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Sunday, November 11, 2007

prioritys for pakistan

Actually it is very hard to accurately judge every or even much detail of the human rights situation in pakistan for me. However the picture unnfolding has quitte the charactersitics as can be expected with the different interests that are most urgent in mind.

Obviously thinking on the lines that pakistan would not move the army into afghanistan or in the direction of kabul, the only reality is that the north of pakistan is already politicised. So that is not a surprise, every actual calm or rest for the afghan refugees and their relatives or even sympathisers is dependant of just having something like a region where they are free from control wich so easily turns into persecution.

Naturally musharaf has only 2 options, acting up, wich is insisting on more plain military violence inside northern pakistan, or letting go for now and hope that things don't turn to much out of hand. It appears to be a sour procedure, in so far that the taliban, so in effect the populace, of northern pakistan immediatly grabs after the formal characteristics of her 'talibanship' again a very politicised attitude.

Perhaps they think: it is now or never, the possibility that the west decides butto will be her man, and the next thing is f16's in the sky we better have some space around. Or perhaps it is: we just don't want to have to do with that silly musharaf and his english in afghanistan.

Literally spoken the swat valley immediatly took over policestations, and implemented their representation through sharia law:) Wich puzzles me about the different interests of pakistani lawyers again.

Anyhow, there is no immediatly obvious solution, so i thought of the following,
all the nations once conquered by greece could join greece, and as a side-effect they would be part of EU. Now inside eu war is not allowed, so that is settled
and the situation in pakistan also becomes awkwardly clear, with the option to compare these peoples rights with these of the basques.(no rights)

However, since it might scare russia we will also include the kaukasus, ukraine, and russia. That way at least when we bomb these guys we have a decent excuse and....
I will finally see greece develop a european constitution for the perspectives of many people. Although they are orthodox, the greek, perhaps they can't handle the very physical humanist attitudes from northern europe to wich all people are supposed to conform. The ukraine can easily be included, and once belorussia gets surrounded they will probably immediatly surrender to Merkel.

that would be nice:) with turkey in europe keeps its original shapes, only a bit bigger, ofcourse we also invite lebanon, becus it is such a mess with funny tourist perspectives, israel, to proof that we emancipated ourselves so much that even if we can't live with jews we still do, syria, to save them from future agression, the kurds, probably for the famous 'basque' argument . in short everything that once was with alexander except what is in africa. That solves a lot of voting problems in a future world community as well, when they all belong with greece:).

long hm. rulers are like mortargrenades, hardly ever one falls on exactly the same place. That is why a child of a promising ruler has little promise as a ruler as a rule. I feel this strongly over northern african nations and want to make the point secure that I include european monarchist institutes.

likewise i think over bhutto, i don't mean to say that she can't carry any of her fathers spirit or that any child couldn't. Just that it is not a very fair merchandise, and all one is left is to look critical at advertising.

Sadly i am very sure all this is actually set up to divide the islam world and pakistan, politics get a bit shaky, turkey is reinvited in upon.. threatening the kurds, pakistan is (well i am glad it is) sufficiently modern to have a thorough discussion herself, and afghanistan? It's always been a part of europe, the greek never left, only recently they turned english. So for the afghan people the best choice as well is to join the eu.
That way the war need to be put to an end, since it is not allowed for eu members or foreign powers to have a war on eu territory.

This is a very light idea, but when i think of the nightmare it is for the average EU politian i get greatly happy:). Oh yes, oh barzir ... of the taliban yes.. i heard from my secretary.. how could that happen?

It's a bit of a pitty for the parts of the ME alexander didnt reach, like that new bit of vulcanic island, that they will necessarily be excluded, however perhaps it is only the best solution that all these peoples of the books, get their stuf organised together for once. I am not so sure of that actually, i get reluctant to endanger india into invitee status, and i see how russia will have to say no.

well there goes belorussia:(
finally the nations of the kaukasus may rest to the heart of mother belgium.
(wich is falling apart:D, i hope they keep it that way, the eu is ruled from a nation that is falling apart:), good PR.

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