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Monday, June 18, 2007

18 june

It's almost like that when i don't write a blog-entry reality dissolves even faster in a mist of half truths.

For myself i have a very nice set of media on internet to shape my opinions.
So when yesterday i read an overview of some of the events in gaza on al jazeera , the thought there was no notion of the fatah violence in west bank went strong.

As a counterbalance for aljazeera that i would call an opiniator for people with muslim background or pacifist motivation, (the ones that are not muslim but still don't want to kill muslim), i read english wikipedia, wich is obviously a prozionist medium. If something happens in the middle east , i check wiki, wiki writes about it?
then the story is what israel wants to see in the international media. Its a somewhat rude simplification, but it works.(1)

Wiki , being an alternative source of information for (i think that is the point) young people, is also checked by cia etc. That is also very helpfull, if i dont know the complot or background, i can check the commentarys and look where "seemingly respected contributors" (their general positiona and attitude), make bullshit comments that distract from the original storyline.
Perhaps you would think it is not helpfull. But if it goes like , oh bullshitcomment, lies over the true story : secret service is in. It is a very simple and fast check.

I suppose you need to be brighter then the falsificator though? or perhaps it is more a matter of sticking to the facts.(most of such cases have service unwelcome facts, often backgrounds )

Anyway i have 2 big items today, and a small.
The biggest item is gaza. The smaller stalin and the smallest is france.

Because there is some confusion i will recount to you how that conversation between stalin and his psychiatrist went. Do you want me to read stalins mind for you? or will you do it yourself?

Stalin sits in a chair smoking, he can look at the face of the psychiatrist,
that is sitting in a similar chair to his right side, without turning his neck much.
You know stalin? he sits loosely. legs wide, arm over the right hold, and a smoke in his left hand.

So..., he says , doktor, you diagnose me with paranoia?
da , komrad stalin, but every doktor would give you a similar diagnosis.
(a small silence)
Then doktor, how comes no other doktor did?

An awkward silence, the doktor sitting with his back straight and his head bent over a little seems to sit even straighter while he prepares to answer.
Stalin watches him, he is used to see people vocalise or hide their fear so it is always a telling moment.

Well komrad stalin, it is because they fear you, (Stalins face does not change expression while he thinks:" so you don't fear me?")My collegues would confirm my diagnosis if i asked them.
" They don't."
"In a private discussion with me they would definetly come to the same diagnosis."

Stalin knows well the docter will not tell who was in such private discussion with him voluntarily. So he pretends not to understand: "you and your friends would call me paranoia in a private discussion?"

Sir, sorry, komrad, i was only saying a professional doctor would come to the same diagnosis.
Calmly stalin hands him a telephone:"call a doktor to confirm your diagnosis please friend", he says smilingly.

Again it is the physician who pauses, searching for the best match in his collection of friends and collegues, obviously not an easy task. Anyhow he ends up calling a few friends via the operator, after a try or two, actually he manages to get some
vague confirmations.

Stalin meanwhile is not amused. "Listen komrade, if people call me paranoia behind my back people will think i am paranoia. Most people for this reason don't call me paranoia, but you and," he looks at a list that was just brought in, "your jewish friends, call me that, have diagnosed me for that, this will destroy my position."

Ofcourse the doktor got his answer on this one well prepared: "No,no", he says," it is only a diagnosis of a symptom, it is only professional integrity that i mention,
it won't bring people to think you are paranoia".

(you think... stalin thinks.)

Okay that was stalins thought on that dumb psychiatrist.

Ofcourse that is a very bad way to introduce something positive to you,
so on with the bad news, and i'll just post my gaza reporting right on top.

Here is the rest of the lousy stuf, france.
Blackboxvoting struck again, it perceivably confirmed her own appalings.
Anyone surprised?

(1)Any major medium i know including aljazeera is mainstream, regarded like that wikipedia is certainly huge and informing on many many aspects, the idea, concept, is perfect, fine and wonderfull , there is just a small undertone of US-Israel related opiniating in every relevant area. Sometimes dumb and eg. anglocentric, sometimes otherways. Some riddance of censory is still future music. Not surprised anymore.
(i) indymedia is also mainstream, dutch indymedia does not even dare to have an item of gaza. That is not so much a complaint, but it is a constatation.
(ii) Wiki being subjective is not even necessarily bad. After all you want to know where the party's stand. I dislike it for indymedia more, because of the name i think they should always represent every non majority opinion. (gaza eg.)

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