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Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 and the policestate (1)

we live in a policestate, for those of you that never involved in political activitys, and never voiced the opinion unwanted by the elites and their industrys it may not be so obvious, so let me tell you about yesterday, the story may get a little dense, the abuse of law and police comes with a lot of detail and i tend to be serious about law and justice so i have a lot to tell on the topic, that besides the example is slightly complex even if it is actually rather plain. law should serve equality, and serve justice, not arbitrarity and corruption.

but it has never yet happened, so far in history the policestate allways served the criminals, the polluters, the overpriviliged, the greedy, the ones in the big well payed chairs, the ones that actually think they are better and deserve better then others.

for that, first an example. in netherlands refugees are forced to do a 'dutchness test'. i am against it, the natural flow of integration is good enough for me, in my experience just talking to people in dutch made every difference, the only reason i saw people did not integrate was in the distance people kept for racial reasons, reasons of fear, and reasons of discrimination.

so just as it came as a xenophobiac idea of the reactionairy (self declared liberals), that needed a bigger share of the election pie to explain their total rule against equality and environment and came up with the all-old fraude (fake elections) under a more fascistoid and expressly discriminating covert, ofcourse the idea was suspect for starters.

like i said , being an anti-racist i never had any problem with anyone not originally from here, all i met were quite eager to learn dutch, communicate and be friends.

nevertheless under the pretence of unwill (instead of the valid argument that the discrimination and segregation caused a discrepancy among foreign born or culturally differently raised), these people were forced to do a course.

the fascists (calling themselves the opposite ofcourse) the elitarist mainstream of netherlands saw an opportunity for indoctrination , and so it went.(1)

when i was young, you had these diehard reactionairys insisting on authoritarian speach, instead of "je" or "jij" they wanted to be called "u". people that had that trait invariably disappointed when it it was about content (justice, rights, compassion), for them it was only about position.

well they thought, now we have an opportunity to force these differently colored people all to adapt "u". the sharia word for you. and unsurprisingly but pukable, so it went.

the colored people, the muslims, they were forced to say 'u'. all my life i had practised the emancipatory, and it was succesfull, before this event i met noone in their right mind that still insisted on this archaic fossil of a class-society seriously. yet.. colored people failed their dutchness tests if they didnt accept this antiquated value.

what a waste of emancipation. surprised with this anti-equality result of a xenophobiac project? ofcourse not, but it remains a sticky "sick" to encounter all to frequent.

that is an example of how the powers that be are actually an elitist clique that want to pervert justice into still more class justice for their personal gains and priviliges. not shunning to create anti egalitarian and fascistoid laws to have the means.


so when i was a child, i observed much of this, injustice, the destruction of nature, the culpable and scary power of the nuclear industry, the pharmaceutic industry and the tool, not anymore a achievement, of law. i thought: i will be a lawyer and represent the disadvantaged, try to make it matter.

as a result i scanned the papers for legal incident, procedure and precedent, why not? obviously i would need to be rather 'good', proficient, so much wrong, so many wronged.

then, not many years later, when i was 11 (i think, 1974), so 4 -6 years later, there was some benchmark proces, i do not remember anymore about what it was, probably it had a do with either labour rights(2) or corporate responsability for pollution because the lawyer involved, that surprisingly made and won the case was one that had once worked for 'shell' the oilcompany, or perhaps it was philips, i dont remember the actual detail anymore.

however i had seen a few similar procedures, quitte incomprehensibly lost over the past few years, so i went through it all really thoroughly to see what made this lawyer, or actually jurist, win the case, one that made some sense.

i discovered that his virtue was acclaimed by the oil industry, he had been working his whole life for the big industrys, oh i could guess, made them millions, billions perhaps, to the cost of lives of poor, labourers, underdeveloped nations, etc., etc. that was obvious, i was rather into the job, and had no high estimate of the procedings in economic justice, actually i researched that even, what and when a lawyer could win an even slightly controversial case, because i realised defending the poor and disadvantaged would allways be that, controversial.

