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Saturday, January 29, 2011


things like this make me think mostly of censorship

egypt. oh yesterday i hear and read a 100 dead on one day,
and it is out of the news.
see a live tien a minh, and cut.

mubaraks hypocrit speech. insulting the peacefull protests. attacking demos, life fire.
30 years of what? regressive taxes?

al baradei reporting in wikileaks on amr moussa, intimidated, i called it, but perhaps it clouds his (A.M.'s) perceptions.

intimidated, in reading 1 line of his, i notice.

like nelson mandela, called mandeba by a clans name, i dunno what thats supposed to mean, mostly i guess the word nelson is like a most painfull memory of past imperialism. well, clans names don't really sound that post modern either.
mandeba, i remember long ago i would write mandela and omit nelson, not so much becus of teh nelson, just becus he was a celebrity, bound to get abused with filling pages of rubbish.

mr mandela is a very good person, very little rubbish came from his.

even though i must say media tried forever, i seen quite a few useless attempts on paperfilling about him, fortunately, he didnt like to make that kind of profile.

a politically usefull man even, because his person stayed real.

i guess i am more crazy then he was at this age.

when nelson mandela speaks, it hardly ever took me a few minutes to get to robbeneiland.


suez is in africa, there shouldn't be so much doubt about that.
death and maiming, and why? to push the next gestapo to the top.
the more you get to know about egypt, the more horrible it all is.

imagine all those tourist marching eyes closed through the destution, horrific picture.

and now blaming the people, calling them looters for a whole day, i start to suspect the police from trying to loot cairo museum,
start to suspect....?

not very much a scary thought like that can't be convincing.

i hope it will be like tunesia, first the ben ali admits blame by blaming his corrupt clique,
next he gets kicked.

basically what we see is terrible repression and injustice, why??
suez, capitalism, and israel. i guess it is the israel thing mostly now,
such brutality knows but one excuse.:(

why cant people admit that accepting peace and tolerance is also jewish values,
whats wrong with it?
that they will overblow their claims?
only thing you can do is start doing science then.

and its not that it helps much to be scared, or actually think you are so much different,

ok so i cant buy expensive cloths and i get discriminated 3-4 times cus they are army dump
not even really sure if not often anyhow a joke.

should i care? i got discriminated by the dutch for every day in my life i so much think. and plenty of times without even trying,
ya know at the supermarket when they immediatly throw some small note down a machine to check it?

i think i haven't seen a note go down the supermarket in years without being checked.
that feels not only as if people are rather stupid, it also feels like the are plenty stupid at discriminating at all.

its also on the train, its with police, its not allways with the army. woman can be even less socialised then man, thats because at an iq of 70 they are left to roam where man tend to get locked at say 90 and bcause they are so much protected. the usual uniformed lady i meet isn't exactly bright at treating people equally, there's not much distinction in the stereotyping between the two.(man uniform, woman uniform)

a few woman that happen to be rather nice seem to do better, but i think that..
is my bias;)

some of the man are decent as well, usually they are quite touchy on their status aspects however (exposing plenty) and i dont like that kind of people.
in uniform i think it is macabre.

a police like that attacked the people in egypt, a police worse and more adapted to violence,

considering my experiences, it is hardly a surprise you see few woman on the street.

its allways worse for woman, the combination of violence and discrimination.
but it is nowhere near pretty to experience it as a man.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

victim of the system

in how far is being different from a political target of the system actually still the same.
and the opposite, how can being the same be a justification if it feels so much different.

my experience with victims of the system is manifold,

the first i think most of us share is how most children notice other childrens being victimised by other educaters systematics. at least i have many vague impressions left of adults that with nearly insane audacity invoked heaven, hell and whatnot, in their perceptions of reason.

to me it seemed most children were under a certain system, allways bad, but of different evilness.

bad in the sense that it was a habit. people treating other people, because it's theirs or other peoples habit. thats very egoist.

also i remember those as the most boring and awkward routines of many, and perhaps all childhoods i witnessed. deadly habits against possible creativity.

sorry i have to let that loose in a post that should be about other people.

apparently many adults think: it's a child so i can say any idiotic thing and will still be right.
as i remember it on such a habit usually, (that is if we needed to witness it) followed set escalations. ooh i stopped such experimentation when i had a decent file ofcourse.

so in the first place i am one of those who consider everyone a victim of the system.

the circumstance of just growing up in the 60s 70s in netherlands was enough to completely convince me people were all to much reliant of systematics in their exchanges.

it suits the period btw. one thing the hippy age did was making some sort of break with the gospell and agree on some spirituality for each persons own.
not only me, but even many adults were consciously aware of the need for improvement in the relations between children and adults, and people in general.

i think these days that psychological questionmark with the whole of society's functioning is somewhat withdrawn, taboo even perhaps.

i see no other obvious reason then a further aglomeration of capital and elite, superiority ideas.
the people are supposed to be so stupid "that you will never notice",

anyhow its slightly besides the point.

victims of the system, i soon found out for instance that solidarity with the labourer was something, that in netherlands could only be desired. i found labour unions weak, in netherlands at a somewhat later age.

today it scares me, lol, tunesias revolution of the hands of labour unions, what if they disintegrate and fade into insignificance like here, or become something as incomprehensively institutional and labourer unfriendly as in usia? here they don't have many members, and the label independent is farfetched when it comes to representation.

