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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A lost month, friends

I am not much busy with the legal case. Mostly because i did plan not to.
The month has been pretty much what i expected, so not very hopefull.
General voices and opinions gear the brakes, but, it is a rather financial workabout..

What i guess is happening. I am still all before introducing a law-precedence
platform. It could also function as an idea-bin. Ofcourse it is a bit related with promoting a broader and quitte radically different aproach of rehabilitation,
"reclassment" in the dutch technical term.( partly).

the general difference is to reclass also the law and society, and not only the mere social individual, victim and perpetrator, and that it needs a working concept, a target or motivation, that is to support these individual people and groups that get harmed through criminal justice.

thats my personal thing and how i can hold up its concepts.

Soo,.. let me move on to the general subject of this months historical events.
In the scale of nations, historical events are an everyday happening, in the positive, and in the negative, Does it even matter to people that we have surpassed productivity you might wonder?

ah i confuse politics and economics. Personally i don't think these concepts of hyped economy (production capitalism) are valid these days. It is merely a portable problem.

Eg. (historical event nr 4 or so this month), in burma or (event 5) korea,we actually meet 2 nations that don't have twintowers of files on guest labourers,
that don't so much have a hyped but rather a sustained economy.
And that actually apparently serve no real capialist concurention with china.

So not only in terms of powercircles, ruling class elitarism, a development is also a danger to the population, also economical fears remain quitte reasonable.
That it is on a background that the IMF forced the burmese into higher domestic fuel proces, while balancing that with exports, remains also quitte questionable.

Likewise , north koreans are mostly a political target, and victim, of capitalist policys. Their association with china, allows them the pace or better of the chinese economys , it is the international boykot that has hampered all else.

So we have a "thuisland" nation or isolated economy, opening up for relations with her former self. The rest of korea.

That it is somewhat bad all is due to international policy's largely,
Since outside Korea these same politics have easily and simply ruined economys and nations and their peace, (endless row of examples), a change of power cannot be regarded even close to a certain advancement. The opposite is quitte possible, that internal, or south korean or perhaps even chinese or french, english involve in matters, and that actually in a decade, when things turn out worse, nobody had noticed that they were not so sure.

Whence it is relevant to act restrained to such discomforted economys.

I missed all of the inspiration and most of the opportunity to write my blog this month for wich i am sorry. I am trying on.

Then Pakistan. Pakistan is *the* last years historical event.
Firstly: i dont care much about formalitys. The whole "can musharraf remain president? "bit is moot. The only real question is should or wanton?

generally i have no agreeance with prolonged terms of governmental leadership,
although i grew a bit more leanient through the ongoing show of incapacity, by plenty in the social interaction. In that sense, people like putin and musharraf that mostly achieved things through their personal inspiration, are the most likely for meganalomaniacism.

They'd have to cope with it anyhow. It is however wild, farfetched and naive..(or not), another argument not to support prolonged terms at all.

The real legal problem of pakistan is islamic law. When emancipating or developing pakistan, pakistani moves before, that are frighteningly counterproductive (1). At least, have shown to be so in pakistan. Me , i remember you; that both sharif and butto have been implicated in corruption. The legal, burocratic system and structure of their days has been ready to support that. I understand Musharrafs ambition to cope with international relations through his understanding of the colonialist english culture.

Otoh, musharraf is not fighting quitte a right cause. The question remains wether non-interventional politics would provide better results. And in the case of afghanistan you may wonder what anybody (the west or the russians ) wanted there anyhow. Apparently , now we are there we, have set out not to leave before they changed. Hardly in the sense of: because it might work, but more because we forgot there are other options, mostly i think it is an experiment in control strategys.

It is the control strategy of a ruling imperialist and elitarist, on the subconscious xenophobic class, paranoid perhaps in a local contexts, on the world.
And the experiment of the control of the methods on the ground. Everybody has their excitement.

The current problems (at least since like 2002) of Pakistan are most closely related with the problems in afghanistan, and in a more loose sense contrast with the sultanates and other dictatorships that are US most loyal comrades.
Perhaps tho have a better say on modern (moderate) islam then Musharraf. That.., i much wonder.

For me as a anarchist, or liberal, or humanist, islam (and every religion) is very unagreeable.
I hate indoctrination. I think if people should be indoctrinated into "good stuff",
it should happen through progressive information.
Wich would turn it into a subject, an item of the consciousness, nobody should be born into, raised into, let alone forced into a dogmatic. Certainly not a historical, largely antiquated control mechanism as christianity, judaism or islam.(2)
It's been a centurys long fight against myths and fairy tales, to liberate some western mind, from the limits of a thought,- let alone belief system.

I think moderate modern islam, could make a start with realising that.
If they have the better source , or code nothing could be easier then to start a more elegant application.

So apparently it doesn't, well actually perhaps they are still celebrating a liberation that needed to be preached for centurys.

Longer then with us, since antique and not only roman times.

iafaiac. it is up to musharraf and i hope he will start informing his ppl before working them in his outlets. He needs to be a president to be more secure, but ah..
it is not so bad to throw over a military inspired governance. It's got it's good points. otoh there is (if i place that correctly) salafists, probs not a neutral term, outing salafists appears tasty as well.

So personally what i don't belief is emancipating islam can be achieved through formalising islam in any secular sense.
needs work on the cultural relational aspect overhere, but check the medicationstatistics for 'privileged entry' jemenites and others. Here.

(1) it is quitte about liberating minds from indoctrination all.
(2) Hinduism is obviously more confusing then the more budhist traditions, in many places however hindus went through much of the schools of thoughts of budhism apparently. in fact their results in the sense of zen and tao , shinto etc. manhand a more realist perspective, although in many instances they are set out for control mechanism as well. It is not that i agree with tao or all shinto, it's just not the subject of the day. Can't help it but that i do agree with zen.
(checks again, at least it says salafISTS).


lelly said...

legal case? are you a lawyer or something?

onix said...

uh no. why? I thought it is the law and the people that cause legal cases;) Actually i wanted to become a lawyer to defend the poor. However when i was about ten my illusion died. I realised one had to be a corrupt and corporate to make a name and stand a chance, and that to make such a name your cases would victimise so many poor that even if i reached all my goals after i would still feel guilty.

lelly said...

indeed, I agree. I think the same thing about a career in politcs, unfortunately. You only get to the top if you are prepared to be corrupt and corporate.

onix said...

Yes politics is an awfull example.
However i would still rejoice to see you there, i think.
At some point young people will have to waste their lives toward a goal of more progressive politics.
Otherways we are stuck with corrupt cliques forever.

any suggestions?

lelly said...

I wrote quite a long reply saying no way, but deleted it.
Honestly Im, sure there are many others out there much better for politics. But if it happened I would stand up for what i believe in in any way I thought useful and necessary.
peace... :/

oh by the way my blog is real, Its just I have a slightly insane life. My parents are alos complete loonies. :P

onix said...

yes. i deleted a long reply saying basically .. i would like to see you there still. I'd guess its true, some are 'better' for politics, then you. Strangely i was supposed to figure that out on your blog, instead of getting this straight reply:D did you notice??
anyway i now assume that we will talk. I love to hear you have lively parents:s

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