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Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 and more

yeah what 2012 and action, 2012 and direct action, 2012 and culture, 2012 and drugs, 2012 and crime, 2012 and each of the industrys, 2012 and capitalist illusions, 2012 and climate catastrophe, 2012 and emancipation, 2012 and xenophobism, 2012 and disarmament, 2012 and hereditary despots, 2012 and guided democracys, 2012 and boko haram?

really don't know where to start.

boko haram?

seems like a usefull topic. jonathan opened up for negotiations. now that is reason for carefullness.

nigeria is a us client, because of the oil. the typical thing would be to blame islamism. up in the north, in the maghreb there are a few desolate islamic desert tribes, that once persisted on trading stufss trhough and thro said magreb, but these days have difficulty paying their satelite internetties and wider universitary tutelage from the incomes.

so thats easy, blame the difference, tell people those are insane fanaticals, kill a couple of people with bombs or other means, and.. the mullahs are to blame.

wich mullahs is a second, in this case it would be the sunnite ones that give the shia minoritys such a hard time. you would say there we have iran riot in the middle, an ideal partner..

shiism is a bit boko haram ofcourse, i don't quite get the peculiars but it has ado with the old fashioned rites and refering of several uncles of prophets who are not really, or perhaps it just doesn't matter, as important as uncles of prophets happen to be sometimes, for other mullahs.

so it may be a point, who is the prophet so to say, but it won't solve a thing.

nigeria is a staled faith, is the problem. it used to be you send out a white bishop every once and a while, to enjoy theirselves with the little sizzies, that would keep half of the people happy.

then you gave 'm batons, and teargas and the oil would continue flowing. but not anymore, second hand cars and cheap fuel have had the nigerian economy booming, the former christians are now car owners. ofcourse that diabolic tool spoiled their saintly minds, and like everywhere we didnt have to wait for the airbag for them to become extremely dangerous.

all of nigeria meanwhile went with the flow, more and more modern, bigger and bigger cars, higher and higher rises, and more and more police. it got quite messy with not enough roads even to accomodate all the police. roadblocks sprung up every remote location, and the newly employed security industry went loose with all the illuster methoods of the african continent.

send your daughter to islam school on saterday? forget it, at the second roadblock she would be broke and have to turn around in the hopes at getting at least back home again without another payment.

saterdays were good days for the industry in nigeria. not on sundays, on sundays the soldiers and police hold to their bases, so that every young boy can visit the sunday school.

it doesnt happen there in the north, but that is only because they are no christians.

there is not a lot they can learn without getting a problem, security industry? an obvious no.
petrochemical industry? well no.. it obviously destroys nigeria, no future there, burocratical education? well no, they are only good to send out the security industry, so there is nothing to learn either. finances? no need to ask. farming? impossible.

nothing to learn. all you can learn is doing so much damage, it is just better if people don't get into the kind of bussiness.

so.. you have to be a bit carefull when negotiating. what is it really about?

is it about keeping northern nigeria an empty space? distribution of wealth? positions? all of it?

about the police state and the neccesary poor to maintain one? about institutes buying up the land? about that couscous from a magnetron tastes way worse than from a woodstove?

we need to know it all.

updated, alltho i do not agree to all what was said, i was told that the wish to live on in the traditional way is very much behind most unrest in africa. that 'traditional ways' means ways of sustenance, way of life and i assume the cultural patterns to go with it.
complicated, so it is really about magnetron or woodstove, not wanting to do with big bussiness meaning it is good if women carry water for many hours a day etc., etc.

the obvious conclusion would be that sustenace and to live a (quasi) natural life need to be considered, you would say that is not hard to meet. but apparently the opposite is true. it gets easier to understand (i figure) if you look for example at african (or in similar poor nations) metropoles.
eg. great poverty and lack of opportunity promise no great results of modernising society.

i was also told most african struggles are fought by people not really a voluntary part of the forces (i only accepted that after concerning social pressure, 'control'). a personal sidenote there: if you leave a modern army to stop being a murderer you also get courtmartial, it is not surprising militias need to claim similar absolute loyalty then.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 transparancy or nothing

for some reason the word "transparancy" has not yet become completely obfuscated.(intransparanted)

it is coming, attempts to do the turnaround trick have already been succesfully promoted,
quite possible in laws, in legislature,

ofcourse it happens on that line as well as in shimmery financial promotions, ofcourse that is "organised", and ofcourse it is mediawise (and criminal as so surpisingly often with the legislature's acceptance of malversation, but it is not yet criminal, people go unpunished for the kind of 'product' for a 'market'.) selling lies, spreading lies, malversations, once under a corporate (lets put it shortly: financial) guise they are a product.

that is not so with truth. truth is a "secret", and can be censored.
because people tell truth and corporations want to lie

(as thus instituted by those 'judges' of no value at all).

it is really important we all realise how little avail the law will be with a struggle for justice,

it is an intrinsically complicit and extravagant tool of corporatism,

with only one but, just like their friends with the pretty jobs, that want to foul, control, devastate, keep the people poor for cheap labouring, and probably often the fun to see them suffer,

at least humiliation is the receipe for me at courts,

they are people. they do it for theirselves.

