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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

necronomy and a lively future

usia is suffering from it's skyrocketing debts, so they must raise the treshold, it is great news, a struggle between obama , who wants to pay, and republicans that want to earn.

the real problem is thus out of sight, becus it is in fact the republicans that would be the ones to get payed, and the future that would be expected to again pay the republicans for paying theirselves now. a construct of balances regarded a balance of constructs.


the official word for it is 'economy'. a construct of fairytales based on the power of money to make every tale come true, and every truth become a tale.

there are and allways have been plenty reasons (why show my tongue's end?) to dismiss the tale of necronomy.

for one thing i cannot even remember when i got aware of ecological costs.

(ofcourse for ecology you'd get necrology.;)

i think it must have been in a past life.

that is btw an interesting aspect.
for example as the first trains (but it went with plenty mechanisations) came online, ppl complained about their effects,

the sky would darken, clouds become black, milk would become bad, and more.

ofcourse in my youth that was thought excellent for a laugh, great for necronomy to tell the kids that story. ('technological progress is only limited through bigotry')

however, in the end, nowadays the story would need to be told different to fool the kids into the necronomic state of mind.

even funnier is that implications of myths and oral history's (the spoken historys of ppl that could not write when they met us) are, people allways associated similar phenomena with the wrong kinds of exploitation of the earth.

it all boils down to: to what do you fool your children?

Monday, July 25, 2011

top blog

we need to stay on top, of the fascists with all the money and all the tools that spread insanity to harvest terror.

in fact between all my sadness and disappointment i am actually proud of all of us normal and usual people(poor and middleclass), that despite all the investments , the whole might of media, and having news mostly consisting of lies, the far majority of people stayed, desinformed hard to cope with,

but saner then the hatemongers and their sponsors (amongst: all the media) would dare request even their most personal demons. worse then the nightmares that are still their nicer dreams.

is it for them where we stayed human.

love you all (well the far majority that is) stay strong, resist the propaganda,

dont believe in cover ups.

fascists uses of internet.

still my personal feelings are greatly affected by the events in oslo.

why did initial articles say the premier was 'in a safe place' when it happened, to change the story into wounded? (btw after i said i was sorry for him).

i am not and will never be a willfull tool to create or confirm lies.

did they really think i would be mislead by the 'freemason' stamp? dont they know it is in front of police offices? or did they just want a laugh after the succesfull censoring on youtube of a 48 part documentary on freemasons and 'illuminati' , that does not turn up in related items even after plenty pages? (and with heaps of rubbish and even straightforward domestic violence (or so, didnt check) videos getting preference.)

like removing assange or fukushima from the most tweeted lists.

anyway here is a post al jazeera instantly refused to publish, whilst meanwhile weird manipulations with 'liked' comments, edits and my copy paste function went off.

here is that forbidden post: (i started copying them all again alltho i still forget it lots of times)

i will give another example how mainstream dutch outlets promote hate. there is a dutch site that pretends to be a newssite, (it directly fed from reuters in the past and was therefore sometimes usefull). it has a seperate site where readers "can" react. my first few reactions did not appear or got immediatly deleted thereupon. i complained high and low, it changed, recently i tried to 'vote' (it is like 'liking'). not for the first time my ip gave no response with that. so that explains why hateposts often end up with a popular status there. ( and reactions at is made mainstream. hacking around with likes etc.obviously a system not unique to international or dutch media.

end quote.

read it think, and realise it is the liars that cheat us into war and "economy" and crisis, into poverty, destitution and illness, into debt and chanceless unfair, lawless juristical proceedings , that also promote fascism.
and hate.

since my posts, my clipboard and my files are and been habitually changed and compromised i include the warning that they will surely still try to destroy the meanings of this and my other posts, now and in the future, if such people stay in power, forever.

likewise the oslo story will be changed untill the vast majority believes a rubbish story, that is pro israel, anti muslim and xenophobiac and not at all related to what really stuck behind. its changing daily, and not for no reason, not only because of the cover up of the norwegian police and services even. its for usia, multinationals, fascism and the loyal establishment as a whole.

corrected about 10 sp. 'errors' i did not make, usually after the first couple a few new get introduced, i would so like to be just as productive as i can.

israelians call the left party an antisemite israel hating party, cus they support palestinians,
not cus they actually hate israel or started from that, they sure have reason now it seems.

guess what will show about the victims on the island, and the people that did not go, and the people now probably the ones to lead that party in the future?

'better' "christians" i figure.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

bills of rights

today i overheard a small part of a discussion about religion, i really didnt listen and i was terribly annoyed, i am very sorry to say, but

islam religious talk is quite as absurdly focussed on ancient right wing text, the wish to govern 'the masses' has allways been a material one.

it is maybe more intense but that could arguably be for the following,
it is terribly oldfashioned,

again i am sorry to say but it is as if i hear my grandparents (that is one of them) talk at best, and contrary to any definition i ever applied to her attachment for religious precisions i even realise she was a product of an evolution of philosophy of the human right not to be bound by any , let alone irrational, preconceptions.

and it went booom ubrahim isa and i dunno , jezus, etc. pitty they didnt mention budha, the ever quiet one, but i guess the incarnations of vishnu caused confusion.

in all it boiled down to the matter of basic law,

mh, that is not quitte true, there is certainly discomfort with the current egypt situation..
this is probably a result of several factors, the overall unwill of hierarchy to change, abuse of the army for to the adagio mubarak or say saddam, well each of the blokes, "muslims you treat hard"

