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Thursday, February 28, 2008

monthly period

These days i need to write more. I have a procedure ahead, that i need to script my defence for. Ridiculous word, it's actually i am the damaged party. At it it is at a "police-judge" whatever that exactly would be, and my experience with the souple police 'techniques' of the past decades makes me expect a total and complete farce.

Such is a good reason to write a lot, because starting a piece against a nation abusing its laws to bring down individual citizens to despair, and living under subsistence level, is not exactly how i usually aproach matters.

I need practice. So like other bloggers around the world i decide to give you some general views from my life. I even consider skipping every political bit, where there is plenty of actuality with the turks making this newest statement over iraq souvereignity. (wich could be what is behind)

I have 2 kind of views in my life, real life ones and internet ones. These two are not very related, for example that i enjoyed a partner in crimes blog only more after she started a new one:

You will find the links for her other blogs there. On one we are even allowed to comment.. some day in the future i will sway to her system. Have a blog were i speak my ideological truths, and noone can comment, wonderfull, if ever anything happens that would make my blog more relevant then the most, i will be spared the professional propagandists that clutter the comments sections of so many iraqi blogs.

For now i have only this active blog really. So the comments section will stay open,
i will just delete comments that call for pitty for neo liberal, neo con, perhaps not fascist straightout, ppl as van gogh was one. (comment deleted now, le. i see you find need to misrepresent his case internationally now, and i think that suffices.:)

That said lely is a very nice person. With just some general misconceptions and more good then bad ideas. She has a blog:,
wich is nice to read, and not that bad for anglosaxon standards.

Uncensoredblues is as typical a sunni-arab as she is an anglosaxon, people are like that. For most comprehensive blog on iraki matters i still enjoy abbas haniya 'kid'
,who changed his name. The iraki blogosphere turned into tabloid like scenes these days, rather predictably a shift is apreciable, where expatriat iraki's slowly loose some of their credibility. I think it is late at it, i have been waiting for all this as long as i watched iraki blogs. Unfortunately my favourit blog in irak.. (i prefer to call kid's although he doesn't like it, for reason of ease of use), isn't any more in irak. Kid/abbas is somewhat outspoken at times, i couldn't advise it for being the most objective, although i personally get most of my impressions through it, it is also the most original one.

And now he's considering switching to arab. I really hope he won't. Although i understand his reasoning.(Other arabs at least have a clue what they went through).

I tried to blog pakistan in a way that resembles how i used iraki blogs to stay informed. It's been a shocking experience. Pakistan being relatively far from the wars that raged in the ME for the most part, has been stereotyping the problems in a not very alien way. The whole pakistani culture is on a level of discussion that for most westerners is kind of inedible. Having a rather deep, and especially historical dislike for zionism is one thing, treating it all out with so harsh voices and only a few trying to smooth the polemics. confuses. One thing is for sure, before the pakistani nation as a whole emancipates from several prejudices is way to go.
On the other end apparently the pakistani archetypical evolved mulsim view has not become very informed inside pakistan itself.

Perhaps i should say something more about irak(blogs). It is not only that people face difficulty in having a clean conversation but, like abbas points out today, Iraqis are generally depressed over the situation. They don't so much regard it in doomsday terms as i do, with my dislike for all armed forces, factions and militia, in the end all militia, representing one or another power base.
More like: this didn't help, that didn't help, what next will not help us.

Personally i am still thinking that removing foreign troops is the best. The violence inside irak could not get worse, and the first incentive, the foreign presence being gone, perhaps the peace will return sooner then we expect.

However thats just as unrealistcally as anything, i can see it that way. But try to convince the presidents (of the oilcompanys) and they will spawn many 100s of pages of reports to deny the option. Good reason for me to keep writing, see you soon.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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