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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Rich to serve the poor

This is (ass in *iss*, shitasses) a deliberate insult at the dutch police in particular, and any other power obsessed balloons of selfrighteousness in uniform at it. I would love to insult the perverted money obsessed profiteering slavedriving murdurous ruling classes in the same (poetry turned into due) fart. But its a so much, much more inane, contemptuous, and purposed abuse of human stature it just misfits the misfit.

These birth defected autist overeating shizofreniacs, that are to dumb for a simple job, these people to silly to be any threat for major abusers, these persistent bugs and bullys of the public sphere, the shitheads, aka police is what i am talking about.

Look some people are loosers, but at least they don't need to wear a same uniform to proof it. When you see one coming you see them all, because they are the shitscaretest of fagshits just like the rest of us, a bunch of prostitutes, sadists and suns of dogs with genetical defects. Slavedriver's that have been outcasted from normal civilisation for many a sane century they are. Their tasks so crude and unaplicable they needed to develop a whole new array of genetical defects to misfunction like they can. That is what i am talking about, the swines that beat you up for protesting peace or legal rights. I am talking about these protonazis ready to serve any torturous system, The nightmares of a friendly person, the uniformed impersonations of the horrors of war and assymetric violence, the representers of every corruption and the major plot to destroy this planet with only bank accounts left alive.

These insane wasters of positive sources of human development, the ever ready murdurous soldier in peace time.
The guys proud they can aim at you with a shotgun, people with no but the pride of psychopaths.

You know what they really do? they kill foreigners in their smelly stinking cells,
they threat you, and kidnap you, try to endanger you, and if they don't just loosely smash you up, at least they wil make you feel bad about your country by harrasing you over everything, while every major corruption goes on undisturbed.
Say what, they are the camp guards, they are ever ready to defend corrupt persons, and they are so blatantly stupid they get wholly absorbed in the proces.

We must doubt even one of these fags understands who i am speaking to. Go figure , all over the planet these crapheads screw usual peoples life because they need to annoy to get a hard one.
Noone gives a fuck about them, becus sex is supposed to be nice.

well i think i succeeded. This is definetly devastating for my imago.. saves the slavedrivers some job then. Ah, they ain't no good even at intelligence work that they keep hidden and play the dirty tricks as secret as can, thats why i am helping.

Come on restless fuckers, come on prostitutes of the sanity of a tranquil mind,
arrest me, like you arrest the usual people on the street that don't give a damn butwhip for your pitty application.

Come on proof that you are the insane fuckers that can't stand a word, show of with your power of arms, seclusion and financial support of the rich, show how your big mouths fall open after reading this.

Don't expect me to be polite though, you can get what you can expect.
Why would not i hope someone beats you untill you piss blood.
Isn't that your regular monopoly?
Come on thats all it is about, justice? my ass, you'r in for the kick and your kick is sick.

Oh the smelly aspect, the smelly aspect is they are the kind of people that give some brave and honest bloke a tough night after reading this, but shutting up becus apparently they can't just rant like me. They need authority, for their mindfreaks, their orgasmic interfering and spastic knowing better.

Well i can do without all that, like i can do without them. Air is what they are to me.
smelly air. klootzakjes .
(that is an explicitly forbidden albeit rather common dutch expression meaning,
scrotus minisculus.)

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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