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Friday, December 24, 2010

anarchist fireworks

according to some news anarchist firework bombs exploded near two embassy's in rome.

1 being the swiss embassy, the other left unmentioned, and therefore the great confidential one, the usian embassy.

in both cases an innocent person got wounded under supervision from the police that draws comparisons with a bomb containing neither explosives nor a ignition (as if that would be any use).

now what is the question is to deduce wether the honourfull exposing of lethal police strategys concerning light firworks or even non explosive materials bears any relation with anything.

perhaps after all now discontent wit the grab and hold culture of the rich is sticking it's head out of the sand all over europe and the equally fooled north american continent, where btw gentech is running thoroughly rampant these days, it is time to incriminate political correctness beforehand.

so taken some circumstances into consideration, what are the options.

an anarchist action?
an autonomous action?
a secret service action?
an otherwise organised european action?
plain old bearded osama?
old italian rightwingers?

something else?.

the way the police operates around teh action suggests perhaps an other then anarchist action is the case, they are better known to get bystanders in harms way to criminalise straightforward marxist splinters.

however the extreme inseverity of the bombs, despite the police ebst efforts noone apaprently got really seriously wounded, suggests indeed the kind of action in solidairty with greek exporters of individual pieces of fireworx.

in the case an autonomous group with anarchist inspiration is behind this obvious attack on secrecy and totalitarianism in the worldwide media and commerce, and not the police on some political gluestick tour, a word of warning is on its place.

secret services and police apparatus are perfectly well equipped to turn even the most insignificant direct action into a terrible and unlikely bloody failure. in my opinion it is best to check not only that the police can evacuate the place, but also that noone will actually be there,
certainly no low rank officers either. especially it seems when things are already constructed to do minimal harms, services would hesitate even less to try and construct a sad and populist example.

a smile here over stockholm. scandinavia is thus backward in a way they still consider it feasible to fool the public implicitly. if you know how to blow up a bomber, you know you are blowing a bomb only for the effect.

a secret service action. this is allways possible, in the case of strange and wicked actions at strange points in time, camera observation in a place like rome etc. taken into consideration.

given their unexplained presence at the scene, the option cannot be disgarded immeediatly at once.

however i think we see a youthfull autonomous action strongly bound with the freedom of expression, information and the struggle for transparancy. a firework bomb from roman and greek origin.

a classic one then;)
i do agree with the italian comrades, be they within or without the services, that leading by example in the mission for a free society is not the monopoly of anyone, should not be the monopoly of the united states, and that the idea bin Laden would be the only one to show discontent on a sad footing with repression is ridiculous.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a permanent chill

europe got cool, i dont think it is a great sign of changing times, or any guarantee the lack of ozone wont burn a million or more people the coming year. it is actually soemwhat nice, the songs about white christmasses making sense for once, people now in their twenty's peering quite amazed out of their windows at the face of father winter.

people here, where its been cold and snowy and the whole year was rather moderate, in temperatures, at least partially and probably wholly caused by icelands vulcano. THe very obvious challenging and interesting fact is however not brought mainstream, rather that the rich europeans don't shape a definite opinion about climate change after all.

envertheless talk on the street is that , climatechange goes with extremes, and they are right. alltho i have been doubting in the past the curves would depart from an only heating direction, i never doubted at least locally it might leas to less expected effects. well we see droughts were there never were, and floods where there never were. even though they dont represent a meter of ice, they represent the indication that catastrophes in climate swing to two sides.

i am curious to what else this winter will bring. actually i am kind of hoping prolonged wintery weather will kind of bring this fueldriven roadracing madhouse that is europe to its knees.

teach m some repect for good crops, irrigation and drinking water. teach them you cannot endlessly tax the ecosystem for personal profits. it may be a disaster , but icould be the kind of disaster that teaches people something.

we seen all kind of extremes in the graphics, the statistics, but noone yet bothered to plot the incidence of them. oh now they will, and probably lie. but the incidences are amazing. except for meteorites hitting earth and like extreme occurances, i think we have never seen a thing like that, in eg. oxygen metabolism of stromatolites, to name an outpost.

indeed strange effects can already be felt. wether it is on arctic shrimps, whales, or something as essential as the whole amazone region. the good news is that the effords to reforest europe are apparently made, and do have some, but not enough yet of an impact on precipation.

netherlands was rather dry again, someone rooted here and with a climatological interesse, that means as much as half of the planet was to dry, possibly more. this i think is corroborated by the not all to transparant statistics.

there is a long standing theory that developing india and china would lead to so much emission
climate change would accelerate. that this is indeed true is predictable. however i supported still tehir development for many reasons. like egalitarism, but also my belief a technologically developed society has more chances to counter the effects and vices of the climate change we were anyhow inducing.

next came the theory that developing china would actually lead to global cooling. so much dust to get into the atmosphere, that a blanket of dust would hinder sunlight from warming the planet.

i considered that plausible, but where others were still in full swing of denial, i happened to be convinced of the reality of climate change, and ozone damage, and the farfetching implications of each of that, not in the least in the not so moderate climates.

so i actually thought, if developing china gives us an ice age, that is only a bonus.
at least frozen water doesnt depart into outer space at the same pace.

when i look at current weather trends with the same sincerity i have been watching the past decades, yes tehre is a trend. before three years we wouldn't see snow hardly. not in any measure, in the walk of twenty years ice and frost all but parted from our nation, and with that from most peoples short lived and not educatedly critical memory.

thats what you get if you bother about sexarrests and real or purported attacks on old ladys.
20 years of that and evrything you think is vile, coloured and shamefull.

how the media uses the individuals psychology against them.

so having described the current state of affairs, i am wondering what will the next two months bring for europe, and less of my responsability perhaps, the whole of eurasia.

my impression is that altho climate curves tend to be tangentially hyperbolic, and extremes to either side (drought flood, heat cold) are among the possibillity's over the whole the picture can be graphically described with just a few curves.

so allthough we seem to witness a dust impaired iceage, (where saddam, china , the industrialist past and vulcano's all contribute) the heating curve, that is perhaps overly contributed to carbon emissions (i myself think desertification and deforestation are way more prime in that then physics is prepared to recognise), will continue to rise for now. only when there are no major incidents of droughts and excessive heat we may assume the dust is winning.

the next factor as underestimated as it is underreported (i think some of the history of that rests in this blog and perhaps other censored publications of mine) is the ozone layer.

if people think that by censoring the mainstream media this phenomenon has become innocent, they couldn't be more wrong.
it will be a major factor in our climate, our being outsides, our crops and lives and health, for in the very least 70 years to come. and probably only be possibly repaired completely in the ordre of 300 years.

nevertheless a lot of people bought the story and now speak crap about the ozone layer.
not very helpfull if you want a somewhat complete picture of how to deal with climatological effects of industrialisation and population expansion.

not very helpfull where we actually now know that most of what is left to us can only still be obtained by crowdsourcing.

generally however we can just add the vulcanoes and india, china to the trend and assume a 2-3 degrees drop in temperatures this winter over the last is probable.

how that translates into ice and snow cover i dont know. it would also depend other factors, a chilly northerner wind over russia, eastern winds, in short the atmospheric conditions will define the precise outcome.

for example it is quite possible that when scandinavia are heading towards the heaviest winter almost in living emmory, enthrlands and eg. france remain greatly spared from that. where both are less influenced by the continental eurasian climate as by the atlantic. its actually quite probable that will be and it is a valuable indication about the way the trend is working this year, what will happen.

hypothesis for the next years and wether the trend towards cold winters (like past 2 years) , is a definite. or even if it is a freak, how the next hils and valleys of the amplitudal sinusses will shape. (for example perhaps we get cooling and heating in intervals, allthough my personal impression is the whole of matter that consists the earths impact on its own climate is to overwhelming to allow for that much irregularity.)

so what we probably get is hotter summers , at least in many places, (not in netherlands eg, a hotter summer for the rest of europe translates in a better chance for cloudcover here).
people in teh rich nations should be made more aware what disaster this constitutes for poorer people in poorer nations. it is also another unpleasant fact neglected mainstream, for many reasons of control.

next it seems the dust really manages to get us colder winters, (for me it is rather a hopefull event) that means in the rainier seasons we will have opportunity to collect water.

water btw, should in every case be allowed to soak the soils. there is no better protection
against droughts then soaked territory.

we will have to prioritise watering our continents soils over simple luxurys like a winter without snow. in many cases over other human requirements almost akin to humanrights, like housing, settling, recreation or abstract notions like a GNP.

on a sidenote, allthough nothing exceptional, even netherlands a nation of rain and frogs(that btw all died through a pollution related skininfection). was drier again last year. perhaps not an absolute record, but in the least showing the trend towards droughts is strongly apparent.

what we can do about a winter like that? not so much, adapt our consumption, take care heating gets delivered, and take care foodreserves will be adequate. all the rest is in the hands of fate. powers greater then us will decide. where the extremes get more extreme, there is no way to predict avalanches, snowed in isolation or traffic incidents. they will just depend on local circumstance, coincedence and the irks of winds and atmospheric phenomena.

in some 5-10 years we may (if the trend becomes a definite one) be better able to prevent some damage by mere interference. (like: russia snowed in after a hot summer last year, and so it will this year)

although russias climate is better predictable then northwestern europes, however, nothing is certain.
otoh if poland stays frozen over from now untill januar we know both russia will be very cold, and the winter will last rather long.