(there have btw been a small share of romantic, political and hearthwarming exceptions, and solidarity with actions and strikes in general as well as a strong financial support at times)

but the political factor? not impressed.(1)

go victims of the system...

so the next group of victims, is a victim of victims, that logically follows, evrything significantly more precarious then an overstretched healthcareworker would be a 3fold victim even if they started working 4 yo.

for me it is somewhat important, because i can be really embarrassed and quite mad and nasty about what i know happens to people. unfortunately, the better nor the worse ones can help it all, or even a lot, they are also still their outside personality's. in fact, basking their kids and having every possible stress, tick, obsession, whatever. personality disorder if you so want.

i like that, how most peoples personality is mostly their disordres. i don't mean to say they are mostly disordered, but that they can be so dedicated to specific traits. the funny is that that "kind of personality" is very much in the way of being one.

thinks of a victim.

at one point, like bradley manning, being a victim, damages you, fiercely, or less fiercely and still mean. that proud united states, their champion of openess, has been using the word transparance, their whole todays diplomatic appeal, cannabalising bradley manning.

he might feel a victim of the system.

thinks of a victim.

...there's work to be done, laws to be changed...

(1)due respect where remaining strong on safety worked)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


palileaks or rather had i wrote livnileaks, but hers being a spouse of israeli establishment she rocketed out of obscurity that much to recent.

I'll collapse the story as i know it now, because there is an indiscrepancy between western reporting and al-jazeeras. i.o.w. i expect western readers to be less informed then even me on the subject.

first this: by no means israel and the cojourning negotiations are my favourit topic. howevermuch fed it on daily, random and schemed basis, it remains distastefull and shrill, both as a factor of pali, israeli and regional politics, but also on the stage of international relations and developments.

(in fact results of all "effort" (that is if there really acually was any) and ongoing negotiations are extremely boringly minimal. there is usually rather more annoyance then less after a new "iniative")

any papers that would provide insight in what really went on in those circuits could be greatly helpfull, in shaping a picture, and would be incredibly more dense and true than all that appeared in media so far. there is a firm overrepresentation of israel and it's affairs in mainstream media, thus it would safe a lot of time to be able to read some raw data.

just at the time i think mostly of tunesia, and wikileaks shed a shimmery light of what moved the usian uniformclubs, aljazeera starts publishing abstracts of 1600 or so records on israeli - palestinean negotiations.

abbas says they turn around israeli and pali viewpoints, so perhaps they also stem from an internal briefing system. al-J publishes them, moreless integrally, so distinction can be made through interpretation and content.

bbc watches usia and steps after that, usia however portrays total conviction of the integrity of the papers detail. i am under the impression israeli officials did not yet cry foul.
(why would they, nearly evrything 'leaked' is only to their advantage)

for example erekat makes an arrogant impression, palestinean hobo's would be willing to do any farreaching concession, fatah makes a wavering impression, (for example , and its sorttof a keyfact, abbas has to draw israeli proposals on napkins)

obama gets a bite, showing less understanding then even bush, it is mostly a rightwing victory, and israel is a rightwingstate for now.

(basically if one palestinean said something a 100 years ago, it is a historical concession made to the israeli people, but if one usian official says something 4 years ago, palestineans are told not to count on it.)

so where do these papers come from? one possibility is israel recognised sipdis would at some point be usb'd, and decided to plot it's "negotiations" accordingly (the TOR, terms of reference).
i have been wondering some times how the international community held out such useless nitpicking over phrases, or actually why the f* it kept projecting positive pictures about it.
(with my wet thumb, for probably more ten years)

the napkin map would fit that, give this abbas a napkin and a map he cant have and he'll start drawing, is a probably true perception about abbas personality. later we can leak the same map and appear utterly credible is a graphic example of textmanipulation, and in between abbas ego is getting a severe beating.

well one shouldn't have an ego, (perhaps an alterego as a TOR), ego is what keeps us from a clear view, it is what gives most people so much subjectivity.
capitalist psychological philosophy ofcourse worship ego. destructive ambition is capitalism persee v.v.

actually i am not so sure however this has been prepared for so long. the mechanics of israeli negotiating points have since long suggested me they saw no point for any concession and were basically winning time, and provoking the powerless palestineans into ever more useless "agreements".