well it was a great disappointment. the comments showed he won that case because of his celebrity as a jurist for a multinational, also he was already somewhat older, nearing a pension, and for reasons of fraternality apparently the judges , and by extension (wrong-wing) politics decided to have him ('us') win for once. i "worked" at the case, opiniated, made my opinion known (and (usually) 'count').

so much for my carreer as a jurist, a lawyer, i was not going to slave for a polluter, a representative of the classsystem all my life contrary to ethics, contrary to nature, contrary to humans. no way. end of file.

i never had an idea of a future again, never respected any 'paper', in the sense of certificate anymore. not that i much had, but it was the absolute deathstroke. what a farce.

and that in what i considered the only chance, the only most essential aspect of society, justice.

ofcourse i was right, malpractice, abuse, and utter contempt of law have been my and our daily due, not only before but very much since.

there is not one single fundamental law, (constitutional paragraph) i have seen respected. upheld.

i also lost all interesse, i saw no professional future, if it was not possible to achieve justice within the system, i would try without. and so i did.

my life has been one rich in experience, and poor due injustice as a result.

it is the daily characteristic of my life and (not only my) problems still.


(1)in few cases usefull changes to that curriculum have been made, like informing about administrative procedures, however i wonder to what end, probably selfrighteous ones, the administrative systems in netherlands surely do not stand the test for unbiasedness or objectivity, let alone lawfull exercise of human rights, however i write about the whole of the project and the whole of the politics and not about the peculiar details of improvement i and my fellows of (color) other roots achieved notwithstanding, another one being that the complaint about lousy translators has been taken (dunno if that is still, i hardly believe that) somewhat serious at (at least) one moment in time.
(2) a subject i stringently followed

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 and the euro

rather had it been 2012 and people, but what attention would that draw, rather the kind of thing to schedule for the summer or a special occasion.

in principle i am a proponent of unified monetary systems. have been that, so much so that i would not feel ashamed to say for the euro you have me to blame, i guess it means my opinion matters.

the reason for that is given transparance the more simple and less diverse administrative functions like money are organised the less it costs, and more important, the less opportunity for fraude there is. especially on macrofinancial scales.

that is given transparance.

however this transparance that would basically disallow immense personal profits, to the benefit of a future, a future climate, a future food production, and a future 'society' in a way to the benefit of us all and all our children is not yet there.

as such the euro is an abusive toy in the hands of the elite that get their power and wealth from such macro'economical' and macrofinancial abuse.

people like a republican in the states that says, we have to have the rich pay even less, wich would mean someone earning a million would get about 250k more,

some people like the todays gossip from london, i dont even know what the pr office (really they "call" financial rating buro ), the instrument of the banks name. wich means i hardly ever heard of it before, and that in turn tells us (me at least) it is a pr stunt,

it said euronations needed to be 'downgraded', ok no news there , it is what the pr of the rich says, but why exactly? oh the overall problems everywhere (usias problems that),

and 'the high labour cost'.

well for us common people we can be pretty simple about it.

what we want is a juster world, a cleaner , not a doomed, and a pleasant to live in.

that means , no greater gaps between rich and poor, not making more poor.

it used to be when people would start working in there early 20s rather quickly they build up a decent wage. not anymore, people go untill their 30s under stressfull requirements and laborous manipulations to keep them poor.

it did never really help, because the story has been the same all these decades

the rich want more, wich they tell by shouting less tax and cheaper labour.

if we get our act together we learn to recognise this standard assortment of excuses to inflict damage on society as a whole and the majority of people in general.

as soon as romeny shouts: less tax for the rich, you know where he is at.

he wants to destroy us and the environment for money.

soon as an institute says that, you can also be sure the people there are rich, and will be even more priviliged even more in a position of abuse, if the other get poorer.

so actually what you hear for 'news', it's only propaganda.