they believe in their outrageous systems of repression and degradation, control and lie,
manipulation and secret, because it benefits them. they are well off, with their cosy friends high up, who can lie and cheat and pollute and steal and resist taxes, falsify any paper, publish anything contrary to facts, steal the fruit of people's minds, have their servants,

their yes and sir etc. sayers.

just people. horrible awfull people, the only group in society of wich you can say, exactly the past 30 or so, years once again : "they did this".

wars? allowed by law. pollution? allowed by law. taking poor people's bread? allowed by law.
promoting more pollution? allowed by law. promoting stupiditys as benefit is only in production?
allowed by law.

sanctified actually. prepared.. again and again

so. perhaps, you would like to know what they know about you?

how about we would know all they know of us?

secret.. you are not allowed to know (well from now on you probably are) that the supermarket scans your faces, films your every step. that actually you are filmed a huge part of the day.
that your medical file is there, that your secret services files will never be released to you, no matter what you or they pretend, every incident with police, and for the older for example the school, for younger people it is ofcourse a bit more.

that besides they probably have all the phonenumbers you ever called, especially since 1996.
if anything you say is interesting in any way, they have it. if you speak openly about yourself they'd keep it.

that is because nowadays most of it can be checked by computers. before that it was of not as much value.
every email you send, every tax you payed, or didn't pay, every 50 , 100 or much more they stole from you (dare to doubt that tho), all that.

every time you have been rapported about, school or medical, psychological or social, by police or undercover , and quite a few more, is or could very well be there. and probably so is most of what you ever said in a public building. well unless you really have nothing of interest to tell.

nothing against war, nothing against poverty, nothing against injustice, nothing about the rich, nothing about a whole lot of things, and explosives.

i dont know how they deal with weapons, i suppose they don't go by phone.

in fact it has been confirmed every email or post you make is saved and checked. every stupid act you do on internet, and every keystroke and it's specific rhytms or rhymes, in windhoos proper. and thus in apple(would otherways be illegal in usia), and go figure available under linux(2).

next they register everything you buy or pay for, (and obviously whatever they can you don't)
and all of them engage in making deceiting phonecalls from illegal lists, probably police compiled hacks that standard land in your mailbox, under the most proper of guises) ;)

and every other method.

wich is one reason they want to force more passes on us. pas for this, that and more and more and more

the best they like it if you put invisible cash in them. invisible cash wooow.

that system's judges will clique against any change, massively.

now, talking about transparance, really we could have so much more of it.

(2) or perhaps don't. it's networks after all.
(3) bank accounts for example are just not at all safe against the interference of services in any way.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 solidarity or nothing

earth's endurance is limited and people are just vulnerable, whole nations are at steak, and the whole lot of the world is getting toasted radioactively yet by the war industrys.

blind, egotist, reactionairy, sociopath predators, popularly guised for employers, for reasons hard to understand (but psychologically perversely simple), extract great tolls of habitation, and inhabitants alike , for that clueless 'profit' and that mindless 'greatness'.

that is just one such industry. there is a security complex (split people in proprietary's soldier ants and prisonslaves).
the pharmaceutic: it is likewise closer to the military industrial complex that it's ruthlessly disgarding a future and medical consequence, the dead road they are walking is like in the war industry, not that unclear from within.

relatedly there is the biotechnologic industrial complex. that one is perhaps not yet an industry of it's own but an accumulation of abuses by the other branches of industry, a complex of it's own but only in the making.

there is the nuclear industry (one utterly hellbound and catastrophal beyond description)

the oil industry (related enough to the petrochemical industry to perhaps be better considered only one, but also in action to contain concurring markets , and overtake energy related pollutionism in the other industrys.)

there is an attempt at water monopolisation going, with the drinks and food industry involving.

railroads are being neglected, now owned by the other industrys, phones and internet became nominally corrupt in the hands of 'private property' (theft).

and the housing rip finally burst. exposing once more the greedy credits that form the vampiric fundament of the 'financial industry'.

all of those are served by an educational erosion that is also corporate, and a media industry that is a full 100% ready and set to lie, and influence everything from the events to the subconscious.

the traditional complaint, that the burocratic industry and legislature is the responsible and greatest infiltrator and cheater, the class-justice, is phenomenal in the not anymore public transports, if there is a reason to fly, we could fly equal. if there is a reason to train, it is to pay the empty 1st classes. my whole life long.

it is not that *i* did not notice.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 apocalypse now.

jay this was a great celebration. i love the sound of explosions, and the orchestration of our new years party was fascinating and creative. all through the evening , here and there, now and then, big bangs started a new universe, made me think of all these poor kids to lay wake for hours after been put to bed to early.

the mood was very positive.. i thought: well now we scared away the evil spirits..., repeatedly.

the fireworks that regularly went of that tad to early to make it an interesting evening, instead of an interesting and expensive ten minutes, made it almost fairy tale like.

around 12 fireworks of every kind and color sprung up, and from my viewpoint, everything was painted in colorfull lights of many kinds.

still a waste of money, but amazing how it was as if all the people together turned our everyday reality into a film, a rather moody one, of joy, future and togetherness.

it made me wonder so much if other people (so, forgive the curse, other nations) also managed to achieve this effect. this has nothing to do much with my usual topics, yet i really liked it a lot.

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