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Saturday, January 19, 2008

taratric , divine truth on a virtual planet

Tartaric might very well have loved to see this post here, yes he would endure it because i talk like this all the time anyway;) Thinking of him i feel utterly ashame
over my formal butto poetry. That is because he was a very good critic. And its not good enough.

i have had so many, only!, *good* laughs from his words. He could make me feel terribly ashamed, but it was plenty worth the hardship for the unique joke we'd (all) get of it. He is so very good company , he never made a clueless remark.
The most educated political perspective (too well explained now in an eery way). Not anything rude ever! Beside perhaps those 2 or 3 offish-jokes that forever made laugh.

Actually the chatroom where i met him, kicked me once over a (not so really, not so)rude joke (not a very rude one).
It was the most despotically censored chat in the world . The only one where the censors made stringent sence(usually),this guy actually always. I prefer to refer to my current dilligence as technicallity.:S

The most perfectly open for nihilist dispute. The world must have been the luckier for the times we interacted. I am a lucky person to have known him. One of the very few people who's eloquence i never had to disregard. A young mind, 2008 kind.

I blame the world a lot over the strange storys i read about him.
the world should know he was a light in our lifes, a great one in mine and the kindest person on the planet.

People must have missed a lot of what this man had to tell them.
perhaps that is what makes me sad. There is huge worldwide media explosion,
and nobody even listened to him? Ah, they must have, what else could they do..

If he has written anything you can get hold off, i would advise you to keep it and read it, delight in it, do something with that.. please??

Rather well that I imagine how long he has been taunted for his anti-zionist attitude.

One of our friends, his so much more then mine still tho, no matter that i loved him much, someone you all also know died last year. So much of what i say is
like him, i feel better reminding them together.

It would really be an idea to start listening to our social heros and dissident voices, the faces of the past century, in time and better.

what a bummer.
What a stupid way to discover all this.

Strangest thing is i am like all commercial now:(
i cry over the dead of a celebrity..

take it as you like;)
i for me will try to behave better. More taratric, more sommerfield as well. You get their regards.

I realise now that they talked with me and kinda knew this, should it be flaw or flows?
no flaw, always flowing.


lelly said...

peace my friend...sad but nice post.
Im listening to Panique celtic 02, I really love it!

lelly said...

hey Onix, thanks for your comment dear. Why don't you post your thoughts on kenya? Just say your opinion and put your thoughts out there...
peace, l.

onix said...

My thoughts on kenya are non specific. i mean it could be about rwanda or sudan, algeria or even egypt just as easily. So if i publish my thoughts, many an (in this case) african establishment will scare, the repercussions on the kenya poor is something i have no answer for. we got the numbers, but they got the guns.



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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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