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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cowboy beach party

most of u and surely the dutch will know there has been a shoot out on a dutch beach,
it's been *the* major topic here.

unfortunately teh police is obviously not willing to admit or report her own role in it. It has to do with the involvment of undercover agents, and also with the general aproach not to admit mistakes and violence.

On itself this is no unique thing, but there are several reasons why this event is exemplary for netherlands, in it's treatment through the media, and as a signal of the general trend to raise the level of repression.

how that?

well let me tell the story short as i get it,

there is a big event, the police is there uniformed and undercover, it is a party, so initially no political motive would be suspected behind this escalation.
(if it had been a political event, i think it would not have happened because in that case the struggle to rid ourselves from the dangerous interference of undercovers often becomes closer to an exchange, many participants being aware of the inevitability and measure of intolerance they incur.)

however apparently a part of the visitors is on police observation lists the police does not publically admit their 'undercovers' had in that sense been uncovered by the people who (because the background is in repressive thinking) became their victims beforehand.

this means it is time for a little background, metherlands has had very many very huge and crazy party's. i am no big participant but 100000's of ppl have been involved, and 100000s have tried extasy with the obligatory beers. with all these party's little disastrous happened. yet the last couple of years right wing politicians are trying to raise the level of intolerance. 'trying to' being a thorough understatement here, as a repressive measure has often been applied and implemented.(just like now again btw.)

to give a verbose example of this, teh police is not allowed earrings, tattoo's or
piercings anymore.
they are set aside from the people turned into other beings (like a police dog is not rili like a dog) and tought to discriminate over appearance.

set aside in appearance they will seek a justification.. a thing in wich police excells.

so thats the background. not only for me, but for the people who love this kind of party's also, it is not only earrings , but visible in many aspects, for example the quality of available extacy dropped enormously through their abject and insightless policing, and there are plenty new laws that emphasize the distance between human and uniform. So it is all very suspect, from the pov of a 'democrat', an egalitarian or libertarian individual.

i figure the undercoveers have been behaving macho in the mass. they usually do, they cannot resist to toy with their power. being very annoying anyhow, because tehy think they should harras people on the party, but, like with me, i guess in many cases also throughout their lives.

the participations of agents in civil does not have to be the problem i think, it is allways inevitable anyhow, but the actual activity's and consequences for the individual are most agitating. it is your security, health , finances, loves and friendships that are the victim of their interference, so it feels like no measure against it would be completely unjustified,

that besides penal records and probably convictions are used as a tool to disengage individuals from social affairs.

oh well so they got uncovered once more, and very publically, the masses that have no answer to their armed presence do the usual thing, look and push another closer,
with little room the undercovers (obviously some of them former migrants) panic draw their pistols and create a scene the dutch state is now trying to erase from public records, conscience and youtube. mostly because through their chit-chat apparatus alarmed collegues start shooting at some safer place in response to either directed or warningshots.

the mass that these days is somewhat used to intimidation is not greatly impressed. (eg. the 'lie down' ordre is rather hilarious, after the air they (officially!?) shoot at the legs riot? and besides it was much to crowded in the space for anyone but the police to lie down.

the shooting does have some of the desired effect both groups of (undercover , at least one group) escape via their coordination point. the party then ends and the wounded and dead are collected. (not allways in a very smart way, and not very quickly or easily)

However.. sicne there has been this limitation of the joy in partys the past few years, there is an option this is not a coincedence, as a result of the police having a shootout voices now say party's are to dangerous, and a crude implementation of diallowance is immediatly applied. all to readily when the police opens fire and misbehaves in public events the people get the blame, and the actual intentions behind, to limit mobility and freedom of the masses hits in.

as suually noone dares to raise the question or our right to live without interference. the victim's still in the hands of the police , wounded , dead, or observed. the tabloids report (not obviously related) people from minority's with guns, but does not mention such were among the police.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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