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Thursday, March 31, 2011

fukushima daiichi.

fukushima daiichi (meaning "first") is the nucleair powerplant with the meltdown. after the eartquake (EQ) and tsunami, a total of some 4 or 5 plants and some 11-12? reactors had urgent problems. fortunately none of the others escalated. well, not very much (you bet they leaked and in an ugle way at it), daiichi is the one that is tied around our all necks. so far there are a lot of mixed signals, i am still most angry at tepco, that has been collecting tons and millions (wonder what japanese and even world economy contributed so far) in the run up to the disaster, and has jp gov and media in the hands and under pressure. tepco being profit oriented whilst creating a disaster. tepco is also specifically geared to work with the banzai jp culture and has a long (perhaps uniquely impressive) history of cheap labour, and abuse. this is hard to verify , in japan also, and the lack of transparance is obvious. the un watchdog is a nonfunctional "play down industrial threats workhouse" working with such institutes as unscear (unscare), and like RT (russia today) so precisely put it , "a trojan horse of the nucleair industry". citizen vigilance is the better chance to get the info's and make sure they will get and stay in the open.(1) (oh tepco just got a 34 billion$ loan' just now, says it is not enough^^(ps)) soo instead of boring you with story's of blackhole captured photons, i will just paste some links and pics, so that you can start doing the research yourself. be carefull, norms worldwide have been raised, and figures mostly have been tempered. nevertheless: lists: maps etc:;region=NH etc.: japan: lobby: (1) eg. usian navy has been operating much more proactively and secure then the whole of japan. ps: hard to get this published in a decent way, some links went missing, many others were dead. re edited 3 times, will do again later, evrything not working now.

Monday, March 21, 2011

odysee dawn

humanity's road to freedom has been a long one.

events and transformations small and big, abolishment of slavery, illiteracy, sexism, racism, colonialism, imperialism, cruelty, injustice or priviliged classes all of them long struggle's with no end near in sight.

none of the nations that took many of these steps can say they succeed. they can say they sometimes succeed. france didn't start a war on the populace with the paris riots, but managed to actually improve some of the social circumstance for minority's. dutch beat up protests, and repress opposition, but people have some freedoms, and usually none starve. germany has a somewhat stressfull and remote society, but it also embraced plenty of foreigners. usia has an awfull criminal system, but as long as you shoot your way out of it you are relatively free, and if you are lucky you can smoke a joint even.

its not the best example, perhaps it is that even if they are poor, most survive relatively easy.
climate is important, the need for elaborate housing, defines that a nation creates jobs and learns to sustain it's populace. it doesnt seem so logical, but it happened all the time.

than many nations have exhausted soils. libya is one.

10000 years ago, libya was a lush forested area. green from lake to lake and sea to river. so was most of northern africa and so was spain at that time. the whole idea of life in libya, or spain has been only so recently to live in a rocky plains it is not really in our genetics.

when the ecology gets bankrupt we adapt through making the most out of the least that is left,
not by inventing a whole new ecological niche. turning in a desert lizard or something else.

so north african nations do not easily provide for their populace and the key to their existence has long been a struggle with the elements. now the element oil turned up in libya, that and ghadaffis revolution turned it into a much wealthier nation.

since some time ghadaffi is in the neocon camp. he admits to blowing up planes, for the sake of normalising relations. pays billions for the sake of corporate extortion, bolts down on his social policy for what? imf? still supporting small african nations? his family fortune?

noone knows. we, the educated poor, think for the last thing. materialism, capitalism.
libya is a society that has been tribal since the days of Kato, the roman orator. divide et impera all the way from the onset of imperial divisions. it hasnt been so much of a regional power either, a small population, the few coastal settlements and vast desert, noone ever bothered to conquer it east to west or north to south.

not even ghadaffi. he reminded himself of alexander and napoleon, of hannibal perhaps, and started his greek colony in tripoli. securing the affiliation with the locals. so it seems. not only that, such say the tribes, next he took islam in one hand and bravoure in the other and dictated his peculiar futures to the libyans, in an ever more incredible luxury and nepotist construction.

