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Friday, December 30, 2011

solsticea 2011 99.8

recently i have commented quitte a lot about the usian presidential elections. useless perhaps and overly ambitious, but it is smeared on the media so widely, it offers excellent cases to reply in the negative.

obama's change? well there is change, but to say it is a very great or speedy one... if it happenned, it happenned almost casually. sideways.

what changed is the political landscape inside and outside usia. what did not change is the trend to take from the poor and give it to the rich. the only really notable kind of change.

oh, i don't think it deserves to much negativity. what was to be expected? to emancipate any and all straight from the most primitive of projections?

perhaps we and obama are doing just fine in all our powerlessness.

more and more i am convinced i will 'root for obama'. not a guarantee for succes i admit, but it worked last time. and i think he stands a good chance. because still he is the symbol, the very justifiable and often isolated symbol, of emancipation. and by virtue of coincedence, (he should really do away with those weird yellow sunglasses of his), it is there for everyone to see.

racism really goes pretty deep. ron pauls weird pink sunglasses for example make no impression on me at all.. so true..

no wait. it is actually not true, i love ron pauls pink sunglasses... obviously..

no wait, that is also not true. i hate it we all need sunglasses as a short term protection instead of the everlasting ozone layer we destroyed.

anyway. ron paul stands accused of being a racist. i did an experiment that i will describe hereafter to test if he was truly a bad guy in the respect.

he is very old over 73, and i dont trust people that age to be in touch with modernity, with reality so to say.

don't want to say they all wear the wrong color sunglasses, but usually they do. they have no grip on what is playing before their very eyes, because they stuffed their brains full of campaignpromises of eras long gone and try to make the politics their own fathers never managed. it ends up not uncommonly to be hugely outdated and out of touch policy's.

that is what i have against ron paul in the person to start with.


he signed a bunch of rather crappy and unfortunately rather pretentious papers, that form a collection of rants, in the racist, in the homophobiac, (so that is why he loves those pink glasses??), and in the antisemite (or so it says, i am not sure, i didnt read that years 1990s garbage). the descriptions have not been descriptive enough for me to judge if it was plain antisemitism, or subttle, moderated, historic revisionism, wich is imho a different thing.

that besides the intentions with what it was written may matter. it is easy ofcourse to overdo things.

anyhow. since i dont have those papers and am not particularly interested either in the kind of talk that is apparently supposed to engage white supremacists etc., i did the 'ron paul racism test,'

science is not reliable without the method. this test however allows not to only test ron paul for racism, it allows to test nearly everyone to their measure of racism.

it goes like this.

first you try not to be a racist, child off, for some 35 years. after that you manage to become "less of a racist then average" and you get a certain leverage with other non racist (ie. colored minority's) groups to be considered seriously interested ' not a racist seeking new rants and barter'

well that is easy ofcourse, life is a dedication somehow.

after you did all this the test is simple. you go to a place where people from a random minority are overrepresented, the kind of place you fear if you never tried for antiracism that is perhaps..

then you think, and talk a bit about the subject (is ron paul a racist?)

the answer will come, in the form of sad looks, sad expressions, noone yet accused anyone of being a most despisable thing aloud in such enlightened company.

they can tell two things.

1: i am looking sad because he is not a racist how could you think such a thing?.

1 is the outcome most preferred by everyone, but not the most common.

2: unfortunately we know he is a racist.

unfortunately ron paul is one. we .... "know". (i know since yesterday:().

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

solsticea 2011.. 99

people sometimes say i could be more productive. since what i do really , would really, would really love to, would be

about direct action, civil disobedience, transparance, human rights and dignity,
in short about what i think i certainly must still try to contribute to #occupy

purely technically spoken they are riot.

yet in some way, that i really do not completely understand myself, it is not ''that' easy,

i am familiar with it, ofcourse, i can be pretty neurotic about a few things, not only about producing these thoughts that were materialising with that topic in mind,

i destroy alarms, mh, that one mind you , i do not mind. independently very much if i sleep, for example. and if i don't want to go somewhere my bicycle can just be flat, so i dont allways have to do a lot about what does get me nervous, sometimes it does it for me.

administrative post is my great weakness. it gets me down, depressed, sad and angry. i tend and try for years now not to open any. it was just allways horrible, and very often so utterly useless and injust,
because that is how poor people are treated.

and exactly that hit me in full force when halliburnton was allowed in the full open, attempting to put the blame on anyone

destroyed the evidence.

