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Sunday, October 18, 2009

blasted rights

what i feel hurt is hard to describe,

i have felt hurt before, like this, i can feel it in my shoulders, and the sides of my neck feel tense when i try to write. i take a lot of time to tell you this, and my sides, my cheeks, my heart my whole chemical system reacts.

~someone saving my heart here:)~

like i have been crying. and more strange feelings, of narrowness and confining numbness,

i have it on a couple of occasions, but is typical it occurs when i try to write now.
saltI, at some point. the first attack on irak, the creation of the balkan war, brutality in police
and contempt for the law in politics and justice.

trigger that feeling , that make me wonder how we can all escape fascism. the police states that noone wants, and the exploitation through unconstrained financial malversations in the name of capitalist economy(2)(3)

Do you know the word criminalisation?
it is a procedure that can continue for decades, or longer, i don't know. It means to put people in problems, give them faked (and when they get angry real) charges, and tabloidisation.(4)

ofcourse political european fascism these days is semantically non-anti-semitic, but it is the policy's for the people that are anyhow their victims that decide wether they are fascist, oppressive, abusive, and a liar. that need not be heard.

but that is beside the point, because political people are far beneath rights. rights are over the people and people over the rights for that, but political people have a different position with rights and law.

they are far beneath it. law is just and rightfull, housing is a human right.

change is not continuing fascist processes of criminalisation and cowardish backing for nazification that is actually only an extra illusion before admitting the complicity.

(1) why feel hurt through a politics that depends on profiling extremist authorianism.
(2) a few enemy's of the people allways manifest as different games or party's, but condensely their aspects are interdependend components of this arms-trading consumer-capture complex.
it is still the militairy industrial complex. next eg. the usians have a lack(x) in aprehension for
moral aspects in arms industry (and pharmaceutical, bio engineering etc..) in many positions.
this as a result of tabloidisation , so a deep sigh here. anno 2009 of tabloidisation.
(3) empty building 'instead of human rights' to serve a next hypocrit crisis.
(4) and a lot more problems and negative publicity(a). Including endless cases of contempt for the law by any court or jurisdiction. a lot of violence, including rampant escalation, provocation, malversating interference. this is not only a sane tolerant people. we have an active class of oppressors. don't even want to touch on the subject of social function or political motivation. it gets surrealistic when you see the exploit. what an exploit of the masses trauma's.
it is the oppressors telling the people of peace they have managed to make people tolerate hate,
believe hate even. But hah, you should feel the people. 160m or 16b
(a)there is different effects of tabloidisation eg.; negative, extra, etc..sick feeling

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rwanda sociocide

hutu oral history

one day the tutsi's came,
(a white cause was to blame)
they lied and
then they beat us
then the white man came, and they
and the tutsis beat us.

simple.. and so on and so on.. untill 1994

okay in 1994.... the tutsi's had many police car
many gun's
machine gun's
normal cars

beat the hutu..

can you still follow the story?
all kinds of discriminating laws (truely anchored in colonialist inheritage)
were in place..

nothing special so think the trade partners,

it's like that in kenia isn't it?
and we try to make it like that in south africa.

soo one day through the rise of radio.. and newspapers
and parliaments and as south africa shook of racism,

people shook of racism,

and they knew no way then to kill all the racists that had allways been killing them,


this is why they say: the revolution kills her own children
but not many people feel it that way.

and yes the first moment it happens, the western world, that has the biggest nukes and tanks
doesn't realise what is happening (oh it is a revolution killing her children)

what was happening is that every tutsi in the whole of rwanda appeared as one that was thoroughly inbred not to ever respect a hutu, that each of them would after be out for revenge,

so many of the tutsi were dangerous to every individual hutu
discriminate against every individual hutu

say that they are better in evrything, and the hutu's very bad,

that it all went wrong,

now one more of the hutu is captured and on trial,
someone that choose his people over the tutsi people,
an intelligent man.

sometimes in such a case, experience tells us, it is better to kill children as well..
otherways foreigners will come and bomb all the nation

to give it to the children, again
so maybe you need an intelligent man

to take care that the tutsi's that will probably
be put back in a position of power

have something to fight over
instead of fighting hutu's

some hutu's will that way survive

to have it different, we will have to change something about money

you can't change anything about revolution,
because revolution can only live up to existing justice
or create her own.

