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Monday, November 27, 2006

hate campaign methodics

MH.. So in fact we won the elections.. That is rather obvious. And ofcourse the outcome hardly represented that result. So like a goodwilling people i have been spying for the signals that betray the capitalist attitude after this new succesfull screw off the populace.
(how would they tackle their loss of credibility)

It had been somewhat surprisingly silent on that front for a day or two... I suppose they waited untill their secret polls showed 40% of the populace again believed the dull brainwash, and thought an inbring of the main cheater powers was not to risky.

Anywhere there goes, monday was this big day..... Some political guy (not officially fascist) made some statements about how the racist hate gave another (extremely impopular, officially intolerant) woman such a "good" result in the elections.

I went: aha, so that is the structure it takes... (again. its not a first) Since my analyses already revealed capitalism would promote civil war before letting go of their undemocratic power, can't say i am surprised to see them promote rasism sneakily as a reaction.

Still i am disappointed, our spirits have sunk so deep. That one 'Rutte' can get away with this.
Anything i can think of against this, is writing it down here. Not food but hate is cultivated.
Singularly for power, that is singularly an anti social power.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


People asked me to write on two subjects, first i thought: No i won't. Since both are sensitive, and practically complicated subjects, but i agree people can get many things done so here are a few. (3 subjects)

One thing that i wasn't asked to write about: (lowland-)gorillas, and what they mean to africa (kongo, zimbabwe, rwanda) and the darfur region, and how we must understand the diplomacy going off there, however, is occupying me a lot. That is because the need to stop the threat off a regional conflict. It's all a matter of oil and who controls it. Humanitarian and information problems obscure much of the view of what is really going on. Since it is about oil, people should hurry to computerise these society's they perceive as undemocratic. This is a great wish, it seems less people in conflict areas have a computer then a few years ago. Because it is such a huge problem i would like to see opinions and experiences of people on the Inet to judge from.
The idea that ethiopia would invade sudan under a UN flag is unnerving. They sure have better feats, bigger needs to fill. However you can't blame ethiopia only, they have obviously been offered the money to maintain their army in the preparations of a UN-(au) attack.
Since this verges on the cannonmeat subject i disagree.

On with the real subject, meat. The whole meatindustry can be put in a very bad light.
This from two points of view, the animal, and the workers.
For the animals it is horrible, the list of wishes to improve their situation is long. It is such that we really need to make a dramastic measure to change it. A measure that means we will need to eat less meat (im a vegetarian that eats fish myself) . And that we will put our meatconsumption at a lower level still. Many people in netherlands are vegetarian, and by far more limit their meatconsumption, a majority.

The measures that need implementation are basically very well researched by the green and the new pvdd (animal party). Almost all children participating in nature activitys , have voted demonstratively pvdd in a mock election. So we have their consents, and it's the adult being childish:).
I don't know the precise proposals, since i have been occupied with foreign elections and
international affairs in the running up. A few examples though.. the cutting of live pigs-tails,
the massing of 300000 chickens in batterys. Both the examples are part of horrible situations for animals. The idea is to put legal measures to the treatment of animals, leaving the sector to solve its problems. I think this is ok, the main reason for the abuse is the good cash it makes,
therefore if the producers need to change policys by legal pressure they will.

A not very temporary drop in availability and rise of prices is certain. There is no way to have really cheap meat and a friendly treatment of animals at once. However biological meat prices are only the double of decent quality meat prices. So although there will be less meat, there can still be lots. The situation after a month or 3 would be most people would buy meat again.
Costly, but of a better and saner quality, ofcourse we can arrange for some compensation to the lower incomes, when the meat production goes up again, personally i find computers for family's with schoolgoing children of bigger importance.

The next dear point is the butchering. Butchering has never been a nice job, and in netherlands for many years has been done by butchers that often even lived in confined areas.
All workers deriving from the working or 'lower' classes. Although it has a significant impact on these peoples personalitys and views; they cope by selfhypnosis, telling themselves: animals don't notice, animals don't feel, and generally no irregularitys ever occur.