the masses of people that are the victim, probably know well they can also not trust tehirselves,

i can't really trust them, try crossing a street, people tend to be nice in many ways, but on the road, or in the going of the ways of society, they can't really.

still, if we, the masses of disadvantaged, the poor, disabled, the labourers, even the poorer midclass, don't get our act together nothing is going to work.

it will keep on becoming a worse police state.
more of our public space and institutions will be scavenged,
the differences will only grow,
poverty will become really painfull in large parts of the world,
pollution will be incredible,
and the earth will rather sooner than later have to give up the struggle to have us survive.

and all that, we can change, through transparance .. we could.
the other thing we need is actually called trust.

makes reason doesnt it, don't we think of trust when we think of why we cannot easily be friendly with another? like on the street or somewhere else?

that trust is in simple things for the rest,

less tax for the rich is bad.
trust in companys and corporations is dumb, they are for the rich
state is (could be(1)) good , government can be bad, police is usually mediocre, but state itself, tax, roads, insurances, housing, water. electricity, all these together things, are ok or good

it depends what you do with it, but it is good for the majority of us. that is why taxes are good.
small taxes for the small, big for the big. good!

smaller wages is bad.
its allways bad, richer is more powerfull rich.

smaller wages for labourers is a bad tool and it means to hate your fellows.
never believe anyone that calls for smaller wages for the labourer
its simple but it works.

smaller wages for the rich is good. good for us, and very good for planet earth, we can do something usefull with the money.

thats all really,
bout the euro.

to survive it, the mass will have to learn to stick together. one way would be through real transparance, wheres the money, whats the money, wheres it go, all of it. privacy is a pr tool of thr rich and an utter farce. because the good part of it is so dear that we(the masses) defend the bad idea that was made out of it.

wonder.. if this text will be rewritten by self ..

glad to be of service

(1) obviously state can also be bad, as an anarchist i would not want to call it 'state' when we get it working. it is mere proffesional organisation. also the association with authority is to strong, the state should in fact not be an authorical one but rather like a cooperative network, otoh as long as we stick to monetary systems , might as well keep a tax based public institutions and probably in a way, people are really to dumb in general to have a system working without a 'state' riot of here. since a huge part of the problem is in the ways we are made to mistrust one another and get brainwashed with endless rubbish from all kind of rich people that want to tell they or people like them are great, or so, sometimes it escapes me, what would they really have to tell, such empty pr. nobody is perfectly happy, not a poor, not a surgeon, not a millionaire.
no amount of money can change all of that. egoism is typically not a very constructive habit for the rest of the people, that is very wrong with todays values in capitalism.
rather simply cause and effect. capitalism is bad.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 and syrian powersharing everywhere

the history of syria is a troubled one. the old assad really had a bad name. as a baath socialist, and in the western view a dictator that did no better then the other muslim despots.

now the western views are very biased. many people in the west suffer poverty and injustice of many kinds. if you forget about the police state saddam took better care for his people.

yet the baathphilosophy and saddams own taste of power required strict ruling of the unruly sects.

a dogma, to go forward in the development of the arab culture. forward in modernisation and technology. and to work against narrowmindedness, born from ignorance, lack of education and colonialist manipulation, and against intolerance.

in name.. saddam killed 170000 ppl. then came in usia and the coalition of the killing, with already 100000s children dead through the sanctions and killed millions.

theres 6 million widows now in irak that were no widow before.

so what does syria want?

young assad did better than his dad. i am not sure, but so is my impression. overall level of wealth, or so you want consumption rose significantly, and despite contrary events in the region, lebanons invasion, the continuing hassle over israel, the muslim government of turkey, and the invasion of irak amongst things, that gave the syrian regime not allways the room it needed to struggle for that advance and progression.

