one has to film that way, and tv will not do it, media will expressly not show the scales, exagerate the detail, and hide what is unwanted.

one lifestream that showed a lot of wild waves and water ahead of the storm went out of the air when it really struck, the sometimes life reports that far gave some indications of things happening that we do not see in the media, 'coincedentually' as it happened the reporting voices didn't transpond and the clues were in mere syllables, look look you see the m.. kgggt kgggt lagging camera, and ofcourse people have to take good care with wiring, zooms back in on bent lamppole.

really funny how during the hour ahead of the storms main impact every reporter (on cnn's stream and maybe not every, but that i seen) stood next to some broken bend or dead lamppost,
i wondered if they purposedly damaged them.

so some of the reporting was actually shocking. saw some what seemed a nuclear rocket battery (a small one 6 cars) or maybe not nucleair, just ahead of the ducks on the interstate 21. (1)

(so that's how ducks safe theirselves, we'd been wondering) after that i didnt retrieve that specific camera, wich was quite boring but had some update on events , most of them going unnoticed in other media.

like one report many , many (did i hear 4000) had to wade for their lives, an horrific scene?? they obviously regretted not being there to film it and tried on for atlantic. but sold the ducks to foxnews.

apparently obamas advises were being headed though. no casualtys we know of from atlantic.

thought for myself , he made them swim in the right direction and see how great it helps.
coincedentually the bulk of the victims we hear of are in the states unprepared for the worst, further from the coast.

in that aspect perhaps it would have been good to show the wider public a bit more of that reality of crashing trees.

didn't cope with the climate thing yet, a un food security research concerned with warming (wich is only one small aspect of climate change) suggests cassave and bananas would replace potatoes, and cowpea could replace soya, only for that to happen the temperature change is on the ordre of ten degrees or so...
they never admitted more than 1.5C in a century but they plan the emergency to grow bananas for potatoes, talking censury...

(1) there has been one more hurricane that i wondered if they had nuked it, but i could not tell what that was, i never thought of it again untill this stream.

Friday, October 12, 2012

nobel peace prize

there could be a tad of humor involved,

'on second thoughts we should not have given it to obama we should have given it the eu'
so for sake of humor let me assume some objectivity in the (dedicatedly christianly convicted) norwegians.

it is like a bit of good news between the martyrships of malala's and their syrian sistren.
norway is hinting: look people of madrid, spain, italy, and greece, at least you started no civil war.

or it is even better, we, the eu, von rompuy, me and the rest have made the subtlest diplomacy.

apparently rasmussen is not considered a part of eu. norwegian intelligentsia appear convinced pentagon decides the moves and moods of nato.

or we get the nobel peace prize for allways being apt at stating, "we will help you against every agression" after choosing side we are on.

what does it have to do with afghanistan? nothing. ok.. i agree with norway once more, the attacks on iraq and afghanistan are better not considered a part of serious history at all.

finally serbia, it is better if we forget about serbia...

forget about yugoslavia people! its been peace in europe for 50 years!

the one case i am proud of europe in international politics is belorussia,

the exagerated thrill of dethroning one more agricultual slavic nation was toned down and with putin marvelously defusing most of the speculations around missileshields it has all not been so bad.

personally i do not see why did they not exclude the polish?
that near catastrophe was due polish giving in to their inclination to believe anyone english speaking who is not english.

finally gets what is against wahabi's..

vote green!

last election the dutch massively embraced being a 'zwever' (a treehugger)

nevertheless the only option to voice a protest in usia is basically to vote green.

due the grande style of escalating corporate profits managed to spirit away a few zero's after the facts,

indeed one might consider the bald fringe is in the riot, the rest of the world == a bolshevik conspiracy.

so that goes for netherlands the same, there is fringe, conspiracy and green.

there is also pseudo green, (perhaps it ain't and it can go for greener green, however there is the childish factor.

politics is not really childish, ok it is in many respects not in content, it is done very childish but the point is, it is a bad sign.

so after 50% of the people really turned treehugger on the last two days before elections, they didnt vote green.

well didn't, my estimate of seats not rewarded to green hoovers around 10% of populace usually, but there was something of a trend.

for the same reason the lots of talk about "d66" can't be trusted.

people are kind of done with the 'social-democrats' and the everlasting liaisson with the 'not-so-social not-so-democrats.

they fit the profile, ever they did not manage to claim their '66 win. (unrewarded and not substantially claimed tho anecdotical in the 70's still.)

green , it did not manage to bring across the message was actually carried widely.

thats why everyone and their sister voted "sp".

wich means 'social party', in wich the crapitalists suspect enough of a comaprison with 'social democrats'

typical how at-least-pseudo-greener exactly like the bold fringe needs to parasite even the social democrats abb. for credibility, that between.

so people could have voted green. but they do not see a treehugger where there is one, and hugged on.

ofcourse in the most enfuriated anti-sp campaign that was called 'election time', green snowed under.

i don't know, perhaps it is they allow theirselves to be duivendakked?

perhaps it is over afghanistan, where is that P from pacifist?

perhaps it is because 'we' the 'not so very upperclass' people that much supported them tend to make louder, clearer and harder claims?

or because we suffer trying to keep our nation a place worth living in?

nevertheless these are old complaints and have nothing to do with current people so much, nothing even with their calm but somewhat distant campaign.

it feels closer to a life and death experience as to an civilised game over not-so-very-much-pointscoring.
elections like the one of obama made it that relevant.

and what is the afterthought?

apparently our cartoonists and columnnists , and the redactions all lack the talent to get beyond taking personal aims at the women that represented green.

that it is the liberal joy of taking it out on a more righteous policy escapes the public.

had in mind writing about that for days, can't take dutch politics and elections very seriously.

look at it this way, if a multinational like greenpeace is the figurehead of the social democrats, and works together with the 'briberals'(lieberous), at least the whales should not have much to suffer in their quests for employment.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

change the world

not a bad idea,

what a mess, today i ran into the predictable angry woman against assange, if you do not know how the case went in sweden it is all very suspect indeed, besides sexcases are creapy anyhow.

apparently the kind of libel never fails to work,
contemplate it, he had sex with two women in sweden.

ok perhaps a bit distastefull to so much enjoy your righteousness,
one was a parlementarian, an active person in wikileaks according to some sources, that is however if you concern her political background slightly implausible, a small-wrongwing political stream that is ostentiously courting usia. for favor apparently.

what that has to tell us about usian favors:S

money if no worse, we know they party the usual islamist.

it is a very smelly case, the other plaintive redrew to be only few days later redrawn in the case, it seems also there was some art of foreknowledge, that was mostly an impression, it is not a likeable job to dig through articles about sexcases, soon i found out it smelled truely i was satisfied to my knowledge.

we never hear of her, she stays out of the picture , ofcourse 'to spare her feelings' and i care.. but on the other hand i am so informed she was no alien to the practice of having sex with relative strangers.

what an awfully weak case, what is it for major swedish political forces want to push an awfully weak case contrary to the wish of prosecuters?

nuf about it, but that was nerving.

then there is turkey, merkel will notice, in greece it is no surprise,
does not she know the turks have century old cannons along the bosporus that still beat the english in the first world war?

is there any surprise they fire their rounds in every direction, and does she see how right the greek were in spending massively on french and german weapons?

she ought to know greek, sorry turkish, are like that, did not they allways bombard innocent kurd villages, might not what happen, if we are serious about alexander here, if they get through and at the israeli?

assad must seem a blessed man to her today, wonder if she gets von rumpey to smile.

finally convinced of her true german identity that she ofcourse knows of she will have to return from the akropolis and it's desperate decendents,

having changed little but answered the local desire for a show off she had the most painfull experience of her life, if any ueber german really exists it is her, nobody went through that, the woman do all the suffering.

in that sense remarkably greek suddenly remind turks, you see what that occupation did to them, even merkel is needed to save them.

and.. they don't have icons in greece, noone is holy there, so what to do with a woman like that?

we will see tomorrow, greek man are reknownedly attractive.

so on with the turks, i think they are stubby, well the not the ones i like, but if you say: i like turks, i think you mean : i like man stubby.

hardly anyone dares to admit aloud they like turks, it's like saying ' i like big man', a bit odd and people can think something of it.