for a while the west worked with him, untill the arab revolutions.
agents had naturally been active in libya, benghazi was carefully softened, outposts with capital interests set up. italian football teams sponsored and the foreign culture once again started to dominate parts of the northafrican coast.

people in libya and apparently primary in benghazi took a different take on things, the fertile idea of khadaffi's revolution and his encouragement of local counsels inspired the libyans to rise up for real freedoms, freedom of speech , the freedom to express rubbish, the freedom to belief anything opposite to what ghadaffi 40 yr dictator believed, etc . , etc.

the freedom to make jokes about foolish bedouins and their foolish children. once that was there
for some odd reason the people marched on tripoli.

waving a flag that reminds most of italy they marched on tripoli, an awfull omen.

by than no matter what russia today means, 100s had died. demonstrations been shot at, weaponry on the streets, hardly a means been shunned, and anti aircraft gear aimed at the populace.

they reacted with rage! armed with anything they had at hand, after the first initial days of peacefull protests, they stormed the bastillions and tanks of the power, shooting an endless hail of bullets at the sky's the clouds and the birds they were sure to frighten the dictator out of his position(dictators usually love birds). in no time almost the entire supply of cars in libya was turned technical for either side. machine guns got mounted, and it all got blown apart almost more in a matter of hours then days.

day in day out people from everywhere in libya gave their life and best efforts to peacefully convince the rest of libya to also embrace the values of tolerance that dont have you burn african looking people with sympathys for khadaffis socialism alive.

that wasn't easy. fortunately the revolutions diplomacy did a great job in pleading merci for loyalists of the khadaffi regime. there is some hope things can be arranged all peacefull and united still.

many times fighting and shooting in tripoli erupted. sky's and clouds over tripoli got perforated, and unfortunately so, an incalculable number of libyans shared the same fate. here khadaffi lost the propaganda war. trying to destroy internet and cellphone connections, disallowing and even starting to torture and shoot journalists he lost some credibility.

then, the arab league got mad!

they reasoned, stop that, just a sec., and our nations will rise up, please help us, everyone has to flee! odyssee dawn.. jasmine odysee!, how riot can you be.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

land of rising steam blowing off nippon

ofcourse the earthquake is a very sad event, and moreso the tsunami that was and remains rather lethal. all in all even assuming chronical and substantial underreporting that could have all been much worse, strict building requirements and a population prepared for tsunami alarm saved some of the day.

talking tsunamis, in the wake of this disaster, kobe earthquake has underpassed this event in deathtoll. i read there have been a calculated nr of up to 3 (now 4) such tsunamis in 3000 years, in japan.

personally i think it was rather more then less then that, but that not all of these 9-11 mtr high waves struck likewise big areas. in any case i was not surprised a second by reports of 10m high waves, they were just what i thought was to be expected with a severe earthquake near japan.

i also think that is the japanese geological assesment, it may sound vague, but hadn't such a wave been assumed beforehand damages and especially deathtoll would have been much higher still.

what occured to me is that the fears for an oceanwide tsunami appeared so exagerated.

that was also the case in chili, now fear after the south asian tsunami, that left almost 500000 people dead is understandable, so perhaps it is just well that every major quake in the pacific triggers those warnings, but i will still make the point of how i do think it really works.

in the case of chili at first i believed there would not at all be a tsunami over 3 mtrs anywhere,

it happened that there was one up to 6 m.

however it struck very locally, the vast majority of reulting deaths in only one port if i am not mistaken, catastrophical deaths are not my hobby so i could be a town or two (and than 3k victims) off.

however that has nothing to do with the mechanics. for me it is plainly obvious that any earthquake close to a major continental mass will not trigger a ocean wide tsunami of very dangerous proportions, allthough it will nearly allways at the nearest coasts.

some of the reasons for that are obvious, others are simple, and perhaps there is a complicated one i dont even think off, but i will try to explain how that is.

no matter japan is an island, it is big, and part , or at least almost part, of the eurasian landmass.

so when an earthquake more in the middle of an ocean would run out its energy in changing the floorlevel of an oceanic plate, much of the energy of a near land(continent) quake gets absorbed by a landmass, not only much less water gets displaced, (lifted in most cases so far) but it also gets displaced in way less homogeneous manners.