(cus they react harsh on to many things to expect emancipation to come without pains, some of it however is the discomfort with a geopolitical dominance over more of africa that does not change)

concerning darfur that means ivorycoasts establishment from beneath the 10th(sortta),
has been implied in the whole lot, ranging from armed attacks on civilians to and probably the most significant, rightwing politics that prejudice the poor and advantage the rich.

with no change in sight from one side of the line the other also appears to deserve a benefit of the doubt is not it?

well thats code. darfur. for: that would be a thing to have said in this case.

well that besides there is the idea that libya was with ghadaffi one of the more free society's in islam, and that the rebound could hardly discourage the west to take advantage from the authoritarian tendency's that are the result.

that in turn would lead to even more fanatism in religion possibly, so the disappointing pace of changes works not to well, and has a foreboding shadow over it.

that way it would rather be better to respect a folk like ghadaffi for a people like libya.

by the way anyone thinks elections are to follow.

uhm, i got distracted, oh yes,

so that comparison was drawn, like constitutional rights, (sth. eu newspeakingly tries to forget the word i'd say)

like 'a fundamental law' or perhaps a bill of rights.

indeed they assumed if and where it had to be 10 (we didnt grow smart enough for 11 yet),

they could get stuck with refer what moves people to kill.. in the first.

so besides i loved the take, and perhaps the joke, i was pissed and didnt pay attention to the rest of the repitious stuf 'of the books'. (of the religions of the book(s))

i think btw did well in explaining my discomfort wich was not ill received.

for the rest i neglected the whole thing, i was playing a boardgame maybe a bit of a pitty but it feels like the good old indoctrination of the christians to listen to the stuf, and i want to be free,

free from religion,

so whenst i get remembered the next day for two,

here is nr one,

freedom of religion means the freedom to choose to be free from religion.

if christians would go off like what went on i would evade them , would generally dismiss the subject in friendly terms, i must say i would also expect a way dumber, yet not less primitive exchange.

actually i think it doesnt deserve(1) mention, goes by it's own and shouldn't be on nr 1.

just historical interesse allows me to seriously suggest the joke.

(1) indeed also should not need

killers and uniforms

hello, perhaps people expect the emotional kind of outrage and empathy, about oslo, but, in keeping with the facts, i don't allow myself those shows of emotions when i actuallly am not involved with the struck people.

how could i express more then my wish these incidents could not and were not allowed to happen.

as usually i spend some time on the evening it happened in looking through what the mainstream news brought. my experience is the first 48 hours not all the news got yet filtered or censored, not everyone that knows an extra thing yet bribed or approached by services to remain silent.

(and sometimes people got killed(or disappeared at least from view) in the follow up for expressing things unwanted to be in the eye of the public.)

however i couldn't feel so much more insecure then i do, so let me continue in the habit to light up the facts that are actually made to disappear.

sorry if i, or the manipulations to come, convince any of you i am cold, hard, or emotionless.
i am not, i feel sorry for norway, sorry for labour, sorry for socialists and even sorry for stoltenberg. sorry for europe in the first place.

let me first talk about what is perhaps my most severe suspicion, swat teams, killercops,

the first articles to appear suggested strongly that after the police approached the arms wielding uniformist he surrendered upon hearing his name called by the police,

'anders will you surrender to us' .. oh yes my friends ?

soo.. the police, the "swat" team, apparently knew him personally. suspect.

his identity has since been anounced 'known' a few days in a row, but was so to the media within hours.

he had an uniform available, bit weird, he 'got acces to the island' carrying a telescopic automatic weapon, apparently a boat was ready to set him over, about this boat, its availability and the ones to sail it, so far no mention (beside what i just told) has been made. suspect.

the Swat team , 'couldn't find a boat' , do i feel safer now? no. i hardly can believe even.

after arriving they took 15 (newer sources say 20 sometimes) minutes to 'talk to him', (newer sources don't mention 'call him by his name' anymore.)

that would mean he shot about 15-20 people with the swat watching.

the first night they had it 10 died on the island, it happened to turn out to be 100 the following day, or.. perhaps.. we shouldnt trust the police to play with numbers like that when all of ours safety is concerned?

some witnesses saw several (no conflicting reports there so..) uniformed shooters..

there has not been an interview to show light on the duration of the events from the pov of witnesses.

also the nr of hurt seems to be even bigger, todays news has it some 4 or 5 are still missing,
some and some body parts(..) (heh what difference would that make in body count so that is rubbish) are still in the ruins 'about to collapse' of the offices in oslo.

well from the pics they dont look that they might collapse any instant, and it would be most unusual for european events that they had not been searched and rescued, even under rather hard circumstances. so i don't understand that and find the logic suspect.

what horror of nr's sticks behind it?

i take it they are not only trying to fool the public, but also the victims and witnesses, whom btw. in some manner mostly have been convinced to leave oslo. that would leave less of fresh memory and less of a bulk of statements to be well explored.

unfortunately this is not all that smells , get's distorted or remains unexplained,

the media circus is quick in showing it's sympathy for rightwing murder, the usian media for example makes no notion that he admired the dutch hatemonger.

i can tell from experience unfortunately how the kill (in different manners) all
lefty's, socialists, ethnic this or that) line is a standard phrase in his admirers, tho i must admit they tend to either try and think more reasonable or at least make less of a sadist noise after we approach them to make clear we are not going to wait for nightly terror and violence passively.

actually i think my surroundings , statistically they are, are not the worst for a dutch. iow. that this kind of hate speech is even more common in most of the rest of netherlands. and to the best of my knowledge it is.

probably the guy has supporters who would not in a usual company say those kind of things, however such is not my experience on different city's and places in netherlands. albeit i never tried to investigate it more then just in what is flung at me or my closer surroundings.