these sunny ideas? about non-violent change and emancipation of civilian participation in decission making processes..?

dead as a radiated germ in a fresh mango pulp.

i will still try (and make perhaps this year), but i guarantee not the vindication and brilliance i planned it with.

sorry. humans are limited, humans have flaws, and humans make errors.

there's a flaw, here's a flow.

another tricky excuse i suppose people innocently enjoy in the secret even if it is all so plain.

so of all that..
and that is a lot..

basically none of it is "true", something to have a 'faith' in, or justice.

none of that is smart. it is human, and it is 'flaws'

ask the budha in it's endless incarnation of our own joy, and she will answer you:

ice skating? never heard of that.

brrr. ltr.!

Monday, December 26, 2011

solsticea 2011.98

what stupifyingly major year.

my last years weather prediction for example. exactly to the point. at least overhere.
locally so to say. the very, very dry river here.

and no matter what chaos in the climate.. that is becoming more structural.

we had more sunny days then usual. 9 of them in summer. mhpf. (grumpf, growl) it's few.


i had a look recently. not close or so, no human wave policy's from mine, confirmative or not that much.

not that good. arny gunderson worried, or actually not so much , about driftwood.
but the real problem is , agreed, probably with the food chain.

there is the 20 msv per japanese child story,
a gross estimate would put their surplus cancer risks at some 500% i think. and the impossibillity to clean the playgrounds or houses. (2)

there is that the evicted from fukushima still pay the mortgages from the housing bubble.
there is a promotion for them to go back. tokyo was once again noticed for being a tad worse then already unadmitted. really, all that and jazz. (3)

sipdis from the yakuzi so to say, labour union stuff. that you know a small detail. a certain phantom in tepco's concept for example.

or just a random 220m3 of some other thing. really in a drain or the other. worst? hell, how relative is that, the 4th and only in one nation shown nuclear explosion at the site?

and the same mantra. 'eventually worse than chernobyl'. mark they planary hold against me the art, imprecise use of language.

eventually worse 12th of february (did it burn the riot date in the mind ..:S i don't think so.

but say it was the 12th. and o0:00 that earthquake put an end to the rusty, unmaintained , not any more modern , reliable or even functional. beyond expirance date emergency gear,

i dont really mind not knowing when .. conform warfogging crime downnumberedly, in those waves
but that is another thing than doomsday machines build to be prepared against the ineventual.

worse then at o0:12.. that point it got about as bad as chernobyl, heh and i that is really to pessimist, not after the second day at all.

that eventually.

12 minutes probably.

if they are not antedate, expired, wrecked, old, worn, amateurishly powered up, weirdly stashed full of cummulative calamity, in short outdated.

but that besides i am supposed to blame no one, i think. for what is basically, a predicted fraude with billions.

all of them did it.

they put it in plastic folio these days. cynical, consider it like 4 simmering nuclear bombs, packed in plastic foli, and it is not even easy, or possible to do, it's slow, and costy in human resource.

with the not that executive regards of a labour unions..

it influenced the weather,

ionised some sphere, near the ozonsphere, it's remnants, did, oloril knows what, make it colder,
thinner, with weird high clouds, that didn't rain..(1)

1 million out of 1.5 go hurray it didn't rain?

sorry to build your secure housing bubble, dust allways comes down way more persistently than rain.

so i don't freaking know. but my initial 800 yrs max, with the more probable scenarios at 600 yrs max , sorteless the moreofsuch privatisation unsutainable catastrophominems

thats is not exactly super.

netherlands has urenco, and as long as you say 'shut borselle' , you are obviously somewhat of an utter nitwitz.

borselle could never mean a tiny thing, if you don't hold a thing against urenco

don't even have to guess it's ss. state secret.
(it's in the educational murdrycullium it doesn't do a thing).

that besads, that besads.

k that is one thing need sad. 2011


(1) months after i stopped my engagemnt for sheer frustration of the lak of advance trhough denial, lies from the fraud, corruption, greed etc.. instead of a maximal attempt at starting safer energy,

the dogs told me, and birds as well, the atmosphere appeared to still be quitte ionised.
when they asked me to pay attention i could indeed still observe some faint differenc in the violet or what is close to that,

for some of them the whole skie has been looking perfectly out of ordre and scary,

allthough, they know not only fukushima, but also: occupy.