because with all this hassle about those 'cold' winters, we tend to forget this is the first to show signs of prolonged duration. earlier in the case, what would theoretically hint at into februar (instead of mostly januar) as well.

i am quite curious when and what the spring will bring.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

on julian assange's pro and persecution

promise is a promise even if it can't allways be held.

the history as the case unfolded to me is weird.
it started with accusations and anouncements in the media: assange had sexcharges against him, perhaps it was immediatly or else a bit later it said it concerned two swedish women.

the headlines featured everyday that assange was charged for sexcrimes.

i just waited curiously if any detail would accompany the accusations at some point.

the usual item featuring sex let alone sexual abuse get's portrayed, the usual charge described.
i have still to see a mainstream story about it, without the need to first click links and end on some faraway page i mean.

anyhow under the endless number of accusing headlines no single detail was mentioned on aljazeera.

i asked.

i kept looking, though not searching, and after some weeks of empty accusations checked wikipedia. knowing it is not very reliable, but nevertheless would outsource the nothing complete indescriptiveness the media featured,

i really got curious , if nothing is published but libel or inflammation, the story would smell far and from.

a real sexcase, certainly one involving half, whole and unwanted or wanted celebrity's and not the single juicy details? i couldn't believe my eyes. i have never seen such contrary publicity to a sexcase.

story as it stands now.

assange stayed the night with a lady, she said he raped her, at least so said the media, then she said he didnt rape her, but went naughty or bad (she didn't appear bruised or so) after.

there was another girl, later, younger, 20, suitably more anonimous, perhaps they need a kidney or so, because first she joined in, lucky find, then she stepped out of the thing, then somehow she suddenly was in again with no mention of her being out.

one story is the aforementioned older lady, "a feminist" and of some christian splinter,
(so no feminist), a parlementarian, went jealous when he quit on her, and states that abandonement constitutes rape. (wich could apparently be the case in sweden)
todays lawyer told a whiny story about rape and/or molest, not quite obvious.

her lawyer is (was?) a member of parliament, she might have another now.
an obviously political means to exert political pressure.

could be something else, a very obvious means to exert political pressure eg.

i even doubt it is lawfull, even in sweden. to have a lawyer that is an mp for a case of an mp.

isn't it confidentially forbidden to raise doubt about the persona of your nations government as a judge eg.

a very, very political case then.

now he is in jail, drugged i suppose, they often do that with bright minds.
jailed despite it is for a hearing,
probably contradicting english law.
possibly extradited, despite it is against that law, and probably many others.

a mp that wouldn't file a complaint for rape the next day, but wait untill a second 'opinion'?
thats a bad example. for an mp that boasts an interesse in womens affairs.

thats the case against him

all i know about it. and it is plenty to proof him innocent.

the docs about sweden describe the servile attitude the rightwing swedish government exposed,
we see someone aiming for a ministry, an opportunity to talk with ambassadors, and be wormly even hottie received in usia.

what would that look like ?

that kind of hospitality for a lady like that?

she'd be happy with the dug up corpse of michael jackson? or aim for a better dead?
i am curious what is the "case" now.

again something different i'd guess.

solidarity! solidarity!
free the dutch (wikileak ea.) prisoner children.

prince charles should have his plaincloths pay for interupting his right on protest.(nice trick with the paint tho, handy they came in to keep ppls hands clean), just don't shout nasty stuf at the camera and for the crowd next time.
potus they know about a millimetre through gps.

even outside of his car they gps charles. (these cars have gps standard and he has a driver with wosname, "i cant read maps mapper"?

btw it follows he was attempting to join the protest,(forever the student) so he kind of attacked his own car right??
icitement and lies abound.
nothing is below honour

Friday, December 10, 2010

haiti leakness

the haiti institutions (and we may wonder in what relation to the un staff and international staffs available) have announced a recount.

usually when a recount is announced we see that it happens to be confirming the suspect results, to sufficient extent.

i personally don't recall any recount with a significant positive result. for one with a negative result you only have to look at gbagbo. but there are other possible negative outcomes, usually just confirming the incredible results in a slightly different manner. the negative about such cases is more in the general loss of credibility and vulnerability of democratic participation.
(if nothing helps people tend to turn uninformed slowly, unless the repression is cataclysmic.
after all what is the use of endless dry political matters that are part of domestic politics if in the end you never have a say, and your votes don't even count)

so my prediction is that the recount , in the absence of a neutral observing regulation and independend institution for that, will confirm the results as they have been announced for the major part, actually i don't know the distribution as it stands, but i can still guess what will be the result. they will either say that there have been some mistakes and irregularitys, but that the two top candidates finished with the required votes and in the announced ordre.

or they will say martell had indeed many more votes , but still just not enough to join the race.

variations on it are 'celestin had actually a few more votes.

the usual expectation in the first two cases, should be the former presidents wife will be president, (a woman as a president being not contrary to usian publicatory campaigns), but will still be forced to share power with the sitting elites. (probably not in the least to keep agents like the mofa in place).

people with international contact as a major jobaspect, that sit still in the next are usually the XXXX from wikileaks.

if after all miss X the wouldbe president was to be shown as responsable for the forthcomong economical developments , being similar to the recent past, she and her affiliates wouldn't anymore be usefull at the next elections as much.

However, that Martelli is invited, and.. un and gov support a recount, indicate another thing.

&1 haiti

Martelli has been worked to cooperate, most probably. ofcourse this depends a lot if the recount procedure is insightfull for the observers. i would guess it is not telling about circumstances at polling stations, prefilled and overfilled boxes etc., and the complaints about the difficultys for the poor to register.

if you just see a whole heap of papers being counted, the outcome ofcourse is only what the one that last had authority over them likes.

quand on vois une masse de billet comptee seulle, le resultat surement est au goute l'authorite sur ces papiers avant.

that would mean martelli has been bought. so much for the good news, and buzzing about projecting and predicting. but honesty has me write my mind.

bought in a loose sense, he will have been prepared, worked, "We will still put you in an opportunity to do some good, and maybe next time..., you don't have the people to staff it, and you know it, bc you hardly trust any of the "qualified" people. see that you don't have an option but to work with this "political establishment". and perhaps subtle and less subtle threats.

in that case the usia would feel compelled not to implement the projected relief plans, imf will not give you a loan, we have the experience that every donor flees if a sudden change of establishment...., look at madagascar, you will be isolated, you will get bitter and try to hold on to power. anyhow we offer you this or that nice position, swiss account, future possibilitys, compromise concerning cholera or quake aid... something

for many people, and not in the least the ones that are not power hungry (is he? i guess he is inexperienced in politics over powerhungry) such arguments can be hard to counter. beside that the usual poor nation does have a more flexible attitude about what would be acceptable to agree to in terms of personal advantage in the first place.

well we gotta see what happens. if all my impressions would be confirmed, the old elite will battle for their positions in a way as to appear credible.

if otoh i am wrong, martelli could explain the public how recounting offers him and us any certainty about the electoral procedures as a whole.

he will surely however attempt such a thing (now, after i wrote this) for reasons of his own credibility and possibly that of others . i personally however don't see how with procedural transparance the people of haiti could still be fooled. the resulting analyses through media outlets representation and civilians checks will at least be juicy.

so even if such an explanation would be a good sign, we will have to regard this critically.
(is it true?).

&2 ivory coast.

higher diplomacy without any cables aside, i am glad that either the general being fedup with cheating, or the pressure exerted in the context of wikileaks and (my personal among) critics, has been putting a food in the door and mouth, for gbagbo, to once again grab the power.

the expectations on the street of such a change in power are not so high, some messy events, and most probably to many compromises (coupled with existing corruption) will impair progress. however there is a sincerity in the political field there, that appears to promise a serious attempt to put ivory coast on a higher plan.

that is perceived as promising. personally i added to that, and possibly a hotly contexted next election, bc in 4(5) years usually not so much changes, not so much can be set straight, lack of information and often experience and reluctant foreign partners (aka corporations) will hamper the alternative, Oattaras camp's, proceeding.

what do you need a cia for, if you can talk about all this:).

&3 wikileaks

now for the record i will say some things about wikileaks.

central in the discussion about the leaks is the term 'political'.

the freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of conviction and even freedom of enterprise (embarrasing and fallible feature that it is) are all "politically" targetted.

there is a word for that , 'political repression'.

hacks are used, like collateral murder and targetted killings, cyber"crime" is only crime when done by the poor.(small detail that?)

it is possible there is a factor of planning in this. after all usian diplomacy was aware of the existence of the leaked sipdis dump months ago. id we add the factor of planning, the planning appears to be to further impair constitutional freedoms by actively setting precedents before legislature, thus (confidentially, secretly) bypassing the legal trajectory that would invite a lot of discussion and publicity. unwelcome because with more publicity and information people tend to rather protect their rights then those of the rich and priviliged.

being aware of that i look at wikileaks docs in 3 ways.
1st> the original circumstance, event that led to the existence of intelligence on a subject.
this is also the material check on veracity of the content as in nearly every case people are involved, as a result of wich people know and papers wrote something about, around the topic.
an example are papers about tsvangirai or zuma, that such papers exist is indeed very probable,
that they serve as a template to inform their own services is indeed also very probable.
wich is point 2
2nd> the circumstance as it is meant to be understood by the 3 million people that had acces to such papers (and felt very proud and smart for that)
this leads to some parts , statements, and perhaps whole papers, being only usefull in an archeological and forensic way. what was original about the content, and what is accidently overlooked in that proces of censorship.
3rd> possible preparation for the greater public. this can come in several forms, what papers are published in what ordre. eg. what papers make a more incredible , incomplete, incorrect. or even impossible, and substantially exagerated impression.

through all this, freudian mistakes, choice of words etc. are indications to what sticks behind.
a very good criterium is 'do they want us to know/think this. corporations over government, the situation the papers show, (is one of todays leaklike topics furtherdown), they don't want us to think/know.

thus obvious statements like weaponssales "potential" or the example i will still quote, are more probably untouched then statements about what x or y said.