the marginalisation has a at least over the years resulted in ever less compelling PA steadfastness, that is not even precise, exactly the cadres of fatah (and thus the PA) have gone through several implosions of ambition.

perhaps they are working at their ego. my temporary conclusion is netanyahu leaked them, he is just trying to show his islamic fellow jews what it means to keep in mind alteregos usually also shape nice pictures.

we should appreciate a such ultimate statement of israeli conservatives , all leaks are equal, not one leak over another leak.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

all quaida of the islamic revolution

you can blame karzai for the title, if it's not his own political novity, he at least made me think of it.

here you can see a projected governor of the internationally reknown xenophobiac extreme right wing pro israel party of gert wilders in action. (smashing tied man in the face)

(for dutch, dat misbaksel in uniform hoort allicht bij de verwildering, bruinhemderij als weleer)

to much is happening, look at that^^

and to think that hardly any of it would be coincedence in framing elections.

how will i ever be able to explain the title of this article with so much disturbing news on my mind ?

i promise i will explain plenty al quaididas in a (soon?) to follow post.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

tremendous unique nascent evolutionairy security issues aroused

there is only room for hyperlatives.


what a miracle, and what a joy to see some really democratic effort in my lifetime.

i think of the people of tunesia every day and hope hard as i can they will be well.

today i saw some coverage of the protests. with some shame i admit i hadn't expected our same rhytm, the slogans for wich our police attacks tramples, gasses, drives over, and handicaps us.
the united people, battered and locked up, at least overhere.

whilst here we witness an ever eroding perception of rights and law, overthere to witness the same revolutionairy elan succesfully beat injustice, infringments, repression and nepotism, overhere we have become subdued, maddened and sullened by the mounting evidence of the purposefull betrayel of the principles so much professed by western damnocrazy's.

back to undercooled observations, have you noticed how very democratic, very explicitly pro freedom, very political, the inexperienced tunesian revolutionairy's shaped their take over?

wallah its a miracle.

there's been quite a list of miracles in tunesia in fact. the police (credit been given to the justice minister (after a 100 odd deaths...)) stopped short of a complete massacre.
a miracle.
the army decided to defend the people of the nation instead of the capitalists of the nation.
a huge miracle.
the dictators flew, leaving a trail of shimmery finanical transactions but with probably that much of a reserve (..)
at that point perhaps a bit less of a miracle.

our, usian, intellectualist, liberal influence overthere is not to bad, under the revolutionairy circumstance, internet, facebook twitter or myspace and their cousins, educated the suffering poor of tunesia more then it did the inflating bodys of the rich in the western world.

its a miracle.

tunesians are the greatest miracle of all, as they stubbornly and solidairy protest their right for a real change, not a cosmetic one, that only prepares the next fraudulent elections.

where will we go from here? i think we , the west, have no real option but to shake hands, referring the courage, and hoping for the best from what miraculous trust and desire for justice , equality and freedom the tunesians projected.

do i expect such a positive approach?

unfortunately i am not so sure, i expect paranoid manouvring, and investments in fear.
after all it is a miracle,
a *real* revolution.
something for and off the people.

no the west.. will not cope with that easily or without the objective of profit, wich apparently in north african terms translates into dictatorships.

i am not surprised by that ofcourse btw. things are as they are, and to some they seem what they are no matter how elaborately disguised and how eloquently denied.

ACAB proven once again.

our freedom of speech is not anymore as much as it even was under ben ali. you are free to speak unless you are critical of authority in this nation. (1)
for this single line even i can expect to be prosecuted, or in the least have my home attacked, being locked up in a cell to the sound of drills, and probably filed or punished in complete contraditction of our constitutions and fundamental laws once over.

all in a sneaky manner as to not let loose, it's affirming dominance. marginalising individuals in their quests for justice.

eerily i watch constitutional rights being broken down under the guise of the next scapegoat.
afer hatecampaigns and deceit, lies , insults and acquisations against the squatter movement, the next victim, the next jew for the smallminded and hatewinger, is the smoker of marihuana.

for example when recently a policeman raped and murdered a little girl, outragious claims over the effect of marihuana on that were made.

i swear even if i smoke an ounce (not "two little packages") of marihuana, and kill someone, i will remember into detail all my life.
so would anyone, even a cop.

and in netherlands the judge is complicit.

so what hope is there for tunesia, with many governments like mine out for any piece of cake?

i don't know, but..

miracles have happened before.
great hurrays for tunesia.