(2) up to 5 per 1000 newborn in the americas eg.

(3) brave japanese hunted by the corporate police feed the starving pets that people were misleadingly told they could retrieve little later.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

spy vs. spy

an eventfull year, i will write a bit still, my last post i mentioned what an ordeal it is if there is a despise, a contempt for justice in the system we live in. it is still a depressing thought.

it can be reflected on almost anything that is happening, well happening, relevant and in the media. egypt and "tahrir!" basically a dispute about class justice and the violence of the uniformed side.

egypt post tahrir, pretty much the same dispute. a blogger in prison for years already and that is only the most outspoken tip of an iceberg of injustice.

syria? what other thing then a contempt for justice in the sense of 'human riots' is held against assad?

ow i am concerned. the situation became terribly muddy by now. the traditional thing the camel does to it's followers is happening, the closed doors, muslims only understand repression reasoning.

well it is not really the camel perhaps, but it is terrible. and what is happening?

the reaction of the west, including aljazeera is to shamelessly portray even pro assad rallys as demonstration, what should you still believe is riot here?

the reaction of the arab world, to send 'monitors' is in itself a quite phantasmagoral idea, generals, used to pacify warzones .. in luxurious cars talk to spokespeople of the interior ministry, ok it need to be done, so far so good, opposition jumps high and low. but the point is,

do i really believe something in the sense of "true justice" will be done by them? i don't even think they have the faintest to start an attempt. it need not be a lack of will. (1)

just a lack of justice.

so do i have that against anyone else in particular? the states, not just any states, also the usian states , that trademarker of liberty.

because obviously the proceedings against manning are finally(?) taking place after months of abuse of the person of bradley manning, reportedly to turn him against assange that is still and almost openly manipulated against by usian and other states representatives.

hardly dare to say it, but it is encouraging the english courts take the story serious, where will it end, i allways see the ship of justice strand on those cliffs of money and influence.

so, why not talk a bit more than i already have about this trial of the century that is going on, what is perhaps the most important trial so far of this century.

it is not i have no gossip..

the trial of bradley manning.

ok i know this, it has been documented that the department at what the preceding 'judge' (perhaps military person is way more appropriate) is working , (doj) , is bussy with proceedings against assange. all confidentially probably and 'way secret',

so the judge considered himself .. unbiased, now that would still be tested, in the longer term for an appeals hearing, and perhaps i should not be so pessimistic as to be opportune about that, what more is known is that this doj, department of justice, has been working at the case against bradley manning in person..

reportedly in the 'actual shaping of a plea bargain to be used against assange'.
and it means he is a hero, that despite solitary confinement and brutal treatment, that is officially regarded torture under human rights criteria including expressions of those united states in (the) americas in international diplomacy, including such as referred to the security counsil, ie. cases of war and peace, life and death on a scale and measure of international justice, he is the one person that did not turn into a traitor of anyone.

i saw a very fatty senator, he thought i(we?) would like him, for his smile. over manning i think, not a bad smile, but if you think that is where reliability is..

he said he didn't 'like' bradley manning, that he had only defended his rights to still be humanely treated, he didn't follow that up, wich would be a juridical common sense, with that it invalidated the proceedings, no he followed it up with talk about treason or so.

yeah, get in the picture for someone's rights, and when it matters be gladly chatting about in the world 'you don't like him' or whatever counts as his reason for being guilty. no that was a setup.

what i do love is to see daniel(?) elsberg struggle for him. elsberg, and it is actually the one glimmer of light in the whole case, is referred to as the "most comparable case in usian history".

his weaker statement is: ofcourse the material i relayed was more topical in a way. i think that is a bit weak. his release was about the vietnam war, and more to the point about decissions concerning in effect really millions of lives were made under circumstances that were almost criminal.

the difference is not that great, the 'secrecy' and 'millions of casualties' of these days centre around irak and the crusade against muslim lands, called 'war for terror'.

much more then, almost contrary to, the vietnam war it is an event that many nations share intimate ties and informations about. so it is not that eventfull that a wide scope of topics would be the kind of arrangement against all that confidential poking around and controlling other peoples lifes really.

people, the media for one, say: it changed the world, it is getting done with dictatorships', it finally emancipates many of the muslim nations a bit, perhaps that is only me;).

people in egypt, the occupants, the tahriri, expressed that, libyans did oftentimes and tunesians share all that intention. ok it is not done, but it started.

