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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Basra burning,

One thing that has changed for me is i like sadrs voice. That was a surprise.
When he speaks you can hear he has been thinking, and knows what he wants to talk about. Since the endless row of ridiculous events in irak taught me to even consider saddams remarks seriously, i must say i do have my doubts about sadrs actual capacity to coherently organise all the divided iraki's were he president.
But at least most of what he says is true and fair.

Sadr said there could be no surrender to a force that did not cannot and would not oust the occupation, and altho it may appear a bit strange, practically he is right, that a force that doesn't represent the iraki wishes cannot be expected to treat her populace rightly. A great fear in irak were so many more then usual westerners hear daily, have suffered and perished.

The uncensoreds selfcensoring mechanisms are running top time..
I must admit i sympathise with basra and the popular madhi movement. I rili don't like to see this fighting in wich the madhi army may suffer the terrible warmachine that usually aimed at sunnis past years. Not only because i do well realise that the scale of it remains hidden from the (non-iraki) eye, also because i have severe doubts over the methods and routines in such a tool of an occupier as the iraki army.
It's a fact, i think, in history that army's trained to control civilians tend to stick to the methods they are taught and learned, no matter if they are fighting different ppl later.

The whole paranoia of roadblocks and bombs, soldiers that had no option to join an army with no real cause, and the awfull methods needed to fight a monster like that,
will easily escalate this situation. And so it seems to have happened.

In beautifull madhi tradition, the army attacked the greenzone. madhi filosofy knows where the enemy hides.. in the dungeons and palaces of power.

Material for a film. The heroic struggle of ppl of basra likewise reminds of a film.
I cant think otherways but that the personal storys would be bizarre. Basra has been making a very lively impression the past few years. And although not all may be perfect in the eye of a man like maliki who turned policeman before refugee , by now all the world knows the west only loves movies about crime. Isn't war the looser anyhow in this big balance between war and crime?

But it makes me terribly sad. I am to sure that people deing in basra, under attack of an army and the usual airpower etc., are usually braver , better people then the ones that opted for the us sponsored and controlled army...

It painfully reminds the targetted eliminations in gaza (is this a killing off of a shia intellectual elite?). But also it reminds the endless rows of aimless civil wars instigated by occupiers alredi. Even if maliki had not all this intend, how will he explain his shortsighted and seemingly so well prepared actions?

Agreeing with the baghdadi wish for malikis resignation, made me think about elections... 't is about time these guys had them again, why has there been no mention? "the methods of a dictator" sadr's polit-buro said. Karzai is there even longer.

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