Monday, October 12, 2009


yesterday i finished an old draft, called afghanistan, but for some reason i cannot reset the date. so if you didn't notice, it is at 24 january 2009.

why not... pakistan,

today i read hizbul al islam is the western allie for south somalia.. because (look it is not my idea to make it this ridiculous) it is now "al queida representative in somalia'.
apparently there used to be another thus labelled..

when usia talks about hizbul in lebanon or palestine.. oj,oj.. meany beastyness nastism is all they have to offer.. but here..

soo, once again a serious problem with many important causes and roots is al kaidaished.

al queda is an usian invention, the first mention of the name is in cia documents about setting up terror attacks to blame cuba. like hamas is first mentioned in israeli notitions.

however it seems it has been drawn from the cupboard more recently then the cuba crisis,
and.. since now we have to read that word in the papers daily, it better gets an explanation.

so: what is an al quada??

firstly every movement of people against repression is often called the "base". like in grass'roots'.

as soon as you want to talk about basic matters, you are 'an al quaida'. the animal cruelty al kaidah, that is against torture of animals, the environment al kajda that thinks a healthy environment is a human right, the baskish al quaeda that speaks baskish, the kurdish al quadai,
that now has a safe haven in irak finally, the irish al queda that is a defaitist movement anouncing peace every 3 months, the myanmar al quajda that wants either uniforms or macdummolds, whenever you are something against it, it is basically the base of your offence.

basic.. al quaidah.

there is a famous writer, who invented an al qaida, "the foundation" that would try to take care for humankind.. for this militarist / capitalist system drives her to the deepest spaces in the universe, but in the end.. they succeed, the ideal human is born, (or perhaps they had a better objective)

I think it is not a coincedence cia took this name to paint an enemy.. the vision of asimov is very powerfull and indeed a organisation that would persecute ideal targets, their greatest fear.

so there you have "al quaidah" or? or should we really make the distinction tribalistically, the south somali al queda, the north somalian el qaida, the east somalian al koueidah. etc???

and when we want to throw a bomb, we just throw it somewhere, and someone would allways be hit that does something capitalism doesn't like.. usually people with ideals are on the receiving side of bombs.

Friday, October 9, 2009

nobel prices

it is not that i think i deserve none, what were they called? mdd's mcc's? the physical price, these i admire.

the chemical price was misplaced, that could only have been a medical price i think. ribosomes? wtf, does it get more biological?

or maybe that was medical after all, can't remember the chemical one then. mcc's that transmit photon into date are chemical to an extend. anyway, the german that double-charged all existing battery's and accu's got his share to , some years ago.

okay that was a chemical price right? mh.. it's pretty physical.. so 7 molecules is chemical, don't some have circular chromosomes and all spiral?

bother aproximations of infinity. 1 photon solar cells.
or perhaps (why not) that is aproximately. next we get charged particle disturbance and we can measure the photon of tomorrow.

it is anyhow wonderfull, so a photon travels aproximately faster then light, and it crosses a scale that is to small for most particles to notice, what is actually smaller? a photon or the vacuum in a H atom or is the vacuum in an U atom actually smaller? maybe it is like with planets, and the vacuum get's smaller over time.

uhm i guess i was supposed to talk about obama here..

nobel peace price, together with Meir, Herschell, Ben gurion, Ohlmert, Abbas, Arafat, the rest of the usian presidents, the ones of egypt since 1945, and aung see kyung, the widow of the prince on the white horse, or?

she's in the news as well, 'coincedentually' today. (1)

must say i witnessed she was peacefull twice, i am not rili interested in her, can't help it, i don't like myths, i don't like capitalist throne candidates, got to distrust them long ago.i don't like usian interference, walt disney politics.

ofcourse like any other militairy rulers the generals in myanmar look like a succesfull circus of clowns. i allways think that when i see the public expressions of militairy rule. yet people with necktie's look horrible as well. obama's necktie's.. aung see kyung ever drafted herself a 10000 euro suit?

did you know neckties originate from the times of the hashashins? that they were a means of escape from liquidation ,the venge of the emperor?
seems usefull, doesn't it?

mm has been usefull a few times in this life. i love obama's neckties, he can wear them with pride. neckties are like a self acclaimed medal, and these days they sometimes come without a belly.