i think that is the main reason, also near coasts the ocean bottom is never flat, and allthough called 'continental flats', such seafloors are actually allways more or less gently sloped, an alltogether inferior circumstance for a superlarge tsunami (not to say they need be lower on the nearby coasts).

next, allthough that was much less for chili, the seabottom east of japan is very irregular and accidented, it has great depths, underwater mountains and vulcanoes(i assume) and the usual sloping. but a very pronounced one.

i think such circumstance is also much less conductive for large surface tsunamis, simply because the displacement of the watercolumn is to irregular to create such a massive waterdisplacement as a flat oceansbottom would allow.

(after this event the aforementioned 'hypotheses' have already been promoted to "science",

yet i am still the first to my knowledge to deduce this. (after i said it a couple of times it's a bit less admirable someone else comes up with the same from my pov., and with chili i also said this even before the fear of tsunamis in chili proper relinguished)

so much for tsunamis, the earthquake itself is a rather unique one, for one thing the nr of aftershocks is double or more the usually to be expected for japan. the area was not thought to even be conductive to an earthquake this scale, a 9richterscale earthquake, had been expected in japan at some point(thats why they build so well), but not here.

i didnt study the seismic or geological detail like i might have if there had been no nuclleair incidents, been to bussy trying to help prevail the worst , and trying to get a picture of what really went and goes on at the nucleair plants.

one good thing is that the other reactor park that appeared to get in trouble (some 10 or so km north of fukushima) has been stabilised as of yesterday, or so they said after i raised the question(..).

it has not been easy to get a clear picture, the resulting image is not comforting. tepco, the electricity corp that does the dirty job for the post ww2 usian investors, has been reluctant and almost greedy to share information, also at several points tepco utterly failed to effectuate the necessary measures and actions.

they brought in generators late, didnt supply them with fuel, didnt update the plants infrastructure after its designed age expired. they had no secure coolingwater reserves or resource, there is a lack of redundancy in several systems, a lack of cameras in many places, possibly the outer containers have been used to house undesigned nucleair projects and experiments, there are apparently no geigertellers at rooftoplevel, tepco kept working with a reactordesign that was recognised as dangerous,

then they provided scarce and incorrect even untrue informations, time and again technical detail was released only to be later drawn into doubt to calm the public, the dangers are downplayed, and attention is actively being drawn away from the mox/plutonium fuel (for wich the old reactor design was not even build btw.)

it went so far that one may wonder if the fire in the "spent fuel" bassin, that is actually not spent at all, but just temporary(maintainance) storage of the still functional fuelrods (all), is a coincedence or one more step to get away with the results of mox fuel future generations will now be facing.

each of the exploding reactors melted, at least partially, that was known as it happened, only since yesterday that is more or less acknowledged mainstream. conflicting and incorrect informations abound, in some cases things that belong to reactor nr2 are said to be with reactor 3, or 1, vv. doesn't seem coincedence.

there are damages to at least 2 of the inner containments, and perhaps 3, but they are now acknowedged for the nr2 (mox) plant mostly only. well that one has been steaming like mad most of the times since so it is hard to anymore deny.

perhaps the other two are only minimally damaged, but damaged they are, even for without that the housings would not have blown.

up to 5% (and perhaps more) of the mox's fuel (wrongly refered to as nr2 in cases) has disappeared, that is an amount of radioactive material twice chernobyl, not acknowledged.

distinct reports tell even different storys, part of the radioactive material would have stopped being radioactive upon arrival in northern america two days ago (hydrogen is light).
that means the mox thing has been running out of control, and allthough some of the radioactivity from the substances immediatly formed may have resided, they will be replaced by other longer term isotopes more often then have been working out.

another interesting detail is how the aircraft carrier out at sea experienced a 3000 times average radiation at 160 km. "for an hour" wich is also impossible, because it means slightly less radiation must have been experienced over at least twice that period.

tokyo was said to be thrice as radioactive when the official reading was 12 cpm, however unoffical geigertellers read the double almost at that point. (so 6 times as much radioactive material) that it is partly dust and not (airborn) gasses showed as a turning wind didnt change that much to it (as i write it is about 30cpm). insides.

