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Thursday, November 22, 2012

gaza opening

the drama unfolded, accusations, blaming and demonisation struck quick and hard,

apparently bombs fell,

after a few days i searched a live stream. it happened that RT had one, it even sometimes showed a different angle , and transmitted pieces arab and chinese negotiations (thx for not translating)

live streams are anyhow a good tool, even if they sometimes have you staring at a still for hours, the situation can only still be manipulated (in the media usually) to a smaller degree.
gaza however almost fits in one camera field.

it was painfully impressive, in no time the high rise stood shaking, and would i post something a bomb would fall.

yet the first thing that occured before the bombs had time to touch the ground was what a terrible nuisance drones are.

outright incredible, i wonder completely how much of this torture the international community so far allowed.

also i wonder , and i have not the faintest, how much the same goes for pakistan and yemen, are these people also bombarded with the noise of traffic jams at high speed mixed with second worldwar aerial warfare of unknown dimension?

an everlasting airbattle? it got me sad and nervous and also ill very soon.

the next night the sound was dimmed to the point of being almost off. and i saw examples of scrambling,
strangely exactly by the parties that we just read were the victim of that practice..

what a surprise (not)

bombs still dropped, very loud ones even, as the building didnt shake they were big. and the drones were there, not probably much more distant.

a next night came, and even if i hated the view i put on the camera again, it went off-air (happens a lot with livecams, the conditions are not rarely suspect)

found another and as it was yesterdaynight, a truce was anounced (moreless the third such attempt, i feared the most)

enormous shooting was the theatre, the groundwar had broke loose, could hardly hear the drones,
claxoning, singing and cheering people made obvious this was probably a celebration,

not so hard to understand they were happy, hanya held a speech, oh i got he was satisfied with results, the air would be cleared, water sourced and borders opened.

he smiled all the way, nah not really, but was he happy!
this was still in arab, and i had seen the scene in gaza, was actually probably still watching it somewhat perplexly, so i took it that he was declaring a farfetched and great victory, wo these horrible costs and losses, only today i understood it got a bit better.

over the conditions of the cease-fire the borders , water and air, (and a few more i did not understand or hear), and ofcourse the condition of ceasing fire and hostilitys, haniya achieved another thing.

hamas was directly involved in the negotiations.

it means we are making a start with disbanding the practice of criminalising whole populaces, just because some (very rich people) say they can.

a bigger change than that we could have hoped of.

Monday, November 12, 2012

policing syria

how is syria doing?
like a test tube should..

it's incredible, mind boggling, what happens in syria. i have never seen a thing like it in my life. never.

how and what way i look at it, the nr of air missions, the extensity, the damage, lethality, the mess, the resistance, anything, it is sort of incomparable.

i think it beats every other conflict on the excentricity index.

the events are strange, the whole nation rises up peacefully, assad refuses to leave, why should he, europeans still have their medieval kings and queens.

next they resist the european violence, and still assad does not resign peacefully, the european example has taught him in the long run one can frame and fool a populace.

the usians meanwhile are jealous at the emirs' wealth. discrimination is a full-time job there.

the russians, chinese and iranians are desperate, who's next to fall for this mormon bigotry?

the population is caught in between.

and we, the europeans? all we can do is buy, buy the radioactive produce and hope noone will be running out of tungsten.

the european police state is capitalist property

globalisation has led the world to become ever more of an experiment of the rich against the poor.

people and even the whole planets population tested for logic and habitually fail.

the european police state is an example for that, centralist trends, carreer politics, dark rooms, and concerted repression efforts are the ordre of the day.

basically the european populations aim wrong, if they are to improve on their general condition, not the few rich's luxurys and perversions, they will need to get back control of the political instruments.

since that happens to be impossible through policestate supervised 'voting' and 'democracy', people will have to take on other grounds.

get things done on a constitutional level.

it is interesting in that respect how a century old geneva convention still decides hitler's terrorist of that time, are the capitalist' terrorist of today's.

international agreements and guarantees of human rights could iow. be better.

guess what? they will not.

progress in such respects is so slow it is worth coming up with an example why.

in the 1950's a structural attempt was made to p[rovide social housing, huge appartmentbuildings, mid-high rises and standardised single family homes sprung from the earth and housed 100000s affordably , if modest.

the prices were for some time not bad, the integrated building style  and a-bomb resistant concrete structures offered a resilience unknown before.

however the prices went up. for some time the incomes did, but at the point survivability was in the positive for most, the political urge slipped away and people actually never checked it.

there has not been a grass roots movement defending the principle of social housing. the squatting movement after all also worked with alternative concepts. communal housing, combined working-living. even organic farming and student housing.

now in some 25-30 years these buildings of the 1950s , early 60s were payed for.

but guess what? the prices rose and rose and rose, soon to a point it became obvious people were cashing in a lot on that 'social housing', instead of doing something socially constructive with the money.

at some point the prices rose so high buying houses was actually cheaper. if you were allowed , and since noone would or could pay that for a small appartment like that, the state had to sponsor the incomes of the bogus groups still further.

so now we are in a situation that poor people and the state are sucked dry by a small percentage of the populace , comprising amongst the 'social housing' managements,

so that is why. these useless elitists that only know how to steal, are a bunch of corrupt thiefs.

and that is how europeans have a lot to change in every level of their state, political and burocratical systems
before the necronomy will turn again in something worth living and endurable to regard.

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