When you get to know them personally they will sometimes give perfect examples of how animals do feel. Animals begging for their lives. Well it is horrible. I thought we improved over the past few years, i was terribly optimistic. Instead of focussing to improve the conditions for animals they foccused on.....
getting young and innocent people to do the job. Young people without an income have been forced to slaughter animals under 20 years and older methods.
Since some of them ran away before the selfhypnosis set in , i know now every pig notices what happens, and it is a horrible thing that does.
So besides inhumane production there is a enormous problem of inhumane slaughter. A thing far from the eye of the public because we are not shown. Because special communitys exist for it. And because the meat industry has a big interest to hide it.
Thus by stopping the production of animals through inhumane methods,we can hopefully also improve on the slaughter procedures at the same time.

(3rd subject)
The other point is even more impopular, because it is about drugs. I have radical views on natural drugs, natural drugs don't cause cancer, and don't invoke chemical polution, they hardly have unwanted sideeffects. Only they are addictive. A thing that goes for chemical drugs as well.

Many natural drugs are a cultural (agricultural) aspect of the regions they are grown.
Opium eg. has been used by old and sick for centurys,(in the whole of eurasiafrioceania) with the added advantage humans got physiologically adapted to using them to some extend. In the regions where they are grown they tend to be a smaller problem then in the industrial areas where they sell best.

Whenever you check on psychologial matters, it appears 10% percent of people are such, (say adhd), 10% are so, say nervous, another 10% are so that they don't sleep well in the night, and yet another 10% suffer from traumas, etc.etc. Long sentence short, many people need or are better off with drugs. Many of them do get drugs prescribed. Being legally addicted to some chemical or (even forced) an outrageously mindmutilating other one.

Meanwhile, the system made us grow the grass at home under lamps.(1) It makes me angry.
Cannabis is an excellent agricultural product, that can help create a healthy soil, humans are very well adapted to the herb, since it is the first we domesticated. The seeds can be used in foodprocessing, and are very healthy and even protein rich, the leftovers can be used to make anything between spaceshuttles and children's toys, although it excells at paper and other fibric materials. The list of other uses is sheer endless because of the nr of fans that researched into it.

So the production should be focussed in warm sunny countrys . 'Coincedentually', these country's are generally poor countrys. The main reason why they are not allowed to export it in an economical way. Similarly long storys can be told about poppys and cocaine.
The actual use of drugs is so common, one thinks the actual reason the US went to afghanistan is to have a bigger say in the market on opiates. Very nice, if the farmers want to be payed
you can shoot them. Analogues to the bombing of huge areas in south america. It doesn't matter what happens to the people as long as the prices go up.

Well every legally allowed 'substance' coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol, has been a major contributor to worldeconomy (for good or bad) . And a provider of customers of healthcare. This won't completely reverse. (at once) Definetly liberalising the drugs trade will raise the nr of users in short and middle terms. However in a free economy one could measure this to the damages done by prohibition. So measured we function at a big loss.

With good research and coaching many people could be healed using natural drugs mostly.
Minimising the damage to their system. Many people might start using a drug at some point of their lives, and never give up again. Although ... many of these people would use ugly chemicals, and have a mutilated and humiliating life after. Also if you don't trust your people to learn and experiment, they will be naive and fall into traps most of us, regular users, easily circumvent.

Basically we will have to see what happens if we let the thing loose and start regulating affairs domestically. Ofcourse we will do good for quitte a few poor economys, think south america afghanistan . marocco, cambodja. Economys that need income. Waging war against them will only make more certain of their right to grow a profitable and relatively harmless crop.

Since no valid reasons remain not to emancipate natural drugs, something else must stick behind. The maffia? well the maffia invaded afghanistan and bombed south america... how do you like it? I think it makes no sense. Legalisation will only halt the maffias influence and minimese their cashflow. Perhaps it is the fear we work less? when we have more pleasurable substances? That is a matter of mentality too. And by now we start to realise work is not so important. Because you don't need to produce more then is needed. scientific research? another such excellent excuse? So we are lab rats! ? They killed 2 billion people to have better experimentation with chemical medicins?

(1) bad energy investment

Friday, November 24, 2006


Things i better not say.... so pls. read through.

The situation is at what it was yesterday. There is no clear winner, and no strong leftish majority. There is the usual extreme-wrong wing option thats been blackmailing and pukenising us past 4 elections, so it's a talk with the pistol to the head.