perhaps that is the problem with the greek, greek are fond of grace, young girls, okay they have their escapades, but not especially with stubby man, certainly not with turks, well unless in greece perhaps.

the greek turks slowly disintegrate, or so we hope, it is what they deserve, you would almost hope they would end greek orthodox in 2300.

it is a beaurifull tradition, we europeans underestimate it, but if you do one step inside greek orthodoxy it is really as if you step into a very old version of the middle ages, pittoresque to no end.

bit like tibet. religion also dictates who gets in hell and who gets a bankaccount in nations like that. usually.

greek orthodox turks would obviously rise higher than a falling star can fall, i must hope not straight into martyrdom, but i do not think greek are greedy.

except perhaps with money, what a farce, people here paying, what they can afford and the greek buying german weapons, ok nuf said.

i suppose that is the problem with the turks? hypnotised by the greek, and northsyrians now have to hear the result, let's hope at least it relieves the kurds in irak and elsewhere.

typical how carefull syria, uh turkey has allways been with artillery and foreign territory, oh well, would it have a do?

the law they have for bombing syria does.. weird that,

what would that law say? alawites are for this year considered damned kurds?

so that is where we are, obama would like to be glad with the escalation, everyone understands, rasmussen talks utter gibberish, for the informed it means, the military don't give a damn, they never, he couldn't be a general, s'pose he is.

if they don't want to give a damn, it's quite a contigency, it means they want the succes , wether for obama or the syrians or mostly theirselves, and they will not probably wait very long to become involved in any escalations.

that climate will be conductive for an ongoing turkish firework wich can be expected to now and then provocate a new mortar round.

since turkish are the most advanced of all ottoman people, they will enjoy the fireworks if for no other reason than to make sure, or at least convince themselves of the enlarged security assad will not have time to think over countermeasures, besides they are sunni.

that is a point, but anyone can be a wahabi anywhere and what is with sunni?

it's a start.
oh yes, it would be nice to follow ban ki moons course and just put a silent end to this very much much to noisy affair. for one thing noone and not assad should get away with calling huge parts of the population terrorist.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a few things to do.

plenty room for overwork.

the very necessary thing to do is write something about the politicised practice of kraken.
the squating (a probable invention of the speculant that word) or kraken of houses. and into the detail how that is different from the occupation of objects for limited purpose (not habitation or regular workspace).

however it has to wait, there are a few things going on in actuality, mostly symbolic rubbish, like jp making a row in cooperation with usia against china , close to china , in the chinese sea, playing the taiwan card without telling it is a warlord imperialist remnant, and perhaps not a nation itself at all.

there happen to be original inhabitants on formosa, and they all but perished through the actions of the escaped chinese fascist burocrats (the capitalistr liaisson) of chang kay check.

that they shove under the table, and perhaps it is what is behind most. if anyone but china could claim the islands, chinese presence there and on formosa are a reality since uncounted centurys, it would be this ethnic victim of militarism. the original formosans.

those however happened to be traditionally affiliated with china, so at least the hictorical background could in the storys be more integer.

next there is libya.

the disarmament of revolutionairy militias in a former despot nation is allways a tad worrysome, the traditional occasion to grip the oppressive power is rarely absent.

but i am not so worried, for all i know it is only the better to disarm them, however pictures can be misleading, the media story can easily be a cover for groupings of people already apparent in the gruesome story, and not necessarilly libyans. i would like to know better about teh real situation but i figure it is not so important.

then there is the hollywood-facebook marriage in orchestrated police violence , unfortunately that is the case because the actual damage is nowhere in the dutch media to be found..

nor is the nr of severely injured partygoers.

unfortunately there is nothing real new about it, beating up people perceived as hooligans is standard bussiness for the uniforms involved. it is doubtfull they have any questions about their own attitudes.

however this could be on purpose, creating fake riots by using the severely bludgeoned group of footballsupporters. at least the dismissing and judgemental tone in the dutch news is disturbingly close to other trends to promote police states.
another such painfull and acute reality.

it is much dismissed, but the background of the disturbances ofcourse is a reaction to the control state, even if the whole thing can be orchestrated, or monitored with the facerecognition ready.

that the police makes such a point when they actually (not a first) used excessive violence against what could well, or might well have been just a party makes me wonder if they did not again err. and cause the grieve mostly themselves. like they did with another shootout for wich they are still persecuting another bunch of supposed 'hooligans', that happened to be people who were actually vocal about the amount of interference and harrasment the police anyway delivered to them, and when read well the story even showed a measure of complicence, wether in the organisation of the beachparty or in luring people into crime is not obvious to me.

so that i find silly, even if i find the films like the batman movie shootout disgusting. about this one i can't be sure because i am not familiar with the genre. x party or so.

but it is silly to go on a birthday party with thousands of people it would be better to just organise a party for the people that show up explicitly. (there could be policeinterference for example, making that partyscene, if it is one, look an harrasment for innocent people.


there is also the elction theme, yet here they are fake (the counts) biased (the media) and influenced (the many ' (un-)voting aids' that only give rabiatly reactionairy choices and outcomes.

plus that is all just bought, so it is corrupt at it.

they say it is also for belorussia, but it probably ain't, lukashenko will ofcourse burn in hell for locking people up like that, but so will the usual uniform that attacks the poor for the rich.

hard to stop him from there, but it has the looks the people can be fooled just as easily overthere, so they do probably hardly feel disgruntled in statistically significant numbers, so it is about minerals that would be a great attempt on the health of that whole nation and the cheap agricultural produce, plus probably the woods that may by now be the ones closest to europe to remain.

nevertheless i hope they rid that old man, 4 years of anyone suffice to me in the function of president.

not saying that against obama btw. allthough i theoretically think it is a point, it happens to be never a problem when it is about rendering a republican a second term. 8 years is really plenty, what kind of collective inferiority complex you need to allow for more?

the usual;)

anyway, unfortunately that is bussiness as usual, only when there will be real transparance about election procedures and outcomes, and a real independence of media and no scripted biases or wrongwing promotions people outside belorussia should open up.

so i get to the most painfull point, syria.

what a mess, it gets you desperate about islam doesnt it? that tehre are allways the divides and the infighting before they get a chance but usually do't go forward, with selfdetermination.

horrible, religion is a tool to full people, moreso when it is more unitary, perhaps not intentionally, but overhere it works the same, the monolithic bigotry of roman catholisism does indeed allow it to repress people more than does the protestant.

so it should in a way not be surprising that for sunnis coping with shia tradition is a bit much. you can say european culture featured a similar development when it was about testing the integrity of an obligatory belief.

however somehwo from my protestant background it seems the twenty first century and the digital era, the post nucleairy catastrophy world of the day you just would nto do such a thing.

like making a point about religious traditions, yet in irak they killed people over them a long while.

today obama spoke, 'his last speech before the elections'  it said:S, to the un. about syria and that it should be over, he said more, a few good things i left untouched and some digressing talk about social media, plus the usual terror bs., but teh interesting thing is about syria.

he said we can't allow assad to massacre his people like that. it's hypocrit when maliki does it it is hardly any problem, and erdogan and other turkish were never halted in their attempts on the kurds, but he agree in that with , sigh arab names, brahmini?

the algerian diplomat, who is also lookin tired from the job, it happens that i also agree.

the point that i thought assad would hold up the actions and stop the escalations is longgone, it happened for me at either the fighting for damascus or allepo but the clearest signal is that bombing and artillery are habitually deployed against people in population centra.

you would think by then assad realises he lost the game. what is it about for him really? sectarian strife? or that he is sunk so deep in the moor of political spin he has no way out at all anymore? is it that absolute values in convictions turn people into absolutists even?

hard to answer,

stricly to the point of legal description i honestly fear assad, much like lukashenko, is doing a better job then his usual domestic antagonist but if we take it ideologically, wich is kind of crazy because it is way more of an approach to western then to middle euroasian (russian, socialist) values that assad and baath are making,

for good reason even, human rights and equality, hard to judge if not even freedom should be on that line.

that action has a reaction and since every reaction is an implementation of what traditionally preoccupied people's minds through modern media, the reaction is predictably old-fashioned,

translating to with possibly violent implications and right infringements as part of the packet that appears the safer yet still controlling (elections are fake everywhere) way out, both for the controlfreaks and the people held dumb by assad's regime.

