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Saturday, October 9, 2010

nobel special

i held the subject last year didnt i? well that was when obama got his for only lipservice so far,
i am not sure if it rewarded.

geesh i never heard of the guy that wrote the book, but yes he ran for president of a center rightwing platform just like we would expect in norwegia, and eh.. after all it is an easy way out of the fujimoro debacle (you bet they supported him enthusiastically, he is neoliberal so even more right then centre)

so the next topic is easily liu. its a bit political i know i have to fear to admit, and apparently not enough for literature no matter the criterion of prolificence.
thats just kidding, i actually am quite sure his books deserve a better praise, chinese literature only started suffering the internet syndrome more recently.

talking about books, i am under the impression many boring books are sold these days, i could be wrong but most of the books i recently stumbled upon their existence actually originate from usia, thats surprising as the nation is famed for it's general unawareness for the worldy matters, like eg 47% "only" knows the koran is the "holy" book of islam. could be a sampling bias, screw holy i think, no books are holy, quite the contrary.

perhaps if they had asked whats the scripture base for that next outrage called religion everyone had known.

anyhow about usian books , the ones i recently stumbled upon (without btw reading or considering buying them) are mostly very political, 100's, or so is my impression, books with political analyses or it's mymics (didn't read them) appear overthere. i have almost been jealous.

many of the titles and perhaps more importantly authors however are less then appealing, and in cases i don't hardly expect them to be the writers behind even, and i have been wondering in how far subsidying plays a role in their conception. in one case, i never seen the actual book or heard anyone talk or chat about it, it sold 100000s of copy's or so they said, its an old trick to buy heaps of books to sell a political view.

thats so contrary to my own perceptions of the state of usia all, i really wonder what sticks behind it. i think , at least part of it is literary pretence, if you dont read you are less of an intellectual containder, so people read, they really appear somewhat of the base for consensus in the usian debate, those books, in some cases, warranted or , what seems even through the mere quantity of books about a subject like irak or afghanistan by people having some stake, not.

so it had me wondering this year more then ever, i thought about it before, who deserves the literature price, lets not talk about peace prices, thats so obviously political and having little to do with the explosives nobel was once worrying about he invented, he was familiar with the krimean war for your informations.

so i wonder about that one a lot, and i came up with lulu and erdogan in my prejudiced christian thinking pattern in that ordre.
not that i hold these two in extreme esteem, but at least they diplomatically vied for actual antimilitarist peace the last year.

about the chinese guy i am not that sure, actually i dare doubt it, if bhutto had been so really great for peace they would not have promoted her return to pakistan either.

i think , its just a guess ofcourse he is more of a darwinist then that. this liu.

on the one hand i know him only from the corporate media, otoh we hardly have another,

no not about peace prices this time.

its the literature i am wondering about. it used to be there was nothing, a talented writer in the old days would be surrounded by boredom and clichee, find an only outlet on the desk full of paper, you had to conform with desks, but you can hide stuff in them outside official papers so they have their uses.

i would dream of flying into my library, the huge fauteuil and a good stroke of reading every day, had i been so priviliged i remember, but writing in a fauteuil is hard, you need a desk.

so in the old days if it wasn't the 'fine arts' it was writing, the outlet, the forum and perhaps even the confrontation with negativity so commonly found among the usual people had their transcedent utopian place of their own. the book in becoming.

yes i can see how that produced a greater literature then even the mid 20th century. i strongly admire the singular, and usually older man, and perhaps woman that write the literature these days. years of study and hard labour to produce what can be recognised by abstract but familiar criteria as literature..

there's allways been a bit to much generality in what has been called literature for me to stay completely serious, but in a way it is a besides anyhow. it is not my times, and these people had to do with their own pool of impressions, getting worrying now, its the uncensored blog you know, but i try to move on with the subject because it is really fascinating whilst....:

listen up, these people did have their inspiration, and the statistical truth is such inspiration must be here still in people. why don't we see it?

yes ofcourse, wich we don't, we do have to look into other media, but overestimate me for once and imagine i considered; thats pretty hard :o

i mention a few media that promote total anonimity of the original produce, tv series (influential , commonplace and certainly attracting followers, don't explicate the scripters.