In fact the thing is rather clear. The people massaly wanted the sp to be in government and that to be redder. It will be an enormous challenge for the sp if they get to govern. The smaller partys are usually the victim of a government period, it wouldn't be surprising to see the sp in heavy waters.

Otoh. they might just keep speaking out for the poorer, and for the social
climate that way keeping a large electorate. Wich ever way you regard it, it frightened the shit out of the capitalist system, wich is a good laugh.

That is why when we hold on we will have a better say.
Ah, i don't envy the dutch, if you noticed how sick i can be of only 30 minutes propaganda, and they got it all day. (it would be naive to think no propaganda broke loose, since the day before was only propaganda).

On with the worse news. It gets a bit freaky , since the worse ways of thinking are not typically the commoners ones. The general capitalist thinks he is a better person because he makes money. The general politician is thinking he needs to serve the geniouses that make money, to indeed prove the guys having money are right for once, politics is a stupid job.

The reasoning behind this is a bit on the weird side. Things like , they want to go to mars, and we dont need to know how they spend the money. Things like, if you get an african country organised to export resources you are a cool guy.
I don't think they are on mars, but considering the difficulty of getting accurate information on almost evrything on earth, I wouldn't be to surprised if they had a wacky reason like that, for exploiting the earths populace so rudely.

They use this argument: if you spend it on the labourers you can't spend it on anything else. They are pretty sure the crap they do with the money is better then spending it on people. One major reason being that people aren't very informed, don't really try to be a part of the solutions and future. But mostly that it is freaking easy to exploit a populace, and way harder to get them to work hard when they have a decent living.

There is something to say for fission centrals and other huge projects..
For sure we are not so informed that we can make every best choice.

My major point for labour is that everyone that does a job that is usefull to the community deserves a moreless equal reward for that.
However that incorporates a need for education etc. We don't want all the cleaning ladys to use coke, and they wont allow the average dutch to have an even better living then they do now, eg. for european reasons. (would we get much more money they wuld just put the inflation up to cope.)

So my plan is majorly to grab some of the piles of money they collect, through
joblifters(jobcentres), cashfrauders(creditcards), gambling machines ,
and by taxing our collective means for collective purpose again.
I also want to tax the rich and nationalise evrything we can essentially get nationalised in efficient ways but these are for a bit later and i in fact better shut my mouth about that.;)

The use of the resources should be aimed at information, education and intellectual and social 'enlightenment', the chance to develop your mind.
There will be no obigation to participate, although perhaps by way of polls and mailings many people can at least contribute their ideas and opinions.
(I'll force you to have ideas and opinions in other ways to , but it helps if you help.) It shouldnt be like it is now. With socalled education for the populace that is in fact liefull propaganda. It is about telling people truth. (just only truth, it's a complicated matter because so much is wrong, but when much is wrong it is easy to change it for the better)

In fact we will need to be like schoolchildren, and better. Study better methods of learning and teaching. Internet should be a priority and freedom of information. However, most of these things i said before, so some are now to a point where the responsability for expansion is ours. A point to make thanks to beautifull and goodwilling actions of many people.

A thing i would like is to choose a theme. worldwide or only in the netherlands,
and get as many people as we can to voice their ideas and opinions, gather the information and check if we got any wiser. It might provide material for talk,
it will inform people and there will be scientific gains.
Such projects should be well planned and slowly incorporated. However we should start and never let loose our structure of informing , study and education.

Elas the ruling classes have always disliked the development of the masses.
(note : i think people should have only 3 children max.2 is better)
So this must be part of the struggle, equal rights and equal information are close partners.

The way i see it, the human world gets better the best by starting far away. For one thing they don't have to raise the inflation when we help africans. The single priority should be computers and internet. Since it serves both as a school, a tool, and as a more creative form of spending time then television.
Ofcourse we will be still able to spend a bit more on sports , maintain an acceptable level of medical care etc. if we choose so.

When we control the money collectively at least we will be able to have control that usefull things happen.
Ofcourse the lousier and heavier jobs should get some extra just like the masses of labourers without a set contract . Flexible jobs the word is mine, but this is not what i invented. What i invented is to give people the possibillity to have different jobs instead of always the same, and provide the employers with nightshifts. After that they implemented it they stole the money of the wages,
and the bonuses for working on uncommon times. I am sorry to say, but you
did nothing.