and that is just what happens, vuilence at both sides basically trangressing with ofcourse the crudest side, the one with the heavier arms perpetrating the worst, (that is allways, usia and nato were worse than irakis, worse than koreans, worse than vietnamese and worse than serbians, and with so few somalians looking for exceptions to that rule is useless.)

and so is assad, russia was worse in afghanistan than the cia warlords of the day, the russian allies ended up worse (having the arms), next usia took a turn for the worst and now we have the official afghans that can't anymore be trusted

perhaps a nice model for libya, put everyone into some uniformed service or shoot them? what is the real problem there.... (uniforms)

only individual people can be human, just like a beehive can't be a bee.

so assad should finally be a human and please run, what does putin say, why would we get stuck with assad? is it putin trusts fewer people than even i do?

let's let it slip it can hardly be worse than irak after, find some way out that is quick, political but decisive, not some compromise that would never anymore work.

when it goes on and on like this, when will it end, it would take 20 years to reach a comparable deathtoll as in libya, alltho i think the destruction might become worse.

is it we need a deal that it is not suddenly privatised, in the hands of a happy few and owned by multinationals that intentionally disrespect the quality of life and life ?

then make such a deal.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

perchoicement day


it was wonderfull, all the good and beautifull of the world sang, sp.

ok there was a soundcar calling us up to vote, that made me think the speaker was a general practitioner,
and not a typical labourer or socialist, but what i really mean is the children sing it.

we vote in a school, a few of the same old faces, jealously guard the ballots and boxes, again , i don't know in what many polling stations, but they did overhere.

the people , we all it seems most of the time, can be really one vibe, logical, in practice sp is the fairest, probably the greenest, the least greedy, loyal, constructively engaged, pretty straight for the most, tolerant, the least repressive, the one developing the more pleasant and healthy labour circumstances,

so an economy that is at least worth partaking, if even not every pile of consumptionwaste can be gold, every environmentally relevant , humanitarian research, pluralistic development projects, basic wage, a minimum income that can almost be survived (crapitalism is a hardy indoctrinator there)

good and somewhat equal healthcare, social programs, they even fete culture(1),

i rili think that car is in front of my door for me specifically, well i got a poster,

abject stance for peace and disarmament. basic, the only one that did not join in the idea that war would be an answer to imganinairy bombings in every train and metro,

perhaps netherlands can be famous for something after this, the sp....

there are plenty other things i am positively sure the sp has very good ideas about, buy i already voted, can make the point known in a more common way, and there is a lot to add still.

so i observed the 'campaign' a bit. it's no pleasure, i am sorry to say but far more than half of the time the whole media-programming makes no sense at all,

there is a completely distorted and utterly distorting mechanism in place to manipulate people in supposedly behaving in ridiculous ways, iotw a brainwash. the problem is once you do recognise it, and see things more or less for what they really are, the examples are to many, "it is full of crap"

i wrote about examples of it, and spoke about plenty more, and up to the very day today the drill was the same, 99% screentime for the 1%.

still the children sing another song, so reality is that the one percent should learn to cope with 1.5 seats of a say.

that's crazy, when i was really young, i remember to my great surprise i found, if i asked usual people, not millionaires or very old fashioned ones, usually christians, they all voted pvda.

labour party, what my part a ridiculous name, define your socialist struggle as the shaping of a labour class?
i would guess it is not the idea.
anyhow what is escapes me.

labour is a necessary evil, look at the bad backs, the stress (i beg your pardon, mine for example), the actual medical costs, the pollution, dangers, labour is something to treat with care,

labour is also something that everyone says they do, but some people if they do it they might never get dirty, tired or sick, and still they mean they deserve a better pay.

the 1%. oh yes also the relatively wealthy middle classes, that have not the brains to think independendly.
but still, that would make it 8% -10% for the fake freedom party's at the very most.

and people with a heart or mind are actually everywhere, also in the middleclasses.

so it just never computed,

in betweens, and nor did it then, a few early votes, pacifist, communist, i have for a very long time been principal non-voter.

firstly i like the idea that with empty seats the oppressive people will find no opportunity to make new laws for a class society (how so would labour and politics bother employers(2)?)
secondly for a very long time i am of the opinion that integrity can't be expected, has not shown to be a great feature of this system, let alone people in politics would just work from a concept of human rights, equality and against discrimination.
there is a lot to add to the latter, but my "politics" is to work at transparance.

transparance means that all data, all fact are available to the common good. an individual human has human rights, these form, shape, and limit the protection of their privacy, yet for now we can not probably cope with the raw data and should carefully practice.
otoh administrative and digital practice in principle can easily be arranged in perfect transparant manners,

the problem are it ain't.

pollution for example is a problem we can not handle without an utter effort in transparance, and retrieval of data that has been 'destroyed' etc.

back to the topic however, then as a non voter i did actually campaign.
i campaigned for the pacifists, communists, and the early ethic and green partys.

i got loads of responses, only today perhaps people can begin to imagine. it has not only been with the sp that people voted for the campaigns of reason and moderation, just

and i noticed even as a child, it didn't deliver, not the seats it got.
and, there was an obvious and ridiculous process of artificially inflating the wrong-(the 3 times left)wing, their allies and pseudo traditional conservatism (i.e. the 'christian vote')

it was all very diusappointing, if a 100-1 counted for anything, it stayed like that, but the nr. of progressive seats in the parliament only went down.

so: very , very angry i also feel very sad now.

so i should not have to many expectations, not even a donkey trips 3 times over the same stone.

i campaigned so about all my life what i remember for the environment, for social struggles and the emancipation of everyone, and i told people, to vote something if they wanted, even if i did not.

but like so many idealist, getting older you get more desperate, the problems in the world got bigger, (except , cheers to the staff, war the past few years), but the talks to dismiss them manifold and elaborate, with a solid core of stoopit support from people who have no clue at all but to project their fears at any arbitrary enemy, if not even a straight racist stereotype.

perhaps i'll continue later, for now? stemmen is toezwijgen, doe er het zwijgen niet toe, laat je stem niet verloren gaan,

spreek, praat, vertel, neem in vertrouwen, deel mee, stem sp;)

(1) strongly hope people will find new old collective style and new and better acces to the resource of living-working spaces, cultural/political spaces, etc. (
(2) so , no labourers?;)?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

for crying out loud

for once i will have a post in dutch. the dutch elections are in the make, saying in the coming would be far to much honour, and.. basically i think noone would get a translation done and they would find it hard enough to understand even in dutch what i have to say, so sorry for my foreign readers, a majority i figure, but here we go.

ongewoon, al twee, drie dagen laat ik mijn humeur, en soms de sfeer verpesten door aandacht te geven aan de nederlandse politieke kampagne. meestal ontloop ik de publiciteit omdat ik er al vele jaren de buik van vol heb, en ook deze keer duurde het minder dan een minuut tot ik half kotsent het eerste 'debat' ontvluchtte en de frisse lucht opzocht.

dat blijft, bijna elk gesprek en debat, op tv, daar vind het allemaal plaats, ontvlucht ik regelmatig. het lijkt er niet op dat ik daardoor een draad in het verhaal mis.

het is duidelijk een schijnverhaal. ondanks dat ik denk dat mijn openheid ervoor zorgt dat de stemverdelers hun onkiese wijze van kies ontstemmen en stem onwijzeren in het negatieve zullen bijdraaien vanwege mijn openheid, de fakto dus intimidatie en willekeur, de fascisten nog meer stem te geven, volgen hier wat argumenten voor de mate van hypokritie en mediaspin die er heersen,
mediaspin beste nederlandse lezers betekent overigens verdraaing van het verhaal, niet het beter uit doen komen.

het viel niet meteen op maar voordat ik het hele debat zag of zelfs maar een flits ervan was me al honderden malen op allerlei wijzen ingeprent dat roemer het verloren had,

eerst was dat geloofwaardig, iedereen kan er wat minder uit komen in een debat, roemer is niet erg fel, interrumpeert weinig, laat de minst verdienstelijke nog uitspreken en is zelf ook niet helemaal vreemd aan het soort naijver dat mensen ten onrechte en publiek over mijn woorden doet vallen, zonder dat daar overigens tegenover staat dat ik ook maar een schijn van verweer heb tegen dat mediageweld.