putin's neckties.. oh that's got nothing to do with nobel peace of course.. putin.
ahmedinajad's lack of necktie's? lovely. but i think his skirts are to nice to go with a suit.

fatigue's i like. the picture of chavez(modest, red decorum) or fidel(fatigue's) is not ugly to me.

ofcourse obama doesn't get a peace price for the necktie he wore in japan, (he anyhow opts for imho solidly horrible colour blue a lot),i think he get's it for the missile shield, this is europe after all, many here want peace, cooperation and reconciliation with russia.

or.. or.. is it a another cover-up-israel-war peace price? an exploit of the credibility he earns? a way to tell us that starving gaza for another 40 years to come is good? i don't know about that. i fear it matters a lot, the best reason to give him that price is after all publicitory, we need the disarmament and cooperation, a heap of things are running better then before, and people need to believe that. it must be tempting to reap a profit there.

(1) perhaps i actually think so many 1000's people in a nation deserve one, there is allways a few to deserve it better, so i dislike these choices of the elites.


the media have it the poor nations want "cash" to develop sustainable economy.

if, big *IF* that is about cash, and not funding or refunding, that is a definite no.

experience tells us underdeveoped nations leaders can be trusted with a whole lot of things, but not with "cash"

it is not about cash, it is about scientific exchange, exchange of components, funding of the developments,.. overhere. and support in proven projects (wich could be funding research eg.)overthere.(1)

cash is out of the question. it would be a complete waste and mount up to actual bribery and corruption when the resources continue to be gladly plundered.

so not cash. evrything else, including forms of subsidizing, and financial compensation (but accountable, whence preferably afterwards or in the proces) it is all necessary, but not "cash".

refunding *guarantee's* (that can't be kidnapped with eg. "sanctions", no.) solid guarantee's, ok?

it is hard to estimate what green research can be done productively in poorer and less developed nations, so the technological exchange must be on a non-profit bases,
it will also be hard to find criteria.

for example, for a greener environment almost every soil and geology needs research as to how to best use and ecologically enrich it. this must be held in the perspective of what people actually do with the land, and what they actually develop in the nation. such research can better be done natively. if not only for language.

otoh in many such nations the attitudes may have to change first. in many nations goes that the poorer, the huger the distance between classes. research done by people with an elitist mind, in area's like these, is almost completely useless.

so to fund research we will have to apply , and get it up to, standards.
both financially, and socially, perhaps even sociographically.

btw in many nations there is not even something like garbage services. especially in remote there will need to be money (and transparency) to set it up. However the long term effect of such action is allways positive, and by recycling, fractioned collection, (and:P for the capitalist gospel, employment) the cost are not actually very high.(3)

it has been a long time proposed the ecological costs should be in the price to buy a product, since the system allways opted not to, the money will need to be made available now, afterwards, that is also natural.

it is also something we cannot tax other nations, when we ourselves never had to pay that extras. they just would continue to not develop. also not environmentally develop, wich from our unprepared platform appears more costy.

i doubt it is tho. the recycling value of materials, btw. that are used to improve emissions in less developed nations, would remain with the rich nation that offers them. they can then kind of be leased, and like with not providing "cash", it is a measure against corruption.

don't go.. but how can you say poor nations are corrupt? i know because if it is about environment, most all rich people think/thought it is okay to be corrupt, and, because rich people in poor nations time and again have proven to only care about theirselves.

we don't care more, but with a more educated and cultured population base, it is much harder for officials to repress people, and acces public funds.

(not that it doesnt happen on an appaling scale, that would would cover whole underdeveloped nations budgets.)

it is only, i propose measures that would cause something to happen.
i don't distrust one more then the other, i basically distrust all elites.
"for what they are worth".

to examplify, management, heads of resource states, cheney, a lot of elitists in the rich world, take more money then similar people in poor nations. ofcourse such people greed is equal everywhere, so by providing money you would achieve exactly nothing. they all want to be similarly rich as an oil sheik, bill gates, or the head of the next state before something goes to ecology. we call that in dutch: a bottomless pit.

(1) we have a meritocrat option there, and could provide a minimal scientific staff to foreign university's, make it an educational project, make the contacts, and control the funding.

