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Friday, June 4, 2010


it's somewhat of a tradition, in the campaigns, for me to do my say, so i wll.


we have a dutch elections coming (stress on dutch..) but i would like to gamble a bit about the latest semipostponunciated stoppages. jamaica for example got blasted from the mediteranean one day ahead, and listen up all, submarines are cake.

yet it almost makes you think in a melancholical way about the future of the past future of the past comintern.

poor jamaicans.

so far europe nor dutchieland have noticed agathe, or the local pinutabu, wich in it's own is quite remarkable for it's absence of observations, the sole seismograph is since some time missing, and probably became used to predict cenotaves in guatemala city. otherways someone stole it, or it broke down and before taking blame it was taken from the books. some million aid package or so, and real seismographs should be feasible for about 7k. there's other usefull and interesting media as well.

although the general interesse of gualtemaltecs in vulcanoes and earthquakes is certainly there the webpage appears illupdated or the whole department appears underfunded, the usual
corporate collapse notwithstanding. a real educational problem besides.

poor turks.

the whole turks play pretty much the sitting oilcovered rare species in the whole proces, middle class advancement not to the point you would ask for a coffeeshop at every policeman they never realised the last opportunities for the slightest riot have been innocently killed on the media stage long.

the painfull show of palestinean indignification. so this is this thoroughly controlled, observed and anticipated entente, a social aproach?

therefore, the dutch elections thingy, i thought about just going straight bright red, with a rotten tomato, but i have noticed the manouvres around the flag. ofcourse i sympathise for the full 100% with that intention.

it is something that stands out over quite some political wriggling.

yet? is that so realist, what is with this concesion culture? what is there to generalise about europe?

i see a mondially quite fluid electorate, that hardly expresses and nowhere manages.
loads of people confuse authority with governance, and hardly anyone even considers how that is judgemental.

what is more worrying is that we have these outstanding moral issues evrywhere, and how parlementary burocracy could hardly even function without great leaps of confidence.

evrything if you just don't have you made it redder?
green like a lemon.

there is also it's not done, undone, will not, does lean kind of policy going, over a left as theoretical as rare. quite the commonest.

as a further subethical splinter, there's a more pragmatical spectrum that favours going round with axes untill all else stopped moving, it has something to do with camels i think and it is really dangerous because it is superstitious.

so kind regards from a woodenshoefull dutchieland see you in the next fairytale.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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