so i didnt even look for it, it is just a random sample.

for completeness sake, i must add, people that admire the kind of xenophobiacs, tend to be frustrated and socially backward. politically very uneducated also. (they dont usually know more then hatespeech for supporting their points),

that besides they are quite apt at indoctrinating theirselves and others with the like hatespeech.
(first hand witness of that also) and clichees.

last to this topic, it is incomprehensible to me dutch politics would not be aware of those facts, and that riding on the waves of hate with them can only mean one thing.


it is time to note that i am initimitaly aware dutch elections are fraudulent and the hate guy is pushed up in the scores because the european policy of centralism requires a numbed and intimidated (and apparently murderous) populace.

in line with that

nyt makes no mention of his admiration for this geert wilders, i have some experience with media analyses, and in my opinion that means, people overthere are plotting to hand us over to the murderers and haters.

wich does unfortunately not come a a real surprise (compare the election results fraudes),

you may wonder what is behind, i think it is simply that he is an admirer of the israelian anti arab policy's, he repeatedly expresses his support for other populists and in this case netanyahu.

i wonder if the jews do want to be free from discrimination, you would think they would not want an alliance with people of the 'kill all etc.' type. but seems they do.

i assume they havent yet grasped what that means about their own values of respect for human life. i for one thing assume the usual israeli is not only indoctrinated but thoroughly in the claws of their own indoctrinations.

so thoroughly it either clouded their reasoning or farreachingly corrupted their minds.

it may look beside the point, but i think it is what makes that usia wants so obviously to make a deal for and with him.

i also lost my trust in obama, for now, this was a bit to much at the exact wrong time, to belief the connotations of cleansing and massacre are coincedence.

i notice how the guy drawing his inspiration from hatists like wilders goes unmentioned in plenty reports overhere, and that noone dares to make the association aloud.

ok there's more, but for now, read this and don't think it will be all over now.
i may make another post about that later, writing about this is, intense.

signals are pointing to red.

Gl all. hasta la revolution siempre.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Red Alert

to late to save europe from hatemongers and terror.

hitler would say to wilders. "this is the real stuf"

i hope the right wing don't succeed.
hope people realise how this is also ww3 (or perhaps 4) in the making.

hope the people reject the associates of the guys, that call themselves liberal.(the economist/capitalist right and christians)

that would have us one step ahead on them.

what's my hopes,

red alert.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

personal freedom of investigation

soz for the 'intimate' i thought, 'is your cat still sick ?' i dunno where you went with hollidays,(blink) but your dahlia's are nice', or 'the niece of palin just got an illicit twin' were enough to deserve the predicate intimate in english.

so over a hedgerow(or so i understood today), or in the tearooms here over the neighbours, well whereever there is a backdoor ( a joke).

thinking this much over agenda's i must start with the cops.

the first one basically said, if you are out to walk over the cops the press and the public all alike, i admit it wasnt perfect, but within some limitations, at least at my level quite a few ethical (and based on that magic asset 'trust'. we did , the press did that actually better then we as best as we could.

he does stray way from confirming the produce of those (his/mets/the press/notw/policeforces everywhere .. and politics) policy's is either dangerously badly regulated or in a manner that would appeal to a policeman formally applied.

he does acknowledge there is an errormargin.

that is the natural effect of a free press, a participating journalism, and it would also be for police practice or investigation.

he does confirm that in practice that meant press corp was not the worst of candidates,

i wouldn't mention murdochs excursion to his dad's (unasked for...) motivation. but i like when commenters show sense and respect. no matter i like to be partisan.

murdoch for his part will not be forgiven for admiring a colonial outpost of corporate fascism alike singapore.


both james and rebekka remembered the meeting that they were 'briefed' beforehand, and, james, met beforehand and with specific financial reference , typically about the higher bids.

this theme got repeated, luckily for james not only on his iniative,
and murdoch pronounced, 'it is ridiculous that (note) people are reduced to this.

(i agree)
so he suggests to pay politicans on some level a million or so a year, i personally doubt it makes a real difference, probably people would be more discrete.. but is that is so much of a help i hugely wonder.

much comes and goes with transparance.. the suggestion is there but in fact many mp's do have acces to plenty money to make the point suspect.

i dunno, looks to me like murdoch took good care only people of rudimentary integrity sit in the english parliament. but its a bit of an exageration i suppose.

the system itself actually allways cares for that.

'confidentiality clauses..

so this does not go good for murdoch so pls pay attention,

it is completely obvious to me that cooperation between a free press and an independent juridicairy force can be good.

both the press and the police, and probably moreso when they need help, deal with horrible stuf a lot, there would not typically be rules for every exceptional situation, it would be up to the journalist , or few, or deskmanager, and in some cases ofcourse company manager, to make decissions about payments policy's and methods.

i must say in the milly dowler case, (i repeat if that is even real) the police would use the same method, i dont believe the reord hasnt been kept, dont even believe the journalist didnt, dont understand the police found any relevance in the deleted messages. (you still have 2,45 , god knows.)

and how would the police make place, in a phone? worse i dont even know, if the police admitted hacking victims phones would the public mind that?

you better be 100% they do. (reality check)

that the police in the very least over the past few years has a near complete file of conversations and literary expression by phone on inet for years now, ok. sure they cannot check everything but the methods are typically advanced,

neccesitates a press with some acces to similar means, there would otherways be no parity in the police representing law unjustfully representing authority, and the means of professional research of actuality that is the press.

and serve the public.

so there is not so much wrong with that alliance, there is nothing wrong with the police tolerating a huge ethical input from the press for this,