It would really be very convenient for the usia if saudi arabias potentat calls iran a 'head of a snake'. wich renders the paper (esp. regarding procedure 2 and 3) a bit unreliable.
i think my impression of that paper was it was at least procedure(mod) 2.

05madrid4026 is an example of a doc i suspected was mod3, i will tell you if i find a better example, 06ryadh9095 is one i didnt even start reading, but now i peeked, and i am not sure if the first impression it is mod3 was warranted.

reading mod3 documents is only usefull if you want to find detail, and perhaps slips of the tongue etc. the content will otherways be boring and confirming mediaprojections. since slips of the tongues etc are available all through the documents there is no special challenge in looking for them in the least interesting. the mass of documents means that my individual research will mostly be limited by my own capacity of randomness and ' first impressions'

like : oh interesting topic, or well i know sth about that and it doesnt look to dumbed down lets read it. note that i can in mod3 ways still be influenced in my picks, ofcourse it is my first consideration however wether the report appears probable and reliable.

so i came to the conclusion subtantial portions of the documents are mod1 and mod2?
well i am sure many are mod2. i see to many confirmations about shadowy players and influence of banks and corps over even the usia state to assume it was all let out on purpose.

wether some are mod1 ? i am not so sure, it was cleared for sipdis after all, but i think some are mod1 (perhaps even quite a lot) because not every document appears to be altered
to be allowed to sipdis, allthough apaprently there are standard emissions.

like part 2 about zuma, or part 2 about cammara , it is often part 2 that is missing.
that means the whole set 1-3 is checked.( >= mod2) it also means part 2 is used for the more personal detail , and sipdis unsuitable detail, zuma for example in part 2 is quite a hero if i am not mistaken. 2 about camara would in the least show to much about the connections with marocco for a broader public like sipdis. (i suppose the definite assesment to his health, amongst things like his sexual activity, would be there)

by now i can just continue into the papers and round up my todays writing.

i took notes:D

&4 specific docs i worked at
i read some about spain,
after 08madrid724 and 05madrid2588 i switched topic. except that i understood the moc of gos is an agent, and what was the real deal about chavez, (usia trying to isolate him, but still sells weapons , however with known serial numbers(to usia), and perhaps inbuild selfdestructive features etc.)
also a convincing attempt to deny the venezolans military capacity.
i think there was another juicy thing somewhere in between, however the documents appear mod2 at best.

confidential may mean 2 things i think, either it means restricted circulation, or it means 'juicified' for sipdis. sipdis people kick on being in a position to read confidential matters, so the labels confidential and nofor may aim at getting a broader public there, when like in the case of the spanish armstrades, they are actually probably completely open in spain. (except the details like moc's role, that however add to the kick for sipdissers)

Molina btw plays a new kind of double role. on the one hand he is convinced he has no option but to abide, and serves (informs) usia. otoh he still represents spanish pov's in the matter,
he is seriously trying to support the deal of coastguard vessels(downtuned) and transportplanes(disallowed by usia).

the moment he sees those efforts obstructed he accepts the usian authority over the spanish.
wich sort of turns him into an agent. its just that it is made obvious for sipdis he feebly tries to represent spain (russia eg. does not follow up on the notion usia trades weapons to venezuela.)
between him and a traitor. (not that i mind much, if only there was transparance.)

migh it is a complicated job, i am not even anymore sure it wasnt mod spain to be an informer,
check it before you act. i think he was still more pragmatic but less of a contact, alltho on the obvious side(no less of an allie).

i went on to 05moscow11807, that surprisingly also considered trade with venezuela,
on manpads (..) there appears to be cooperation , wich is a suspicious thing considering the need for them if you would want to resist usia, the main antagonist of venezuela.

but on rifles , that apparently russia perceive as sth you can hardly refuse a nation, russia is sure to go forward with the deal and will not exchange serial numbers.
now this could be mod3D. in other words a militairy secret to fool venezuela. it is possible russia and venezuela cooperate to an extent that they would actually tell the usians those numbers, preparing it in this way to escape scrutiny by the venezolans (and perhaps most russians).

the uses of knowing such serial numbers are 'forensical' where else do the weapons end up. who uses them. and thus, who has been supported by chavez.

however the russians note that they perceive the usian attempts as commercial. russia finds their trade impaired and notices how seveal usian corps profit from that.

so the next:p
should be: 10moscow228
'onshore creditcard processing' now what would that be:S?

the stretch of the document is usian companys would be disadvantaged if the russians set up creditcard processing in russia.
even at first glace ofcourse that is hypocrite. why wouldnt a nation set up creditcardprocessing?

well: " Visa would no longer profit from these transactions"

allrighty, so russia is through usian diplomacy (politics) forced to guarantee visa profits??

The law would set up a National Payment Card System (NPCS), which XXXX reported would likely be run by a consortium of state banks as either a non-profit entity or a joint stock, profit-making company. "

is that the problem? a nonprofit entity?

but it gets more funny:
5.(C) In the proposed draft of the law, if international payment card companies choose not to join the NPCS, they will have to set up on-shore processing centers. But neither Visa nor MasterCard representatives,
which together have 85% of the Russian payment card market, are willing to say whether they would be willing to do so.

so even as usia is agressivelly lobbying russia to give visa an unchallenged marketshare of russian financial transactions the givernment, and ambassadors are kept in the dark by the company's they are representing??

now who is the boss there, potus? (president of the united states) or visa.

visa obviously.

nice peek into reality.
mbeki.. they dont like him. perhaps he is a bit hard to handle, and indeed it is sad he would not retract his idiotical statements about aids, justified in so far that it would sound he acceots the official covertstory for that artifical plaque, but wrong in that it shows he is reluctant in emancipating sexuality and by extension in this context , women.

this goes for zuma as well. however they like him more then they admit, because he is smart and straight, even if he exploits political options, he hasn't betrayed his ideological vision.

he 'also keeps his composure' wich can be a very good thing, keeping your composure is a sign of staying calm and not turning violent quickly. however, zuma part two is missing, and with all he whining i saw about him, i can hardly be sure this picture is completely warranted.

the document however left me with a good impression of him. i am curious about mandelas opinion. mandela has a great deal of integrity and is a very usefull source of information as a result.

then tsvangirai. ok it is a bit nitpicky and wow what a lovely tasty juicy incorrect story about that diamondfield, nice diamonds there:p. (heey aljazeera featured that around that time...)
i don't know if mdc was involved according to that doc.

09harare1004 otoh shows a typical insight in politicians (and that tsvangirai himself is perhaps not the ideal person to adopt that attitude)

"He also acknowledged that his public statements calling for easing of sanctions versus his private conversations saying they must be kept in place have caused problems."

he lied to the public. and they tell him to shut up about it in private ('acknowledged" - admitted.. what guild he admitted? telling in private)

last remarks.
seems we are winning the cyberwar.
i admire you people, and love you for that, let's stick to our ways, for freedom and future.
tsvangirai perhaps does not deserve to be directly targetted by me, he's been beaten up before and he is only trying to be political and following his leads(uk,usia) advices.
otoh. transparance is transparance all the way. and the doc reveals his willingness to surrender business to usia and uk "do business with".

there was more noticable about the few docs i discuss here.
and there is a lot that remains to be said about julien assange's case.
indeed he deserves to be released, the foulmouthed remarks "a mischievious prankster' springs to mind, remarks from the worse of the corporations slaves, and the hot talk of former cia heads etc. notwithstanding

into the legal (and actually illegal) aspects of the case i will dig in another post.
its getting a bit much.

i wish everyone of us the best for now, and cheers and thumbs up really for showing who will win the struggle for a virtual and real future.
insist on transparance
take care
be solidair
thank you julien.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

leakout ivorycoast

what do you think will be the leakout of this?

i still have high hopes. mostly that everything gets published. however, this is a sour planet indeed. you cant make a joke, bc ppl will take it serious, and you can't be serious, bc ppl will make a joke out of it.(so i have my informers in the chinese parliament??)

i quit reading the cables for now, if really only the way to get to them will be the encrypted file, i can jump to what interests me at that point, and worse, if i dont get it working i have a lot of time to look at the remaining ones, so some of the fun is gone.

however i want to write about ivorycoast. in hindsight i am curious what dutch tv showed and said, for fun value mostly. i can guess.

the point is it feels like ivory coast is the hostage of usia.
for starters i think and wrote my suspicion is the western world wanted gbagbo to win, well with the cables still forthcoming they all decided to support Qattari.

however there is no follow up. i think ivory coast is the cia's hostage inhere.

i wonder if i say something they don't like, will they light the fire of war?
if something happens in relation to these cables they don't like, i don't mean as a result really, more in terms of continued pressfreedom..

i know how it feels to be blackmailed by machinations, and i feel like that.

so i watched when aljazeera had a topic. quality journalism i say, you don't usually see a discussion as revealing on tv. not here.

the best thing about gbagbos ambassador was his sense of humor.
basically he said, if usia can use a republican constitutional court to fraudulently elect bush it is legal. why not here? he didnt use the word fraudulently ofcourse.

next he said, the guys from the north (sorry to say for all the secret loving diplomats but my opinion their collegues are trashy when it comes about justice) come and kill.

an argument with an impact, however it lost him the debate.

a refugee, woman, pointed out he came to power through deathsquads, through intimidation, and through a coup with no elections.

i think only one thing, when will we finally start respecting african lives and people.

free the hostage, open the secrets that put dictators in charge.