(1)or are they? not really? acab

Friday, January 7, 2011


time for some fearmongering, 2011

it feels like a tradition, start of the year i watch the climate, and sometimes current affairs, for the last i have cop of posts to go.

the winter overhere started out nice, but already lost it's sting. a little bit of suggestive cold, snow and ice was quickly followed by the usual global warming temperatures tho. winters, and frost over the melting point of water. eternal westwinds, and not as much precipation as might be expected.

last year was a wet year in netherlands, however after some years of relative drought, it was hardly noticable, all that extra water drained in instants, and not even the air stayed humid.
the summer wasn't great, i know amongst cus the weed was of low quality, and rain was usually not there when most expected.

worldwide we seen an ongoing acceleration of climate hickups, smaller and bigger droughts, and forestfires. droughts unseen in many areas, record temperatures, and a shrivelling amazon region, in a violently radiating sunlight.

nevertheless also a lot of flooding. it seems rainfall and wind react as extreme as our skins on the chaos we brought into the atmosphere.

basically our planets atmosphere is an ecological produce. hadnt nature been there it would have been completely different. and in eliminating nature, natural landscapes, and even single species we don't only kill ourselves and each other, we also kill this quality of a lifebearing planet that only came to be through billions of years.

so i may sound pessimist here, but it has been the litany to be made for decades, and all my life,
and it lost no relevance at all.

basically the projection is the cooling is not a matter, whence droughts and also floods are again to be expected. i much wonder if january will be cold, so far it ain't, overhere. in that case we could assume the trends still follow a pattern that trends to yearly regularity. if otoh it will be warm, i think we are kind of screwed, it tried to be cold..

the sun is still behaving incredibly carefull, no particles of our atmosphere get blown of extra by its usual solar spot activity, it witnesses our plight in serene and unseen calmth.

what should i care animism is undone by the great corps and other bloodsuckers in the textile of our society? it is for it told us how bad profitmaking was to begin with.

the sun is alive, and way more intelligent then any representative of our species. (even me:P)

so much about the climate, i cant judge easily if perturbations reached a treshold, but i am not overly optimistic about the chances all will be safe this year, what i wonder most is if it actually still has the flexibility to create major phenomena, or if perhaps to much of it goes up in noctilucence.

it seems that extreme events like the storm in the fillipines that fortunately just 'missed', do take some of the pressure from the regional cooker. in some form of atmospherical regulation often these events seem to come in one worst per season.

then there is the earthquakes vulcanism topic. nearly all apologips come with shaky predictions of that. in our ancient mythical traditions universally cataclism is announced it's cojourner.

and so it does, iceland gives a maximum rain minimum cosmic rays boost, with near brilliant precision (there is just one vulcano on iceland that might be able to do better for effect.)

yes planes will wear, and govs will rip us to save their shares rendements.

next indonesia blows in a 100s years record style, and so did guatemala neither of them however to the limit of their catastrophal possibilitys.
got to see that, i tried to stay informed over magnetic anomalies and polewandering, magnetic reversals and polar collapse, (not all planets that you would easily expect to do have a magnetic field),

that wasn't easy. after i read the german wiki of it with interesse and refraining from commenting all the world was dosed the story it held (and that was new to me) that polar reversal would be a millenia long proces.

i don't belief that yet, human mythology remembers differently. that besides i have more often seen explications that polar reversals must have been near instantanious. however lets hope its not , and we will see smoking vulcanoes and horrible earthquakes for a couple of millenia.

still wondering what, if anything, offset olympic mons (on mars).

so far i am not easy to convince, what do they think, magnetic field will keep tumbling at this speed to be in the negative in at most ten years (1?) and for millenia to come?

more generally we will see at least a few major problems return this year, genetically modified diseases will probs strike again, and the general load of toxins is strongly on the rise, with recent news suggesting biofuels intrisically carry dioxins.
other worrys there are nigeria . louisiana, and the chinese industry. don't fall for the usual excuse that it is coincedence and unforeseen.

i foresee it here and specialists of any kind foresee stuf like it with the same ease. this to include boards of directors with slaving research deps. at their disposal.

so i am curious to the venezolan dog flue to strike this year, or perhaps the northkorean swine cough, the sudan extraimmunal hiv virusses etc.

next we may start to see people getting ill from gentech food on an ever larger scale, perhaps not yet this year, perhaps only in the company of toxic loads like louisianas (medical reports are sure suggestive of sth. over direct contamination with only petrochemicals , no matter how deadly these be.)

it would perfectly fit the picture, irritans and destroyed genetical structure taking it's toll of darmfloras and tissue alike.

perhaps we will see sth even more odd. i almost hope so, because it will take a million madame curies to convince this world of sheep, so be it if that makes the billions to be safer.

bees are dying worldwide, and like einstein who was not a complete idiot said:
when the bees die, for the humans it will only be a matter of years. was he thinking of these fort knox and other frisco eugentical researches no doubt he was intimitly familiar with?

more familiar then you and i would ever be recognised to be??

well gl. its never been possible to counter disaster that did not strike.

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