computer company's that sell software wich is a product of a sophisticated and nearly philosophical kind of "code writing" thoughts proces.
games i have seen mentioned, but correct code, pristine data, in very boring and unentertaining applications may be where our greatest talents hide, i just don't know, but i am sure it is something.

perhaps coders get the according depressions, noone ever notices but a species only to survive if the product becomes a part of the collective conscience, did nobel think of that btw?

thats against the peace price then, he is only a product of economical rationality and noone that isnt clustered to ever the same channels on tv recognises him.

i am only trying for a better standard, don't take it out on me.
well so coding i think is underestimated as a literary product and deserves sampling. if only for the personality's , i should say psychology's, of the whole class.

what else? suggestions are welcome. i thought of eminem, not that i admire him much but he did have the kind of impact remotely comparable with bob marley, that you would expect his music in the middle of the desert, in moskwa or beying, and since he is from chicago, in new york for starters.

in the polar circle. again i forgot the name of the winner of the literature price, i tend to not try to remember things that for me bear no significance. he lost a presedential election once, pitty that i guess, i have seen more often that political ambition and serious thought bite another.
in me for example.

apart from that nothing revolutionairy promissing in the program i see. so not a great loss, fujimori himself was somewhat of an obama avant la lettre, ow that could be it that obama read him, lol. i guess thats what behind but it is boring to know the answer, it is often more interestin to wonder what else moved those pieces over the board.

tutu has a do, as a farewell present they acclaimed (some of) his candidates, certainly a higher aspiration been recognised in the man.

he is some placcard for those higher aspirations indeed , say..
well maybe he is, i just don't know him and he is not my association with the victory over apartheid, just a bisshop that opted to be not inhumane in a (all too, i know that was also pragmatical) moderate way. he doesnt deserve this great role from my pov. i am not a fan of those eternal moderations.

but thats personal and at least he played some role in the whole affair.
ok so i turned to the people, i asked everyone i met the day that could, or perhaps might also not be able to, read to mention what they called the literary experience, explicitly not book, they thought would be the best candidate.

my own idea, eminem, was more of an example, his impact has not been the past year, nor do i consider him the great master of contemporary rap and literature, allthough he is something there for sure. even he is a white thief of a darker produce and in that sense to some extent literary despicable. must say it is something to want to own, rap as a white, i can hardly not blame him, but for his , why so similar, role he deserves not to be rewarded, you can only make the big bucks if you are white.. and that is why bob marley did not find recognition as the greatest musician of the 20th century. subjective.

heh, so had they nominated eminem i had also left a great complaint, think about it, it is not a resignation.
and thats with nobel prices. white judeochristian publicity. for whites, and indeed by whites.
it has been made explicit even by the anouncements to go with it.

" no asians got the price recently" (if ever) and similar with literature, indeed i dont remember a single winner of my lifetime, maybe neruda was one. deservedly i would say. he did not follow an agenda, his were really books, not propaganda, it was even readible, something i tend to find in the usual 'literature' less then i ever expected.

we need a noble price winner for literature, neruda was from latin america, everyone will belief this, i can follow that, allthough what is really behind is he visits the church regularly.

and the chinese what would his religion have ado? as far as it is not obvious, every promotion of religious diversion in china is usefull in the eyes of western (would be) powerbrokers.

especially they must hope for more of a muslim reaction.

it besides liu has to much of a sentence, behind bars for ages for even reactionairy publicatairy activity is for me much to bear and hard to witness.
yet otoh, when you have those appearances of dissidency in netherlands you are at risk to be treated with chemicals that are illegal in international conventions, and if you protest it is kept out, and misreprented in, the media everyday. hard to proof ofcourse what is kept out.

strikingly so much that even an affront like ethiopia at times manages to look good in comparison. i will never again be impressed by the usual ' six arrests in (darfur, somalia, myanmar whatever they see resources) in our media after them spiriting away a hundred in our own capital.

thats over, credibility has died, there is only left to be fooled or not to be fooled.
and liu, i think he is naive. worse, i think he is that.. at best.

i fear i am giving to little credit, but i am not half as sure of that as i would indeed need to be to have it different. nice pricetag,



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