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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

increasing censoring and nazi prop in netherlands

since ages i know that unwanted opinions are hard to express on the internet, i started this whole blog for it. but being a man of teh people, and in love with humanity i keep trying to contribute a different sound on the internet times and again, if you don't try, you cannot say you have been censored.

so today i went to a dutch site with the pretence that people can contribute again, it is not a very pretty site to visit, but i know the better contributions got deleted before, so it means some people reading it would express more humane things tehn the usual misogenyc, misanthrope nazi shit that is allowed and welcomed by such media without (judging from the terrible phrases i regularly have to see) any criterion. so as long you spout filth, you are welcome to freedom of expression in netherlands.

what are not allowed are critics, or helping people remember what tricks have been played on them before. what is not allowed is to complain about the ruling class and their facilitation of the nazi sound, and hate.

well it means one thing only, we live in a nazi land, on a nazi planet, and there is no good prospects for a humane future. nevertheless, i will try to keep up the voice of reason, you cant say that when i remember my people how a prime minister kept the facts about afghanistan hidden for them for his own profit, i am wrong in blaming him for leading them into war.

teh ver more farfetched and idiotical nazicomments must thus be blamed not on a grow of that kind of hate possesed people, but mere censoring of the nice ones.

Monday, November 9, 2009

crystal dawn

it took some time to find motivation to write anything again. actually i have another blog, where this post could find a place, perhaps, if the modern connotations had not been so strong.

like every day of the human year today is the aniversary of a grande and horrific event: "kristallnacht".

in a way it is surprising it sees such significance, one would think that the verbalisations of the nazi officials, the huge refugee problem that already became apparent in 1938 (the dutch gov. sending back jews into germany, and so did the polish), and the whole dependency of the german rhetorics on anti-judaism had made things obvious by then.

however eg. the new york times there is still excusing the culprit, in the person of goebbels those same days. nothing changed so much since then, nobody bothers about saudi arabia bombing the houthi's, or sri lanka extorting it's infernal wrath on the tamil. when it is about rwanda, there are no such descriptions, of historical events leading up and concerting a genocidal enterprise.

i think i could make an endless list of examples and it would be easy to fetch a mean joke about the actual relevance of the luxury shopping windows that gave it it's name.

but it fascinates me, somehow history takes it as an event of great relevance, wich it was not really, the plans were made, the animosity was fed, and the media collaborated, so much so that the whole actual name"kristallnacht" may well be the persistent name the nazi propaganda itself featured for the event.

not much can be done about that realistically, through the media, and later education the event with all it's sinister connotations has been made to known thus, and known by millions of people, and probably it is best understood when it stays that way.

so about the event, what remains is to realise it was some kind of a shock, in the western world, whilst being confronted however, the major powers stuck to appeasement policy's with germany,
and i think that we learned about it in history lessons for decades has to do with that collective feeling of guilt. people shortly afterthe war remembered this one event much better then much else that happened in the 1930's (let alone 1920's when the nazi's engaged in rather large sacle murder and intimidation). Because.. well because the allied powers were also against communists, because, they also liked to control their populace, because the last thing they wanted was sympathy with the victims of reactionairy's.

and.. like i tried to show with the few examples, nothing really much changed. control of the population, and not having to answer painfull questions are still priority of the states, the nation-states.

actually when afterwards we name the nazi's barbarians, i think rightfully so although it is an insult for the average barbarian, what we forget is how the european media neglected the pligh of the jews, and turned a blind eye on a fascist regime perpetrating the most outrageous things in what was considered one of our civilised nations and capitals.

iotw for contend the other states were just as barbarian. wich is never been more evidently then when sending back the refugee's, but shows best perhaps in their treatment of the many incidents and events leading up to racist extremes of that period.

now "kristallnacht" is a nice point for a case study in this, it shows better then anything else the complicity of the other ruling classes with the german establishment.

allthough the mere context makes a proof rather unneeded, the whole story does have a hero,
his picture is on this article, and.. , and.

the boy in question was the pretext for kristallnacht, in response to his family suffering in the hands of german and a collaborating polish authority's he shot a nazi representative in paris.

for me he is a hero, if people had listened, had taken his life and identity as serious as the first next nazi they met, the whole second world war might not have happened, and surely not have went as easily for the germans, it could also have meant that 1938 had been a turning point in the tolerance for nazism.

unfortunately, that was not the case, the foreign powers proved shocked, that someone with a nazifunction was targetted. the 100s and more dead before that were not weighted, the concentration camps not considered a natural cause for the event, apparently, the european powers were according the anti judaism that manifested in germany so clearly.
(that is my conclusion when looking at the whole period not only this case)

even the jewish counsels accorded the nazi poilicy's, hershel was considered a 'bad guy'.
the jewish counsels actually kept up such arbitrary position throughout the whole period.

only after the war, in word and deed every inch of jewish accomplishment was tainted with loud vocalisations against those events.

for me a proof that no ruling class whatsoever can be trusted to care about the wellbeing (or even lives) of it's dependencee's.

although hershell did not manage to kill an important person, and the person in question was perhaps even liquidated by the same nazi's during transport to germany, he did the one thing every responsible person should, try to stop, even kill the nazi's before they start massacring
to no end.

so i admire him, he did the right thing, and for that was punished by infammation, by the ones that would later sacrifice millions of soldiers and civilians to end on top.

if you want to know about integrity of any ruling class, of their support of the resistance of people against repression , watch hershell grynszpan, and hope you may become like him.

" I must protest so that the whole world hears my protest, and that I will do. "

i can still hear him.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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