(2) famously traditional , often even almost forgotten) strategy's are often the most promising. and can reveal surprising insights in many other areas.(food, health, climate, history, language etc.) it is probably a good idea to promote and combine such research. these make for not to bad science work btw. a lot of interviewing, fotographing, video can be used, the reward to uncover your own region's particularity's and the satisfaction that more of the knowledge base history and language get preserved. this can also be done in an educational manner,
both organisationally and socially.

(3) i am considering vast rural extends and villages that for example get payed for (some of) their recycling efforts. at least we would recover many more valuable fractions relatively easily. special efforts must be made for chemicals and central collection of the remainder of waste.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

ship on an ocean of syrup

poor all of us, what a sticky times we live in. it must be old ideas. i wonder if anyone would still be interested in what is new.

well let me start with guinnee, omg. that's not much, i get the impression camaro and some diplomats tried to get something going, but all(..?!) the opposition, so i suppose the ones handpicket by some, prefer to stay in hiding. yeah maybe they are right. perhaps there should be something more reliable to represent that fabulous, almost untouchable superthing of democrazy.

Just something material, soon as one dictator dies , like in guinnee, the un intervents, they send a concrete election cake for the ppl to chew.

at least they can choose: green , red, pragmatically red, make belief local 1, make belief local 2, something that will be called centrists, and will be right wing, and something that will be called liberals, and will be a party for all the autocrats and promote fascism.

then we can start a credible election fraud before we start killing the people.
okay.. uhm.. killing people.

people died there yes? a whole lot of them, 157 probably. apparently more people have died there that such a number casually occurs. oh wait, it was a
and the cops and militairy are quite the same people..

i think it doesn't really tell if it is enough to judge camaro here, i just don't know, hirelings..? well it's next door.., and uh.. if i am not mistaken the socalled " democratical opposition" is the dictators bunch, that wouldn't be the great leap ahead either.

it's a terrible number of deaths, and the people should insist on him stepping down,
but there should be the option to vote for his game i guess, and uh... in madagaskar actually all the world cried out the murdering president should stay,

and in yemen? none of them cry out anything about yemen, where there were like 100 deaths on the first day of the offensive 3 weeks ago, ok the magical word iran fell.

Very sad profiling, k, yemen. its the same old stupid story, concurence, market, one of the groups has the power, and they love the other nothing. the whatever, huatu?
group is a remnant of a nationalist group that has been engaged by parties to fare war before, for their culture, lands, language, and since they cut all the tree's 1000's of years ago, religion.

that's why a lot of declaredly religious people are so much against green, if we all respected nature there would be no market for religion.
(that's a joke but a political reality)

mh.. iran.. what can i say to bring more attention to my dear iran, ha, did you hear a nucleair physist or some such got abducted/defected? poor guy, wernher von braun avant garde, i guess he gets a nice job.

what is the philosophy behind it, yet another blow to iran, i think . a bit sad and under the guirdle, sticky.

mh next gaza, mitchell has been send to gaza to negotiate,
with a 3 weeks cease fire the israeli's will dare to go to gaza and debate with mitchell on how quickest to solve the blockade, abbas will also be there, but not allowed to leave. for a compromise the israeli envoy's also only get 24h acces.

mh , can't invite abbas. ok will have to do without. i don't mind. well 12 hours should be enough for the israeli's then, it's the security measures that are prohibitive.(big problem in rio as well, but they will put the capitalist representatives on a boat). i forgot to propose to ask the usians to lend us an aircraft carrier for that, so their athletes can train a bit.

no you don't have to thank me mitchell, ask the israeli's to write you a poll and you will think mormon's are real democrats.

k next.. total windpower this year was not as much as has happened before, ok that is coupled with heaps of catastrophic storms, but that does not at all have to do with unpredictable effects of humans destroying the ecosphere, it's a sign capitalism is perfect. mh, that's the economical revenue the capitalists make these days on al jazeera.

but i understand from the wider world most people are really compasionate with nature, earth, and when they have the information, climate and ecology. so perhaps 2009 will bring something good after all,

what we should get in denmark is a cooperation that is both mutual and well i think proportional *is* the best word, proportional.

developing nations get the right to develop their consumption to the same level as usia, (that has been consuming the most for ages), they are obliged however to implement any costefficient innovation. the mutuality being that the developed nations, with their predictable greater reserves of knowledge, material and ghost money are held to exchange such viable technology freely. there will need to be provisions to make it happen. china is somewhat developed, and somewhat organised, but india and many other nations are well behind that by any standard.

