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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

crustdash and dustcrash

some of my postings over the net have illustrated i am interested in seismology, tectonics, earthsciences, earthquake's and vulcano's. logically i am having a time of my life.

there are a few good conspiracy theory's about why the ejafjalla started smoking like this. ha! one was (well the most "conspiraciest" i saw) usia blew that vulcano, to take a profit from weak european economical stability. haha, as if any essential economical mechanism can be hurt through people making use of fuel and luxury less superfluously.

no, then the media, ever since day two of the event , you don't see anymore what the airlines are doing, (flying low, producing extra noise and pollution) no you read they need to be pittied, that they loose 200 m a day. as if anyone gets a revenue from that but the same people that for once can't destroy the ozonlayer more acutely.

meanwhile the subject is closely monitored by the services apparently, or would it be just my name? my remark the earth was an efficient terrerist for example, , wich i consider a rather sharp and funny pun, was removed from fora, even when i based it on quite metric inferences in a discussion about "belief" in the "punishment by gods".

ya know, if you are the right kind of religious nuthead you can publish, if you make a good and true joke you are censored. ridiculous.

the same forum (there are not to many topical forums in netherland with some reach about actuality) is trying to obscure our views on rightwing polish politics, and doesnt mind at all to be full of hate, prejudice and xenophobia.

well but that besides, altho by censoring a joke about a vulcanic event they showed there is not even a "natural" topic that you can freely express about.

today i read the vulcano got more active again, i have a webcam aimed for it to provide me with realtime information about it's activity, and i read enough about it by now to know chances are the worst is over. the reaction with the ice produces the heaps of finegrained dusts, and since most of the ice near has melted, the effect can only dimm somewhat, unless an exceptional seismic event would continue to be taking place. from the earthquake map you can tell the iceland hotspot is very active atm. under many a vulcano there is some earthquake activity.

yesterday i read the hekla started erupting, i have a webcam for that to, and its not much. anyhow the hekla isnt icecovered. not that efficient an aviation blocker. maybe katla goes, katla does have a great quantity of ice, and its a tradition it erupts after this one.

it seems possible with the rather high geologic activity over iceland as a whole.
i can't say i hope it will. there are bound to be problems if an even bigger vulcano starts to emit even more of a more noxious dust. even now the temperatures went back to the level of two months ago almost. i have been wondering, the past few cold months, they did they have anything to do with the earlier eruptions there by any chance? it certainly seems so. so we are only told when the airlines need to be grounded.

why? and then that great panic... every day, from the headlines to the wikipedia, it's: "the poor airlines" (not' the eruption', or 'the vulcano's on iceland' anymore). why?

i'll tell you why, they have probably been seeing this coming, and decided for their pleasure (the travels) and pretences (that flying helps bussiness) to provide us with even more hinder, more noise. so we need to be readied, stewed in a way, to panic about this ikarus economy.

well thats what i think, altho honestly i doubt they planned it months ahead, and it could even be an improvisation instead of a scenario.

also i assume the actual damage and dangers had been recognised before they quit flying, perhaps even a few of the things went down and it's kept out of view, but u read not the slightest remark, not a single line, about the actual effect the dust already has had on planes, wich it probably did.

i'll tell you, when something goes dramatically wrong, they want to be sure they will not publicly be regarded liable. and they want to understate the dangers and effects, so that people will eat the 'economy story' more readily.

at least i am not as stupid to belief they hadn't had effects on the planes of the past month of eruptions . or the day's until they stopped jetting cargo's of humans into clouds of dust.

well its full of that sheet, we are supposed to pitty the people that can't wait to hop another plane, eagerly staying at airports to stampede aboard the first available flight.

i just don't pitty, these are high income, high consumption, high pollution "class" people, for the most. and there is not a better environmental effect then to change their egoist habits.

yesterday i got evilly censored (in a way that allows room only for a suspicion of fascism, once again, like more often appears to be the mainstream media regulation)
meanwhile having to see the hate roam freely,

next the vulcano starts erupting again,

the best friend is a good terrerist.

down with censory and ozone burning!


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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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