however all of this is probably underestimated by me, if i go by indications, like what the chinese say, the french say, and the usians say (that had 17 radioactive cases 2 days ago when japan had only "19" yet) , or that the two missed persons have not been explained(..) that there are 5 confirmed deaths at the plant, but only in one source for now, etc etc etc. it is probably actually even worse then i here described.

what i identify as problematic is the corporations culture in japan, it seems to me management of tepco is more interested in their bolusses and tepcos unwarranted gains (that it seems majorly flow to usia immediatly) then doing the job, they seem to have thought tomorow is another day in several cases, they ran out of fuel(incredibly stupid), had problems supplying generators even after it was recognised they obviously needed many more, and last in that row they delayed the use of helicopters to pour water on top of reactor nr4 (and the rest i suppose) for almost 24 hours, facilitating even one more explosion.

for my part tesco has to be taken off this,(not to say they are allowed to stop working) the usian specialists that have been send 3 days ago, hadnt arrived per yesterday, but where still lauded to be underway,

"specialists" time and again showed their lack of knowledge and their talent for disagreeance and crap.
i didnt even bother to remember, to much to often, and to relatively unimportant.

the strategy for the nucleair disaster should be to do everything possible, as an example the helicopters may serve, when i went to bed they would still be put to use for cooling, however halfheartedly, when i woke up they hadnt used them, only to just have decided to still try it.

thats not the way to do such things, do what we can that might help, and think on between doing should be the motto. we can gladly throw away a couple of billions, just like the deathtoll of chernobyl is severely underreported everywhere since this accident, it is only from first hand accounts i know much better, the effects of this catastrophe will be terribly undereported obviously. nevertheless we are talking 100000s people and many future generations. it all adds up.

all the best of luck and be brave all. more on anything sooner then i'd wish.

hasta la revollution siempre, down with nucleair power, power to the people.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

revolutionairy practice

as with many things anarchistic, revolutionairy, revolutionaire practice has been a fashion.

as with many things it usually get's to narrowly interpreted in practice. and as with many things,
it doesn't allways matter.

basically the role of the revolution is (i think), "if they shoot we shoot back".

when it happens sudden, it achieves a lot. recent uprisings and the masses, but also the reason for militairy coups. revolution of the tiny masses, so to say.

nazism features the idea of a tiny coup btw. i would pose it is a common trait of the european nationalisms.

nationalism is crazy and weird. ideologically the northafrican people have a lot of background,
we don't have to expect to much confirmation of the usual "arab world". what is the use for them if a popular revolt for freedom would become rewarded.

it is hard to guess where the real sentiments lay here in the "west". nobody has the slightest of interventionist intentions, dumping some "diplomats" in the night in a heli might just be an okish manner to achieve a contact, the libyans apparently need organisational aid for the rebel forces.

talking about those, the numbers are somewhat obscure. the need for that is not wholly obvious.
i would guess, and hope .., some 30 deaths a day, but i figure that is completely naive.
it is quite as possible there are hundreds, i would not even know for sure at what side.

however, just sending weapons is bad strategy, weapons dont largely contribute to peace usually.
with food and other aid a similar thing is a problem, by supplying you allways create some sort of dependence.

perhaps just inherently, that you supply things that are supplied to allow "the struggle",
perhaps by the usual means, corruption, control, police, and their counterparts.
sometimes through the army, and basically allways when the infrastructure to handle those supplies is doubtfull.

however little you want to occupy a nation, it is obviously one of the most helpfull things to have enough people on the ground to deal with anything that might happen,

the rebels should, i think, but much depends wether the struggle was merely bloody or for the greater part symbolic, consolidate some of their gains, and make sure they are practiced and probably also prepared for any further events. it's not smart to waste masses of young people in offensives.

first kadaffi needs to be contained,
either through negotiation and for example exile, and next as a danger to the libyans, around him or opposed to him. the best would be if those two still can and will find agreement.

obviously that would mean there is room for one dictator less, it is also obvious it is in the interest of the libyans around khadaffi to settle for one peacefull libya.