so.. then it will be easy, since we have more facility and preparation, more experience with the damage, (so perhaps more expertise to know where to start or what exactly to prevent first) we are a better testingground, as soon as such technology get's available it is our responsability to hand it that huge part of the world we never admitted development.

ofcourse technological exchange in that sense can be all mutual, but you might also want to hand them some "capitalist" advantages for 40 years or so.

ha, did you hear it is now scientific, the heating of the earth's crust is bound to produce earthquake's. it's all so simple, why is it so hard to accept reality for what it is? clear, lovely , simple and infinite.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"blitz" blix' iranium

some or all of you may have heard of hans blix? he's famously the undead post saddam inspector that found nothing. he has an interview on al-jazeera, wich is quitte decent in many respects , still for insiders clearly shows his own position, the usian (as perceived by the uk probably) one. I'll cover that.

here's the video:,
or here :

it is a lot of material and the aproach and questions are to the point..

Obama has asked iran to proof in two weeks it doesn't have nucleair weapons..

i have comments on that, 1: a nation that wants them can obtain nucleair weapons over a period of twenty years. 2: it is not possible to ever proof that without an invasion or some such. 3: perhaps we are all safer when it does have a few.
4: for public knowledge it will not admit such weapons (israel doesn't) 5: it does (most probably) not have the capacity's to build an arsenal 6: taken such arguments into consideration this a dangerous request, requests that cannot be forfilled will lead to baseless reproaches.

Frost introduces by telling about the 6-partite talks. a surprising level of agreement he says "by all accounts" is reached. it is worth noticing that this kind of publicity is naturally meant to provide a positive signal. one might wonder what credit will be given to irans campaign for a nucleair weapons free world...(1)

it also is important to realise that even this bit of aproach, and the contents of this bit of media are facilitated by Obama's will to talk and perhaps even, to disarm. At the moment i do not trust him completely(2), but the argument that major nucleair powers would not hurry disarming in a time of proliferation is natural.

blix is asked for the meaning of progress, he reply's by first stating that the g6 were not asking for very much. only inspections. now that is partial, because they are acually asking a whole lot, and (if they even had to ask? i don't think so) now also immediatly inspections. However he is right in saying it is not that surprising iran agrees to that after announcing the plant.

interestingly that usia was aware of the existence of this plant over at least a month, (it is pretty visible from space) is now kept out of view, at least also by blix.

"the real question is wether iran can be (you say;) dissuaded from continuing an enrichment program"
basically technically not is there? civil nucleair energy necesitates a higher level enrichment then 5%. so abandoning such technological advance would play the whole worlds energy market in the hands of "the lucky few".

the real question is, will israel and iran need to achieve (you say;) parity.

in the context of the indeed mostly old russian proposal,( heh, there is a component of russian greed in the shuttling of material..) he goes into rhetorics, "iranians say they cannot trust anybody" and "it is much cheaper to buy it".

the first is not the actual argument, that centres more about the economic and technological parity.wether it wud be cheaper to buy it very much depends the iranian production methods, if iran manages to sell it, that would definetly be even more profitable, and the rewards of obtaining the technologies and gaining the expertise cannot be estimated yet.

he lauds the talks (and obamashowing some of his affinity with usia and 'the west') they will continue 'for a while 'at any rate'' this is a somewhat sceptical signal, but also apparently he knows (or poses) obama is not intend on running from talks immediatly even advance would be slow or hard.(3)

i myself am quite optimistical of the aproach as well. Keep up the good work blix!.

Blix returns to the point of disuasion. asking wich are the options "carrots" he says
to lead the donkey one way or the other. sanctions or "investments" bluntly put.

well usia, blix, eu, israel, and "the west" , the sanctions are already there, your wild economical attacks on innocents and children are a severe reality of iran, that part took you no long. investments? don't they come with guilt? and loans? with interest and interests? iran wants independence not interference.

blix what kind of commitment to a non-agression status? are you serious blix? come on. words on paper don't guarantee peace, what good has the ink of un resolutions done to the palestineans? a status like the current one? including bombings of iran?
and how about israeli weapons.. ah.. a nucleair free zone in the middle east..
if that loose argument wants some merit it is time to start inspecting israel.