echter na twee avonden van allesbehalve indrukwekkende shots van de andere klandidaten die in scherpzinnigheid veel maar in matigheid weinig te wensen overlieten en zonder enig woord of kommentaar van roemer (waarschijnlijk de grootste partij en in ieder geval bij de top 3, zelfs bij de bewerkte uitslagen die nederland kenmerken)

begon ik toch te vermoeden dat het anders zat. ik heb nog een dag moeten wachten tot hij persoonlijk ergens een zegje deed, extreem rechts(en) en zeer extreem rechts waren dus al tot treurens toe in beeld geweest...

wat hij tot dan toe echter wel gezegd bleek te hebben was sympathieker en helaas ook spontaner dan de andere kandidaten...

ik was al ge-alarmeerd, talloze onzinnige prognoses volgen elkaar op, polls in nederland gebruiken vaste lijsten van ' betrouwbare' doorsnee burgers, politiemensen en informanten dus, en geven dientengevolge een zeer gedehumaniseerde indruk van de nederlandse bevolking.

maar er worden ook verhaaltjes die even leugenachtig als onvoorspelbaar zijn aan vastgeknoopt.

een enorme hoeveelheid nederlanders zouden hun keuze bijvoorbeeld nog niet bepaald hebben, dat moet dan verklaren dat het resultaat in niets zal lijken op wat er voor en na de kampagne aan de hand is.

om dat argument kracht bij te zetten een voorbeeld.

in een van de programmas komt een halflang gehaarde blonde knul voor, een die kennelijk een toekomst in de politiek aangeplant wordt, want ik heb hem wel eens eerder een kont zien likken,

die kwam met de volgende even brilliante als absolute onwaarheid,
 (oh er wordt veel gehackt in mijn tekst) al die nog niet besloten kiezers , kennelijk 40 procent of meer als we hen geloven zouden, zouden nog 6 zetels tussen de sociaaldemokraten en de socialisten te verdelen betekenen..

want alleen tussen die twee partijen zou die (kennelijk dus 2 procent) 'zwevende kiezers' nog kiezen

het is al wiskundige onzin, een statistiese onmogelijkheid, maar het kan nog erger,

in het volgende debat was het toch wel weer zo dat de onder de politie immens grote aanhang van de antisemitiese vreemdelingenhaat partij in polls te kennen had gegeven  toch te twijfelen tussen jawel, een van deze twee nog 6 zetels verdelende partijleiders en een van de extreem fascistoide kopstukken nog om de aanhang van de fascist streden.(1)

dat leugenachtige knulletje mag van mij dan ook bij voorbaat weg uit de positie in de nederlands politiek die zijn pappa (vermoed ik) voor hem gepland heeft.
geld is machtig en tv tijd is alles...

ja ik kan in meer detail schrijven, de verwildering krampachtig vasthoudend aan een droom van een enkel door 1 ondernemer beheerst nederland, de inmiddels konservatieve d66ers, die al nooit echt vernieuwend waren worden nu links genoemd, hoewel dan niet betrokken bij het extreem rechts fiasko toch een onterecht kompliment, doen het zogenaamd goed (geen wonder de stem onwijzers en onkiezers worden met hun domme en eenzijdige vragen stelselmatig geplugged, er klan immers toch geen linkse partij uitkomen wat je ook invult.

inderdaad mensen die daarop vertrouwen om een beeld te vormen zouden geen stemrecht moeten hebben. helaas is een groot deel zo dom.

hoewel elke rechtste rukker bij voorbaat door de media verontschuldigd wordt voor het niet nakomen van afspraken zijn de holle en loze beloften natuurlijk toonaangevend in dat soort manipulatie instrumenten.

dan is er de 'wonderlijk opkomende pvda, toegegeven denk ik dat ze voor een wat oorspronkelijker en inhoudelijker beleid (dat van de sp dus), de juiste man gekozen hebben, toch is hij (zijn eigen woorden) " een politikus " dat was in de kontext van iemand die na de verkiezingen het programma wegkiepert om een salarisschaal te stijgen.

ook dat kan bij de sp niet (die hebben een vast inkomen ongeacht positie)

roemer wil wel graag regeren en heeft een hoop wijwater klaar staan om door de rode wijn te gieten, jammer, met zo weinig beelden van hem en zo een negatieve beeldvorming (zijn optreden moet gezien de afwezigheid van shots die zijn matige optreden zelfs enigszins konden staven juist foutloos geweest zijn) zou hij zelf ook in kunnen zien dat politiek 'niet zo werkt' en dat het iig. na de verkiezingen vroeg genoeg is om kompromissen te beloven.

wat me persoonlijk nog vrij hoog zit dat ik recent op het gebruik van het woord 'maar' en in het duits áber' ben aangesproken terwijl ik dat toch in geen enkel geval op zo'n korte zin heb doen volgen als ik nu dagelijks gebeuren zie.

dan is er rutte, een sympathieke latex koning als ik het goed begrijp, die op zich een plaatsje in de kamer wel verdient, maar helaas voor een partij werkt waar geen normaal (minimum, laag of midden inkomen) iets aan heeft.

pechtold van d66, maakt op mij weinig indruk, ik vind hem nerveus, al denk ik dat hij in staat is een gesprek in het engels of duits te voeren, vraag ik me van roemer wel een beetje af, en ik bied de sp dan ook bij deze nog eens mijn hulp aan.

het cda, het cda heeft alleen gewonnen in verkiezingen waar ik me vooraf aan schadenfreude schuldig maakte (tegen de islamse sharia mag dat natuurlijk wel)
dat doe ik nu dus maar niet, ben het volledig met moskowitz eens dat dat zalvende en belerende enorm afstotelijk is.

dan is er groen links, een partij waar ik jaren met suukses voor gekampaigned heb, doe ik niet meer, oorlog met afghanistan ging me net zoveel te ver, heel groen links stond ook nog te gillen dat dat niet kon, verraad pleeg je maar zo vaak.

het nooit opgeeiste groenlinkse sukses is dan ook kennelijk iets van het verleden.
dat we massaal naar de sp stapten is in de huidige prognosis en statistieken ook al geen kind van de rekening, zelfs dat kan agnes toch eisen.

kom op dus, groen links laat wat zien, een procent van het lef van jullie gemiddelde aanhang zou genoeg zijn.

nou roemer, ik heb geschreeuwd, begin ook wat te doen;) (valt mee hoor, hij is te lief maar weert zich met de gebruikelijk verve).

en diederik, als ik nou zou geloven dat de pvda voor het eerst sinds 1968 en eigenlijk sinds 1920 echt voor de arbeiders zou opkomen dan zou ik dit nog meer van harte ondersteunen, nu denk ik zonder de spiegel van de sp wordt het zeker niets, en ermee is het nog de vraag.

tja wat blijft over, 50 plus (stem sp denk ik) dierenpartij (stem groen links , vis niet in elkaars water , een quote)

sopn, prima maar vraag me af of er een zetel van komt, piratenpartij, prima behalve dat je privacy anders spelt namelijk: transparantie. (lijkt dus ook een kryptofascist)

er is ook nog een kandidaat die ik een zetel wel gun, degeen wiens poster verboden is,

belangrijk vind ik dat verder niet, maar als het niet zo zou kosten om verdeeldheid te accepteren zou ik hem er graag bij hebben,

wat blijft er dan nog over?

eigenlijk dit : stem sp. voor een inhoudelijk progressiever en beter beleid, en

stem sp, voor iedereen zonder topinkomen,

met de pvda als twijfelgeval is de rest vooral dienaar van het geld.
pvda is als het ware een flexibele werknemer, en de fnv opschuiven richting pvda? voorzover dat zelfs maar zou kunnen, kan je de fnv net zo goed afschuiven.

nou ja het was ook een idee uit de ultrakonservatieve hoek.

sp-ers, houwen zo! doe hou, uh houdoe bedoel ik. 

