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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

end of times

recently many of my blogs entry's center around some or other kind of social gathering.
it's not on purpose but things like protests and meetings ofcourse do ask for attention.

i am sad to even start about this subject, don't expect much, there is a limit to what one can rationalise in the face of arbitrary detention, censory and abuse of power.

it is not even a rational thing to witness, and its a long story to be told before any of you understand what i am on about. it is also the same story as the persecution of roma, 'foreigners', and in the end the jews. the laws are similar, the mechanisms the same and the judges as complicit. its really like an upperclass project hitting it's target, and the target are the free minds of the people.

so let me start with the most exceptional example of the lack of intellectual class our 'superiors' have been projecting. in the house of lords, did you even know netherlands has a such 'house of lords' where the grey and rich confer to limit every accidental progressive impact of the workings of dutch politics? in this place the senile majority has decided, that whilst freehousing is criminal, anti-freehousing must remain legal? i know why, because their retarded kids make money of the speculating with their dads empty buildings ..

even more strikingly i think it was common sense in law, that when you forbid something also the making profit from it should be considered excessive.

as far as i know there has never been a law to specifically state that to be making money anti-sth
is legal. logical at it, these exploitations of contrary feelings are not a part of the jurist preoccupation. they should neither be part of the mindset.

in fact by making an anti-something institute a legally warranted object of laws you accept the legality of the something, at least in the letter of law. civilians are not allowed to apply their own justice, no matter how injust they may be.

however that not capacity but family and loyalty are the decreeing aspects of the official life in netherlands isn't new to me.
the lipservice against racism eg. could have been easily turned into a common sense consensus on that politics is not the place to explicitly discriminate. instead of just treating the illegal practice of it to cooperate and concede , even find "compromise" shows where the flags really hang. if it's prescripted, it is organised.

we are ruled by organised criminals explicitly these days. "the worst maffia is in den haag".

so i can't say there was anything hopefull to start with, and now for umpteenth time a set of repressive measures (censoring 100's of arrests, heavy jailtime for being homeless, restricting of alternative and creative projects, they tried it many times before but it never worked for them, and so i hope it will be this time and reality will force them to concede. yet, it is "worse then ever", more censoring, more influencing, more criminalisation, and jail.

it feels like the real doom of fascism and was proudly arranged by the same instigators of the verbal abuse in media, the socalled democrat politicians. a stupid thing to indeed belief but a catchphrase often used nevertheless.

i am left wondering who will be the next subject of outrageous abuse and accusations in the organised media. i already realised it would ne a group having similaritys with ours to have an easier time applying similar abuse as people got used to. and not strange at that, allthough i don't know a set example, obviously freedom will also be the next target.

so it was nice in amsterdam, being inhabitant of the capital of repressive tolerance you can dump your waste on the citysquare with the same ease a bathhouse can get gassed to take care for having an overriding (albeit meagre) excuse for censoring the more serious attempt to protest in the political capital.

no it wasnt surprising, the only thing to surprise is really the party didnt last longer.

let's be optimist, the house of lords making laws to support their kids making profit of the needy and homeless, we are not at the deathpenalty for individuality yet, just close.

i can just hope there will in the end some mutual instead of onesided despair and denial.

yes it was ncie as ever really, straneg how we used to be the protesters to be the cleanest once,
and now young people make more mess wherever they are, perhaps it is that the environmental police has also been specifically geared(abused) to repress opinions and political action how all of the consumption society makes such a different impression.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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