(wich is closer to freedom then the opposite), where it is wrong is that the police is asked to prosecute the people that are actively engaging to find the better methods and compromises ,
and being in the defensive position of pressfreedoms , these days i would almost say:), disclose that it actually works pretty rotten with a politics that neither allows itself transparance over policepolitics, neither accepts that media will be willing to engage the unknown, and will need to defend the exercise.

i think i said enough, i was delighted to see rebekka is someone quite up to tasks, and with a way more farreaching commitment to truth, certainly in the mind of others, then murdoch.

the cake came at a great moment,

just like his tapping later did, but i would guess he does it a lot when he is on about company policy's to have his flow, i wondered in how far it was premeditated for lasting the moment , however after murdoch stating he dissolves nothing of what he knows, and james telling, no starting to refer to his legal counsel and not being in charge involved made aware etc,

the moment was that good to hardly believe that.

i considered it someone rightly making the statement singapore is actually not nice, his show of cooperation with , to name it, the police, is not well apreciated or received, and that he is most greedy in only letting us know they are all for sale, and their price is more often precisely theirs then not.

nevertheless the usual check of 700k he would see, or i suppose, have a final say.

now, what is with ethics.
there is a system in wich newscorporations sources can be in great danger, policesources can, and journalists can, not in he first place in england, but could it matter?

secondly there is a system that as if i am sorry to say it is a tabloid instead of serious politics, hunts behind the shadows, so the police could not intercept voicemails..., sorry but methods were on the internet..

people that did a job that was either professional or even up to a high standard of ethics, journalists are in danger to be arbitrary prosecuted, over methods that usually have not lead to bad results, because otherways teh police would after all have interfered, make known, their discomfort,

for the policeman you could say they failed in obtaining something like a national line, however, can that be expected from police operatives, in fact not, and the expectation is suspect for it's implication.

in that i hope english will ponder a bit and i said enough.

Monday, July 18, 2011

freedom of investigation

today is madiba's birthday. 93 i think. congratulations to him and us all.

people are asked to spend some time on voluntairy work today. ill count listening to cameron and sir sth. as that. i surely didnt like the experience.

this post i write mostly to make clear what i do and might not mind in those schemes of police and politicians. i think it is all in the posts i wrote yet, but mainstream the distractions still have the overtones, wich basically means we are being screwed, (and for wich police is coresponsible).

of all the phones i so far understand they are 'hacked' (copied. bought. whatever, purposedly dissiminated) i mind none.

perhaps i mind what is done with a few. not the deleting of mollys(1) messages from a copied and loaded phone, of wich the contents are at the police (..tasty guys those)

apparently the journalist also hoped she was still alive for one thing.

so let us try not to make a single non-statement. not one point that is moot to the foreground.

celebs, i dont give a damn, hack'm. if you like to read the extravaganza they are out at. enjoy. its for what they are lifted over the masses.

9-11 and that london bombing for wich the exact schemes were handed out a month before?
good thing to investigate. tasteless to go for the victims, but maybe only the cops dont want to make you any wiser..

the victims could well be only a minor part of that targeted to dismantle that fraud. (2)

so not very tasty, but no probs, and btw, such phones could hardly reveal anything very personal or so. what is personal about aaaw i am dying? when a 100 do so?
tasteless it is, but like i said, who tells us they are not a handpicked example for disgust, all others are.

hacking politicians is also okay with me. they shouldnt have so much to hide, it will allways be and remain hard to get at their info's, and it wont work all the time, there will be plenty room for them to make backroom deals etc. still.

so that is about this exemplary 'repugnant' collection of acclaims.

obviously politicians want their backroomdealing as secure as possible. and the wanton examples of their doings, give us good reason to disagree.

i think it is obvious where the police is in all this, a willess tool. complicit in every case and each aspect. an institute for the dismantlement of the intent of the law,

give an example? r.b. was supposed to be just inquired, but went arrested, this arrest may prevail her appearing before parliament. (latest news again suggested it wont).

she has been released, but you must read well to find the 'on bail'. she was intimate with cameron, but it takes lowly mets to get it into the open...

i am wondering about sir sth.s reasons to hire a former notw hacker as an advisor, they have all the phonecalls we make, every word we produce, and if they use it don't expect the fee,

what did he need him for? a cover , payed for with a spa?
seems a bit to simple,

perhaps to be sure about the molly's, that advisor may just like most of us not show the back of his tongue, but he must have had some extra use perhaps. interesting.

you can consider the yard as something of a cia, they serve as subordinate, but also as the organisational stage for covering up that what we are not supposed to know, and telling the disgusting story's we can considering their credentials better not take seriously.

it is our duty to be critical and not believe what politicians or cops say, if you start believing them you are like a fish on a hook, believing anything they will draw you out of this sea of confidentiality, and have you suffocate in broad daylight.

beyond that, well you can still debate, and you know better, and probably with more of an impact what they are really on about behind all the smokescreens still.

concerning murdoch and his 'empire'

personally i am against monopoly's and news that is 'made' as opposed to 'happening'.

murdoch empire is a great example, yet, the real danger of monopoly's feature in oil, armstrade, pharmacy and a few, we don't hear about that. just about limitation of pressfreedom over handpicked examples of complicity (that only if you think independently).

now i am to disgusted to immediatly think on, and i dont think i can stay coherent(for you, the public) if i try.
i hope i have been of help.

would it be they name them molly cus they hate molly's? they hate resistance, at every inproper time and point? protecting what? their positions? innit. association is a powerfull tool in witless masses. ( a molly is an abb. for molotov cocktail)