Monday, December 6, 2010


something like this tells a lot about the whole of the message ofcourse.

(C) The Qatari government's appreciation of U.S. training and technology presents numerous prospects for U.S. engagement. We know that Qatar will need trainers, assistance on selection of physical security equipment (such as delta pop-up barriers, fences and anti-vehicle berms), nonlethal weapons and tactics, and other technological equipment (CCTV, etc). Offshore protection is an area with the greatest potential;

it's diplomatical language or so it says and what sticks behind really,
let's start with GOQ 'appreciation', what if they hate it? (they don't like the claim on foreign equipment and facility usia are making)

prospects is golddigger language. engagement is: we do what we want and do that with weapons if we like. so it says, despite that qatar doesn't like our weapons programs, we see a splendid opportunity to make money, if they like it or not.

well at that point i am still curious, golddigger language okay, militairy terms for economical claims, well you have to see it even in the papers.. reads on, fences barriers:S? if they think they don't need them what is wrong with you, you might think.

they don't want qatar to look like the average muslim or qatari is an insane, certainly when the only thing really dangerous to be around tends to be the people offering to roadblock qatar.

at least i guess so. except for the ppl selling the TV's most people are not really enthusiastic to bodyscan the whole world for the sake of a misleaded christmas terrorist or the next weird story.

if its so easy to catch the craziest guys for wanting a thing like that actually you should start the therapy immediatly. if on the other hands there are no such people and only such storys, by creating a roadblocked world with gunpoints all around we are sure to get it.

incidents have allways been, and however we squirm they will as a matter of scales become larger. so even if the GOQ does like it, there might be plenty of people opposing the odd theory.

with less police on the street i like it better. i even feel safer, people are different. usians have a preoccupation with putting out stuffed up militias everywhere in nations that have never proven to cope in a political way with a normal militia. or cops or whatever.

senseless. back to the topic. selling arms. so i wondered still a bit.. after the row of prospected sales. offshore protection has the greatest potential..

potential. riot. if you blow a well they buy a vessel? potential is not anymore golddiggerlanguage.
it's explosive expert language, it's also if you put battery's into something. the machine is there, and you know it is going to work. and economically what it means is , even more money.

it's not an area to deserve attention, it's one with potential, and with CCTV they would be the only ones to enjoy the views of what really goes off.


ok i think either there are a few more of yesterdays cables then yesterday, or perhaps i was utterly fascinated by one or two (i was actually rather interested in some).

the note taking system didnt' work, i don't take notes(yet). i think of them sometimes.
4-12-2010 was an interesting day there because so many of the docs confirmed positions taken.

for example i started out with the document on chinas press freedom. the one about coverage of the partycongress specifically. perhaps without notes it is actually better btw. less of a danger to any kinds of sources. (not only theirs or the chinese)

but thats like scaremongering. these people managed to function very often on high levels for many years. the usual autocrat regime will definitily keep an eye on whatever contacts of their keypersonal. "do they talk with an ambassador" and next.. about what have they been talking.

even if i don't trust usian reports and perhaps 'would-be' reports, they show very well that the usual official meeting gets registered and reported. i am somewhat convinced it is hardly feasible to be a regular contact of say the consulate in beijng and have noone noticing.

it may also be in causal relation that relatively many of their contacts are relatively senior. outside a less precise insight in chinas prioritys usual people don't have so many excuses to meet.

the document about reporting of the congress didnt manage to make a very credible impression. to much of the 'press freedom rhetorics'. that besides, i would guess the content about the partycongress coverage is somewhat correct. if i am not mistaken aljazeera wrote on the same line about the event. (it was a bit boring and supported to little the public discussion)

that might not mean much ofcourse, except that aljazeera has many very professional journalists that do have a professional interresse in coverage.

in so far that part of the information is also an open door. it confirms for anybody to read it that has been interested in the event what i assume several papers wrote.

generally i think what all our papers write about such an event is screened. allthough perhaps not allways. i also wondered if the subjects didnt raise the attention of more chinese then doc . suggested. at some point the chinese informer himself seems to be relating exactly the kind of stuf usia wants to hear, and i must say the doument made a quite insincere impression on me.

it's a bit hard to guess if perhaps at top level they are also confirming their own biases here.
yet the document is revealing.

it's so full of supposed western pressfreedom that it strongly suggests wikileaks shouldn't be any problem at all.

next i read some about google in china, 1 percent of the links gets censored, now i would hate to know 1 percent of my links to be censored, besides probably way more actually are , that is.

of what remains to have 1 political percent censored would never be a help ofcourse. it depends then what is actually being censored in china except pornography.

stuff like chen a minh square is. ok surprising, and crazy i admit. but stuf about violent incidents through the police here gets routinely censored to the extent hardly anyone has an idea what kind of things go on and can go on. the very subjects of a demonstration, or arrests, let alone an activist campaign are routinely smeared and misinformed about, and very lousily documented through the somewhat more official and financially strong media.

so besides ofcourse killing people and driving over them with tanks is an extreme case even in a nation with a billion people, a similar or very similar incident might well be censored. theres no webpages about the heroism of the french urban resistance recently, and if there are any they are surely not easy to find or government sponsored.

don't want to say it is the same, but its damn similar. take for example haiti. if i understood the papers well there will be a change of power (however relative in some of the possible outcomes.)

i hope there will, the past ten (20 maybe even by now) years it has been painfully obvious haitians don't trust the governemnt they have. and want another, and that the capitalist proprietary class is kept in charge over the "silly black people".

(if you dont vote quietly you will all get cholera, is the central slogan of every recent government- public interaction in haiti. note that sth like that would show up in diplomatical correspondence, and that thus far stuff like that remains remarkably absent and out of view. allthough not in the wider application , of projected morality and problems).

thats intimidation and probably worse. blackmail. noone wants their children to get cholera, not even if you are in a hopeless position in a camp after centurys of oppression. it might rather make more of an impression. you know afterall what they have been doing to your people for century's.

the good news is that since today (would wikileaks have made a deal..) international organisations support a some transition of power. theres bad news there as well, one of the 2 other candidates is thoroughly rooted in the current political climate, and my guess is their cards are on her now. then you get a sweeter toned voice with the same political content.. but the other candidate is apparently young and alternative, and usually they will play it in a way as to make people belief the next representative of the (an) establishment is an alternative.

simply put, if they get her in that position, and looks like they plan that, in another 5 or 10 years somewhere a heap of documents might turn up that show her as a trustee informer.

ofcourse i am not sure about it, but it is with oppositions in suspect systems a lot and it is with elections that bring for the outside corporate world unwanted change , a lot.

to this and also cote 'divoire i still have the following to say. i am basically against people staying in charge of ill understood things like political entity's. even if they don't intend to , the longer they stay the more they settle, and perhaps even worse, the more this settling takes a materialist direction. it is more so when the nation is less informed. ie. poorer and less educated.

that is because in such societys more rather simple routes to power are open. not uncommonly there is some great reference for authority, and even when people are not corrupt they are very much used to bargain for their needs and wishes with material means. its easier to be corrupt in a poor nation.

as a result i have a great distrust for any kind of establishments in poor nations.

personally i think about ivory coast it is good when gbagbo leaves. he is there for some time now, and my impression is the phase of constructivity for him is over, and the phase of entrenchment
has already arrived. he will not only entrench his own position, but might be entrenching whole social layers. that would go to christians and as a result society would actually be polarising.

however if he remains the support of the army, my impression is there is nothing the ic ("international community") will do. they want to 'sit around one table' with him, to write contracts etc. still, would he win the next 'elections'.

hes not even a nice man to sit around tables with him i understand. its more about the contracts then the table.

but it's also safety , if some kind of rebels with a remotely islamic background fight a dictators army we know who's side they will choose, and who will still be safe in ivory coast then.

must note to this that in so far i know he isnt among the very meanest of potentats, and in how far he tried to make ivory coast a better place is also a question unanswered for now.

however it is obvious he hasnt been able to breach the division. it is also obvious neither the international climate nor the circumstance of having a split muslim christian population to africa itself, are very conductive to that.

last but not least it is obvious doing so in westafrica is not necessarilly easy.

on a sidenote elderly woman and children, (few and thus mostly rich ones btw), are allowed to flee even if so far things are somewhat calm. it doesnt mean much except there is still some freedom of movement. ask palestineans about what freedom of movement menas, or iraki, it's not nothing. it's not a typical muslim thing either if i am fair.

in a cultural way, but also literrally muslim society is predictably more restrictive even then a re-restricting european society not uncommonly.

it stands for the social immobillity also, physical mobility promotes and facilitates social mobility.
you have to look at it with some courage, then it is even worse, people staying all their lives in one village, one region, are socially immobilised and easily can be used as an obstacle for social advances. (being old fashioned and narrowminded they tend to vote way more conservative then their interests lay, for example.)

