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Saturday, June 19, 2010

residual murky black goo

willfull misconduct, so much the little people may say, a coastguard accepting skimmers 6 weeks late. the trajectory maps show at some point when hitting 300 km from louisiana shores all oil just disappears. the blobs of oil that are dead animals are not an indication something might be deadly wrong with oil on birds or turtles. now and then the odd fisher or beachgoer reports a couple of 10000 dead animals, but most of it doesn't. just today i read it again, the nr of possible animal victims of oil.., could be zero..

such great insights in what is going on and the immense harmlessness of oil don't cast the slightest doubt on all the rest we are reported. basically, how much oil is still escaping and how long will it circulate. today some additional equipment is supposed to have arrived and upped the 'containment capacity'. my guess is they are now collecting about half. however by now vessels from all over the world are on their way to the gulf, so either there is plenty of oil floating about to be sure they all have a job for july, or perhaps they are collecting much less then half afterall.
yesterday i read one more of the 'hopefull' statements the flow hadn't abaided in a meaningfull way yet.

the oil is expected to start flowing somewhat more gently whenever the gas that drives it looses some pressure. the whole well is rather deep, so deep i would think there is no real danger in sealing it in an explosive way, allthough you would want to be sure of the exact depth and sedimentary layer of your effort. and at that depth (and with the apparent 60-40% oil gas mix)
usually there is rather more then less gas then expected. i know that because you can make use of the feature to get extra gas production.

so altho i must admit the idea that gas flowing at such a rate would somehow run out at some point is an attractive one, it's quite as probable the turtles died from birds flue.

good news about the turtles is a 100 are saved, of wich btw a whole 3 got rereleased, i wonder why in fact, i suppose to see the effect of oil on a life turtle. if they swim straight into it eg.

talking about turtles, the newssites don't make an estimate about the nr of animal that died and somehow went out of sight. apparently they sink, and hide to die, but not one estimate of nr's.

i have no idea myself, it should be a really simple estimate to make, x percent of birds sink, x percent hit the beach. x percent hide an die, there are some 1000 oilcovered naturally dead birds recovered, thats a ridiculous and random estimate btw, perhaps it is in reality 10 or even 100 times as much.
perhaps 8 times more of them sank? and 10 times more of them hid?
a bit less i guess. in the ordre of 100000s dead birds then.

but they admitted.. managed to make the nation and world believe (or at least not rise up in protest) a whole ZERO, just today.

i won't touch mammals, dolphins have a very sensitive skin. they flock so close to beach now it would be a bad example. i learned one more thing, the gulf and it's wildlife are widely promoted as splendid (and these days as unaffected) but it is actually poor, there arent so many dolphins, and really few turtles, i bet, just like the english catches, the fish caught is neither bountyfull nor as tasty as it was 100 years ago. you could even tell that when the spill hadn't started.

so my guess is after this is all over and by when we hopefully switch to cleaning the niger delta,
there is an interesting ecological project to start in the gulf of mexico, involving no fishing for a decade for starters, it may sound farfetched, but it would be nice to see some of the oil money reserved to observe the ecology as it develops.

Friday, June 4, 2010


it's somewhat of a tradition, in the campaigns, for me to do my say, so i wll.


we have a dutch elections coming (stress on dutch..) but i would like to gamble a bit about the latest semipostponunciated stoppages. jamaica for example got blasted from the mediteranean one day ahead, and listen up all, submarines are cake.

yet it almost makes you think in a melancholical way about the future of the past future of the past comintern.

poor jamaicans.

so far europe nor dutchieland have noticed agathe, or the local pinutabu, wich in it's own is quite remarkable for it's absence of observations, the sole seismograph is since some time missing, and probably became used to predict cenotaves in guatemala city. otherways someone stole it, or it broke down and before taking blame it was taken from the books. some million aid package or so, and real seismographs should be feasible for about 7k. there's other usefull and interesting media as well.

although the general interesse of gualtemaltecs in vulcanoes and earthquakes is certainly there the webpage appears illupdated or the whole department appears underfunded, the usual
corporate collapse notwithstanding. a real educational problem besides.

poor turks.

the whole turks play pretty much the sitting oilcovered rare species in the whole proces, middle class advancement not to the point you would ask for a coffeeshop at every policeman they never realised the last opportunities for the slightest riot have been innocently killed on the media stage long.

the painfull show of palestinean indignification. so this is this thoroughly controlled, observed and anticipated entente, a social aproach?

therefore, the dutch elections thingy, i thought about just going straight bright red, with a rotten tomato, but i have noticed the manouvres around the flag. ofcourse i sympathise for the full 100% with that intention.

it is something that stands out over quite some political wriggling.

yet? is that so realist, what is with this concesion culture? what is there to generalise about europe?

i see a mondially quite fluid electorate, that hardly expresses and nowhere manages.
loads of people confuse authority with governance, and hardly anyone even considers how that is judgemental.

what is more worrying is that we have these outstanding moral issues evrywhere, and how parlementary burocracy could hardly even function without great leaps of confidence.

evrything if you just don't have you made it redder?
green like a lemon.

there is also it's not done, undone, will not, does lean kind of policy going, over a left as theoretical as rare. quite the commonest.

as a further subethical splinter, there's a more pragmatical spectrum that favours going round with axes untill all else stopped moving, it has something to do with camels i think and it is really dangerous because it is superstitious.

so kind regards from a woodenshoefull dutchieland see you in the next fairytale.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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