(1) ok now you screw with my writing i remember she was called milly perhaps, not going to look it up. molly serves for sth.
(2) more probably (and considering murdoch) to cover it up.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

sorry excuses

starting with libya, i feel sorry i forgot to name el barda , misurata we can call libya antique.
the real reason to name north libya north libya is obviously because it is in the south, upper nubia and the border corridor. we can name egypt de nord de libe (how do you spell that).
the western border, so the northern neighbours of tripoli, we could call brega.

becus of todays offensive.

that way i count 6 nationalities in libya only.

we still need more enclaves to ensure everyone has a usefull share of the oilprofits. oil is ofcourse distributed underground, noone to know exactly where it really sticks, and who have we to tell.

murdoch and i,
no. wrong start,
the guardian and i, uhm..
i and the observer, (joke) the listening post(alJ), sorry,

some people, uhm
.. those past politics.

let me get this clear, cameron and i, uhm, no not cameron, gordon brown, uhm.
that would be more of the same.

okay ill make another post about it.

another post about sorry excuses (poor murdoch, wouldn't this unusual public also mistake him for the most prominent of these examples).

the only ones in this story not to deserve a sorry excuse, are the guardian, and perhaps gizberg.
so much got clear,

well perhaps the guardian gives a pitty excuse of a showing concerning the freedom of investigation.

it is about a newspaper, indeed a completely terminal market, and that the tabloid formula remained on top with that was obvious early on. rupert hates internet, no not rupert,
well maybe.

some of these journalists don't really like internet, the paperworld is collapsing, has been collapsing for twenty years, the observer has a 5 person staff.

they reason, if we are the (commercial) victim of censoring now , the internet must be regulated stronger, for our deathstruggle to last better.

that is a wrong (s.e.o.a) reasoning, but it exists, and in the mind of the financial may be all-prevailing.

at least it appears to have convinced some,

now internet regulation, but actually the more so the regulation of the networked virtual dbases and their applications is damnedly badly regulated, likewise are financial and adminastrative services. that is related, and unseparable.

yet it is completely besides the point to regulate it in other terms then freedom of investigation , freedom of expression , and , why not, the advantage of criminal liability.

my guess is that principle has not been applied to the internet in a meaningfull manner at all yet because the whole financial sector is moving in the direction of cheating and intimidating the customer under an umbrella of very fraudulent prepositions of opiniation.

(s.e.o. clear reasoning)

perhaps i dont want to be clear.
it is all about examples, 1000s of phones hacked? pitty it is about b.s., (you can't sing bullshit on listening post:D) sorry excuse of a coincedence.

it's not many, there are billions.

the listening post, and whomever happens to be in the journalist field, for one thing is most sure about that politicians and police play an unfavourable role.

at this point i don't envy rebecca brooks that has been arrested. o.t.o.h. why..
she is probably in a luxury jale, one usual people don't even are allowed to know they exist.

better then assanges mansion/palace that took him 500k to rent. or so i understand.

it should be. after all there is equality before the law and she is in a smaller place.

bbc is boasting: "intriguing" everyone is intrigued.. it almost feels like a sexscandal, rebekka brooks has been called sweet, next day she is arrested, the cops are in with the deal..

well the cops take it or leave it, they sortta promoted pressfreedom in allowing uses of their material, sortta supported the newspaperculture to stay existant,

and in all that they could not even be allowed to do that legally so, no matter the papers have apparently long been their only source for relevant phonecalls etc.

after i wondered if these parents existed they featured again in a 5th murdoch excuse,
the pittiest of excuses is 20m of compensations allready payed to a few rich guys.
(i guess for knowing the color of their toiletpaper or so)

so they are not real?

or perhaps murdoch allows himself a generous compassion in absence of the need to pay claims.
politicians and their ilk do that.

every human has emotions, not all know them.

well this was a s.e.o.a. article. i look forward to writing about basic rights, shortly.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

the coffee

there's a nice new show on aljazeera, the cafe. watching the first episode i dont get to understand every single line of the participants discourse, but that is mostly because i get distracted by my thoughts on the whole egyptian events, or the participants or what associates to either,

i would almost hope to see the same people again, in like a week , but i guess it is not the idea of the show.

close to how the overall performance of the egypt staterun media rate, the cafe may be bound to move to another capital.

it's not a matter of concept but of formula's. nevertheless this episode is accurate.

it is a at least to me very inspiring video in what a lot of young people express a valuable list of priority's. so i want to write about it.

I'll start with the most significant remark,

"but what is happening in libya now is ofcourse much worse."

an eyeopener, perhaps not for everyone but for me, the man to make the remark blogs,
he is expressed. his remark has a credible messenger.

ok. there is discussion about scaf , organisation, bill of rights, secular law and constitution, it is all very interesting, utterly lovely material for me to write,

there are problems with old cadre's, police, the current denial of the older that what brought the revolution was the inspiration hope and lucid apreciation of free values, values of freedom.

completely to the point. sometimes there are alarming sounds, about repression, once again (and the muslim bro's despite all intends do the old political complicity dance there), preexisting institutions and artefacts playing their trumps of "arrivedness".

a lot to say. but these things i wont forget;)

but... libya is much worse, so now libya.

tough. i published an idea on it, that is kind of original, revolutionairy, unconventional and even to me unexpected.

i am aware the man of the remark may well be aware of the proposal/concept so here comes.

what we see in africa is a long history of repression , occupation and divisions made by 'former' colonial authority's.

even what is perhaps a succesfull and usefull example of division, north and south sudan, you cannot say it was not the policy of the 'former' colonial powers with what they complied, nor that it was definitily not the oil behind it.

taken things into consideration i suppose bashir should find a new job, it would be helpfull, and lend his effort and political line the credibility it may still need to survive the aspect of oil.