that is nothing muslim of trikont, it's essential in maintaining status quo everywhere in europe and all over the united states exactly and not coincedentually so.

ok. ill do the next bit, that got me so wary i quit all the reading for a while,
dadis cammara.

you remember the guy from guinee? the guy that made the increasingly less impressive media appearances? ofcourse there have been some exceptions. although guinee is not a great mess after he left, wich should be surprising in the light of the many complaints and reproaches.

if you read their reports that is certainly surprising. btw the question arrives why do these reports that are essentially medical make such a job out of portraying him (negatively).

no matter what contempt he met in morocco he was still welcome in burkina faso, it suits everyone, and that in turn suits burkino faso that is in the hands of some coup takers that killed the hero of the people for more then 10 years now.

note, gbagbo has them as an allie.

camara himself is a sad case, with part two of the report missing, and him receiving an old bullet in his head in the betweens, the conclusions that can be drawn is pervert pleasures are common to the projected readers of these documents, and that sth. is the matter with the whole case.

allthough i feel pitty for him, perhaps undeserved, it is not completely clear to me what is his condition. not suit to rule.. so much is made painfully obvious.

meanwhile back in connary the people still shiver from fear for him. and voices to bring him back magnify their fears enough that renewing the nations dealing has so far proven illusive.
i again wonder if that is so much a bug as really a feature.

however if he really set up militia "everywhere" things would be a bit scary.

you can perhaps guess why it made me stop reading. a very distastefull story and full of insecuritys i can hardly expect to be reported on by 'diplomatic cables' (released to army personal).

ok.. on with the reading, i am glad new things arrived. in between all that aljazeera published some detail i haven't yet read and will btw not be specifically looking for allthough i will be interested if it happens to be between my picks) about... aljazeera.

rotfl. you know, i publish there a little, and certainly love to be critical about them. however the accusation (that for Qatari political interests they be a willing tool and would even shut down for a year) seems either farfetched or strongly exagerated.

aljazeera is somewhat of a political tool, (like all media) and very often on the exact lines of usian propaganda, pressfreedom, but also in choices and picks. only if the public opinion is aware of the discrepancy you can be very sure aljazeera will also be critical, they don't usually steer in the nato's soups.(1)

in one case i noticed their reporting was strongly influenced by arab prejudice. sth about oceania it was. but i reacted to it and an example as extreme i havent again seen. in a few cases individual reporters , contributors, bloggers, whatever, do the same, but they are far and between.

topics that are in the news get a decent and impartial coverage compared to other newsoutlets.
(allthough you could interprete the sympathy with the underdog as partial in a statistical way,
there should be no surprise that opinions of for example muslims and indigenious people are better represented then elsewhere.)

besides that if there is one agenda they are serving it is the nato's. if nato decides to waste every article with a few standard agiprop phrases (like everything about northkorea endlessly repeating about the boat sunk without questionmarks) al jazeera loyally joins in.

i guess ppl will say : you see!? but there are just to many examples of endless repetition of known "facts", to leave that credible. another one is every article about haiti mentioning that a some official said "otherways everyone will have cholera". alltho that one did not go unnoticed either, it is mentioned everytime and not critisized explicitly.

i see no practical possibillity they would stop broadcast for a year. well maybe that was 12 years ago or so. when they didnt have this much of a regular and broad service.

but what was long ago, and when things were different then now, should not be the light we put things in.

1) it is indeed on the positive side about qatar, although even there renewing. in the least in cases, maybe over the whole. and to be honest, qatar (and bahrein, dubai, uae) are somehow part of the nato soup.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


finally a post about richard leakey... well no, he wasn't a very meticulous scientist. allthough he did have the creativity to look at the right place, that might well have been a result to classified acces to definite informations..

I have been taking some more peeks at the cables, and it feels like a responsability to write about the things. sometimes i can't even put a finger on why they make me think certain things, about a conspiracy. like this or like that.

it's a bit like the elections in ivory coast i guess, notwithstanding hillarys patronage, they had to scrap the result in the 7 northern (muslim? well usually northern equals muslim in westafrica) provinces.

so its all in the balance of power. to put it openly, i am not even against it. it may be the result of propaganda, but i am under the impression that in the 21st (and late 20th probably) century so far muslims are safer under christians then the other way around.

nothing absolute, just a development gap i am sure. before another 400 or so years, there wasn't the slightest difference, and that we have gbagbo may well be a result of that circumstance.

that besides gbagbo is a bit of a despot i think, but i am not sure, it's just that every westafrican longstanding leader falls into that category with me. so maybe the west is betting on the wrong horse. in the long run then. in the medium term i think their contracts will be pretty safe, with him needing extra training of security troops etc. now.

actually i even think of him as probably corrupt, however if it sticks to what i already mentioned, bussiness contracts with the western multinationals, well then it isn't as bad as it can get.

some dark place in my memory suggests otherwise, but i will not be trying to compile a short history and impression of that nation. i am trying to write about the leaked cables.

i find it hard to say the right thing, for one thing it is quite a heap even if only 667 had been released yesterday, for another thing it touches on very many very relevant subjects.
(although perhaps some of them don't deserve to feature so prominently)

a third problem is i can deduce some things, i can guess a few more, and my instinct tells me there is something the matter about still more, but doubts allways remain.

people have their personal biases to name one, some of these biases you even need to get higher up in this world. (and i think that is what makes politics so stupid sometimes).

economy to name one, you have to have a holy belief in economy and it's 'laws' (more or less complicated versions of " i want more") to talk all day as if it makes a difference if you rule capitalist or good.

i have a personal bias against people invoking 'economics' as a result. so even my observation could be clouded by bias.

nonetheless i have fought bias my life long and i am aware that such is helpfull.

so the biggest problem is the mass of material, i read through a doc. or 2 or 3 or 4. and in the march i have my ideas, and sometimes analyses.(meaning i could support the idea by eg. quoting from the document) the problem is even bigger because i dont trust the documents very much let alone completely, so perhaps it is interesting to touch on that.

i am not going to generalise , i don't even have the tools for it;) but every document i have seen so far received some personal attention, with the view of not telling to much, not confronting the existing ideas in the usian military, not giving an ineffective impression (allthough i think usia has quite some smart diplomats as a result of reading it)

so on the first desk it may be selfcensored, partly from reports that might be censored in someone or somewhats interesses, next it goes somewhere, to a usian ministry usually, and it gets cleared(censored) for sipnet.

perhaps it got screened in between, condoleeza you could bother with some awfull detail about woman, (she definitily hated it), but clinton?

(not sure if it worked like that but you get the idea)

there are cases that intelligence services go for the censored versions of the storys. and there are cases that usian diplomats suffer from wishfull thinking themselves.
all in all it makes a credible impression as huge pile or worked documents that , and that is the real historical point of them) made their impact , in this version or a (slightly) more elaborate, informative, dirty, one.

some documents also appear as credible as complete fabrications. one stood out, but i havent memorised wich one. probably i didnt read it as thoroughly, if i think, oh crap, this is crap and the next paragraph i think,... only crap. i rather go for the next doc then annoy myself more.

ok those are subjects i have seen crapped about more then this so np. is what i think than. it's a bit like reading the commercial newsoutlets (confirming that same thing so the check is pretty much in that i know the newsstory didn't hold ).

to give a current example, initial reporting mentioned that the korea incident followed on usian exercises, well not anymore , not after 1 day or so after the incident. then all news got censored.

so if i would see a doc that would confirm that circumstance,(there was no usian exercise going) i know it is crap.

however that a part of a document serves to convince the lower echolonned readers, doesnt mean the rest of it could not be carrying a kernel of reality somewhere.

yes i stay cynical for a long time before jumping into conclusions.

next many of them appear rather genuine. perhaps doctored, but the conversation took place, and ,although cleared, some of the detail was really mentioned. (i think not allways all)

i think i saw one that was really from the hand of clinton. well a thing like that is very fascinating to begin with. whats the personality as a professional, do i see a personal approach?

it left an ok impression. smart, rather some personal focus, but perhaps a bit stubborn, you don't get what you want by repeating it , even to your servants.

in that sense she should try to be a tad more flexible. won't be easy, it is the hardest thing there is, changing yourself, and her ways have amongst things led to the succes of obama getting elected. she deserves the plume there.

that besides, it is just my impression, it is well possible that a more pragmatical attitude is quite unworkable in the usian political scene.

however i wouldn't favour that to extend into my correspondence,

you may wonder if it is coincedence, the army and as a result much of the secret services (and by extension the diplomatical corps) are a typical republican thing (the nuke m mentality is, selling guns is, and most of the recent presidents were, there is why.)

so you have to account they will portray hillary in a less favourable light then would the original author have been mccain. (i dont think palin would have the quality).

gosh it might even be funny, oh well, she must have some merits, being smarter and more human then huckabee for one thing is something that is not so hard to do.