the opposition has asked for nothing else. what good would a civil war, and large scale persecutions still bring along the north african coast?

surgical strikes can be okish. it is a transparance thing, if the concept and practice are not used beyond their purpose they can deescalate, or litterally disarm, such confrontations.

all these things and steps do need recognition. from the libyans, their neighbours, but rather the ('arab' amongst) more remote powers. otherways such interventions can be explained to any badly informed public (there is plenty) , as interventionism.

wich is not the point, but you cannot change the course of warfare without intervening.

there is still very much dishonourfull in warfare, the peacefull solution will allways be the better for all of us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

unrelaxed into the middle east

there is a lot to complain in the personal, usually i am broke. hungry and oftentimes unrelaxed, nightmares are my part as i dont have a decent smoke, and the whole farcical status quo, the dutch and international is certainly not leading me into spheres of divine calmth with no extras.

in a few days some regional elections will take place for wich we have already been swamped, emerged and prepared to accept the incredible and unacceptable, fraude will move the dutch politics even more to the right, as if that is remotely needed. i can only hope after the middle east revolutions cause openess and educate the people the chicken will come home to roost.

talking about these i see a great need for and even a kind of vacuum of iniatives. so by and far 3 days of complaints about how hard it would be to get egyptians from tunis and likewise absurditys my conclusion must be the un commisioners are fishing for money to pocket, not to help.

that suggests a humanitarian catastrophe in the making. i dunno, perhaps they have their cards set on al kadafi, and after that, humanitarian crisis is supposed to save the saudi sheiks.

goodwill for change to be turned into undeserved pitty for exploited refugee problems. who will tell. also i feel like setting out to the task of describing a strategy to coope with some aspects of the current events, mostly the supply problem, the evacuations and also and most prominently the fear for anything alien or different that has even reasonable people in a tight grip.

such a task is no great pleasure in the absence of a good joint, decent pay, justice and even foodsecurity, but here goes anyhow. it will probably be not a masterpiece of literature that i am now bound to produce, i really don't feel too well.

it is hard not to start in the negative, so i will push the subject of western subjects subjectivity to the bottom of the page.

start with a positive note. the revolutions as they are taking place are all revolutions of solidarity, social revolutions, changes for empowerment and inclusion. obviously that is exactly what makes the elites, there and here, so wary. they don't want social changes, what is the use of them, it would be slower to oppress people, harder to hold on to fabulous wealth. more difficult to incriminate absurd laws and misdirected taxing on the divided poor. perhaps even the more blunt part of populace would become fragmentary educated, and never again deliver lipservice for the projection of xenophobia that is the ultimate powerbase of 'democratic' capitalism.

so emancipation of the masses is the elites worst nightmare, still now, in the 21st century.
to that topic i want to add how the former kadafi justice minister is supposedly (..) playing a leading role in eastern libya after he changed sides. what an awkward choice. they better check his foreign accounts first. that man rose to prominence wielding the whip of oppression. who would expect him to serve a plenar cause? not me.

these are all detail, what i think is the most important thing to say , at this moment, is that the international community should prepare to support the take-overs, the revolutions, still called "unrest " btw in mainstream dutch media. for that matter everyone abusing the word anarchism in the context these days should be blacklisted, all of those are criminalising good political intent with every step they (or we) take. blacklist them. let them clean the rooms of their masters instead of letting them etch the intelligent thought from our minds.

anarchism is secular and peacefull. that it is the target of so many lies and campaigns only proofs how extremely justice is feared by the rich.

so the heap that feels the need to confront the wrong side of the spectrum can cheaply be discarded, their sold souls will not serve a heavenly purpose or an earthly paradise. just setting out the trends of repression they are no usefull contribution in any dialogue.

lets blacklist them, media would become so much more readible.

so in my opinion the world has an obligation to serve (not to confuse) these revolutions, how?

its not that hard, quite the usual, one london libyan eg. suggested airdropping food into western libya. personally i think it is early for that, the usual capital could do a week or two, three without deliveries.