nevertheless the regime has a rather bad name outside syria, and reknownedly also in syria.
perhaps not with everyone, but with many people. that is no news. i do not remember much of homs 1982, but the events were not allways pretty,

we may assume assad and his sympathisers , followers or the ones that just don't think the other party will be an advancement in fact feel rather desperate, for the first time in decades syria is running a bit and a major part of the populace rises, dreaming on the one hand of elementary freedoms, and on the other hand probably of a material advantage, an improvement of their position, in incomes, positions, lobbying, amd perhaps weirder things, sharia to force women to do work, and clergymen to explain how the rich do everything just fine.

not the most pleasant sight. as in libya there is every reason to worry about killings, vengeance and ongoing disagreement in the nation.

if people don't get together and find a decent way out it may become a biggest mess, in as far as we get informed about what syrians think (my opinion the whole approach i get from 'our' media is very onesided) it is obvious there is against, and "not with against."

i don't like compromise and i do not suggest it, i prefer to shape a workable situation.

with the protests supported by the traditional anti-social nations, usia, uk, europe and other capitalist 1% nations, ofcourse the capitalist vultures and bloodsuckers will be ready to rob the syrians. rob them of equality and in the long term consience, dignity. blast them with garbage adds. that make it acceptable an environmentally friendly person get gassed, almost driven over, exploited by high fees for public transport and registered with every step, and next fined.

after all you had been no danger to anyone.

like in syria immediatly a bank or something like it, will pop up and outsource the existing system. worse when foreign powers needed to play more of a role(sanctions). starving children is something capitalists think deserves a reward,

european common people nor usians can give the syrian people any guarantee it would not be worse.

simply because it probably would be worse. it is worse here, and it is getting only worse, for decades now.

whatever system syrians long for, it should be said it is not the capitalist wests system of expendable slaves and cheap labour. not the approach of maximal support for the rich and minimal options for the poor. not the mentality that allows the dutch parliament to declare a law to leave ppl dying in front of haospital is humane.

really it would be no help. they must find their own way out.

just like every sitting clique, baath and assad has the spoils. they do not want to loose any, but the consequence is allways they need and will. otoh if the impartido, the rebellion just goes for a single object, their succes, they will not succeed in a peacefull change at a great speed, and probably they will loose syria as they know it theirselves as well.

think of it like 20 years back in time. even if you win that 20-40% of suria 'rather has assad', and in fact 'rather has baath', no, in democratical terms there need not be a problem,

the real problem is the capitalist terms, i strongly suspect that the actual guarantee the regime seeks, and actually no other requests are ethic, 'permissible (dont know how to say it that word is a bit strong)'.

so these are requests for a public healthcare, a carefull approach with fuel consumption, federal say in landuse, democratical institutions throughout, educational and womens rights.

social and humanitarian guarantees, that if the opposition is not ready to meet show her as a tool,
not a tool of qatar, or israel or usia or uk and europe , not without some remarks,
it would be a tool of a small clique in syria that hopes to be the new winner of the spoils of war and power. (think "millionaire(its never theirs" refugees "reclaiming their palaces and servants ('property'))

before that i beg everyone to reconsider and find a way out that will leave everyone in dignity,
not talking the imams and presidents, just all the people that are secular, sunni or christian, allawite and maybe even kurd that don't feel safe by a shia renaisance and the shia.

it is a bit unreasonable to ask perhaps, in the light of the problems in irak, and the somewhat scary polarity in iran, unreasonable, yet realist,

if you don't prevail it, prevent it, step ahead of this blues, things will be worse.

i hope i have been clear and negotiations can start on this basis, that we can forfill the request for assad to stand down, and the request from the regime and its many believers(!)(,we have those everywhere), to set out reasonable, secular, internationally recognised principles of equality and human rights, to request a guarantee of a social policy that will not sell out the not to plentyfull richess and resource of syria, not 'privateer on the masses', will not start a new terror or a war for it, that will not lock 10000s up, like in irak or afghanistan, and that also will get done with repression.

if need be to the cost of a few years of consumption growth, you can survive without allways growing fatter,

i hope i will proudly look back at what i write, and everyone in syria with me can be proud,

better late than never (1)


