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Sunday, October 9, 2011

don quichotte (2)

in scared anticipation of the contination of the releases on neocology and necronomy, the capitalist marketing in our realms of perception begs for deeper crisis and more injections while we wait.

it would suit for intermezzo.

possibly it is a play into the game. after all the perspective of necronomical crises lives a life of it's own, and.. actually.. the climate is pretty f.u.

more probably it is the usual blackmail, perform so we can make a profit or we doom the poor fellows you do it for..

since concepts can be misused, and intentions hyacked, what if we'd derive an eternal motive, and who we do that for? perhaps best is to just make the straight proposals.

well-being is a distribution of wealth. it is slightly more, a distribution of what you might call pleasure or happyness, but it has been researched, if needlessly, that even in the groups with the most minimal incomes money is necessary to undertake those things that fill in the needs to be happy.

the matter is one of distribution. distribution of powers as in small scale democratical involvement and in moral obligation as dedicated through a herstory of conceptualisation of what we must call 'human rights' , or fundamental principles of justice.

not differently to be accountable.

so in a political as much as financial sense we are talking transparance.


to apply what human resource extra offers, and even within constraints natural to a financial system domesticating privilige, wealth needs to be distributed.

the weirdest of all problems, 'overpopulation', is a matter of financial privilige, birth control is a financial privilige. it is fascinating to wonder how much active birthcontrol did to facilitate the necronomical spurts in china and india, and how with no means tools of the wealthy were handed to the have-nots.

in fact that active family planning is one of the advantages of the ones 'well off', before a few decades was still largely taboo.(1) researched but 'climate scepticked', so to say.


the opposite is also true, there is so far no limit to contempt.


k the google interface is deleting for clipboarding once more.
need to break, or the interrupted flow get's to easily corruptable.

(1) one didn't tell poor and or uneducated people they were stupid for allowing their lives to be stressed through plenty kids, nor defend how chanceless children like that would stay.

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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