the great question may be , is democracy a nice or an equally awfull aspect of oil?

now you may say what does this have to do with libya, there is no oil there, there are hardly any muslims, let alone you can divide them along the tenth paralel.

this is true, for reasons of recognition i propose we call eastern libya southern libya, tripoli we call eastern (for reasons of nostalgia), and let me take the map. gawt, tharaji, awbari and murzuq (except the trees on the square and the big mosque that will go to eastern libya, will be south libya.

just like berlin and brussels saabha may best be an enclave , this forces an unnatural alliance with north sudan.

everything south of ghadanis and over 111 miles to the east of Qaryat, and evrything over 439 mtr of altitude in the atlas we can call north libya (becus it can be so cold).

i dont know what to do with the area south east to al kufrah. equatorial egypt appears a proper name.

is that an idea?

or perhaps we should go for 'federation of libyan nations and souvereignity's that would be most except eastern libya and the zebra territory along the northern coasts, don't forget the federally allied zones and their specific standards.

that way there will be a lot of employment, and still not much control, cus that would render the road useless.

speaking about employment.. (trumpets, dummy shots in the air) the army needs real man.
we the unreal man at the sideline don't mind, its close to a never ending jobopportunity.

where's the reward?

ok thats just jokes, you know, i could want political stuffs, bill of rights or so, but i thought i'd take it on a lighter note and split up some territory's everywhere first, make a real mess.

Friday, July 15, 2011

observation of Job's creation

maybe i turn to this blog when i find no relevance in the news. i thought of it just now.
probably i do that sometimes.

the murdoch thingy is still playing out, the public (murdochs daughter) and others have requested rebbeca b. to resign. and so she does, with a nice tale. i think i kind of like the lady, btw. smart, sense of humor, and quitte sweet. perhaps i am not a bystander, and actually this week is the first time i ever heard of her, its been also years since i spend a thought on murd. himself.

i associate him primarily with some incident on the english channel, perhaps wrongfully so.

after that he is just a name that passed the screen a few times.

that is to say i have no personal opinions or sympathy's for them or anything or anyone also involved.

yet i observed a few things.

like that besides the anti internet campaign, around the girl that once disappeared, (if that happened, but i think it did) the other storys are of a similarly doubtfull content.

so some queens visits could be lauded a day earlier? ooow that is bad innit? even more public?
press planning their stays accordingly etc.? oow they sure didnt want that?

and then there is todays hike on 9 11.

hardly anyone believes in the reality of that event, well perhaps a lot of blunt people do, people of the kind that only eat fats food and get their informations from only the soaps on tv.

those believe everything, and they might be a majority, but we will get to that.

mumbai disappeared of the pages more then quick, to many people must have been asking, do we now get london or madrid, for extra convictive power?

the legitimation of the event is incorporate to its featuring. heh would an english parliament talk about something that is a false flag operation? whine about phones miraculously tapped upon incineration..? thats what they say right, "victims phones tapped". to be a victim, you might first need to be hurt.

and with all the doubts abound, media certainly had no right to investigate what went on in such a plane? or who boarded them? i wonder.

simply put, it features 'the lie', or as this ancient scriptor of some of the bible's roots put it.
it tries to kil "the lie". the lie being anything true before his writing, meant to put his kids in charge of a solid dynasty. (it didnt work well, becus like usually the offspring lacked even the talent for being a despote so at some point people turned against them.

mystical knowledge of a longgone era. romantic.

how would that be with job's?

Job do i say, yeah i am into job creation here. i am not doing any good, underpayed, unsafe circumstance, robbing of savings, and again and again a huge unemployment.

nevertheless you may consider me divine. reward me with uncountable richess.

like the reps i am from good family, and i created so many Job's, i must be holy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

murdoch vs. murdoch, debilitating debt tales, republican vampire

the vampire thing is just a literary clue, don't expect much but pretence..;)

karzai was burried, relatively calmly, i am not sure, some blasts hit the city, not so much clear who blasted whom or what.

with no reports of further incident those are fireworks in prolongation merely. no, we will indeed watch curiously if indeed this 'powerbroker's absence changes a few. typically that no matter it is not obvious to me what shows the exact other dead man (even a friend and longstanding associate) is indeed the perp., as opposed to eg. the ones that shot .. ,perhaps everyone that got killed?

the official sources are not quite sure wether to shove this succes on the taliban.

and with official sources, lets give in to camerons wishes of PR policy, and admit his political fan and servant, (be it murdoch or notw) is no saviourable dish with no healthy appetite.

there is a 'this is not quite possible' side to the whole story.

closer followers of news and incidents will probably agree with me that set aside how much to contribute to the devious and more carefull aspects of major media syndication, a mainstream story is usually a story given a certain swing.

you might find (with some experience?)an item that is blatantly untrue in all cases of mainstream media produce, but that is not even easy. more often some local, or influential publication features a slightly (and not allways necc. correctly) more elaborate version.

what i want to say with that: murdoch allways publishes what the /conservatives/neocons you name it, sortta likes, the notw specialised in sex scandals (i fear i have to get back on that), and superficial celebrity stuff like football. nevertheless in between all those (quite not readworthy) lines they managed to be known as cameron's staunchest promoter.

(you would say solid conservative politics don' fit in so well with sexscandals and have more of an intellectual bearing then football, but that is obviously not the case)

now there is a system called 'pressbriefing' , it is secret. not so secret, because inside circles of media and journalists, and by extension critical research into plenty topics, now and than the subject comes into a more public view.

but it is indeed rather secret. except in a few cases, the exact services, and mechanisms are not known to me, allthough they naturally incorporate the whole spectra.