ellsberg was freed from prosecution, before the court martial, wich is what these hearings are referring to, so not all hope is lost.

i do not see the problem of the united states (ia), they say they want to raise the humanitarian standard of the operational realitys of this planet, manning gives the great hint that we really should and have a way to go. he is the personification of the real 'usian dream' the inspirational freedom and justice.

and personally, i think that is why he suffered in that service, even the guardian does not tell, (and it is wrong in a few cases, the reasoning of that judge eg. being what we are doing at the department is secret, so there exists no 'reasonable person knowing all circumstances' and as such he considers himself more reasonable than someone that would disagree to it.
i do not think it is reasonable, i very much assume he is part and parcel in the coming strategy around bradley manning's proceedings. just on instruction or from a selfassuredness based on vanity.)

even the guardian does not tell bradley manning tried to "whisttle blow" through the official channels about his findings, and btw. did you know the documents on his computer are not the same as those on wikileaks? it is a point the defence got on the table, so i suppose it is supposed to mean that thing it is supposed to mean.

in the public discourse the aformentioned official people state 'he just randomly with no reading passed them on', hmm but also that one of the evidences on his computer is a spreadsheet with the sipdis dbase. that pretty much means he had a specific look for each of them and may have served exaactly the reason he looked at them.

wich.. btw. was his job, and i think it was completely acceptable to hav it all on that pc.

neway, a lot of the hearing is behind closed doors, however not when that request is from the defence, who would not think he would become the victim of bias when he collects books about eg. reconstructional facial surgery on women and has a record troubled amongst things with him being gay.

so alltho the guardian suggests we should not look behind, i suggest bias is necessarilly superficial and not something worth that reference.

one more glitch of the guardian is when they seriously report some uniformed army 'jurist' instruction as 'explanation, and at that.. the whole proceedings are heavily covered with military attendees, infiltrated with them so to say. making that impression , purposedly ofcourse 'something is seriously going on'.

and not in the way they have with it, having less rights than even those from guatanamo, it is. they show off infiltration in public;)

the point is, when overhere, yet it is not the only instance for me that i had peeks into that kind of regulations, when you do that kind of work, 'intelligence' work, wich is basically spy's work etc. there are elaborate rules deciding , for the superiors or officers , and people responsible, if people are suited for the job, even if they are 'still' suited for the job.

the kind of work can be very stressfull and bearing. as a direct result of your researches life and death can be decided, perhaps has to be decided, you are in other cases a direct witness of not a few, but endless incidents that hardly credibly pass the 'rules of engagement' criteria.

lives of children, women, livelyhoods, animals, even meaningfull consequences in a far future, everything can be in the balance. that is why the regulations are rather strict.

and according to the spirit of those, in wich for example his taking a foetal stance, certainly also his whisttle blowing attempt that failed (and obviously not for only the best reasons), his being a loner in his teams, his bearing great repsonsibilitys, attacking a superior, and being adviced against beforehand should have been enough to ring the warning bells.

that the psychological symptoms of stress and dissociation, problems with loyalty etc. are so precisely known is there for a reason.

to protect that doubtfull priviliges of secrecy and undercover reality, and to protect the individual armyperson against the natural consequences of a great struggle of conscience.

here's the gossip, the mainstreaming dutch media repeat me, "(the great question is rather if they ever release him early (because would not that tell if the world has changed)".

yet without raising even a question about his conviction (let alone guilt(?)).

no unpleasant surprises for the sheeple? the general negative trending in tv comments, that is in so far i seen any, but i think the listening post on aljazeera has some..) bodes a similar preparation, and a specific spin, to do indeed that what the dutch media so casually assume.

i said it before, if it was not about people it would be rather funny. funny in the sense that arguments against so much what they hold against him in that mediacircus, are all to often easily found.

tried it a bit here.