(1) de meeste hypothetiese aanhangers van de extreemrechtse partijen (vvd , verwildering, en cda) zijn namelijk arm, en zouden er dus honderden keren verstandiger aan doen sp of zelfs pvda te kiezen, groenlinks is ook leuk maar die keuze te verklaren is te intellektueel en niet een prioriteit nu.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

time to think about the children

it is usual to sacrifice the innocent, just to get a war going.

no matter i think martha wellhorn , names:S, a tad naive, she surely has influenced usian public opinion so much it is hard to distinguish where she is carbon copy and where she is original, this happened in vietnam,

refugees where made to have an ugly live, just so people would not want to be refugee.

as if anyone wanted that. yet the bombs still drove them out.

now we see outrages like: lebanon tells syrians they can only stay for two weeks, reminds me of how the dutch monarchy send the jews back into germany,

or turkey 'turkey does not have any more capacity' , preparing the turkish to project their own wealth gap on the syrian victims of a some dictator wannabe monarch.

so what is behind? simple, the many thousands in fear for their lives will add to the 'inhumane suffering in assads syria', because.. well they just can't escape..
it already happened that turkey send back 1000s.

and then? then it is time to blame assad..

oh i support obama, don,t go chemical or biological on them putin, uh assad,
i promise i cry wolf. then again, we will not get that verified will we? (in between a 1000 images i did not see a verified statement or count)

it remains obscure to me why assad still can't be droned.. well obviously they do not want the association on their own skins, the hill-billy,s.

elections? we see a lot of illegitimate (what a word) interference here, as much as the clandestine interference obviously from and too the con's.

similarly to that ron paul got no media attention whatsoever, so that nobody will have to wonder if he would get "his" votes, and similar to that i have not seen anyone in their sane minds support santorium or wosname,ron should have known , it happened exactly last time.

i still really wonder if it is obama who thinks he needs a timeout.
i could allow him so much if he had that in the open, not like ,they need the farce for me next, though it could be exciting to see if he, the big o, would live to see that better day , when the realitys of ecocatatstrophe will finally dismantle the fraudulent banking mechanism and squandering profits of ecologic destruction.

the people give small rise to worry.. what worrys me most is.. the blame game.

however if marihuana is legalised at least the people of the future have a chance not to be complicit in the pharmaceutical destruction, even if the sp projects the case like if they are addicted to cocaine.

(everything is ok if just it remains to blame)

but, it is simple, i made clear in the national elections of the dutch, not coincedentually ofcourse coinciding with the overly brazen fascist-wing campaigns of the billionaires, saving a dollar in a dime, would very probably have no better option than this: sp, and as it still not allowed a war, still not prescribed murder, disrespect and agression, nothing very much changed,

since i am the publisher, i wonder: what about the children?

and since i quite agree chaos is the creative principle, adriaan will have to wait,

but it is fascinating. the face of truth in the absence of fear, and how i would work hard but not to any sudden sacrifice, behind those fogs of war.

sp. let's not get deluded that we are hoovering, anywhere but in the public eye, the tv cameras.
to make a protest count we have to make it heard.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

badman's massacres

"we don't know at wich shootout in the movie"

at first i did not want to pay attention, syria is a much more great and urgent subject for example,

i was browsing news anyway, connecting some dots, (why did israel accuse iran over bulgaria eg,)
(at least they have their own arguments documented so to say. it's a bit doubtfull if it's not a day of 'mutual attrocity' btw) and i decided to have a look, (a later addition: actually check how much of it was a stunt for the film, disappointing results, film and ads. promote a theatre shooting there was 'an eerily similar exercise' (in a some theatre, with probs. x-nr of cops participating.. all but a first)

describe the methods? i don't know. here is what mainstream let's you know only once..

a witness in the next theatre, one wall away noticed shot coming through that wall and 'people moaning'. further notice enhanced the idea only one person would be struck,in that room..
(now that is neuroscience..), however the witness has not featured anymore, so if 'to spare his feelings', forensic's are left untested..

similarly allthough initial accounts suggest people had to pass past numerous bodys, it soon becomes obvious i would not be able to compile an impression of more than 9 badly hit persons.

thats were it got me thinking i think, and even though i would not insist it's a faked story, i got the idea the media were being pulled along a few strings.

so i tried to check how he got in, after all i would think such a person rather an outstanding oddball,
ok the projection already was badpeople are oddballs that like to look like riotcops half the time,
and not that much different the rest of it, but that kind of costumes, i suppose would usually be a tad more fluffy.

and see, that had been registered, a witness that apparently saw the person/costume shooting had the impression (the) a guy like that made the impression of a (swat)cop while entering, (on her alltho the article didn't mention explicitly^^.(probs the protect witness excuse for this media lead (wich is neuroscience))

when i found out he did neuroscience, was a good (and even like in today's news an excelling one) student, alltho that had been suggested when the cops insisted on pronouncing him 'mr' holmes.
it also got me thinking,

the hot controversial thing i see in that area is forced medication (through in my mind inconceivably unnatural damaging substances) and honestly if that was my department as a scholar it might drive me sort of mad.  not this mad, but that is a personal thing and has to do with where i direct my anger (anger management).

i do get to the random aspect still.

in a sense, those badpeople can be considered the victim of a masspsychoses, it's a bit extreme perhaps, but neuroscientifically probably all to true, for commerce's sake it seems such statistics are rarely in the open, however if i make a comparison with a recent similar topic, the airco madness ('airco's are cool' ego(?)s) yes they are masspsychotists that would probably support wars and never understand a thing about domestic politics. it's to gross a generalisation for me, i allways consider the 'guts to look different', but so on average, neuroscientifically, ofcourse it is true, and ofcourse the student is made to manage this corporate exploitation..

so it actually got kind of interesting, the guys motivation could be more than some sexual neuroses,
i think only after i concluded that it showed his appartment was well wired,
into the detail, it is the first question in the case of 'emergency torture (ahum)' where are the bombs?

and him being non-communicative.. oh well, the detail, i wonder if he'd enjoyed that movie scene.
the enxt cewl comment i stumbled on, was one that said: after he did his thing, he easily settles with being caught, his 'mission is accomplished'. now it was in a sense of generalist psychologisation that remark appeared, and it's doubtfull that the answers would be so very unspecific,

i started looking into things, time for wikipedia, the ultimate mouthpiece of fbi (and us studious freaks in a way sometimes) would by now have elevated the subject to a round-up but timely topic,
reads.. reads talk page...

the guy stopped studying 4 months ago.. promsising student.. mention of ows
(only on talks, suspect, talks is usually a better source for background facts than article)

it does coincide with his development in a sense.. 4 months. intelligent.. not very social (wich at least implies not very satisfied with society)

he would be disatisfied with the soft actions of ows. otoh. if you are connected to ows you could think of a better target  isn't?

but ah.. the film vilifies ows..

i start paying attention if 'people knew him', and if he was 'in a picture'.
seems they do, the person(ality) is not alien to the head of police, he makes a distraction manouvre with music (possibly in part) to hide his depart from home? maybe he did sth like graffiti?

it seems he is aware of police observation and surveillance. apparently he consciously get's in 'as a riotcop' this suggests,

further elaborating on that riot gear: if you experienced what it is used for and with makes a very fascist impression is a strong symbol of brutal oppression. the teargas is suggestive for that also.
did he witness policeviolence by riot cops? my guess is yes, including the teargas, perhaps, like me .. he noticed people 'disappear', from protestmovements, he was apparently very intelligent, and it is not easy to cope (nor btw. to notice),

so with warrenbros hypedly up criminalising vilifying and assaulting ows.. could he have just gone for the blank symbol?

i wouldn't, but he's young and a male, young males are silly, actually symbols are silly, but perhaps neuroscience told him you beat symbols through symbolic deeds, and that this could work against those badman with a psychoses.

it would achieve something in the sense of critical consideration of the exploit on protest and ethnical movements hollywood often makes. on their 70% dependence of pentagon eg.

the warindustrial filmindustry. and talking casualtys, it's nasty to risk being beaten up because WARandBRASs  like to suppress the protest for the warindustry.
or is that warring bro's..
gl dreaming.

destroy 'my  movement' (neuroscience and history show the trick works all to well)
i'll destroy bad man,
or so said the joker.

another scenario, all the above but.. his work in (the research labs!) of neuroscience, and there have been recent developments well possibly from colorado amongst in interpretation of neurological patterns as more standard and therefore more accurately telling about thought than used to be supposed), he works against 'us'
people, ows, etc.  for the marketing of war, as he probably noticed a few years ago..
is what they make you do in studies to prepare you for a life of exploit and betrayal.