(i thought butchers were not allowed even in usian jury's, man can you be wrong)

i acknowledge i think he is a psychopath for coming up with nothing more creative and constructive then he did, worse even, a sociopath.

there's so many observations to make, israel eg. so far is remarkably absent, oh yes there is one i read, an assesment of how eagerly israel would attack iran somewhat on their own iniative.

must say usia shows some restraint, no matter they appear to leave the option to support that open. take me litterally, some restraint is some restraint, not hardly any, not a lot, but it means they are not riding their chairs for exceitement by the idea, and so maybe the iranians and the world will be spared this next greatwar project.

on some occasions it gets pretty sinister. these usually involve armstrade, when armstradedeals are subsubject (meaning they are majorly part of the subject but usually indicated before explicated, and touched upon before described precisely) it can get really very sinister.

to be sure about if armstrade and war are not regarded an asset with it's own value i'd have to read a bit more. and to erase the impression it should actually be rather different. meaning

i think it is sinister, when i read parts with armstrades in (or left out) i get uncanny. sometimes i think it is selling arms and faring war for the sake of the industry and that diplomacy is for the sake of that as well. such parts can be real challenges, especially when the impression is strong but the indications very meagre.(1)

"reading between the lines" .

i allways considered it an art, and childoff i am used that the socalled free media, had no other means to express. as a result i assume some diplomats and politicians also have the capacity to write and read between the lines.


i get back on topic soon, perhaps ill take notes and give examples to all in my next post.
however i am quite used to working with no archive but my mind, it is a big step.

(1) it is worth spending a few words to elaborate on this. in some cases i have the impression all of it is luggage, except the most farfetched implications of 'reading between the lines' and that they indicate they are actually plotting wars / armed violence. even in documents that stress democracy etc. a lot, so that it would mean they are consciously faking such messages, and that a (probably small?) part of recipients would still, i can't think of another expression, find pervers pleasure.

i hope i am paranoid and oversensitive there. The picture of an all dominant political entity (for example they are the boss of the EU and the nations therein) with at least some good intentions (and trying to trade arms) is less scary then this. will try and pay attention.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


it's crude, it got published, my mum said clinton did not enjoy her transparancy role. dunno about that, i mean if you don't like to be as corrupt as to do sth you rather just not do it isn't;)

'higher' diplomacy ..

that's all very fine and i know little less. in the personal my impressions are not implausible, that's also helpfull. It's weird with ideas, like a famous russian neonazi explained, a jewish mum helps, and blessings and curses work for 7 generations do they?

bugger, people will stop reading, nah that is biases for, to autocensure the biased. as the saying goes, they allways say it themselves;)

funny again intelligence tried that, to have their covers better under by being informed, but it trended to turn the coppers, so they are more easy to catch again.

whats it to be a slave of a system, of any of the intrinsically corrupt policeapparatus, eg.

like hillary, instead of saying the republicans in congress i fear, she plays the masculin hero calling for rudeness and vengeance. the "bad man" to everyones robin.

obama was down for signing (his first? yes i guess) deathpenalty, or so the story goes.
got used to it i guess. in the stronger terms. the clichee, the things you find in dispatches.

okay should i explain what makes a secretary state compromise on her feelings? except money i mean? maybe, but i am not gonna. not interested.

it's not i am gay or sth? you cant be carefull enough with the witchhunt on blowers of every tune. Odinga did that today, and it was enough to tell uganda is seeking that witchhunt as well. go figure what bloodlet is left in the education they lusted. oh well they are in usian peacearmy now so its allright.

it's not the topic, tho, just making a game out of it.

topic is feminism. hillary suits as an intro.

i have been a feminist for as long as i can remember.

i don't know if i have to thank my father for it, he used to shout unreasonably about me, and so did he about feminists (not even sure he did, he did about plenty of people) maybe it wasnt that, but for the idea, so i thought, , hey this is the unreasonable thing. they must as much as me be right to be the target of such rude abuses.

maybe it wsnt it, but maybe it was, my mum was sorttoff a latent feminist for all her life, she went on to be really emancipated, but in familys with jewish roots afaik that is nothing unusual, or at least, she needn't be a feminist for me to be a functional adult in the centre of our cosmosses.

i don't think she sympathised with feminism loudly, but i guess somewhiles she contradicted the big bad dad on the subject, so i knew what it was at. i am not sure, i have no clear emmory on any of this, perhaps i could read before they used the word, in wich case i probably read it in the paper when i was 6, 7 maybe. 6 i bet, i remember the 69 war from the papers.. (the 6 day war in israel, heh i talked about cairo with people, didn't know noone understood that yet. wonder what they thought:D. i understood it:) (believe it or not most people these days probs dont have an idea the two relate or have anything to do with no matter what, dutch politics adults would not usually understand when i was a kid, at home they would, dad to get angry:D)

you see this hasnt much to do with feminism atm, that is because it is a difficult subject.
on that question i'd answer yes, i guess yes i thought my mum needed heaps of it, quite that rather emancipated.

then again i was on her side as a matter of cause wasn't i? i think i told him oncw i agreed with feminism, anyhow i was like that, if i disagreed i made it known in a substantiated perhaps even poetical way to the dad thing, it might hurt me, well i just didn't like injustice.

i flatter myself when i think about what followed, changed the whole parential concept for the freaking world:p

when i was a child, woman had as little to say about a child as in kosovo, fortress hillary kosovo ..
thats usefull to know, in the 1960s the civil codex for parential care was at the level of the sharia.

yes i flatter myself about that. (picasso himself hints he gave away the paintings btw, and if he knew them so well he wouldnt have complained of missing them, screw you rich guys, hand the man his 300 million euro it is worth at least. (i guess tehy'd shoot him shortly after ..)

anyhow picasso tells us somewhere in a interview that he has a surprise waiting, in the sense of paintings of his, still after his death, that it would be good for a laugh:) except that i remember that, it shows i liked art and was apt at ebcoming sth like picasso (good sales, not to much of a job)

ended up i thought other things more relevant and that ended with being a critics and a freewheeling 'analyst'. so what with feminism.

i dont really think as a child i had a the feminist problem much, later it has been very important for me, and allthough my relations with girls were not splendid (wearing glasses being quite a nerd and uhm, i think my mums relgious persevrance of the antisexuality perhaps found fertile ground in the innocent child? my father wouldn't have been to much of a help, so what is callerd in netherlands "het gereformeerden syndroom". i guess, maybe it was even different.

after all i was quite right children dont have that great differences.
my first feminist memory that has made a great impression on me i was perhaps 10 or so, maybe a bit older, even 14, i never hurried in getting old, so i don't know for sure,

i used to sit sometimes in the village in public places, crowded places, in front of the supermarket eg. watching the people go by, it interested me, they knew i liked to do it i think, some asked me why i sat there and looked, i explained, everything was ok. being a boy and having what some boys have i payed some extra attention to girls, can't help it, sometimes i did. not very consciously i think, i just remember them more easily, one day

guess it wasn't the first time i recognised people i had seen before, i recognised the mothers with children, i must have been sitting there for a year :o not allways ofcourse.

they were the girls from past year, i was completely surprised, not that girls got babys, but that it went so quickly, i was shocked actually.

last year they were pretty fine young girls , really young and often really pretty, blond usually, bleeched i know now, some were really pretty, that i could easily remember them for a year.

and now, they were mothers. i wasn't against mothers, but there was a difference, girls had small noses, mothers big. quite a few such differences i had allways seen between girls and mothers,

i don't want to mention them, it would be a row. as i had observed there was nothing positive for the girls to become a mother, not for the girls that. but i had allways assumed it went slowly,
that it would take 6 maybe 10 years, the girls thought of me, i went home, thought of them, thought it exciting they thought of me. still don't know my age at the time 10-13 i think.

i spend time that time watching the people, i spend more time then ever paying attention to young mothers, after i was sure i went, i don't think i ever watched people in the same way again, hardly on the places, in no great amount.

for me it has allways been a part of my feminist inspiration, the idea that that was wrong, that pretty charming happy positive girls in one year were forced to get big noses.

they were not treated right, there really wasn't a way to achieve that without giving someone hardship, an incredible burden to girls wholly unprepared, and no very well treatment besides.

so much was medically obvious.

(i can be a bit quick with my judgements)

perhaps you think it has not been my inspiration but i have never forgotten it.

so when we got that in school it was old news anyway, i think it was mainly treated in the secondairy, 'feminism' i s'pose with it's functional applications it is now more often called emancipation in the compendium, and got changed over to history, that what we don't know about. can know but most don't.

it was in social education. maybe there is a term more close, social history. it told people that you can vote etc. why u can vote, who invented the voting, ofcourse that in netherlands you ended up with really little to say, and the history of that. usefull stuf allthough there is hardly a student , let alone a nut like me, waiting for an extra study.

i liked it. the teacher smelled, allways, someone else must have written that, he allways did.
nice guy btw, i really think i tried to support the ordre in his class, what will he have thought:S.

i stop here or i will become indiscrete. there is not much about that. and i doubt he would mind, i wonder what great job he is smelly at now, if at a school they must have either got him married or cleaned up another way? does it still exist? i wonder, teachers that really smell?

good way to get rid of a dumb job anyhow.
crazy, never thought about what forced him to do this kind of labour, or what allowed him so.

i think i once heard he's a history teacher now, but i am a terrorist you know, he was part of the authoritarian clique, idiots with syndromes like my fathers.

when i asked after him i may even have thought i was politically challenged (quite that),

i wonder whats his syndrome, i thought at some time perhaps korea, he never told, i think he said he hadn't.
i was so small i asked, also not once?

he would buy that kind of stuff you know.

i think perhaps he had'nt been personally active, he said so it correlated with stuff, he kept his uniform, oh i was a child and he explained how mostly for the russians there, he didn't like it, allthough it shaped his life, well it symbolised his failure as a scientist perhaps, because of poverty.

he disliked perhaps even hated weapons, i think he *didn't* carry a weapon. went through the war and all that.

