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Friday, May 25, 2007

111 ways to slow down climate change

,or live with it.

Its obvious that a proces that capitalist science has been denying for 120 years now;
(global warming), cannot be expected to be halted within a foreseeable future.

The actual structure of the scheme is mathematically like a parabole.

Wich translates into, that changes slowly add up to accellerate the phenomenon.
Apart from that, like every natural factor that is completely beyond direct human control (its actually happening on a supra-animal level), the formula is obviously catastrophic. Wich means that at certain points of the course of events the effects become inpredictable and of enormous magnitude.

That beside the to be expected events are (and have always so been recognised) impredictable. Wich remains the main personal concern. After all it is not known if this is similarly to how Mars blew her atmosphere into space for example.

A detail in that would be how the atmosphere seems weakened. I saw the moon as a globe yesterday, i never seen it like that, its always just been the moon,
the 'disk' and not the globe. I dont have very good eyes, and my friend with me, also appreciated the effect. It didn't last , a minute later i just saw the disk again.

Im not sure about that but i have been wondering where all the water vapor, that obviously results from the huge warming of the oceans, and of the smelting of the poles, went. Europe has actually mostly met droughts. Wich is not yet explained.
(it is a global trend besides.)

As such it suits to illustrate the inpredictability of the effect of changes though.
I think that the tenfold increase in hurricanes finally triggered awareness in security counsel and world bank and other US-organisations.

sad and sentimental but true.

Usually to counter a problem you would first want to identify it, and in this case we cannot exactly.
There is a scala of changes, the one even seemingly lesser significant then the other, and a scala of causes of similar property.

Nature by the way points us optimistically in the temperate and cold climate zones
to the possibillitys of natural adaptions. When the dinosaurs died out , although that is a bad example , they had no humans to ship them over the planet to more bearable circumstances. (Exotic) plants and cash crops sometimes do exctremely well , pending the droughts these climates.

Droughts in tropical africa however appear to be a different quality. Wich is easy to imagine as the suns heat can be almost painfull here.
(and definetly to much to sit or walk around in it a lot.

Well i think i have my point made. We should counter climate change, try to slow it down, revert it, and adapt as much as possible in a reconstructive way.

Fortunately i have been occupied with the subject before, and some projects have been underway. I will once again sum them up, to stress their importance.

Firstly and thirstly we have to settle water resources.
That can be done in a few ways, open resources, structural resources and additional resources. Wich means: fresh water surface typically "wetlands", groundwaterlevel and
potentially ice and desalification.

It is never predictable what will work, we have no geotypical evidence of anything, however a few of my gambles have already been extremely rewarding so it seems that the planetary tends to take the logical courses. And countermeasures to the effects tend to work when they have this logical "potential" or quality.

In other words, although some foreseeable countermeasures won't work or fizzle, generally they tend to reward more then you would expect.

The best example here being the wetlands case, but reforestation has alredi proven rewarding energetically, hydrologically and possibly even regulatory.

In that context the worldwide hype and economical misfit of tourism would have better served when approached as renaturalisation, reforestation and generally the reconstruction of a flourishing nature (of any kind).

In countering climate change and disaster you cannot expect a profit technology to do the job. Wetlands for example, however much one of the most rewarding scenerys to look at, tend to be decent places for cows meadows.

It is a trade off in that sense, if you want the peculiar looks of it: cows actually fed on leaves in nature, not on grass and as a result they suffer a permanent diarhea.
So , the more ekological aproach of recontructing a natural quality of the landscape
is selfevident in even the greatest bullshit.

I don't have to continue as i alredi mentioned far over a billion ways to possitively induce climate regulation but anyhow i will try.

One thing i apreciated is that since we are talking about major features of the landscape you may actually use your imagination to adapt features you would in not other context consider. Albeit it would not be much use under other circumstances...:) Just don't consider it human inspiration let alone effort for such. Thats just excuses, some art of revisionism.

As i argued before, the climate tends to stick to logical consequences, the extra wetlands and watersurfaces have serviced neatly to counter effects of droughts,
adaptional agriculture and microclimatisation have their rewards as well.

Regulating fishery would instantly replenish fish resources in a few years, and possibly even alredi does, at some places,(that has not much to do with climate though). However we may have to pay attention to different species of edible fish and take care they migrate at sufficient speed.

(that is where they geologically and specifically tend to fail and extinguish)
It may be that we have to take care for plants in that sense as well.
Especially traditional barreers for species, would be unbridgeable still. Examples of these are many , but plain: australia, madagascar, the middle american landbridge.

It is probably better to reforest anything with adaptional vegetation then with nothing at all and every insulated species will be mostly limited in alternative range and acutely endangered.

Im talking plants now, not animals they are a slightly different case. However one point can be made, in many places you cannot waste much of the original ecology since it is alredi been infested with the more proliferate species of exotics.

And although that may be more of a direct concern for small islands etc. whole continents like australia seem equally affected.

(as kangaroos tend to die out all over australia you hardly have to be scared to punish your local nature by introducing them instead of the other way around)

That would serve to remain a basis of diversification, wich might in its turn serve to create ecological niches in that 'post-apocalyptical' era.

Those are considered 'resources' for human substanance. I forgot what endpoint in a science lines that represents :)

Anyhow this is all pointing at the alternative, because it is so obvious we need something on hands when we basically find alternative bussiness for pollution and exploit.

Reading over it i notice i could have stressed one point more,
the need to take care it rains. There are an endless amount of reasons to put every effort for that, and it is my major worry at the moment, what is happening to the water, why are the clouds so high, however, if we will at all be able to manage the receipe is clear. Water surface, and vegetation, general humidity factors and not the drenching and draining of rain will be able to turn the tide if anything will.

It would actually regulate hurricane- ike effects ofcourse, but that is another esoteric point yet to proof its natural consequence.

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