"being among the cleverests" that is called,
and perhaps he is no more use as a mole in ows very much, and
they want their promising psychocontrolnerd to work undisturbedly under a different identity (does bradley manning exist?)
and he did train a bit for swat, or they just 'arrested him in the convenient location' in the convenient guise, and someone else did the training..

but for now, it's the most plausible explanation i have seen, the war renbros film will also make the victims randomly in a specific group..

perhaps a better group to save, the people that dare to stand out and stand up for society.

gl saving your good people, and quit the commercial nonsense, the world will be better.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

syria, why not

today i was thinking a bit over syria, yesterday also actually, it happens that anan is in moscou, and there is no coverage on aljazeera that would immediatly allow a contribution in that direction,
that besides

here it can be longer,

it's a fascinating subject and idea, russia and syria. like usually the new interface is everything but an improvement.

they are sort of neighbouring, russia and syria, perhaps not really, but the connection has allways been
laid. it is a bit weird. saddam was a baathsocialist and he killed 100000 communists.

and assad is a baath socialist and best friend with the russians, of old. if you judge by plane saddam also was, untill he swapped his fleets of migs for a few mirage's and a saab vickens.

these days every new player on the weaponsmarket wants to proof their newest anti air capacity, so noone is reluctant to give the stuf a test, from everywhere there is a great influx of weaponry into syria,
enough to fool a halfmillion soldiers, 16 million secretive atheists, a jew and 4 zoroastrians, all for the sake of what?

corruption of an unknown specimen. just like here or in israel you bet.
so that thing that has to change,
will not change in syria through assad, and hardly despite him, now russia, as we all know the greatest and most virtuous of all nations, has allways had the good sense to support a unitarian socialism  over the margins of sectarian divides,

and kicking the devils tail, it is time to ask :who is who, but that is taboo.

in syria, i suppose, taking all to few things into consideration, i hope for the us in a the vietnamese do not take there veils out on them as ours do on us. very integratedly , i mean, like if they show the modern face of gaza. thank you for the pretty sight.

so what will a  nation with only similar kinds of peoples end up through all this? everyone will die through pimples and rash for lack of vitamin d.

terrible, poor women, another backward step through the dark times of colonialism into a time of fearfull pseudo-pre-colonialism, the sheer sight.

so much is true, the muslims admitted it when we kicked them oput of spain, all the way to byzantium,
where they admitted it a bit less, sadly and unfortunately by the mere premonitions of a person like constantine, in this case, you can't blame the greek.

these people that have suffered so endlessly, untill the current day under the oppression of the romans and the crude invaders with their weird habits and dress, they took away all the colour from the sunni people.

uhm.. i guess not what i wanted to say, that is racist, a stupid norm, uhmm sorry again,

so talking russia,

why not consider honourfull defeat, evacuate all the alawites, and the turks kurds and christians, and give it to the usians?
why not?
once every threat of dissent is eliminated, no civil war will come to be, they can institute some sheiks, if that is what sunni do best, and uh eat burgers.

the real problem is mc borsjt was never a great hit,
nikeys are no real good either.

it seems to me changes of power are less hurtfull for ideology  when they are swift and easy, but i am not sure, ideology has all the time been the greatest victim.
i am not so sure that a regime contrary to the current would improve a great lot on the people.
why not ask assad to just step up, change plans,

russia has often made the point of selfdetermination, maybe it will finaly lead to results,  heh, self determination , assad determination, there is a solid difference.
i for my part do not honestly believe more then 1 in some 1000 children of a rather great statesman, serves to be a statesperson well, and not their spouses. logically, the more such prestige gets a hereditary custom the more solidly it is only one of luxury and candour.

who would believe he is the only great guy in syria? oh i bet you the next will be worse in a way.
because, after things settle, and assad moves, all the syrian jihadi analfabetists that assad surely took care there were plenty, will be thoroughly disappointed they can't have their own extra superhuge minarets with enormous loudspeakers, and they will fight over it, as if it is football, just like war.

oh yes and kofi anan is great, the rest are racists, assad and the opposition.


Friday, June 22, 2012

ideological struggle and house occupations

the ideological struggle is much impeeded. the new blog interface lags like mad, impeded.
even the word struggle is ideologically incorrect, not a coincedence.

in netherlands at the moment occupying a house is not easy.
that is to say.. it has been a while since i was with a group that would not mix pragmatism with housing struggle.

moreso in a point of time like this, after a decade long criminalisation campaign, that ofcourse had it's effects.

that wasn't even hard, marginalisation and infrinchments on rights sufficed to make the usual situation so precarious i often saw no other option but a criminal for sustenance myself.


a history of legal disenfranchisement of the civilian i a formal struggle with the system over a basic right: housing,

the nazis love to do anything against housing, the capitalist you might say, but nazi is their product and favourit. disempowerement disenfranchisement, illegalisation their hallmarks,

if it is about a single group, a social phenomenon or the result of cneturys of struggle for emancipation.


in my opinion and for my person, now it is not possible to occupy houses at the moment 'just for living'

even if the people need the house unfortunately.

just like it used to be btw. the occupying of houses must be done seriously, consciously aware it is a political action and it is an exemplary action.

probably it would be best to focus on a few big projects besides emergency housing. everyone their own 'legalised' sttus is also distracting and doing the cause for the whole not much good.

once that is done people 'settle', and often 'settle with it'. also the majority of even political people cannot withstand the temptation to try and get 'individual property-like rights' of their own only corrupting the situation more. if we could arrange a few bigger places to house the people that do need the political and free context but cannot on their own fight every institution and prejudice it would be great. i suppose not everyone has to be consciously aware of every ideological implication.

anyhow for me it does not work to compromise. i am looking for a group with a definite target and 'mission', like we used to have, for an individual the pressure is usually to big.

this 'mission' also has to be communicated between ourselves. it is better to loose a house than to haggle with the principles and rights that people have.

the basic method of occupying houses has allways been demonstrative action. usually with groups of people or sympathisers.

through demonstrative action housing will allways stay possible, not immediatly but even when they succesfully imprison the people that dare to stand up the better at some point the system will allways give in tp the pressure of populace and media.

perhaps they intend to won't, and sniggle over that in the pluche but the individual township and major also has to answer, and usually sooner rather than later it would result in a roof over the head that needs it.

for that it is important not to isolate the people that have the ideological perspective still more.
and if for that reason only, occupying houses should be a spacy affair.

rdprcially because it will need to be doe with a ideologically motivated group. housing is an ideological right, non ideological housing struggle, strange compromises, vague contracts etc., it is pragmatically easier than no roof at all, but it has nothing to do with real housing struggle, the occupation of unused and speculative property.

a property that is the hypocrit crisis pyramid scheme to defraud us all from sensible living circumstances and individual and collective rights.

so very damn ideological that i do not want to work for individuals, that need the house even desperately. yes i will try but i find it hard to function it is the ideological bases, and it is a dutch one unfortunately, that allowed the housing movement to change a whole lot against homelessness.

like with every emancipation the establishment is torturing hard to turn about every psoitive social impact because it does not serve their pyramid schemes.

only one answer, struggle back and struggle that ideological struggle ideologically.

the action is quite simple, and quite possibly the person i think about most at the moment will succeed when they get bored with evicting them time after time. not for the first time they try and play like that.
no of the measures are 'new' they all been tried and failed before.

if he was with a group and everything was ideologically motivated it would be that much easier.
he doesn't even err. he just does not take the ideologically pragmatical course, to continue the project with the half empty neighbourhood (that well actually yet discriminated him) plenty good reasons for that, but every other project is more complicated.

for these small houses every aspect of the speculation is clear, the only reason it failed last time was because the homeless person had so much pleasure in destroying the house, so that he was not 'ideologically fit' for the action. he still needed a roof over his head ofcourse, if i had no house it would be more simple, i would just make the action creatively untill i could live somewhere.

