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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

increasing censoring and nazi prop in netherlands

since ages i know that unwanted opinions are hard to express on the internet, i started this whole blog for it. but being a man of teh people, and in love with humanity i keep trying to contribute a different sound on the internet times and again, if you don't try, you cannot say you have been censored.

so today i went to a dutch site with the pretence that people can contribute again, it is not a very pretty site to visit, but i know the better contributions got deleted before, so it means some people reading it would express more humane things tehn the usual misogenyc, misanthrope nazi shit that is allowed and welcomed by such media without (judging from the terrible phrases i regularly have to see) any criterion. so as long you spout filth, you are welcome to freedom of expression in netherlands.

what are not allowed are critics, or helping people remember what tricks have been played on them before. what is not allowed is to complain about the ruling class and their facilitation of the nazi sound, and hate.

well it means one thing only, we live in a nazi land, on a nazi planet, and there is no good prospects for a humane future. nevertheless, i will try to keep up the voice of reason, you cant say that when i remember my people how a prime minister kept the facts about afghanistan hidden for them for his own profit, i am wrong in blaming him for leading them into war.

teh ver more farfetched and idiotical nazicomments must thus be blamed not on a grow of that kind of hate possesed people, but mere censoring of the nice ones.

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onix said...

i am not sure what happened, it appears as if some of my contributions have rearrived on the specific case, anyhow i have seen contributions disappear on that site to often to believe it would be any different.



Personally i try not to be rude. However sometimes i screw up. Basically i will remove, discriminating and hate posts. And comments clearly derivant from well prepared 'neocon' (kapitalist) pr or secret service agents. (aivd , fbi, mossad etc.) Dutch language is welcome. English prefered, sorry if that bothers my fellow countryman who always seem to think they know how to handle their languages. Ill edit this some time;)

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron

wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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