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Monday, June 18, 2007


Poor gazaeans.. poor palestineans, poor we.

After israel secured the security troops still loyal to her and transported 300-500 armed palestineans to the west bank before the border was closed for refugees, there has been revenge on hamas.
Not only that it got thrown out of west bank politics, wich is perhaps not a sine qua non, but definetly justifiable.

Some revenge is not surprising. Despite best attempts to keep calm on both sides, wich perhaps was helped by the 2 months of negotiations, the exchange of power in Gaza, has been with incidents. The death count of the Gaza coup has been 30hamas 90fatah roughly. That is probably partly because westbank militants were not informed of the peacefull surrender, but conceivably partly due to incidents of gaza enthousiasm(and fear). Of this i can't judge more precisely. But apparently there has also been some reprisal, that literally spoken need not be to bad. (i hope gaza reprisalled on ppl with at least a role in the violences).

The death count inside israel remains vaguer. But the overall tone suggests that fatah has eliminated a similar nr of innocent hamas youths (50-100). That perhaps have been defending themselves in the confusion and surprise. I think it is a more clumsy incident then what happened in Gaza but i have no exact figures or facts.
You know the kkk effect on ppl. who think they are more right then others? It has most probably not been a beauty. Anyhow it is hidden. The only suggestion i got was westbank killed a similar nr of hamas .

I take it for granted that westbank means to say hamas has behaved exemplary.
And they will not hold their grudges inside.

Similarly hamas now has to unarm the situation by at least formally and internationally announce their clear intend to hold and create no problems for fellow palestineans that politically disagree.

or rather, why don't westbank and hamas do that unsimilarly.

For now, westbank does not matter. Westbank can lick her fingers at the promises over withheld money to the occupied territorys(1), and distribute political positions what they like, and for Gaza they will be like israel speaking out for palestineans.
People are small.. and westbank has not set a new political measure.

Abbas would have proven greater political value had he eg. only replaced ishmael, or only accorded that one man, with the "good" name that is now connected to the westbank bloodbath incident. It is obvious he is seeking allies , and not to scared to use positions. The result already is not fresh.

Therefore the world should take a better look at what is happening.
We can make the obvious choice between the good(the populace/"terrorists") and corruption.
For an honest eye that choice has always been the one displayed through politics.

Whatever we do to hate the "terrorists" will work. Because they have no rights.
However whatever we do that helps gaza, will complicate our own cause more.
It would proof to the outside world these people are not terrorists but palestineans and it would obviously proof that radical islamism is always still way better then judeochristian "security".((for us all westerners, if we want to change it, the reason is that we lie)

So it is up to us, antagonise them more, and you will eventually antagonise them into terrorist actions perhaps, or at least into ongoing violence around israel,
set up something and you counter the extremer appeal of islam.

up to us, to make war or peace. We have not made the obvious choice in a long time.

(1)newest sick money story, gaza is 'freed' territory, west bank is occupied territory. How does the public eat this rubbish?
Do you know a better way to say i want to spend money in israel? I don't.

Don't tell me it is freed because there is a wall around it, i know the arabs are building walls everywhere to prepare their very own period of the warring states, but that is the israeli wall and not the palestinean.

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