(1) why let the sanctions get worse?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 and the spirit of a dead friend

since i heard the news yesterday i have not really been alone. that should explain the 'friend' and it also tells the man/boy/person, who died had a brain and a mind not only occupied with himself, but with social and psychological, or so you want philosophical topics as well. (1)

just that bit closer and he would much be missed by me.

since i was a small kid i brought the revolutionairy message, alltho it lasted almost a full 20 years before i defined myself as sth. else but anti-political, a-political.


sometimes it is hard for me to understand the majority of people, not hard in the sense of 'what are they doing' (well not only;)..

in the sense of "why are not they doing it".

in my errant, in that i erred. my idea was people dont understand, people seem not to have the capacity to draw the lines, appear not to have the memory to connect the dots, even "my" people will never change. seemed not to "do about it".

but it was not true. people that did explicitly not allways understood what i was on about, lived their lives with nevertheless a defiant and tenacious effort to change the injustice, to emancipate the stigmatised, in all those shady and mingled areas where we still have some autonomy, where often a way of life was turned into a way of crime, by destroying rights, and the purpose of the law, by promoting fascism and superficiality.

already for some years now i understand how much i was wrong. that many people i met and spoke with, sometimes trusted, gave their everything for that ideal of a world that is rational and just.

and died.

to many died.

last year the most horrible death was the suicide of a young girl, a pretty , funny and sometimes disturbingly distraught girl, i am fortunate not to know any better then i did, because it would have depressed me for more then the few days it did.

we had one long conversation once, and when the next day we acidently met she sort of thought it was my purpose, so i actually didn't try in the least to meet again. to my late regret.

what i learned of it is that if ever anyone is open to a serious and deep exchange next time i will be very cautious before loosely letting go and setting aside worry.

alltho really i am sure it has little to do with her emotional situation or psychological well being when she died months later.
suicided, before a train.

when it had happened i voiced my disgust with a system of what is called ' income-coaching'

it means people are put without an income and it all goes to people getting a bolus per person defrauded out of the circumstances for life, and an extra income from what those would been due.

actually another friend under that circumstance died mysteriously, he was cremated before we even knew, we don't even know if he was cremated in situ, in the institution they put him in after driving him mad with destitution, like happens to so many under the circumstance(2) (one more went to that institution that year, and one person got a heroine addiction) but ofcourse that is the tip of the iceberg, i don't know everyone nor everyone's circumstances.

yet now another friend died. supposedly he died on an overdose of injected ghb.

weird as it may seem, i never heard before people (or he) injected that, and even feel a bit distrustfull about the whole thing, it is worth some observations.

financially i think he was well off. alltho this money was in the hands of other people far away, and i did not at all trust them to return plenty of it or the fruits of it to him, i said that to him, and perhaps shouldn't have.

he was quitte sick once before and got a preferential treatment compared to all other people, but one (who also gets a preferential treatment(3)) i know, in the same institution the other one died that was cremated before we knew he'd died.

now that may seem a bit weird, but it is the only such institution here and he surely had a problem when they put him in.

so i dont want to say his death is an impossibillity, what we know of it, only...

hadn't the police and authoritys acted up in other ways, that served a capitalist, absolutist and political target, more or less evicting our collective space, the place we met, talked, joked, ate, shared food and drinks, and actually also sometimes 'drugs' (4),

the place would have been still open for that, we would have still talked, i could have known if he was bad, perhaps visited if he was sick.

so it's a strange thing, but political prosecution and death in netherlands usually coincide when i know the people that die. (5)

2012 and the political spirit of a dead friend.

(1) and science, he was a rather brilliant researcher with enough fantasy to mean a thing

(2) of 'income coaching'

(3) and a more pleasant kind of preferential then this second person. the reason i believed his story about moneys in the first place)

(4) allthough ghb has no appeal for me

(5) under say 65

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