I would also like to provide much better for foreign labourers, eg. with a delayed (secure ofcourse) payment to adress in the country of origin. So that the direct positive effect of our paying better does more to build up their homecountry's.
It wouldn't be hard because they get payed so lousy. (i would like to pay them with a more equal system then eg. the english pay their ghurka's.(wich will be like the basis for the capitalist proposals on this, would have been, it would be to obvious now.)

For the refugee thing i already voiced a partial solution. (that we should in europe try to accept refugee's on a per culture basis.) A good idea would eg. be to accept hutu and tutsis in netherlands, and north and south koreans in spain.
It needs some thinking but it will help the refugees to adapt when they are with a group. It will also provide more of a support for a country or people in problems when many of a certain european country get confronted with the problem, then when it is just one here 2 there etc.

In fact i think all refugees are welcome. Since.. well i know how bad things can be, and everyone has a right to live. Look at it from their point of view, here is a lot, there is nothing. Would you be there you would think you are a smart person for leaving for europe. By the way, as soon as things settle a bit, surprisingly little people flee. That is quitte a different then the usual approach, and surely i think we should develop systems to arrange this in a good way.

Develop things like schooling and teach them to build up things, help them to resettle and start a living. Handing temporary jobs is also a priority.If nothing else is possible educate them to at least to have the rest of their people better prepared for the next disaster.

It would be much better to set up those projects there, and locally but it is not always possible and we don't have very much experience with a purely positive aproach. A last thing that is so important i need to say it, is we need to set up universitys and higher schools in the poor countrys. Also the refugee and immigrants overhere should be provided with a study and schoolsystem.

Wich they themselves will have to develop. My standard example is a woman with an enormous talent for languages that because of the small flaws in her dutch or just because of her looks or culture never got a place in netherlands.
But also i know many refugees that speak several languages we don't.

Its in the interest of these people and their countrys and ours, to do something with this surprising capacitys. And as it is science it doesnt have to be immediatly . In fact i think measures like these would make us much richer worldwide in a few years then we will be by raising all wages indiscriminatly.

Paying the worst jobs better will be a good exercise in equality. After all people can keep on ranting about the jobless like they do....(but we will get to that.)

One major task in science for the populace is to get a hold on the psychology.
Our current psychological science is way to biased to be of much help with all these projects. They try to put stuff into people, and think they are better then the ones they usually poison. This is because we have no control over the farmaceutical industry. The sick get exploited for profit , the poor can't even pay the medicines, psychiatry is addicted to its customers and on a worldscale it is even worse. What i want is that people think over psychological methods to educate themselves and others . What i also want is worldwide cooperation for these projects. Since its useless to do evrything many times.

Our other ideals, eg. the environment, we may have to fight for them.
We should raise voice more often en dare protest and demonstrate.
Make sure petitions are treated seriously. Organise ourselves in networks per interesse.
An easy way are internet forums. It is not that I think demonstrations are needed. It is because the international policeservices measure our involvement.
Personally i prefer the method of boykot.
For example i try to boykot usian products completely. Just because i want to get them to the table about oil. About international cooperation instead of robbing and stealing.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

the beauty and the beast

The television wasn't a pleasing sight, cocky voices.. promoting a silly late night show, (how much time does it take you to send a mail, and how will you unzip a metropole before a village) In wich an SP voter is a traitor, an anarchist, them is him, and loads of talk about future coalitions, with media proclaiming the results are not sure yet every 3 seconds whole evening. Just as usual.
Sorry i have seen the show before. The morning after was a headache.

A bunch of jurist(?) wondering through the only town with paper-votes given big due that it would make any difference,
That they walked the streets and checked the contents of i dunno what, the voting room i think.

Noone really needs to believe it. The word jurist is supposed to do the magic trick in an evening of crappy texts about the SP. In this blog about mass media i point out they could have stayed polite.
It means we can only win by not being lead into a civilwar like situation.
Thats the nasty part of it. If they are not polite.