(journalists phones might be tapped, but phones, telex, oral briefings , and all kind of intimidations are known methods in the spectre, in the area.)

murdoch being a "well respected" (by the 'money' that is) magnate of mondially important news outlets, is than, a well briefed person, that has allways been rather willing to stick to official storylines.

the specifically conservatively aimed News of the World (notw) that got closed can hardly be an exception.

to take it a bit further, it is absolutely plausible to me media like that and services would research and share informations in concert. that appears more probable than not.

i would imagine those are the sources for the endless number of rather irrelevant and few more telling hacked phones, at least in part. it is also known that in the kind of sensationalist journalism security personal, and in fact everyone in the service of any such celebriness (it might be a company, or say footballclub) is a known and natural target of 'pressmosquito's'.

actually in most positions of some relevance (say liftboy) people usually get briefed, to take specific care against journalists.

that shows ofcourse most celibrities have plenty to hide, and more so the official persons..

it is indeed so that due it's intrusive character, sensationalist media are a decent source, as often by accident, in some cases you might want researched. this being a dull and humiliating job, to wrestle through such nonsense, for the possible detail to shed some different light on sth. they are not very commonly used. but i remember a few times it was the case relatively vital detail had been found in the realm.

knowing all that it struck me as special the 'kidnapped girl' story was raised and NotW apparently disappeared from the stage, before reacting explicitly to that.

Murdoch himself stated 'we have allways been in full cooperation with the police" or some such.

that was the closest i got to anything said about it from that side, and i would acces it thus: a media outlet like that is in full, and probably more farrreaching, cooperation with police and secret services.

so basically i think all that got available to them went to the departments in the first place? mh yes, and that if a journalist deleted her messages it is only harmfull because the police once more didnt preserve their own record correctly? yes, and that for some reason now it suits utterly well to blame that on , at least in aspect, "intrusive " journalism? mh yes.

i even contemplate the whole girl is just an invention, a dramatical element of the daily news skillfully played. (apparently there is a hoard of charming films of the little beauty to roll over the international screens, and let me hold my tongue to see what the next intrigue will bring..)

like i said, i will have to get back on tasteless sexjournalism of the kind that brought cameron to power. don't blame me only.

more worried am i about the possibillity the girl is both a reality and an invention. yet, that some celeb or person with a police connection (the first and most certain to acces phone dbases) and on the level that briefs a magnate like murdoch possibly in england proper a whole different detail plays, something smaller but outstanding, sth. political they accidently know for sure.

i dont know if i will research that, i wud guess services are well aware of my distaste for the sort of media. i would have to find that one scandal that goes farther and hit the public opinion, made some impression that could not anymore be erased without discrediting the whole and all of the concept of the source.

and than? i will run into another smelly story that i doubt the integrity of in every direction..

so, hopefully i find a better thing to do.

that said i dont believe a conservative 'actively politically right wing' magnate would be that through operating far from the reach of said briefings and service departments.

it may well be planned. it may also be cameron is not behaving, he'll loose the next election over it quite possibly, at least in me the association and homecoming tale would stick.

it could also be murdoch, and he has done so explicitly, makes the point of a free and investigative press, together with the 'full cooperation with the police' , that might mean, do their own with the same sources. and honestly that is where the young girl story sticks.

sorry, boring long and tasteless topic, but i cant let go of a major incident in the mainstream media if i have not to.

my idea is it is an element, and willingly so, considering the backgrounds of the exact opposite murdoch said, a censoring campaign, over awkward and distastefull example set up to destroy more of the opportunity of investigative journalism. getting the crowd to raise scandal in chorus usually serves to have their repression made felt as their way.

so thats not only a boring story but also a heap more of the usual destruction of basic rights, and people should be more critical about the aspect.

last topic.

debilitating debts and the kind of vampires that thrive on them.

the sorry excuse of a proposition (yes we scrap the navy k?) of the tea driven republicans is to raise the debt, now i see that as 'plays on reality' finance is just there or it ain't, in my opinion it does not 'belong'. the superest spender and power (usia) borrowing from,, what exactly? what is so big it could force longstanding superpowers to be in eternal and debilitating debts?

really it is only harry, a fairy tale, we . the world, dont belong to anyone, not even usians do.
believing the story, continuing the tale of eternal riches deservedly repressing the vastests of economy's into a pyramid scheme of eternal pay offs of unseen services, long as you belief it, every crisis, every austerity, and every debt raising proposal will serve to tell you you have to pay still more next. and if you pay that to sth outside that economy, it could only be, well, crime?

nevertheless i assume obama will find it hard to resist "the quick buck" he in turn might reason
"it is up to them to find out", and for simplicity's sake leave it to the future to decide for the ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

karzai's afghanistan

whats the highlights. not so much, today ali karzai was shot. i don't know if it is good or bad news, it depends things i don't know. keeping in mind they are. or so i assume, the first generation of the problem, the karzais, unlike assad, the khadaffi's or husseina, i figure he was trying to help his bro. now i dont actually admire karzai, i don't even think he is quite of the right mind, but he is an example of someone who can only loose with what afghanistan looses, and his campaign against civil deaths, what to say, lacks a lot of that, to put things into perspective.

so it was stupid of mine to support karzai's election. i guess, there would have been someone that dared to speak out, and would not all to obviously show a shimmery connection to several failed and succesfull 'terror attacks'.

where is your '360 degree life fire' of a limit so to say. for ali karzai, his limit wasnt his most famous asset.

that said the heroin trade was okish. in itself not an indication of his brutality.
99% of you will probably disagree, but that is just because you know sheet. i am not even supposed to be annoyed over that, it is why humanity features teachers and even prophets.

