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Friday, March 21, 2008


The subject of this post is no favourite of mines, however its a lively debate for what lively debates go in politics internationally.
The whole tibet affair as it displays now is very much influenced by foreign factors.
Olympic games and the option to hack into chinese dignity obviously could't be left untried. The usian republicans looking for war and struggle to find yet another excuse for their enduring armstrading is a next. Finally the usians discovered an enemy in china.. the chinese economy.

Makes me wonder how many beautifull words will again be wasted on a hypocrit cause.

20 years ago, or 30 i dont remember exactly, when all the ppl i knew were still living in a haze of only anti commi prop, our governemnts refrained to take actions.
Now my visions have changed for the worse. and still tend to worsen.

apprently there are only 3 million tibetans, apparently their own communists overthrew the old feudal aristocrat system, apparently not only now, but also then the dalai lama was in the evil company of surpressors.. a thing i didnt know.
Well mayb my whole world view changed. i dont anymore buy all the raving against china, and i dont perceive the chinese as as dangerous and agressive as i do other players on the stage.

I concluded for myself that this ridiculous sympathy for tibet westerners feel is unwarranted. Its a part of the colonialist attitude to enjoy you arrived per plane and see these people live in only mud and poverty. That besides i think the chinese claims on tibet are for more legal then the colonialists claims on her pro western status.

That said i don't know.. I know the tibetans are oppressed, and that the chinese like every people that has to assimilate a next tribe put their own interests and position to much forward. Lastly i know the chinese could have respected the vulnerable tibetan ecosystem more. Tho i think the attitude could be improving.

None of these things are unique, all but.., tamils are oppressed with colonialist support, iraki are , afghans are, and each of them there are more then tibetans.

The basques were not allwowed even their own language, but no, the west insists on blaming others, native usians claimed independence, but no, the world pays attention to a munk.

What do i think about the munk.. i am sort of a budhist myself, like the tibetans say, budhism isn't a religion. It is more about adapting your attitudes to human wisdom we were able to collect. So i sympathise with the man, i grew up to not believe he is the so and somanieth incarnation of anyone, but i always remained hoping he was. My sympathy is with the tibetans definitily, becus its with the basques, the kurdes, the scottish, the irish, the native americans, the serbs and mayb even the kossovars. Not with europe, usia or the chinese.

otoh i grew to the knowledge that chinese minority politics is among the ones i admire most, for demographical reasons.
otoh. i sympathise with the chinese goal to feed 1.3 billion people, and the concept that asia should be ruled by asians and not by western machinations is also active.

a state of 3 million or more, presumably armed by us, tibetans, seems no valuable commodity to me, but a source of great future problems and anti chinese rasism.
Even the boykot of china i perceive as utterly injust. Its just economical pressure on an inhumane level, similar to starving 400000 iraki babys before the invasion.

People should use boykots to stop the capitalists from making victims and not to help them. Anyway it was predictable capitalism would try to use and mobilise the peoples tool of boykot for evil doings.
and so they do.

No rili apart from my sympathy for budhism, and tibetans and my love for mountainscapes, i found no single reason to oppose the chinese, When the baskish have local autonomy and a language, we can start doing something multilateral to the same effect.
Now... we should just shut up and stop interfering in continents that are not our own.

It means tibet will only exist as an autonomous chinese department, or even slightly more autonomous then that. And although we would all wish we had an area a 6th the size of china to put only 3 million people in, i think this by now outdated, that it is not anymore a possible thing on this planet, and will never anymore be.

That besides i am quite convinced the usians would sponsor these few tibetans into some sort of deranged capitalism that would be a pain in the ass for decenia to come.

gl with it. I am sorry. I happen to be not antichina just becus i got impregnated with anti chinaness all my life, and i fear their arguments are a 1000 times as reasonable as ours.

kind regards. Lets hope the chinese won't be to rude on the tibetans that were in the protests. They do have things to fight for left, not in the least their right to practice monastic budhism and live according to their own values.

I see a great challenge in turning that into a precedent of budhist jurisdiction , but i doubt very very much the world is even half redi to achieve that. Can't blame china they don't want to fall subject of an improvisation.

hope im helpfull.

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lelz said...

No rili apart from my sympathy for budhism, and tibetans and my love for mountainscapes, i found no single reason to oppose the chinese

Thats three good reasons right there. ;)
I have to say I agree with most of the rest of the post, you made me change my opinions a bit.
Maybe its inevitable that CHina should rule tibet, but their methods of rule I can never agree with or support.



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