The right wing is shouting: anarchists won the elections, But in fact nothing changed. The silencer stole most of the votes and just as usually dumped them to the extreme right. The scenario includes some 'sectarianism' ,where honestly no dutch seem very christian at all. Use every bias you can to defeat the socialists, it's still a horrible day.

The worst thing is that when you consider how many more people went voting,
the result is very extreme right, without much reason, but the fear of the rich.
A preparation for a fake future.

On with the brighter sides.

Everyone has to agree the left won. Because evryone knows. Everyone that thinks twice realises they xenophobiacs are all but ready to hand over power, or even think of sharing it. They boiled a happy, fascist to the selfexclaimed extreme right mass, supposedly to side with the christians.

otoh the SP, the dogmatic left , won so undeniably , they really got some seats.
Jan the leader is really glad, and has had a great say in the seat distrubtion i would think. After all its one thing that the far majority of the dutch want a structural leftisht plan , the rich do feel bad. (they should considering they try to have the poorer kill another instead improving.)

However the good side, is we get a chance to deepen the involvement of the sp.
And other socialist party's.
The centre socialist : pvda feel rather encouraged, knowing so many people
have an ideal of solidarity.
And glinstering eyes balkenende (oh how glad with his hollywood potter image) , the christian prime minister, is full of joy for the wonderfull show of unity and trust in another we made. Its beginning to get into their frozen minds we are not the criminals , when we have our moments.

Take care that in a few days they will try something really lousy, they always do that after they realised they failed to make us belief in their ridiculous fascist paranoia's, in elections. (The democrats in US did that so you can bet they have some mean things ready here.)

That is why although there is no reason to shout, perhaps we are to get another chance to proof our socialist selves. Let's get to work and do politics. We'll wipe them so thoroughly worldwide now and forever, soon they will have to admit to peace.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

todays fairy tale

ppl will prolli be really interested at what goes off.
mh.. everybody has been thinking of politics or in the broader sense elektions,
for me it is really exiting, my impression everyone in the town i saw was really positive of the intention,untherways everyone smiles knowingly, many marvelous thoughts off politics whirled through everyone's head, like oh one party is all we need, and the reason for it.
Or was it the other way around, that we went for the reason of it, then realised we only need one. So the real thing on TV ... don't get me wrong could be spaced:)... however, as a result evryone is thinking of green left (really good)wing. Mh. I get to the fun of it now. Wich are the moments you realise SP would actually be better. These are quitte beautifull moments when you think labour is just labour or that it is more fun that something happens for once.

I am not soo sure, i saw kids at the voting asking people to write their votes on a paper, and said i was ok, it took me only milliseconds to realise what the propaganda could do with these things.(send the cops in to vote sumthing odd, cus they have oaths of loyalty and other stuff to corrupt them.) I don't think the church would do that, though it feels like they are well aware of the method.

So i asked whether they would see the results there as well, wich was not the case, 3 people sit behind a table.
Hand the card it gets stamped , they put a tiny paper on a stick, and there you go to stealomatron, the enemy you only encouter to proof that even an anarchist
might vote the SP. Well i can't proof it, except that i know exactly what i did.

If you 'r used to feel like the naive green have been silenced,
not to mention where the votes went, then ..

Putted on the radio.
The radio is horrible, apparently an high nr of ppl vote like 80% everywhere,
or in places. it's not put clear. The news downplays it by , resp. telling more then 50% of ppl went,and saying arab media are very interested for a man in amsterdam. Because he might be a minister , allthough i think many more people voted SP.(like most of frysia).

The next one has a solid poping for benedictus, they advise a lousy,"stemwijzer", that is misleading and bias like all of them, we checked.
Lastly some heraldic gossip, on another match, and now classics?

The less you have to lie the less it shows.. propaganda to the last seconds.

I'll hear what silencer has in mind in the evening. What do you think?

Elections day and elections manipulations.

Today is the dutch election day, it's not a big thing, because it is
not a transparant election, but it is all we got. And with hearing the propaganda of 'democracy' every day, people are more mused then appears realist.

Reality is i have to write and copy my blog-entrys before posting them, wasting triple the time they need. Because texts may change while i use the blog. Or a forum, or anything else that leads to public expression. Like even my pc.(it is also hindering my reading into new subjects)

The last few days i have tried (despite being censored) to be engaged with the dutch. The result was great. Another result was that the reaction , by mangling my texts, targeted my writings and freedom of expression for the gazillionth time.