without delivery's? the crowd control / weapons embargo is not even yet active, only mouthing it has so far been done. yes foodtransports they withhold. but using choppers to kill the populace is on the everyday wishlist of the western moronocracy's, even on that of someone like obama? seems so.(clint hint)

food deliverys have a problem entering tripoli, but not tear gas, riot gear and helicopter ammunitions. so now they cooked up khadaffi must go to the icc. how convenient, for years they were all set and happy with the guy, and now suddenly they want him before their victors justice tribunal.

ok i defended khadaffis revolution some, and i still sympathise with the ideas of his green book, nevertheless he is an obvious hypocrit and obvious autocrat, and an obvious fatneck with wacky egoist interests. so with monsters like ben ali and mubarak gone, who would mind dumping him, whatever comes after need not be worse.

actually i have a great trust in the libyans (not an all encompassing trust, as in my last post i vented my conviction they are a probable bunch of racists together with the rest of northafricans) but even that, i know they will try to work at it, try to show mercy and compassion over anger and revenge (failing worst in this very respect i expect.)

the real deal is how we will support the democratic (it is no guarantee but it is a start) revolutions. how? well how about accepting refugees again into europe?
sour shins i suppose.. xenophobiacs are everywhere, not only in muslim society's.

seriously how? i think it is obvious, libya is a disaster, so medical aid, food aid, evacuation and lots of other things will need elaboration, but egypt tunesia, yemen, bahrein, jordan, etc..

they will all go the revolutionary way, and each for their own they will face particular problems of supply, a need for tools of democratic expression, even plain education, but not in the least selfesteem, to rise to the occasion. let us, the rest of the world prepare to be a helping hand.

not by destroying the planets atmosphere with more planes and flights, not by crowding our panicked high incomes at the airports, but by setting a reasonable trajectory to be of help.

the people should support people, not former ministers or upperclass nitwitz with a high salary function, just the people, the voice of women and children from the streets.

this wont be the last revolutions on arab grounds, the ultimate revolution will allways be one in wich women fought. when women do not fight, they are bound to become the victim of the male syndromes of dominance, and ptss, once again. i think no revolution that has the ladys cheering and the men bleeding will deliver completely, equality is simple, men and women are similarly capable of negative emotions, without that recognition equality is far and between.

so i reach out to promote a greater role of women in all these society's.

with some handhold to the infrastructural problems and evacuations made, what we could do next is revolutionarise our own society's and democracy as a whole. i fear this will proof a dream, but it is possible. internet and other tools are perfectly set to deliver an element of participation, and there is the daily opportunity for judges not anymore to pursue the interests of the rich exclusively, precedence, well that.....

i have low expectations there. basically i expect that the euphoria about the events elsewhere will serve as a perfect cover for hyping up more crudeness and dictatorial fake trials against the poor in the "democratic" nations.

nevertheless like evacuating egyptians from tunis by ship is an easy touch, lets try to be smart and direct when the need arises. have trust in people, who cares if they govern somewhat amateurish for a while? some talents will spring up, compromise will be found, for example in bahrein, 80% of the populace is shia and has close to zero experience with governance (they are not even allowed middleclass jobs to be exact). the sunni bias against them is complete.

why? well over iran, but iran will also fall, if not this year, the next, and hardly anyone will be sad or disturbed about that even in repressed shia community's.

the capitalists story is people are stupid, and to retrieve some of the stolen wealth, the first thing people need is selfesteem, i mentioned it before. with selfesteem it helps a great lot to get appreciation. appreciate those people.

don't think: they are as stupid as us, think: they had plenty reason to think smarter.
really protect the youth, the renewers, the democrats and yes the anarchists, because those exactly are the voice and source of renewal.

corporatism will not stop short of killing the good nr's to get back their status quo of slave society's.

take good care all. and no matter the harsh words i use, i love and admire the people of africa,
and the rest of the muslim world for the brave attempt to fight for freedoms.

ps. have an eye on africa (no, not only zimbabwe, the whole of it) the people of africa want inclusion and justice just as much, and no aljazeera, or anything else is there to represent them to the terrorised masses in the western world.

be strong, if i thought prayers'd stop bullets, i would even say 'and pray'.

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