(1) i do not think they have the theoretical underground to conceive a functional action model, i would almost hope ban ki moon provides some. not that it would suddenly help all the lack of justice , more that it might help peace prevail in syria without a bloody repression and the forthcoming prolongation of differences and pains.

ps. like i posed in the first weeks wikileaks became the hottest topic of 'news' in the sense of things people did not realise or know, it need not be true, this story.

it is not infeasible assange and bradley eg. are some sort of hoax. somehow i can't get away from the idea all those cables, and what is actually this stash of a 4 million customer confidential hobby magazine, call it for usian armed forces, pentagon, perhaps even nato secret service, what you like, ambassadorial peptalks, gossips and indeed reports, that however trended to be known from public releases in the context. admittedly not the kind of source to allow the oversight you want,
releases in these many contexts.

nevertheless if they are supposed to encourage the army servants of the corporations, they would be supposed to encourage a lot of it's clients. i never heard wikileaks released major detail about say turkey, syria even, egypt , libya or any other nation i know has recently been attempting to release confidential documents, yet it is plausible many have been send.

that would give the pentagon a lot of everything: confidential informations on plenty foreign gov's corporations etc. and the opportunity to donn every kind of scare about whisttle blowing.

plus a heap of what is basically a sales talk under the attention of people that consider themselves critical and often spend a lot of effort to find informations on plenty of the topics , in wich so many nations and people outside the united states stand stereotyped and in not to positive light.

that, i already told you, however should not be a surprise as it was already confirmed in the media when the topic was running in diplomacy, and actually ofcourse sometimes shortly thereafter.

one reason for that is that the probable briefers of the corporate media, are connected to those sipdis releases. in cases that is sure as

ps2: that roommate that did not want to talk to him i suppose also counts, it shows there was little appreciation for him, and raises the question if he asked and was denied (..) a change in that.

Friday, December 9, 2011

the possibillity of change. (occ)

hello once again.

for what the mundane world, the big one, of euro's, hypes about someone's and none's moneys it stays hard to get optimistic, i could elaborate on greed, or the security industry in local media and necronomic offense elsewhere.

lest it suffice here is today's '*great*' example:

halliburton, one such security industrialist schooled-killer-mercenary-rent-outs , mainly and chiefly one that cheney has in his pocket for those that do not observe the news or remember what should not be worth remembering,

aptly figured i allways suppose they themselves decided on "hell-burned-on" after coalescing on the irakis safety "as being bombed", that one..

halliburton? rings a bell? figurehead in the not-so-great shamecases in the public reference for criminality between the rules of engagement?

well it also was at the party on the deep horizon spill, when they blew it up.

the day's news is : they destroyed the evidence of the failed concrete casing.

oh i remember some specifics, that they had not used the required number attachments, that it was not explained that to little cement was used, that there was every kind of indication it was somehow leaking and "compromised" from the tests and logs, and that not a very few people had been signalling the kind of warnings that predict calamity to a professional, wich went largely utterly completely and culpably ignored with the usual note, notes even, of coercion.

not that the last thiong is what i assume they destroyed as 'evidence' but the rest is.

mind you, still this year all 3 partners in the technical aspects of the fiasco have been declared guilty before a some court..

and now even if it was not only about billions, cohorts of people . substantial extinctions and the blackmail of 'the first black president' , for what matter his concerns as to general environmental measure and just as casually the illusion anything near decent could be discharged in terms of social projection, with the ****ing fukushima to add the total and utter disdain for human life and future and nature with regard only for magniminous, discrete and confidential summs of (once again as culpable) "white money".

(the illegal made through secrecy . not holding to safety measures, using dangerous material, cheating a populace, bribing a government, and then the workforce.) "white money".

probably they never even payed taxes over that huge part of the energy expenses in japan.

you think it has not do with another? those 2?

in the case of the nuclear billionaires and their bribed millionaire lobbys and politicians the "whitemail" on obama is : "if you want to go into herstory as a person who did anything remotely good for the environment ,..still, you better shut up completely about the dangers and neglect of nuclear.

since he never doubted the , by the way scientifically very dubious , i find it hard to consider someone so naive, nucleair lobby promotion, propaganda actually, advertising lies.

wich is also what the general people sort of belief because they are thrown dead with garbage confirmin such a lack of notion.

but there is more what i wonder about obama in the context, is he also aware of the complexity of the complot behind the deep horizon spill?

he was not asking for much. only a social program and healthcare. voted in on a platform of control of emissions and environmentalism.

they broke her dream. immediatly.

i'll post the pick on my 'strategy' or actually analyses of activism in the public space,

let me first make my point.

a justice, a court, a department of justice, a responsible ministerium or secretariate, state institutions that define peoples lives over few ill disbegotten pennys,

and to mention.. herstorically, or is that herstorykalli?,

that allows their liason in matters misnomed as 'security', responsible for the deaths of thousands of people,

to just destroy the evidence?

that is no justice. that is no democracy. that is no transparance. that is not a party to be serious about.


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