This is not an atmosphere of fair elections.
That is why i call with the courage of despair, to act up against the kapitalist bloodsucker pigs.

Act up against the destruction of the planetary rights for uncensored expression , our rights. Stand up for the right to life on other continents and the right to have an healthy environment and ecology.

These are things, the wrongwingers (called rightwingers to long now) do try to destroy. Like if they try to destroy the posibility of a future for humans on this planet.

So let's vote SP,( vote the green, vote socialist,) just like we have been saying we would.Lets hope even the ones that get jobs from politics, will take the signal to rethink the true meaning of freedom.

If we never give up, one day there wil be equal rights and justice.
Think of louis seveke, and how noone but the reaction (that means the conservatives) had a need to murder him.

(We still know why schiphol-refugees burned )

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's hell

It's hell,

yesterday , i wrote some about how;
The dutch SP got malignantly and ridiculously associated with former sovjet unions , ofcourse i wouldn't notice as much as i translated , since sp is a dutch affair and everyone knows . Not much time between those translations.
That piece of text disappeared .

Readers, i might find it hard to have a very proper level of spelling, syntax and coherence. that way.

I don't think i forgot, the text-make up seems mangled at the point.
It wouldn't be a first either way.
See this waste of time and good intend. (and even esthetics)?

poisonmurders ahead of the election what sticks behind?

As by now many of you, and knowing how the global mass media (i don't listen to radio or watch television, for that reason) act in such a case, all of you know,

with the polls soaring to an alltime leftwing high in the netherlands, suddenly
a supposed enemy of putin is poisoned.

Now that would not be the greatest surprise , since yesterday they killed trotski,
but.... why would putin do this, two days ahead of having a possible ally win the dutch elections???

Well there are reasons. The first is , unlike hamas the dutch have no real control over the results of the elections. And considering the massive show of solidarity the dutch put up the last few days (since i got over my frustration for being censored in the election time and started leaving comments here and there and everywhere) we actually are a nice people...

Indeed our good intends, and our social aspirations have been frauded away from us already for 150 years. And definetly more so since the 'voting computers' obscured all view on the real results.
We actually almost (..) got used to it and started believing we are a bunch of sillys. Morons, that with a minimum income would vote only on bankdirectors and huge stockholders. Such is not.. whatever the results will be..
is not, what the dutch have been, not how they have been, and not what they have said today or yesterday.

The statistically predictable result is an outrageous victory for a party named SP. Socialist party, pretty much the only party here that kept up with affairs.
And clung to defending the rights of the labourers and poor.

However as with votingcomputers goes, i am prepared for yet another cheat,
knowing that even within total victory they would still try and cheat us.
That is what democracy has been around here, the only good from the situation is that the more polls show the unity and solidarity the relatively harder it wil be for them(the class in the rule (of the voting-machines, and our money)) to bias the polls, and to falsify the results. So we will make some gains at least.

Mh, show the optimist me, wonder if they dare bite here, hope not, my blog a be shortlived becus of it.

Now i will finish the story of the poisoning of Litvinenko....
look at this comment today of a 'friend' of his:
"It's linked to Moscow and the FSB," Goldfarb said, adding that Litvinenko had written two books accusing the Russian secret services of criminal activites. "He was a very vocal critic of President Putin."

Was??? Did you notice he is still alive goldfarb....?? Perhaps a freudian slip?

Being generous like i am.. let me explain a few strange details.
Litvinenko was really busy on the anna politskaya case. (as soon as i know who did that i will definetly report). Or so they say.
So since Putin wouldn't choose this utterly unstrategic moment to kill him,
who is behind? Note that the nr. of murders abroad by kgb, since Trotski appears smaller then the nr of digits on one hand. (uh abroad as outside the former union, i have no intend to lie (compare the nr of death by clusterbomb in irak if you need (one of many) recent justification(s) )).

