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Friday, August 31, 2007

to-do list

Like everyone else venting his personal emotions into the blogosphere, i can get pretty annoyed by my own posting. So much to write and so little content.
It's embarrasing, whence i did post my yesterdays socalled "funny".

Strangely it makes me smile when i reread it, so that it is why i wrote it, to be able to smile. It suffices for me.

I also have a long long long to-do list. Topics in the uncensored sphere i want to touch... are many. I still have to explain the public how it can be the US finds chemicals in a NY UN building (cbp anyone) the day after i publish about their defoliaging campaigns and quoot (the now late) Blix .
It is hard to explain. Why would an insignificant person like me, with no more special traits then anyone else, someone who never has an abrevation noone else knows,someone essentially only contributing new words , sciences and technologys, laying out only concepts of internationalism, mutualism and intrinsica that are now the only handheld to steer the planet (for good or for bad) be sufficiently relevant to make a headline against??

I have no clue. Freedom of expression would leave me in lonely and dull comparison only. That is one thing i just got to explain at some point, but as you can see it does not make sense to me.

So apart from it happening, it never happens. Nextly , yes what nextly...
next on my to do list , should it be human shielding? or deescalating methods of bomb laying, or no,... yet again the clearing up of tribal remains? Should it be my support for musharraf? Or my deceit for benazirs clique?

I should also touch at the myriad of aspects the white neocons destruct that been fine and friendly in my country, my mothertongue.

I should post about how irak will climb up 15 years after now, when there will never be any chance for them to make a development jump again, with evrything destroyed that saddam left, and no more oil. I should post on african unity (one great good thing) and i should suggest someone finds out what necessitated the much larger tutu genocide after they got a beating. (anyone knows why that is acceptable may tell me).

Should i focus on the poor blokes, our multinational shapegoats that are led to chanceless processes in the hague?? Or merely about the fascistoidisation of our society in all its minor aspects. The dull confection dressed grey masses in the trains that haughtily bestare you, because you are obviously no direct servant of the rich , like them.

Should i talk about how people 20 years old are more discriminating, more superficial, and more egoist then in the time i was 20??
I don't know, it is all so sad..
It is more sad then any of you apparently is able to imagine, Noone says it, noone writes it.. so perhaps the thoughts are more complicated then they seem to me.

What i would love, really love to start with, is something of authority of say;)
Something about saying things to authoritys.
(authoritys is the ones legally set to make decissions or regulate public behaviour)

Like i said before.. authoritys will only talk gibberish. So now i move to my next post, a deliberate insult to all policepeople in the world, one in wich i will say how much it is acceptable to rant at them, and i explain how little trust i put in people that can't handle words if they are legislatory armed..
on with that, ah my mind rejoices when i think fo the fresh insults i can make up at the adress of the police.
And it is really elegull, you cant say shit to a dutch cop these days, i hope they fuckin freak their sick minds doubleblind over, after i wrote what they make me write.
raah lovely:)

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wanted terrorist: name silencer aka stealotron
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