however it is funny, usia that sets no step hardly without israeli permission now puts a nucleair free middle east on the table, i don't know wether to find it desperate or hilarious and i trust it for what the past 50 years have proven this kind of talk and promising. not at all.

some more blackmail, about corporation in afghanistan, libanon and gaza(west bank apparently not negotiable). that is horrible man, is there so much good israel and
usia forbid to happen?

wether iran uses this to drag out the situation. to actually build more centrifuges.
(implying they would be for weapons and not industrially usefull uranium). roundwinded yes, hans. think thoroughly.. what again did israel just offer^^?

the nucleair threat to iran is one of pronouncedly huge proportions, they will need a rocket or 10 to keep israel at bay, and it would work wouldn't it? if in reply to the total destruction of iran the total destruction of the israeli was guaranteed, iran would not anymore be under the threat of nucleair attack and agression. that is the sad of it. and all the use of conflict in the middle east would disappear with it, so we see israel's role in the middle east diminishing. when israel can no longer target anyone with unlimited destruction with impunity, her strongest tool of control has just vanished and (world) peace so bitterly lacking in exactly the middle east muslim lives came closer.

so that is a bit awfull, even hans would agree that a thorough expertise of the material would promote the safety. otoh. perhaps he settles for: any atomic bomb unmade(4) is an actual succes, the pragmatical course.

k he gets partial again next. iran has not ratified extensions to the iaae protocol.
ofcourse he knows, but he doesn't mention,(5) a lot of times actions of usia or israel are based on "not signing ratifications" unratified protocols, this argument is moot.

is there a third plant. i would think so, they must assemble the nukes somewhere, and given earlier attempts, will have taken precautions against further destruction of the civilian programme. otoh i am convinced that if there is such a third plant, usia knows of it's existence and location, and thus israel does as well.

also many nations still have classified nucleair projects, there is almost a tradition of secret plants, why no mention of that ?

remains to say he says there maybe an option of nucleair disarmament in the whole middle east (also referring to israel not wanting 2 neighbours with them), fortunately even here iran has been one step ahead of the blues , by founding her current campaign and aproach of a slogan asking for nucleair disarmament in all the world. a thing najad btw. referred to in his un speech.

conclusions: Blix is not impartial, his attitude towards nucleair weapons is only in so far sincere he would want a world without. but in his rhetorics he underlays the usian diplomatics. he is well informed, knows a few things most of us or i don't.
he is also quite as curious as usia what actually facilitates and comprives these advances in nucleair processing iran have meanwhile shown to deliver.

like with former hints, i won't go into detail. basically they just stem from the patch up procedure: if we are bombed yet we still want to make some how do we do that. and that it is funny when u can produce weapons grade uranium in a pinch, so that nucleair threats against your nation become obsolete.

i think these were the technical specifications of the project;) :P ofcourse unlike
north korea the iranian republic is rich enough and willing to manage the safety requirements.
the iranian talent for process control did the rest.

Last but not least, had i been iran, i would have been willing to buy weapons grade fissile material on any market, and henceforth conduct to rigid protocol certainly.

No matter i will remain a principle opponent of the iranian state as a religious entity, and one upholding a stiff, autocrat, authoritarian system, so do i think that of to many nations that routinely escape suspicion.

the right to doom and threaten other nations and people, (for religious differences should not matter), i grant to noone.

iran and other muslim nations have not been left in peace and quiet, not been free of threat, intimidation and extortion.
we, usia, "the west", israel, have made to many mistakes to claim the right is on our side.
the right is in the middle, justice will not be done by western attitudes and lies nor by islamic authority.

to achieve justice we need (parity and mutuality in) respect, and a love for peace.

it is incredible that ruling classes made such a waste of the love in the hearts of all people.(6)


(1)i noted once before in the blog iran is having a campaign:"nucleair weapons for none, nucleair energy for all". btw. this obviously also translates into: we are held to the same rights and obligations the others adhere to.
(2) the downplaying of the gaza crimes against humanity, (and the unmentioned 'crimes against peace..] report , the conditional aproach (and surrender of abbas) to palestineans, is a bit much to bear. i see that as obama implementing the israeli policy of delay untill nothing is left of the palestineans.
(3) since he knows more of the attitudes and cordiality expressed in the meetings it is a positive signal for that as well.
(4) the "israeli " bomb, the "pakistani" bomb, the "south african" bomb, the "brasilean" bomb, the "english" bomb, the "usian" bomb, etc..
(5) typically "reinform" the iaae of the plans to go ahead with the second plant.
(6) with merely dialectic exceptions.

