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Monday, September 26, 2011

the narratives of ecology necronomy, neoconomy and neocology (1)

the very global ideas, currently reinterpreted as 'mondial',

for a lack of integrity in the use of the term, just like one of those neoconomic ideas i had about the need for manual task to be diverse and the people variedly engaged in production.

don't blame me, i used to call the concept 'flexibility'.

so that is against exploring the real fronteers of the social context, it get's abused long before that.

anyway nature is mercifull and benevolent, ecology is so that even in terms of jobs and "economical" , or perhaps better to think of it as just 'human' engagement, the sky is the limit and only pigs can fly.

so as to say, the idea of profit and consumption tells you you can fly, but it is easy to tell who is really the bird to fly under the umbrella of fake-"justice". it would not to be to bad to return to the double speak undo thing of the 60s. and talk about 'wrong_is'

all in all not that it would put people with their (bare) feet in the (exemplary natural) soil.
all the blessings after all come from above, as the mindless repetition requires the cultures that failed to aprehend zen. (the religious ones).

for fun value the pope, obviously german, begged the germans for obedience, yesterly,
contempt for the real light of day (today's so to say) as if anyone there would get that message, obviously a publicity stunt for the still 'to be' meeker (esp. africa and south america).

the problem in explaining basic concepts for a sustainable human society is not as much in the principle, everyone understands in principle 'most of us' would agree to ' positive developments, be they natural notwithstanding it is the absolute primary, even in the human psychology but definitily so in new ecology and thus new (in the sense of sustainable) economy.

basically there is an empiric base for "good faith" (better put : "solid sceptics").
it's very shallow in the personal respect, the individual psychology and hardly worth mentioning in institutional operative, but the basic is there unmistakebly.

in the case there is no pious reference i don't mind to explore the cultural context, and for it we would only have to look at the strong tendency of people to engage with a concept of supposed

"good against evil" like religion , or the somewhat amazing ease with that people can be couched to quitte unkowingly to the real effect or effort contribute to sponsor actions or donating.

it is not especially effective or informed and structurally more often all but generous, nevertheless consider it a symbol of the will and expression of solidarity, it is there in people and it is pretty plain to see.

so in so far i recognise ' solid sceptics' that it is there in a somewhat embryonal state.
with that i would have liked to have said enough about motivation, it's not the realist situation we run into, or become somehow placed or displaced in.

maybe it is important to note it is not 'part of', it does not add much to deny this world is full of places, or to overlook that for each of us the own individual is the one thing essential in whatever functionality or positive arrangement.

change the world, and know you have to do it with yourself.

matters of priority's ... motivation.

so now we are motivated i want to touch on the "history" of it. (better : "herstory")

just like motivation is uselessly debated, "herstory" is unusually unpronounced.
there is "allways two sides to a story"

not that there really allways is, but such is to keep you think that. ok, on the personal and individual psychological side there is allways two story's, except that it is not mostly fresh story's, it doesn't tell anything about facts.

take for example einsteins theory of relativity, it may be not only "relative but also more true then we yet realise. both at the same time, because simply, "the universe is bigger then that.

so for the sake of omission (you name him the guy with the two passports and a double name),
i would love to leave the debate on the herstory of profit and exploitation , overconsumption and pollution, power and victim, a debate and point of it's own, and something for another occasion.

in as far as herstory directly applies to society, "the glocal community", it is usually in the ecological context. that what people, continents and nations have available to operate within.

so if you like this to be concepts restrained through herstory (that's" half of the story that's never been told" bob m.) it is not what i will write on for neoconomy, and it is part of a different debate, one in wich it is more the diversity of human impressions and opinions then the set letter that describes the most, b.t.w.

d dc. the debilitating debts crises.

curently media are featuring the european community's 'financial' prospects. i figure they took some inspiration from al jazeera and then what i wrote to get in the mood.