ofcourse you need to be creative, in case for example a few attempts in the aforementioned neighbourhood would fail because of infringments of the authoritys, i would surely squat the former post office or some other high profile target to make the point.

also that is ideological, not to be satisfied before you have what you need, but not to allways opt for more than that.

for a bigger project, the first you need is more people, only after that a person  with ideological background can legaly represent the point that is thus made.

to represent cases for ideological reasons implies another thing,
no matter what, the house and the people in it should stay reasonably whole.

if you need to destroy some building for a living, it cannot be that we do it under the guise of housing.
either you need to make the ideological struggle to occupy for demolition, and it would be a story with an end, because the establishment likes demolition well, or you have to destroy a building that you are not using under an ideological and thus legal pretence.

most people cannot make the ideological struggle for two simple reasons
egoism and fear
and: not being fair.

once you manipulate someone(s) to make them help you it is not anymore ideological,
within certain limits (can you help me is ok), since the ideology is allways for a 'true cause'.

 it is not possible to reach the ideal situation (good and facilitating housing) simply if the intentions will not be clear and reliable.

that is for me or any other politically engaged person, but it is even more so in the struggle against the establishment, because one way or another that fight is allways won in and as a legal case.

the pretence of the legal system that it donns justice is utterly farfetched, but actually that they are an excuse means you should not give them one.

the powers that be (cops, sneaky services, establishment, the rich) will create the mishaps themselves, brief informers and pressure the lonely to destroy iniatives, nevertheless we need to win our cases.

oh we can be pragmatical, but only in ideology, not in practice.

about being fair, if people are not fair i will consider them unreliable, for good reason or not,
that not being fair is so often pragmatical ('perhaps it works this way') is one good reason to put fear first and the resulting lack of openness and dishonesty only second.

an extreme example is once someone approached me and said,

oh that was the owner, but i dealt with it..


i told him we would leave..


well, we will just not leave, but he will think so and go away.

now i am so much older i wonder if he actually asked and got money with that trick,

glad i don't remember who or when or if it even really exactly happened, i guess it is a compilation of several memorys.

obviously telling an owner you will leave when you have no such intention or plans is a good example of how it is rewarding to be ideologically consequent. the best that guy can think about the people he just met and discussed with (or so we hope he could have) is they are idiots, wich would be close to the truth in the case, but he can also get scared for lies and cheats.

well since i think he was a damn rich nutter serves him well he swallowed it and probably , i think now, payed no small amount, to the persons standards

but at the moment, now we need good cases,  they well now, i think they thoughtfully conspired, planned and even planted to have the earlier action fail.

it would result in a rich fellow whining to his well positioned mates, and they would aptly and illegally have the police serve and slave with malicious violence and conspiracy to hold the iniative.

that is how it is if you are under a regime without any respect for fundamental rights 'in practice'.
the weak spot is they have their excuse still, and allways, pragmatically.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 and spending

it is a very interesting moment indeed to write a bit about the dutch.

the ghastly combination of extreme and extremer wrongs that topped the projected statistics is done with for now.
that doesn't mean to say we are done with them. but i suppose it offers some room for change, or perhaps it does not really, in that case it offers room to notice fraud.

whoppingly that same the capitalists cry for spending as they cry for cuts.

now what is basically hiding behind those unobvious attitudes is quite simple. it is something like this:

rich people can only make substantially more money if new schemes of robbery are implemented. just enhancing on the old schemes is not a carreer option. the handouts even are already destined.

so the 1% is saying: we need growth. what does it mean this presumption of 'growth'?
if i am not mistaken it is calculated in corporate fees. growth is: when fewer people get more money easily and the rest has to suffer for it. be it through hunger, underemployment, underpay or environmental damage.

not surprisingly then that the consumers carefull attitude did not support much of such growth.

it is important, actually imperative, we do something with this knowledge, so let me scetch the current economical situation.

living in what is becoming a postcolonialist era, (let alone the anthropocene), the old adagio of growth, get the resources, shape them into products and punish people into needing them has reached it's limits. the whole climate needed to collapse to make this scheme inviable, and so it did.

however the 'old-school' (actually 'old-clique') economists that rule the day ofcourse see no other option but to perpetrate more injustice on the masses and planet. be it in terms of investment schemes, deforestation, inequality they do not come up with anything that might be helpfull. instead it is :more overconsumption that is the creed.

since that only allowed pyramid schemes to be stacked on housing, finances and resources alike people realised a few years ago spending like teh rich wanted you to, eg. taking credits, was not doing any good. just like the exploit of housing and the degradation of human rights amongst other things in that context, had not been helpfull to the great majority that is only paying maximum summs to a minimal lot (of people).

this meant that whilst teh rich took a further inroad to the collective funds, people did not help their own disempowerment by spending to such iniatives. so much so that the past 2,3 years the consumers saved a respectable surplus of investment power, no matter attempts on that opportunity by employers and governments.

by now people in some cases started spending again, yet in these cases they try to rationalise, things that sell well tend to be urgent expenses, computers for work or study eg., a cheaper and more efficient car, better food, and perhaps here and there a more wholesome hollidays.

since none of that is wastefull, the capitalists hate it.  since most of it supports the wealth (if you can call it that) of the upper lower classes what we notice is new attempts on wages, etc. (rent, housing prices, housing stock, health, etc.) meanwhile the rent is brought down to near zero. the least the rich can go for is inflate the money of the poor.

now this leads to a conclusion, having already sanitised a lot of the spending bottom up, people will now have to sanitise their economys 'bottom up'. to that end what the lower and middle classes need, is investment projects that contribute substantially to their sustenance and health. not the kind of projects the capitalists like.

it seems such iniatives are somewhat rare. about the only thorough road to sane investment is by using green banks, and allthough that will facilitate a better ecology and food production it is not immediatly going to render immense profits. so what i suggest is people need to develop ideas for investment that benefit the lower classes specifically. one advantage to that is that what is essential to maintain the poor or poorer, is also essential to maintain any kind of populace. for an example , if we spend on fruits that are not exotic, even if we spend weird great summs, we improve the food situation in the long run.

unfortunately most of us are not in a position to spend so luxuriously on elementary needs, or perhaps it is just better to put the financial resource to a still more usefull end. if the people and the green banks, companys, develop such iniatives it won't be to the capitalists like, because without any 'growth' (that is often best measured in units of pollution) people can still improve a lot on the lifecircumstances and food and ecological security of everyone, and nature.

what that means is we could develop , in the socalled developed(..) world for ages without any 'growth'.

i think indeed we should. to call a weird example of 'economic growth' : if many very old people buzz about a lot in cars, because a social company is not near to be found, that would be a great formula of capitalist growth, extra cars, extra petrol, and extra what not (ambulances and hospitals eg.) , however if we just consider it useless, it is cleaner, cheaper, and apparently also more social.

the point is that the growth of the wealth of the poor equals the diminishing of the wealth of the rich even mechanically. something economical theory never even got at.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

censory and wikipedia

well it took a while, but it worked. wikipedia is now completely a censoring tool.
it used to be that by virtue of unlimited personal edits and and a fringe of fanatical deleters and ' experienced editors' (some kind of mods with allways noncontroversial opinions), to maintain the status quo.

factual truth has been the first victim. but well.. wiki was still a lot of reading material. and soemwhat interesting at times even in more sensitive subjects.

i think now it is a thing of the past. recent events get protected, even the talk page is not anymore available to post links or raise questions. i was looking at the toulouse case, for no special reason but to check what censored story would be history's fraud.

so i noticed the article states the school was attended by ppl 11-17 yrs old, but all the victims were a lot under that age. i even know what will be the next argument, that a lot of kids (yeah like the kids of the headteacher in the middle of the day) use it as a busstop. nevertheless, even if that is so, wich it ain't , it would be preferable if you could also describe why the kids got hurt.

next the dead 'perp' so the guy the police shot dead, in the media was hit 'by twenty bullets'. in wiki he was just shot with a headshot. it cant all be right and the 20 bullets are apparently unwanted history,

okay i think, they succeeded in setting up a wiki censoring infrastructure, turning wikipedia into an instrument against truth. and since there is nothing i can do about it, without endlessly involving with this specific species of nauseating censoring agents, i won't.

i'll just read the selfindulgent reasonings of the like a couple more time untill i know how and where to skip them. just give up wikipedia will essentially be a bearer of knowledge. only an accomplished censoring tool.

bit like mali, nowhere an open discussion about the topic but surely the wests clients started up a military threat etc. actually what the mali military wants is peace.
with the tuareg. seems they are not allowed, only allowed to die for a fake peace.

it's similar.