oh yes i realise, his was a child abuse syndrome probably.

k terrible, my post about feminism will still have to wait for some time, will it?

gl so far,

hillary and obama should use the usual facistoid nice pictures a bit more for some reason, or is it to credible to have a crisis as a democrat.(time to do some real bad pictures else bush 'll win the next elections for the reps)

really the only recent nice picture was when the two looked so nice together in the sweet role of wonderfull coordination. glad to see you team yourself better then i do.

saw that picture? the two really being really togetherish over their governing role? hard to explain, obama is quite a great man with knowledge almost like a usual man.

nothing new about the us personal intelligence prop still being for the us personal really is it?


for me intelligence is surprisingly simple often. it goes like this, something is happening in the world, at one or more places (most often one) i publish an opinion about the case.

if it meets the criteria of the secret services it is published.
these criteria are diverse, making some errors helps. not telling the truth outright may help, saying things that suit nato usia or israel works great. in actual cases of emergency i take pains to please those powers and still get a message out.

when the better opinion of the case is not a secret but not the peoples one, and it happens to be my perception, chances it gets through are great.

if on the other hand i say something they don't want known, or that hits a mark most people didn't even know was painted on them, i tend to get censored.

then my original idea turns into a case of reverse engineering, what is the thing that is not meant for you, the public.

my relation with media in general is similar the past so many years (ups and downs, but basically it got a tad worse over the whole and a tad less agressive in the personal).

not much perhaps. its not like i think it got better over the past 1o years or so at all, with freedom of expression or freedom of conviction.

the paranoia is also growing, there is some sort of imperialisation on ideas going on, that turns ideas that before say 5 years were all but unspeakable into newly made secrets.

the mechanics and intentions of this censoring, mediastrategy, control, you name it, seem to fertily breed new fears, so over the whole i think it is getting worse. it can be a tad misleading that wikileaks really means a thing to the secrecy circles on the planet, yet it is bound to happen on neigh every subject, so that is doubtfull.

Now that i feel the need to post, means intrinsically i have been censored in expressing my opinions and insights, wich in turn means i have something to think about, being :what is it that others are not supposed to know.

don't worry if you are an interested reader, it happens quite a lot.

very often it happens when it concerns actual mediatopics of the current moment, especially the ones that are made to be trending about 'terrorism'.

the reason for this is so much is secret about them. and the reason for that is that we are fed with what is mostly bullshit for an analyst result on a daily bases.

so it is strikingly common for me to find inconsistency's and propaganda items in current affairs. and it is as common to be made aware of the limit to what the public is allowed to know.

i think what explains my ease in collecting the impressions that are bound to be target of censoring is that i have a long history of critical research and observation of politics in the wider sense. (in actuality but also in theory, in practice, in experimental ways, pure facts, scientific analyses and on more social levels i am strongly interested , and have allways tried to stay somewhat up to date.)

personally i experience that as a historical interesse, because history repeats so many of the features but also because more often then not for what is going on now there are a lot of interesting historical examples. so wether i am right or not i experience it as historical work.

i take some time getting to the point, but the crude message that it is very hard to get opinions out, let alone get the opinions you want out, even as historical data, or objective sidenotes and observations must be made clear.

doubts are the sanest thing for everyone to have with the news we are fed.

so quite contrary to the last two times i delved a bit into the newest wikileaks,
militairy reports tend to be boring and superficial, mostly in abreviations, and many people studied the first two leaks with more interesse then me (it was all not very new to me).

also i had the idea that if great revelations ( as opposed to finetuned precise comparisons and statistical analyses) were in they would tend to be the focus for enough researchers without me.
people with way better (imo statistic) tools to extract some more information from the pile of rather raw data.

i also felt it was incomplete, as an example the team and unit involved with shooting the reuter reporter appeared to be both absent and prominent in ways that are only and best explained by interference.

nevertheless i had the idea the bulk of data was indeed what it said raw relatively undoctored data. reasoning there is just to much of it to just cook it all up i assumed the real catalogue would be the base for the release, no matter to what extend it would be (eg. mechanically by random generation) doctored.

that means i think atm, it was partly doctored partly screened, but still opened up data for interpretation, and unfortunately mostly for statistical analyses for wich i do have a talent even without the tools, but lack the inspiration to set out on so great a task.

however i read about what researchers and journalists found there when i could and for what i met. counting that as my statistical sample.

maybe i am cynical, because i tend to inform myself decently in as far as i can, and for many people it was the great eyeopener in some way, but for me it was hardly.

so with the new release upcoming i was still a bit sceptic. what now, well i can tell you there is every attempt to make it seem i take the stuf serious, wich i do only less as a result of that ofcourse.

i think of them in a similar way, an incomplete and interfered resource.
most probably taken from at least partly original files however and with the need to reflect actual diplomatic activitys and circumstance , for someone as suspicious as me, that is still more then the military files a trove indeed.

and even if for me acces to wikileaks is still blocked it was interesting to read what the great (and very loyal) newspapers published as their impressions.
especially the guardians raw documents be they few and select, i read with fascination, the ones i did. i was to convinced i was also fed information through their absolute say in my choice and its limitations to want to go through all, or more then i feel like at the whim.

i guess i think that whenever i am fed information it is unwise to absorb to much propaganda, and i think that is wiser also. this feels better, to reflect on the credibility before even giving statistic credibility for my appreciation of them.

so what do i think.

i dont have enough data to judge yet, from what i seen and read, i doubt slightly this is the real thing. otoh it is somewhat to complete in some aspects to be fully doctored and made up.
at least that seems the case to me atm. that beside a lot of the dispatches are historically interesting (typically like when mandela was released) wich would work fine to sweeten the case for the media and provide the right kind of interesting storys to grab peoples attention over some period and to be convincingly paralel to a history we know, so as to remain convincing.

so i am not interested in such cables (their virtue is mostly that nothing new can essentially be in so they form some rudimentairy check on the real setup of such diplomacy).

i am in no way connected sufficiently to the heap of documents to say anything definite about that unfortunately. (i try to find them all not for no reason, it is enough that i could get a long way in analysing quite some recent history perhaps to a point i could not before.

and its great for laughs:D. like predictable they all have their own agendas , the diplomats, and all of them evade the truths what they can. one example, bruns i think he is named, a vice to clinton produces fine reads that are food for thought because he is very reluctant to do much more then listen eg.

since if one thing is clear it is that there is a limit to the integrity of the documents (else there wouldn't have been a need for censoring me) i will now give you the most rational and secret reason why the documents are doctored.

these documents are taken from a network for loyal usian citizens, everyone with some security clearing (there are many different kinds and levels) had acces to them (at least theoretically).
that means they had been doctored to confirm the biases and wanted opinions of a innercircle of "secret bearers" that ofcourse need to stick close to the regimes policy's for security reasons.

i think that is one prime reason why these documents confirm most aspects of usian foreign politics so clearly. and i think it is the bigger secret (because it is a good thing to know when you work with the data) that had me censored.

i think ill get back to the topic soonish. but eh.. like you are not supposed to... keep in mind they were preaching for their own parish in publishing exactly (perhaps) that what we now all read

you wont find a positive report about ahmedinajaadh for example on sirpnet or a moderate opinion on northkorea, they just dont need their lower level officials to think that nuanced.

kind regards, hope to been of help

Saturday, October 9, 2010

nobel special

i held the subject last year didnt i? well that was when obama got his for only lipservice so far,
i am not sure if it rewarded.

geesh i never heard of the guy that wrote the book, but yes he ran for president of a center rightwing platform just like we would expect in norwegia, and eh.. after all it is an easy way out of the fujimoro debacle (you bet they supported him enthusiastically, he is neoliberal so even more right then centre)

so the next topic is easily liu. its a bit political i know i have to fear to admit, and apparently not enough for literature no matter the criterion of prolificence.
thats just kidding, i actually am quite sure his books deserve a better praise, chinese literature only started suffering the internet syndrome more recently.

talking about books, i am under the impression many boring books are sold these days, i could be wrong but most of the books i recently stumbled upon their existence actually originate from usia, thats surprising as the nation is famed for it's general unawareness for the worldy matters, like eg 47% "only" knows the koran is the "holy" book of islam. could be a sampling bias, screw holy i think, no books are holy, quite the contrary.

perhaps if they had asked whats the scripture base for that next outrage called religion everyone had known.

anyhow about usian books , the ones i recently stumbled upon (without btw reading or considering buying them) are mostly very political, 100's, or so is my impression, books with political analyses or it's mymics (didn't read them) appear overthere. i have almost been jealous.

many of the titles and perhaps more importantly authors however are less then appealing, and in cases i don't hardly expect them to be the writers behind even, and i have been wondering in how far subsidying plays a role in their conception. in one case, i never seen the actual book or heard anyone talk or chat about it, it sold 100000s of copy's or so they said, its an old trick to buy heaps of books to sell a political view.

thats so contrary to my own perceptions of the state of usia all, i really wonder what sticks behind it. i think , at least part of it is literary pretence, if you dont read you are less of an intellectual containder, so people read, they really appear somewhat of the base for consensus in the usian debate, those books, in some cases, warranted or , what seems even through the mere quantity of books about a subject like irak or afghanistan by people having some stake, not.

so it had me wondering this year more then ever, i thought about it before, who deserves the literature price, lets not talk about peace prices, thats so obviously political and having little to do with the explosives nobel was once worrying about he invented, he was familiar with the krimean war for your informations.