be warned, like i mentioned for starters, neoconomical concepts are easy to abuse, based as they are on the human psychology and natural context, and for my part the juxtaposed human context and natural psychology, they apply. and with what can be applied can be worked,

so with the rather glamorous advent of the angels of the market in incarnated multicolor,
the tales about our necronomy (the dead one), the tv and multimedia era, and professional politicians and by far not only them hitching on the wave of the promises of capital forever,

whatever you will understand from me, is not what i regard as "what they have in 'mind' ".

general experience and critical reading neither have ever let up to the conclusion that: " in this world, i *must* say, this capitalist world, truthfull neoconomic future is *not* the objective of the establishment".

i.o.w: the people with the interests, near the stake, can not be trusted to be honest let alone impartial or unbiased. not when it is about the future of 'all', societys, the global community.


anyhow the idea about 'stimulating european economy' is actually the idea to 'stimulate global wellfare/wellbeing' (motivation remember?)

this is the same as development. wellbeing. as simple as it is obvious. the earth and it's climates offer a varied amount of options to different areas. did you just get robbed of your woodcover and natural resources (the live ones), like say haiti, and it is warm, chances are you best build light, making things earthquake safe would be much more effective then making them earthquake 'proof'.

not that you need no such buildings, but for common people you must wonder if that line , not only in haiti, bodes ill. huge apartments do tend to be huge tragedys when they collapse.

when it is somewhat colder, you have no choice, and in quite a few nations the temperatures are thus people hardly have a choice but to be laborous, because you just can't sleep a whole winter even if it is dark.

so the reeling and dealings of societys differ vastly, and are bound to be strongly characterised by the context of nature and climate, it is a fascinating subject and leads just to one major conclusion and rightly so;):

people are not made for work, nature is not.

the stoopit necronomical denial is , "work is made for people", they will pretend as if not, as long you can't view inside of the financial portfolios. but the next moment it is a favorouble boast..

'we made the work', said the ones that limited development for their own 'good'. (their 'bad' actually).

the financial detail is revolting, none of the developments the past 30 years in macronecronomical sense, have been conceived, debated or 'effectuated' with the idea it would really benefit the lot. it will be abused as an excuse still, and has allways, but it is the embryo.

the head knows most people do have a heart so the argument is to well received. the tongue arguably speaks to submit, in the institutional realms, wich is distracting, purposedly, and hardly fascinating.

'privatisation' resulted in greed and assault on even the most basic 'riots'. trickle down necronomy is such an old farce it didn't deserve mention in the whole 20 or 21st century.
'free trade' , everyone restricted but usia and it's compliants.

imf, not only grey booking the 'debt' to a taste, delving in the potential for cheap labour by deranging conditions. the eu, the carreer for the priviliged. a priviliged project with intentions of centralising absolutist, 'decission' power. 'privacy'.. the rite to fraude, be perpetually observed,
forever deridden, and distribute privilige arbitrarilly.

just a few things those past decades that did not make the mark. that indeed were also not of 'good intention'. 'good faith' only fools you blindly there.

you know what, i think a day or so more about these 'my concepts'.
i can just start next, this was most of what i felt it needed for an introduction.


Friday, September 16, 2011


there is so much going on.

yet it is not anything very special, i have a few remarks on the arab spring only. libya admirably tries, but report from the african side of the continent are still in the pessimist.

israel is once over fighting all "arabs" ideas, saying it is basically an attitude against racism they have. it doesn't compute but the argument is still valid. no matter if nato or islam (and i damnedly even know about asia) racism is all to commonplace. without it, no millions would be killed in irak, kurds would not be one of the more suffering ethnics in the world, palestineans would be quite fine in israel, and probably even in the westbank and gaza, without it it wouldn't be feasible to judge whole populaces for the islamic leads they get at. etc.

racism is the big evildoer even when you don't directly notice.

remember london? completely conceived through racism, no i liked libya lauded sarkozy over cameron. remember paris?