lithics in guinee

guinee is a french spoken country, in westafrica,a former colony. Last week a huge bloodbath happened there, and it was politically coloured. at first camara, the self appointed president answered questions to 157 dead, but his security forces now tell 50, with the UN mentioning 150, and the general newssources saying 157.

so there is the first problem.. who to believe. mh, for now i go for 157, as that figure has went around a long time without much dispute, but i am all but sure.

the UN is not famously impartial, altho sometimes it tries, and camara and his movement, the army, and perhaps a lot of the people were not exactly the west, france's and europe's ideal choice, after the parting of the last 28 years standing dictator.

i think the west wanted to keep things as they were in guinnee, a dictator, poverty and the usual easy acces to resources, or perhaps even because of the semi-consensus on drugs. anyhow like often in similar cases, (on two sides of teh spectrum, madagascar and honduras) we see a greatfear of foreign elite's that such revolutionairy change of status quo once legitimised might affect themselves.

the result is many a dictator or their sun is held at the helm of many an innocent nation. leading to theatrally predictable poverty and repression and the slower emancipation of many and most.

such was the situation in guinnee. corruption and a small clique enriching itself through the leftovers of the capitalist table and the fee's. corruption widespread,
and as allways when corruption is widespread, repression and a violent police and armed force.

such was the situation in guinnee. albeit that the former dictator apparently had better intentions then it worked out to be at least sometimes. but in reality it was a mess. poverty, lack of elementary neccesity's and infrastructure, and a slow development, healthservice and education. although.. perhaps in education the old regime failed not in every aspect, guineans appear eager to discuss and participate.. but..

after this short history recent history section on with camara.

i think camara compares to o'neil in usia. not the most common of names, but quite so. so there are a lot of camara's around there, in burkina faso, in sierra leone, and in guinnee. His initial commitee counted a few camara's.

yet perhaps that must be forgiven, it appears that the soldiers went for him to "make the change" with finally the dictator dead. so i assume he was in dire need of trustee's and that, wich will turn up in another part of my story here, is of some importance.

i watched a few (they are suspectably incomplete) of the weekly television shows of camara on youtube. That was interesting, he is not easy to follow, and in my mind sometimes outrageous, although i understand he feels a need to stress a strong sentiment of patriotic enterprise, in the attempt to revamp guinnee.

but is it, like he says, and sincerely thinks: 'his guinnee', does he see a guinnee that the rest of them wants? people are not satisfied, and maybe.. it saddens him.
you may ccall it anger him, but he is really appearing to try to motivate the people,
and he is in all his absolute unsuitability for that role, a surprising feature as a television entertainer.

my experience tells me that such naivety is a proof of good (still possibly goofed , but that is not the point) intent.

before i try to relate his message or better put his plans, his nightmare's and visions for you ,

the un was secretly planning a peace mission outside any publicity and he spoke predictably tough,

i must warn you, i am not a proponent of military rule and camara is the better example of why that is so,i am quite sure myself he is playing the wrong card, trying to usurp the power and a throne.

yet i suspect his direct political opponents affiliations.
i even suspect such as foreign sponsored activity's (perhaps also 'well intended')
might play a part, the pressure at first has been obvious and at the moment it is outlandish..(that's why the actual deathtoll makes some difference)

the eu/international patron states have done the following:
they request not only the elections be held at the greatest speed,
(in what definetly must feel as a very unaccomplished situation),
they request none of the ruling commitee participate in the elections,
thus actually forcing camara to participate,
but more importantly: guaranteeing a return to the old practices of corruption and exploitation and a reality of lack of progress.

that.. is not fair, not just and also probably not negotiable.
if the eu does not want any of the commitee to be electible.. apparently they stand a fair chance.. or, the eu knows thatteh one in power will allways cheat elections,
also very probable.

anyhow i advise international channels to keep that in mind if they are sincere in wanting to limit victims, violence and misery in guinnee.

rests me one point, camaras psychology, an interesting one.
after saying i think camara should not grab the power himself, should find other ways to represent the progress he stands for nationally and in a political way, obviously i owe him and you an explanation.