football, and monarchs, religion even, because people are told they know sheet and will never know a lot.

murdoch being on the same page , ali's sad and doomed face, did not so much venture into the question of his sudden death, (was it really that lethal spanish bankrobber, with the many connections? did he really use the same graphical programs as the corps of justice does?)

he wondered how much it mattered another but the cia tapped the monarchs and secretary's of state.

yeah just for security, you have to be sure they don't make the wrong acquaintances i suppose.

a good question, to my distress i must say, i dont think it is that bad, karzai got shot, was it over assad? money? dope? politics? who will tell.

what is sure is it leaves a tad more room for an alternative to develop, it is not that helpfull after a while when circles centre powers around them, and karzai was not only a brother but a very powerfull governor.

and so i am stuck, when i discuss syria with friends i try to point at the bigger picture, the geopolitical interesses in both khadaffi and assad, that turkey shouldnt involve for the sake of 100000s and for its ridiculous ottoman perspectives, do me ataturk any day. so i guess that would anyhow be okay, but make it unbloody, receive the refugees, instead of going to far..

assad has to go, i wont mind, all the monarchs do, they are the symbol for the collection of wealth in as few as possible hands, and when people accept a symbol like that their thinking obviously cannot yet reach further. should i applaud clinton?

perhaps it is nicer then i apreciate when she echoes my mind on the first possible opportunity.

i grew terribly suspicious over the years, to many interests and compromises make me think clinton, and by extension obama's kind of policy's will not reach far enough, and talking about their nukeR connection, cannot even be real.

Monday, July 4, 2011

resistance worldwide

well today the paper tells the leader of columbia's farc escaped capture. in itself no news;)

had he not escaped just that attempt from the overpowerfull servants of the rich, the army of young loosers of a life..

we could almost have doubted farc still existed.

perhaps that is why they been so apt at hostage taking the last decade, to denounce the media campaign of their total demise.. sth i remember that started before the big hits against farc even took place.

so that was news, farc is very much more active and alive then has been openly admitted over a decade. i think farc is against the oil and mineral corporations that destroy south america and leave it polluted, killing terrifying and sickening the people. so eu, canada and usia, denounce farc.

bad news and has been so for some thirty years.. but thats what it allways looked like to me.

i start with this tale, perhaps to introduce how i don't feel secure about much that has been reported over libya or even syria.

still i want to write a couple of things about those two situations.

firstly there is also the mladic process going. he might be mystified, the complaint features that the nato campaign and the orchestrated tribality's of the time claimed 130k lives at least.

such a thorough underestimate on the most public of fora, we can say he witnesses the falsification of history inside out. i don't envy him, alltho for now unlike the usual lowly people, he is still alive.

he must feel his chances are dim in the context. reminds me of ocampo, not what he said even, but that he inferes anything about , was it libya, i think so, but perhaps it was an another enemy of the oil corps, beforehand and with supposed authority.. i found it weird. almost to the point i got curious about the guys assets and interests.

i think the free world is having an identity crisis that they grapple for any straw to see their opinions represented.

you know, kadaffi is " not that bad" he was part of the prisoner project eg. when usia shipped the arab suspects to egypt , libya and syria for torture, he was with "the good fellows".

also no matter how deadly he has been, a few months of strife, and perhaps not in the last the blind zeal wrapped upon the 'revolutionairy's, the few months have been deadier and bloodier then that.

i dont have an opinion, just want people to also notice that.
perhaps not for many but for some in libya it is easy to fear what is next, without kadaffi, some other ruler, family clan, system and interests, probably one related with , what is the word? imperialist? , in fact related with western security corporations, will bring to bear.

what exactly, noone knows, do we look at algeria, (what silence about this french ally??),
or say sudan? western africa? we see one despote more often replaced by a worse then anything else.

this will under any circumstance remain a worry for libya, and i would guess also for syria, for years to come. much like now in egypt we see plenty of the powers 'that be' in a reactionairy swing that may still waste it all.

in a few ways, such are the ways of the reaction, the purpose is to lay waste, the exact means are a second.

that sentence reminds me of the last line i wrote on robert gates just before he quit job. so it would be a nice last line for an article, but, and that is all only about libya, without any direct relation to bahrein, algeria or syria, or a king that rekindles his kingship in a more formal and akingly familiar way, by legitimising their own new claim through a referendum.

the referendum itself is the best proof the intents are not that democratical, a real development would not want such formal affirmation, and by speaking about it i keep it of the table in parts for decades still to come, it sticks to the mind like that.

that besides i think it is horrible, i dont know who i behind the tactical planning for the libyan rebels, and their territorial strategy's, but it is a warcriminal.

that is just an opinion, i am not even taking sides, the circumstances and methods in libya and all the other client states certainly warrant the predicate for the other sides.

but it is insane, a military insane situation and i wonder what sticks behind the predictable predictment (..) . remember how they first send a revolutionairy division (forgive the expression) over the coastal road through misurata and on?

completely miliary undoable, and with no effort to turn it far over the classical concept of Tobruk, in technical terms, one that obviously khadaffi 'd fondled.

weird. i dont accept such stuf as coincedence. the result is a horrible stalemately brotherly bloodbath, a war of attrition even. over.. over what?

people do not easily learn, they find it hard to change their ways.

rulers otoh usually pick the wrong sentiments to cling to power, these basics are beneath this civil war.

personally , speaking from the khadaffi side, i don't see how a status quo, or the fallible result of the change of it, should be so much of an excuse of dischord, and bloodshed,

no matter what, and what side wins, like bob marley said,

"to free the world they need to free their own minds."

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