(like we are not supposed to know the headteacher and rabbi were actually (apparently) a targetted attack, we are not supposed to know the mali take-over is one for peace in the first place, like we are not supposed to know the police rather wanted the attacker dead, we are not supposed to know a mali soldier's or tuareg life isn't worth a penny, and each result to be gotten through censoring. and all 'protected' against more honest comments.)

Friday, March 16, 2012

syria unhappy aniversary

its been a year, since the protests started, and a year since i saw the eager hawks eyes fall on syria, it annoyed me to no end then and now. ghadaffi starting a military campaign, provoked the armed response the nato had for many years been anticipating..

in alternative circles the question was if i could not prevent ghadaffis fall and promote assads.

i wouldn't, basically because syria is more geostrategically relevant for peace in the world,
but ofcourse i could not speak my mind in that, so i explained that whatever the lack of difference between ghadaffi and assad, ghadaffi was not actually improving a lot and went to side with the the elites of the west and nato, and assad no matter he also had to leave at least did better than his dad.

really speaking my mind i could not, i know by now they are allways listening, what i really thought was : libya is to attractive for the corps, all that oil, and to easy. 3 million people.

syria would be a damned bit more massacrous, and not as much in the eye of the vultures.

but now i said that after all, and see it worked. noone is seriously convinced even the syrian uprising would perform any better than say badr in irak ( a terror campaign), or the loose contraption in libya. a show of backwardness.

that was a serious worry ofcourse also because even if it was kept of the screens i was well aware assad garnered 100000s of militant supporters. quite probably more than ghadaffi because tribal struggle is hardly comparable with the bitterness of religious vengeance.

so i was acting for waht i could, and did not want to show, against intervention in syria where the deathtoll would probably not stay under 2 million. or like in libya 200k.

not that i think syria would be worth 200000 dead. but had i believed it had worked at that unimaginable cost, i might not have protested so much.

not only is assad of the dynastic throne seater kind, syria does have a rather lousy name of reaction and repression. now that is partly due the bias of western monitoring, we don't hear the same about saudi arabia eg. allthough that can be said, but it is still annoying.

so all the year i have been hoping with all my heart he would wisen up and at least leave.
he didnt. actually he instigated a military offensive against the restive populace.
with terror campaign, arrests, torture, disappearings, revenge taking on familys and family homes, but

in the fog of war and nato interests not so much was said about arrests, i am quite sure they try to keep that tool of repression unblamished as much as they can.

what is perhaps worse is not much was said (after the first 3 months) about people disappearing after arrests.

only now, yesterday i read the nr of 50000 ppl arrested and disappeared. why no stress on that in our media? unfortunately it is simple, it is what they still have in mind for us. and like assad, if people get killed in the proces in a visible place, they would call us, the populace, terrorists.

because in between the considerations about arming groups, foreign influence and the people disappeared in israel, (or at least i dont understand what happened to all those arrested there, i once checked and since 1969 when they had some 70k official prisoners every year 3-5k were added, ending a tally of i think 9000 in 2011. so that was to weird for words, and appears to show the missing persons problem is regionally compounded)

that is what happened start off, and clichee as ever, the opposition were called 'terrorists'. wich they were not, only after many arrests, many people tortured, many disappeared, and many shot, they took up arms and at first started to, carefully, react.

that does not show the resistance is peacefull, according the gandhi's myth. neither was india. the peacefull take was a convenient ending basically. see we gave them what they want when they asked it how we want it to be asked.

they would never hand us aything for asking it peacefully. i have my experiences with activism, and socalled democracys have one excruciatingly exercised answer to it: repression.

including allways torture. usually in the light form of ' common' police harrasment and violence
but really the limit i have not seen. maiming 500 dutch or so was when i stopped counting the ill will of the repression against peacefull activity.

so i dont believe in that. i think the english left india because they got killed. by the hindu followers of kali, (the deity of occcupied populations) or by the sicks or just by their own indian housekeeperslaves.

but they don't want us to know, that you can only beat terror on equal footing. rather they have you believe a myth of peacefull resistance and whack on you for all the time still to come.

and so it is the same for assad in syria. just like turkey blames the kurds, spain the basques, and russia the chechnyans, usia the afghans in short everyone the civilians they like to kill, assad called the citizens: terrorists.

scary. normal.

but what is the realist outlook? for one thing the allawites and shias and the settled minority in charge of the reeling of the syrian republic, do fear the religious zealotry of the generally sunni resistance. that also explains why so many arab nations want to invade or arm the syrians. they are sunni if not in majority then at least as a ruling class. iran and nowadays irak, and syria are the exceptions.

it reminds me for no reason at all at the week before the european union became a transbordering reality, the week before we became one nation : european.
in the accolades about teh development guess what, we were served a logo , and guess what was in: (not in europe but in the logo) israel.

hadnt even been a signatory of teh treaty, so i raised great alarm, i dont want any arabs in my european federation, and that besides they are not in europe and not even bordering it.

so i realised it was to put up europeans against palestinians in that way facilitating those new arms industry markets of genociding muslims.

to my untold surprise it worked. hesitatingly european officials admitted israel had never been in the eu. had never signed a thing, and they would know of no great excuse, except that they like to feel the people of europe, to tell.

in hindsight i assume the treshold of hidden anti-semitism worked for me there. but i was so sick of the israeli manipulations of the day it didn't occur at that point. with so much they let pass how was i to assume antisemitism was a real thing in them.

it was a great surprise, but the logo was done with, changed, and israel became admittedly not a member. i also wish they'd never asked me about my opinion about turkey's joing the eu.

my opinion was : it was not in europe, and provocative, it was culturally alien (except perhaps the army) and seemed much ado with the western corps encrouchment of the middle eastern oil.

again in hindsight i wonder if i should have taken the risk and allowed the great landwar to happen. it is not that much different now.

what does it tell about syria?
well it tells in what i sympathise with assad, that the ones that shouted the most against him are quite ready and apt to cheat everyone and each (except me that is not as easily fooled) in europe.

a lonely position.

what else do i now think about syria? two things that are still important. the first is (and how heroic are the initial advanced guards?) that the resitance is willing to abolished armed struggle the moment assad leaves,(we dont hear that to often, maybe it is not the corps planning) the second, that the regime is not willing (well just like ours but on some scale these days) to give up violent repression and control. oh yes and that 50000 people went missing with indications of torture, for some reason islam apparently promotes torture. it is a very common thing in every theatre in the muslim world. irak , post war, i associate it with torture, mubarak? torture. ben ali? torture. ghadaffi , same, the new libya? torture.

oh i think locking women up and veiling them consists torture, so it simple to see how islamic folklores (aka sharia) promote torture and dehumanising treatment, they get it with the breastfeed so to say.

it is easy to understand. start or mid april there are supposed to be elections in syria. i would not hold my breath for surprises, it is not what elections are for.

you know what is the weirdest in this whole story? that when my main concern was geopolitical, and peace, and the end to perpetrating an ongoing attrocity of cold war with china and russia, and also to set free the yemenites, bahreinis, maroccans , saudis and other clients of the west, not only the ones not as cosy with capitalist theft and extortion through speculation and misinformation, would really chnange regime.

well they didnt, and maybe that is what keeps syria in limbo. set them free!
astarting with bradley manning. all my kind regards, and thx for the amazing influence wittingly or unwittingly attached to my thought.

cheer up syria, if the elections (need the time come) don't show a thing it is allways a good moment to rise again...

keep in mind, we are the borg , all your bases belong to us.

that will allways be with the military fighting a populace, no matter if it is internal or the nato doing the mudering.

the revolution will live, assad will leave, only... not yesterday ..

oh yes talking about unhappy, this made me cry, no words for it, and i would love to do to bush what he did to the forestpeople.

(in case of broken link the title is: Green: Death of the Forest.)

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