btw what went wrong in guinnee so far is shortly put: you cannot organise any nation in a military way, certainly not when uniforms actually represented the rotten part of your society, institutionally or morally. even if the changes you make are patient, carefull and integer people will misunderstand the military and police context and more importantly neither of the two uniformed groups is ready to perform on such level, in such manner that the people will be able to emotionally associate with that cause. (wich is actually one very heartfelt and militairy wampum but requires a very lancune strategy to have civilians freely, voluntarily and progressively succesfully participate.(1))

okay the juicy part, his character.

this is a dangerous man. he has fought a war for the un. he would probably be dead if he wasn't an officer, and it's like he went through bloody hell. he lives because of his comrades, and i think many of them owed some of their lives to him in return.
he is obviously content (and more subconsciously abhorred by what he witnessed) with the role he played as a soldier. in the army are his friends and in the army he found the determination and sacrifice that inspires him to think his people could use some of that to build up their nation.

he is a dedicated patriot, for reasons i don't completely understand, but one of them is he wants his people to engage and he thinks he has to make those patriotic appeals to 'get them in the mood' . the mood he knows, the mood that worked, the mood that worked for him after years of militairy discipline.
to really know we would need to compare his pre-coup attachment to patriotism outside the army formulas. He may well have understood so much from university as well.

so i take it his patriotism is really born from seeing the people of guinnee suffer.

he is easily agitated, although, not insanely easy, he maintains some control, he is a drill sergeant, when he is angry he is like drill sergeant, spitting patriotic and selfcentered text, apparently trying to convince his public of his quality's, it is quite unseemingly.

yet.. he is naive, he likes to make crazy moves,(for example i see quite some reason in him quareling ungraciously with the german ambassador) he appears actually forgivefull, so what goes wrong?

in one word "front neuroses", or maybe mostly the stress, but he is acting with a personality that encorporates his (ptss) emotions in his energy. he may not know that his military drive, anticipation and experiences shape him so sharply.

I think he doesn't realise that his instrument, the army and suborderly police is unsuit, that they are to destructive a tool to treat his traumatised populace to.

he is not very willing to fire his heroes, the ones he can trust, and they are not unaccustomed to brutal violence. since despite violence and sexual assault he wants to keep them he should put them in other functions and in other places but probably he is (quite also out of despair) in for it 'for the money(2)' now.
so that means he may stick to any ally he can get and burn the bridges with his people while confusing responsability with power.

yet.. with secret un mission going, eu pressure and unreasonable quite even incomprehensable demand. like that no part of the let's call it "reorganising commitee's" could take part in elections and forward their and his course and cause,
let's remain him some benefit of the doubt.

what if none in the world notice when he does that great step first. That he really sidestepped power and the options to dictate or instrument a nation, at some point in the future researchers would still notice. against that ofcourse it is because a word is a word, or the man is not a man, his ideal of a constructive engaged and social advance deserves the kind of support that should at least warrant his group an option of representation. at that point i would dare to ask not for a majority, because obviously the camara politics is in need of development, refinement and facilitation.

it is important that the people of guinnee realise that a health investment of say euro in the health sector of an european nation would surprise noone to a great extend. that the kind of money guinnee neeeds and most probably deserves is ordres bigger then anything that ever seeped through to them.

good luck.

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musharraf had a better starting situation in the sense that the pakistani's as a whole had by several of their rulers and indeed even the english been more prepared for a 'civilised' state. although the pakistani reality was harsh, the army didn't cary a notion of barbarism or combatism. musharraf had an easier time using the army as a civil instrument because untill that point (afghanistan changed it ofcourse) the militairy was not involved in anything but a supra regional attempt on india that long since had been abandoned and that had such absurd scales and proportions as to remind to napoleontic era battle etc. so the army was very organised in a sense, but directed or trained for a struggle against a heaviky armed force in another great nation. that is a situation completely different from west africa's were most struggle's have been thought internally and much more recently, many more irregular incidents, iwth militia and other poorly armed or militarised factions participating and getting the people on their guards.

(2) political economical power, so influence, nepotism and money, he also appearsto have 'the taste of power'. it looks horrible on him.i am not sure if the money part is not pragmatically at least i assume he tells himself it is.

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