now that actually didn't cause that much of a policestate extravaganza. (allthough i overheard i had sarkozy watching me when i visited:)

i liked the french statements in libya, it's so nice to see a nation honour the revolutionairy principle, if even in lipservice. erdogan is doing generally admirably. he is one of those, and go figure how much israel disagrees, that seems to overstep old grudges. sometimes i dislike his policy's (esp. with bombing kurds and calling them attrocious,

/from here google deleted my rather rounded posting.. asking to sign in when i was and suddenly not having saved the draft it "saved" (like every second, it stood out), and destroying the layout by inserting loads of spaces in the text./

edit: that nato, the security counsel (usia) ea. so much need this asset of racism, to manage profit in the face of climatecatastrophe

and with his willingness to attack syria (with or for nato))

ah.. well i went on about how the un veto security counsel wouldn't but that the sacrifices do require us to learn a lesson..

that nato and usia, and that counsel consider repression and racism the best guarantee to manage profit of theirselves and other rich in the face of climate catastrophe, and that is why they will most probably continue a line of downgrading and detroying 'rights'.

so much people are sacrificed we should make it worth, instead "rivers of blood flowing into an ocean of repression continued". that we should actually stand up for those rights, (not only the ones left)

that it actually boils down to racism.

sorry for my public it works so well to interrupt my flow, hope to serve you better next time, but you can hardly guess how often i have to correct for example the first line of a thing i write, because it got altered.

should i be surprised when i agitate against racism this basic capitalist asset is so defended?
i hate to admit i am not. maybe i better the post still later, i am to annoyed to expect much of an effort here and now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

road to nowhere

there's plenty of political tomtom these days.

so i' ll announce to great drums and marching music :

libya... (2)

that should do for now.

khadaffi hides and cides, he does not believe for one moment libya will be better without his family in a racist position of divide et impera.
and indeed libyans all over the line, and unfortunately more it seems even with the rebels, engage in racist acts.

acts of violence, extortion, torture, massacre, and rape..

eu aiming it's arrows at syria , what will be there?

eu is as hypocrite as can be. they neglect their allied navy/oil base bahrein's foreign intervention totally, yet they antagonise over syria.

it's amazing to see how the sheople are obsessed with hate and prejudice to perform not the slightest of nuance.

i say down with the bahreini sunni dictatorship.

about syria? i really don't know, i have the faint suspicion the syrian rebels would be every bit as racist and divided the libyans are, and that it is not very probable outside actions will help to defuse that.

dictators , but also all the other elites (fake democracy's), thrive on sowing division.

as far as i can see for the white and potentially influential public on both sides of nato's ocean, it worked.

i feel like i am living between fools drenched with hate through a system that starts the indoctrination in the kindergarten.

worse then when i was a kid, every form of rebellion is now repressed with numbing medicins.

the public should save us from worse. but they have been denied the political or common knowledge and historical background to understand.

i am sorry to say, not 1 in 10 of the average readers anywhere seem to have some collection of their witz. i am deeply pessimist about the results of a continued political engagement once more guised as a humanitarian cause, towards the dictatorships the proprietary class does not like.
(assad, iran)

as long as the western publics can't put things into proportion, we can also forget about muslims doing so, when we in the supposed so free western world don't start out to make sense, they will look for their own opinionmakers. and those, are part of the lucky few, just like here.

will no doubt do everything to betray the people and sheople, just like here.

the cataclysmic environmental destruction sees the priviliged monetary elites glasping at any blunt or delegitimised form or instrument of repression available, cause they damn well know disaster is inevitable, and they want the poor to suffer only for theirselves to survive.(1)

in between all that israeli and other (amazingly related) outfringe is stoking tension where possible.
enjoying the sheople bow to their discord like they would in churches and other centre's of

(1) wich is just as unreasonable, only to be explained by them dimming their own views, firstly to keep a secret they know better, but secondly for being in permanent denial as a matter of survival (meaning they have no apreciable estimation of the real state of earth's affairs themselves).

(2) actually the result is inconclusive, ghadaffi is out to opt for a prolonged duration of the war and terror, for his or his rich family's part untill there is no libyan left, besides them, so that is still inconclusive.

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