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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

netto gainsees

for some reason, perhaps that nettojahu went to washington to fool good ol' christian (holy man(then))obama, i found some difficulties recently trying to express through internet. not quite deserved where the counterstorm of violent malversations, aka neocon prop. is allowed to use derogative and useless language.

i'll make that point perhaps, second only is the exagerating violence of the several conflicts (actually small). rather onedimentional aproaches are proposed as the background analyses, in every case however at least two party's are involved and concerned, and should be allowed and made to express their opinions and views, like this the riot in sudan, the ongoing campaign in yemen, afghanistan also, somalia , and ofcourse the complexity's around india, and in pakistan are much to eager to escalate.

why? simply put i think one reason is conservatives (armstraders allmost persee)
reason, if you can't win them bomb them. democrats have a harder time solving escalations, so one way to disrupt progress is to scale up local wars.

the other reason is harder to adress because it lays within the country's involved.

the examples are to diverse. for afrika that de grosso modo has a rather wide perspective, the simplifications in press and media are rather disturbing. it is a bit late to want to pick that back up, i would very much consider it pretence,
try to remain a questionmark (if not to big) to both sides, and a need for talk can arrive.
in asia we meet a lot of big and huge nations that are trying to affirm their status.
From a burocrat pov that is not bad, but for the pashtun that are the actual target of the current worldwide terror and smear campaign (no matter they are a bunch of retard old fashioned bastards), for the (poor) people ofcourse it is only a what if..

what if evrything was different. then there is that dirty yemen campaign. the rich nations support yemen's own little ww on terror , because, wow an arab fighting an arab(1), and a shia at it, or something on that line. (no doubt i will come across some al qwaida related reference for them shortly, but never mind.
so that escalation is also not kosher. it is however late to call a halt all at once, that could have been done 3 weeks ago. we should call for the yemen government to behave moderate and respect her civilians granting them equal representation in government and parliament, plus every civil right others in that nation have,(that is not to much).

(1) it is actually the magical word 'terrorist' that allows for the massacre and terror.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a chilly september

the climate appears to have taken a turn for the worse, i think it is not so bad, where we humans are drying out this planet at great speed, when a colder era arrives,
and it is supposed to all have to do with the immense layers of dust we created in the atmosphere, a thing that is not about to stop. so i assume it will get colder after all, i thought the effect would be slow to beat the greenhouse processes, but for some reason at least overhere it is well felt. it has been cloudcovered lately and quite cold. it i is only still to dry, so i assume the average rainfall over the continents is not yet very satisfying. This land does not dry up easily.

since i am quite sure humanity is still raising it's energy consumption i wonder if my idea that a more turbulent weather period would result from such a switch of parameters will come true. for now, and from here it does not really seem so, but i remember the past months have seen quite a series of odd weatherevents.

next there is that with obama (the man must be a saint) the world appears to have entered a more peacfull phase. at least there is not to much sabre ratling against eg. north korea, the south america's, iran or, more oddly nations still struggling for independence more acutely like madagaskar. there have recently been quite a lot of changes of government, after madagaskar at least one african nation revolted, and in gabon a much disputed election favoured the european candidate, setting the imperialists umpteenth sad and distraughtfull example. (no matter he appears a jolly fellow i don't think i found much qualification). in middleamerica, honduras, the settled burocrat was flushed under somewaht suspect circumstances, disturbing some unity in latin america it was regionally not well received, and recent hondurese history gives plenty to worry, yet i think the 'new' people in power in honduras made haste to express their concern with the material development of the latin-middle americans. i just hope they will not again turn their nation into one crowded with contra's and militia's that shoot about at the less armed parts of the populace, and don't reckon it is more then lip-service yet.

the hondurese populace must be considered one still easily fooled, it is very poor, relatively rural, people are maleducated and sometimes unused to see their rights respected, as such media and propaganda have not to hard a target, but you never know, i think it is the old struggle of conservatives for power based on their control of monetary institutions , not in the least internationally. Maybe the people there keep a keener eye. and in the current political and social climate in the south and middle america's it should be quite easy to achieve some progress.
the scenes in honduras were one of mutual protest btw. like we see more often these days , gabon, iran. thailand, georgia, even madagaskar i think, wich was rather unanimously in comparison. there is allways fiji, and tahiti , where macdonalds are for free to make sure there is one population more obese then the usian.

next there is the netanyahu problem, it may be a nice man but in collaborating with the israelian extreme rightwings and fundamentalist there is not much prospect of positive developments, that besides he flies around the world inciting fear and hatred against iran , not succeeding in convincing me or any nucleair agency.

the whole point is that you can hardly have a nucleair chain that provides civil energy, without geting acces to means to build an atomic bomb. (and if iran really was much of a nucleair terrorist it could have easily pulled a dirty trick, but that goes for all western nations and it remains to be seen if they did not.)

that besides iran would really feel more safe with some nukes at it's disposal i think, and that has a lot to do with the hatefull attitudes of amongst israel at times when nucleair energy was not the issue yet also a threat.

so i am a bit worried there, i just hope i can rely on medvedev. china could have a more polar view on the issue, since it is well aware of the destructive effects of religious governance and indoctrination, otoh it has not been confronted on the same geopolitical scale with the results of interference. i think with Nkorea in the focus and a lot to remain proven about tibet, and now some reported tensions with india (wich could be the opposite, india supporting some tensions with china, current india politics appear to warrant that ancient receipe.) so perhaps china is convinced by the simple way out, (other) religious fanatics should not have nucleair weapons.

in north korea i don't think anyone but china or chavez, perhaps myanmar , will achieve much. in the long run when there is not that crazy bias and extreme focus on problems and ideological differences the more natural thing would be a north-south korean emancipation, but for the moment it appears farfetched, so i guess that will also be the northkorean line. in fact northkorea with it's ideological pretentions may be the lesser danger from myanmar, that otoh, is as powerless as can be, and as far i am concerned still on some list of 'easy victims with only some oil'. a funny observation? tabloid level italians nowadays are affirmed that the dubai and other small "despotic" nations 'don't need their oil'..the racists.. how small complots can be big.

uhm, afghanistan. another time.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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