so i wonder about that one a lot, and i came up with lulu and erdogan in my prejudiced christian thinking pattern in that ordre.
not that i hold these two in extreme esteem, but at least they diplomatically vied for actual antimilitarist peace the last year.

about the chinese guy i am not that sure, actually i dare doubt it, if bhutto had been so really great for peace they would not have promoted her return to pakistan either.

i think , its just a guess ofcourse he is more of a darwinist then that. this liu.

on the one hand i know him only from the corporate media, otoh we hardly have another,

no not about peace prices this time.

its the literature i am wondering about. it used to be there was nothing, a talented writer in the old days would be surrounded by boredom and clichee, find an only outlet on the desk full of paper, you had to conform with desks, but you can hide stuff in them outside official papers so they have their uses.

i would dream of flying into my library, the huge fauteuil and a good stroke of reading every day, had i been so priviliged i remember, but writing in a fauteuil is hard, you need a desk.

so in the old days if it wasn't the 'fine arts' it was writing, the outlet, the forum and perhaps even the confrontation with negativity so commonly found among the usual people had their transcedent utopian place of their own. the book in becoming.

yes i can see how that produced a greater literature then even the mid 20th century. i strongly admire the singular, and usually older man, and perhaps woman that write the literature these days. years of study and hard labour to produce what can be recognised by abstract but familiar criteria as literature..

there's allways been a bit to much generality in what has been called literature for me to stay completely serious, but in a way it is a besides anyhow. it is not my times, and these people had to do with their own pool of impressions, getting worrying now, its the uncensored blog you know, but i try to move on with the subject because it is really fascinating whilst....:

listen up, these people did have their inspiration, and the statistical truth is such inspiration must be here still in people. why don't we see it?

yes ofcourse, wich we don't, we do have to look into other media, but overestimate me for once and imagine i considered; thats pretty hard :o

i mention a few media that promote total anonimity of the original produce, tv series (influential , commonplace and certainly attracting followers, don't explicate the scripters.

computer company's that sell software wich is a product of a sophisticated and nearly philosophical kind of "code writing" thoughts proces.
games i have seen mentioned, but correct code, pristine data, in very boring and unentertaining applications may be where our greatest talents hide, i just don't know, but i am sure it is something.

perhaps coders get the according depressions, noone ever notices but a species only to survive if the product becomes a part of the collective conscience, did nobel think of that btw?

thats against the peace price then, he is only a product of economical rationality and noone that isnt clustered to ever the same channels on tv recognises him.

i am only trying for a better standard, don't take it out on me.
well so coding i think is underestimated as a literary product and deserves sampling. if only for the personality's , i should say psychology's, of the whole class.

what else? suggestions are welcome. i thought of eminem, not that i admire him much but he did have the kind of impact remotely comparable with bob marley, that you would expect his music in the middle of the desert, in moskwa or beying, and since he is from chicago, in new york for starters.

in the polar circle. again i forgot the name of the winner of the literature price, i tend to not try to remember things that for me bear no significance. he lost a presedential election once, pitty that i guess, i have seen more often that political ambition and serious thought bite another.
in me for example.

apart from that nothing revolutionairy promissing in the program i see. so not a great loss, fujimori himself was somewhat of an obama avant la lettre, ow that could be it that obama read him, lol. i guess thats what behind but it is boring to know the answer, it is often more interestin to wonder what else moved those pieces over the board.

tutu has a do, as a farewell present they acclaimed (some of) his candidates, certainly a higher aspiration been recognised in the man.

he is some placcard for those higher aspirations indeed , say..
well maybe he is, i just don't know him and he is not my association with the victory over apartheid, just a bisshop that opted to be not inhumane in a (all too, i know that was also pragmatical) moderate way. he doesnt deserve this great role from my pov. i am not a fan of those eternal moderations.

but thats personal and at least he played some role in the whole affair.
ok so i turned to the people, i asked everyone i met the day that could, or perhaps might also not be able to, read to mention what they called the literary experience, explicitly not book, they thought would be the best candidate.

my own idea, eminem, was more of an example, his impact has not been the past year, nor do i consider him the great master of contemporary rap and literature, allthough he is something there for sure. even he is a white thief of a darker produce and in that sense to some extent literary despicable. must say it is something to want to own, rap as a white, i can hardly not blame him, but for his , why so similar, role he deserves not to be rewarded, you can only make the big bucks if you are white.. and that is why bob marley did not find recognition as the greatest musician of the 20th century. subjective.

heh, so had they nominated eminem i had also left a great complaint, think about it, it is not a resignation.
and thats with nobel prices. white judeochristian publicity. for whites, and indeed by whites.
it has been made explicit even by the anouncements to go with it.

" no asians got the price recently" (if ever) and similar with literature, indeed i dont remember a single winner of my lifetime, maybe neruda was one. deservedly i would say. he did not follow an agenda, his were really books, not propaganda, it was even readible, something i tend to find in the usual 'literature' less then i ever expected.

we need a noble price winner for literature, neruda was from latin america, everyone will belief this, i can follow that, allthough what is really behind is he visits the church regularly.

and the chinese what would his religion have ado? as far as it is not obvious, every promotion of religious diversion in china is usefull in the eyes of western (would be) powerbrokers.

especially they must hope for more of a muslim reaction.

it besides liu has to much of a sentence, behind bars for ages for even reactionairy publicatairy activity is for me much to bear and hard to witness.
yet otoh, when you have those appearances of dissidency in netherlands you are at risk to be treated with chemicals that are illegal in international conventions, and if you protest it is kept out, and misreprented in, the media everyday. hard to proof ofcourse what is kept out.

strikingly so much that even an affront like ethiopia at times manages to look good in comparison. i will never again be impressed by the usual ' six arrests in (darfur, somalia, myanmar whatever they see resources) in our media after them spiriting away a hundred in our own capital.

thats over, credibility has died, there is only left to be fooled or not to be fooled.
and liu, i think he is naive. worse, i think he is that.. at best.

i fear i am giving to little credit, but i am not half as sure of that as i would indeed need to be to have it different. nice pricetag,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

end of times

recently many of my blogs entry's center around some or other kind of social gathering.
it's not on purpose but things like protests and meetings ofcourse do ask for attention.

i am sad to even start about this subject, don't expect much, there is a limit to what one can rationalise in the face of arbitrary detention, censory and abuse of power.

it is not even a rational thing to witness, and its a long story to be told before any of you understand what i am on about. it is also the same story as the persecution of roma, 'foreigners', and in the end the jews. the laws are similar, the mechanisms the same and the judges as complicit. its really like an upperclass project hitting it's target, and the target are the free minds of the people.

so let me start with the most exceptional example of the lack of intellectual class our 'superiors' have been projecting. in the house of lords, did you even know netherlands has a such 'house of lords' where the grey and rich confer to limit every accidental progressive impact of the workings of dutch politics? in this place the senile majority has decided, that whilst freehousing is criminal, anti-freehousing must remain legal? i know why, because their retarded kids make money of the speculating with their dads empty buildings ..

even more strikingly i think it was common sense in law, that when you forbid something also the making profit from it should be considered excessive.

as far as i know there has never been a law to specifically state that to be making money anti-sth
is legal. logical at it, these exploitations of contrary feelings are not a part of the jurist preoccupation. they should neither be part of the mindset.

in fact by making an anti-something institute a legally warranted object of laws you accept the legality of the something, at least in the letter of law. civilians are not allowed to apply their own justice, no matter how injust they may be.

however that not capacity but family and loyalty are the decreeing aspects of the official life in netherlands isn't new to me.
the lipservice against racism eg. could have been easily turned into a common sense consensus on that politics is not the place to explicitly discriminate. instead of just treating the illegal practice of it to cooperate and concede , even find "compromise" shows where the flags really hang. if it's prescripted, it is organised.

we are ruled by organised criminals explicitly these days. "the worst maffia is in den haag".

so i can't say there was anything hopefull to start with, and now for umpteenth time a set of repressive measures (censoring 100's of arrests, heavy jailtime for being homeless, restricting of alternative and creative projects, they tried it many times before but it never worked for them, and so i hope it will be this time and reality will force them to concede. yet, it is "worse then ever", more censoring, more influencing, more criminalisation, and jail.

it feels like the real doom of fascism and was proudly arranged by the same instigators of the verbal abuse in media, the socalled democrat politicians. a stupid thing to indeed belief but a catchphrase often used nevertheless.

i am left wondering who will be the next subject of outrageous abuse and accusations in the organised media. i already realised it would ne a group having similaritys with ours to have an easier time applying similar abuse as people got used to. and not strange at that, allthough i don't know a set example, obviously freedom will also be the next target.

so it was nice in amsterdam, being inhabitant of the capital of repressive tolerance you can dump your waste on the citysquare with the same ease a bathhouse can get gassed to take care for having an overriding (albeit meagre) excuse for censoring the more serious attempt to protest in the political capital.

no it wasnt surprising, the only thing to surprise is really the party didnt last longer.

let's be optimist, the house of lords making laws to support their kids making profit of the needy and homeless, we are not at the deathpenalty for individuality yet, just close.

i can just hope there will in the end some mutual instead of onesided despair and denial.

yes it was ncie as ever really, straneg how we used to be the protesters to be the cleanest once,
and now young people make more mess wherever they are, perhaps it is that the environmental police has also been specifically geared(abused) to repress opinions and political action how all of the consumption society makes such a different impression.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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