My explanation: Anna was killed , because the chetzen cause she was fighting for had lost that momentum she still clung to (it's only theory).
In the new cold-war, the propaganda war against a new enemy, defending chetzeny may have not seemed so overly usefull by Litvinnenko's sought allies.

two flies in one stroke.
Okay.. now that is cleared up, i will comment on the chetzen situation.
I am to blame. I promised putin to take that blame, and this is the second and last time i do. (hi;) This is how it happened:

After Russia gave freedom to all these countrys, and stabilised the nucleair arms race, i couldn't accept the exploit of her weakness, by stressing the existence of an isolated and very anti soviet, anti russian armed enclave within her borders. So i ordered (organised) the (fukkin) west to leave it alone, encouraging Putin.

I even made some effort as to direct the russians how to get done with the thing, as they didn't get it done in 2 years.
(wonder if they really noticed that part)
Since the bloodshed and escalation needed to be halted. (for example for fear of nuclair pollution, and internal security in russia, and since i hated to see young socialists die.)

Perhaps i was wrong, but a completely destabilised russia seemed much more dangerous to me. The ease with wich enemys are found by the west and her populace, made me fear we would drive it into a huge war, by letting loose our conditioned anti-kommunist hate.

I also think islam minoritys have a plight, to cooperate and tolerate other filosofy's (and their owns), i found the chetzen action most opportunistic, and didn't harbour much sympathy for the strategy or trust in the leaders. I am a bit sorry. But perhaps i shouldn't.

There are a few more awfull confessions ahead. But why eat all the cake at once.

So, why did Anna die? Personally, i tend to the opinion it was to blame Putin by 'helping' him. The chetzen case being nowhere near the precedent the west was looking for to maintain the occupation of irak and the hold on her oilresources.

I didn't use to think that.. before i blamed Putin, only today it changed.
Somehow i should have known better anyhow. Political murders inside Russia have more recently been targetting capitalist pigs, fat money bags that wanted to institute the reign of pro-usa corruption.
Where does she fit in that picture..?
Anna Politskaya is on my list of interesting cases, when i find out more,
i will tell you.

Now: Good luck stay solidair my dear dutch, hold high the tolerance, and the deep spirit of our souls that sings so clearly these days that we all think deeply.

There is a lot more to it... why didn't this government fall before??
Was that to fit in this well prepared one and half month elections and media-manipulation scheme? At least our domestic liberty's got raped a few times in this period.

intolerance towards political radicals. in this case squatters:
burka: intolerance on looks (only of lefties and coloureds ofcourse)
(this is a rather inaccurate post. The atmosphere in netherlands has been good untill one and a half month ago, and much cleared up again the last few days).

A day in the life off.....ntcb

Welcome dear readers,
from the relative calmth of my buro chair let me introduce you to the turbulences of dutch and international politics.(diary style)

I will prolli post on a near daily basis and even more often unless,
i find a more important intellectual obligation.

The posts you will find here written by me , will offer shocking insights in the reality behind the media. Not bcus i like sensation, but bcus it is the nature
of these realitys.

Since currently the left (my side) in the netherlands is winning largely in the polls ahead of elections i am glad to announce the possibility we, the contributors and readers of this blog will proof essential in shaping some of the future politics of the netherlands, europe, and intercontinental, interregional cooperation.

The keywords should be tolerance, joy, future and participation.
Good luck.

On with the bad news: The lasting campaign in the context of the newly organised ntcb (a new dutch secret service branch) wich aims at destroying the means of personal expression that might lead to unwanted political views, ( examples are forum contributions, blog comments, and even the rapture of the national media's headlines to silence the individual.)
One of these targetted individuals being me.
My views are unwanted often... primarily btw. because they are anti-capitalist, anti-zionist and anti racist.
On the other hand ofcourse everyone and all tries to profit from my opinions
and observations, its quitte a complicated picture for myself...

that was todays bad news.
unfortunately i have another related story to tell today...

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Personally i try not to be rude. However sometimes i screw up. Basically i will remove, discriminating and hate posts. And comments clearly derivant from well prepared 'neocon' (kapitalist) pr or secret service agents. (aivd , fbi, mossad etc.) Dutch language is welcome. English prefered, sorry if that bothers my fellow countryman who always seem to think they know how to handle their languages. Ill edit this some time;)

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
Through lies and fraud this one is managed to rob 1000000s of the fruits of their work and their voice