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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

gun control

well it happened again, a kid shot kids and adults with military weapons.
this time not through re-enacting a hollywood add., only perceivably random.

with societys falling apart due the influence of a policestate that needs us paranoia,
with no jobs but that of uniformed bully driving a human cattle,

it is still hard to make sense of the most recent massacre.
ofcourse it happened in the land of the massacres, it comes as no surprise,
ofcourse it used the kind of semi automatic weapon that recently escaped regulation once over,

and ofcourse we will not know what medicines, what health history, whose diagnoses etc. are behind.

it is hard to understand it would freak people out like this but actually if you have the guts to assume somewhat more of a thoughtprocess in the people involved (the guy, his mum, probably his father as well, professionals) more transpires than you might think.

in these cases usually the perpetrator is perceived as troubled, awkward and remote , but, generally troubled. in these cases noone put a questionmark to their medication, and they get medicins from a time off, the adult personality has not at all shaped yet.

the people are well respected, also for their money, (of all the three other family members socially respected generosity is on record(?)). that some kid wanders aimlessly raises no questions.

so. it leads me to think.

what i think is the blame for the madness, the affliction is usually with the parents. egotism or simple lack of quality of thought, it does not matter. a small young kid is the one labelled 'crazy'. by the only people they can instinctively trust, the parents.

it takes away the responsibility in the family to think over what is really wrong, typically the family did break up at about the point the young man starts to be a medication zombee..

now it is possible that no parent would be prepared to cope with a kid like that, but in such a case simply they should not. the kid will need social development beyond what made him the target for pharmaceutics.

chances, therapy, adapted living, family therapy etc etc. you name it.

the attitude that adults(parents , professionals) are 'normal' and kids can be 'crazy', is what causes this (and every) drama.

the guns are what turns drame into massacre.


ps. i could write specifically on autism spectre, and it's perceivable causes (many chemical). i don't, i figure his mum was actually the shouting kind, and after the new healthbill destroyed the young mans identity by shreeking:

" you are just an autist, asperger does not even exist, you are not a genius in disguise!"

no longer the mum of a disguised genius. (ritalin then, turns the unwhily into studious homeworkers) nonsense besides, a diagnosis does not decide someones intelligence.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


by now most of us will probably be affected,
whatever ripknip, or ripchip, or ripstrip, it rips, and people may be uncarefull and unsuspecting,

by now they noticed, some, maybe all.
certainly the poor and outspoken

the private riptrip of the ripchippers



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
Through lies and fraud this one is managed to rob 1000000s of the fruits of their work and their voice