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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

netto gainsees

for some reason, perhaps that nettojahu went to washington to fool good ol' christian (holy man(then))obama, i found some difficulties recently trying to express through internet. not quite deserved where the counterstorm of violent malversations, aka neocon prop. is allowed to use derogative and useless language.

i'll make that point perhaps, second only is the exagerating violence of the several conflicts (actually small). rather onedimentional aproaches are proposed as the background analyses, in every case however at least two party's are involved and concerned, and should be allowed and made to express their opinions and views, like this the riot in sudan, the ongoing campaign in yemen, afghanistan also, somalia , and ofcourse the complexity's around india, and in pakistan are much to eager to escalate.

why? simply put i think one reason is conservatives (armstraders allmost persee)
reason, if you can't win them bomb them. democrats have a harder time solving escalations, so one way to disrupt progress is to scale up local wars.

the other reason is harder to adress because it lays within the country's involved.

the examples are to diverse. for afrika that de grosso modo has a rather wide perspective, the simplifications in press and media are rather disturbing. it is a bit late to want to pick that back up, i would very much consider it pretence,
try to remain a questionmark (if not to big) to both sides, and a need for talk can arrive.
in asia we meet a lot of big and huge nations that are trying to affirm their status.
From a burocrat pov that is not bad, but for the pashtun that are the actual target of the current worldwide terror and smear campaign (no matter they are a bunch of retard old fashioned bastards), for the (poor) people ofcourse it is only a what if..

what if evrything was different. then there is that dirty yemen campaign. the rich nations support yemen's own little ww on terror , because, wow an arab fighting an arab(1), and a shia at it, or something on that line. (no doubt i will come across some al qwaida related reference for them shortly, but never mind.
so that escalation is also not kosher. it is however late to call a halt all at once, that could have been done 3 weeks ago. we should call for the yemen government to behave moderate and respect her civilians granting them equal representation in government and parliament, plus every civil right others in that nation have,(that is not to much).

(1) it is actually the magical word 'terrorist' that allows for the massacre and terror.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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