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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Unfinished posts

Heh it is time to make the balance, I wonder what my first post for next year will bring. Actually perhaps that will be more interesting. It cheers me up to hear firewirks just now, i am not such a christian, i prefer to think about the future as a religious enterprise, all the time there have been fireworks, and at this moment it makes sense. So that should be a nice year, well it is somewhat, conflicts were limited to the results of ongoing occupations, and a few simmering ones, not the hyped masshypnosis of yet another attack.

I am a conflict person, being an antimilitarist you turn into a conflict specialist.
So where is the conflict? It seems pakistan turned huge on india, well it had plenty elections so shortly after the assasinations in the hotels, india.

I guess you can never tell.To me the pakistani worry that usia will march into south-east asia and china by faring war through india as proxy is overrated, but that they worry so much makes me think.

Essentially in pakistan a solution of kashmir that i would call non-commitment is surprisingly far to seek, perhaps the massive india machine is guilty to that.
Like i said in a previous post about mumbai the indian media fails to leave a affirming impression, bluntly put that says it's definetly less democratic then pakistan.The complaints about kashmir are in that sense also a modern complaint,
India is treating the muslim minority's influenced by the wars of terror. It fears that a militant muslim reaction in india could be violent and apparently it does more then you would like to witness to negate any, real or imagined.

Meanwhile i think the pakistani system, likely it's upper (financial) class, can't do without the distraction of india. Wich is partly caused because there is no pakistan yet that is not heavily affectionate with islam. As the strikes on afghanistan , irak and now northern pakistan are also perceived as attacks against muslims, (for example because they are), the political ways of pakistani politics are most diffuse. Given that a politician would make a secular islamic choice for example they stumble upon a reality that forces militairy excursions upon them.

So it is more integer to make a pro-islamic choice, but then you get settled with all the ancient machinery of control and indoctrination that goes with it to rather some extend, and in effect you form a distraction for both the national and the international unity.

So the people in charge tend to be the ones that think more secular, partly for historic reasons, pakistan has in many ways tried to set examples of being a modern state allways. More because the pragmatical reasons off money and power as a result.

Zardari is trying to take good care showing some reliance on musharaf in matters of souvereignity of state, but unfortunately he is less equiped to cope with the somewhat absurd flows of national sentiment in pakistan.

In a way it is funny they make such a show of their innocence, but it is also very fearsome. Pakistan is really of the opinion india is purposedly preparing her population for agression towards pakistan, and since they 'found out' (through mumbai), that the truth about pakistan doesn't count in india but that it is subject to a campaign of allegations, while being provocated into action over repression in kashmir perhaps, well i figure they fought, a warned man counts for two.

Anything else i spend the year with? Irak ofcourse, and obama, a few friends,some african affairs, maybe i should say something about kongo.

But what? this is already going on for years, my opinion about the affair is not flattering but i don't think even when history changes all of that opinion over what happened in the past changes. Southern africa is rather a postcolonial mess, incredibly so actually, angola is very poor, perhaps also because it was colonised by portugal , wich was a development nation itself untill the 1960's 70s', to european standards. Perhaps they should ask the chinese to set up farms:) one thing the chinese have experience with is bringing food production on an acceptable level.
Well i also know thx to al jazeera on what level that often happens, chinese farmers are a partly destute group to european standard.

Then again, so was portugal, greece etc. etc. etc. It's more that people don't know that then that the differences evrywhere have been so immense.

That development in china is an ongoing process is also a reality.

Myanmar and a few other standard targets of western propganda still more or less misbehave, but so do plenty other nations that are not criticised as rigourously.

The climate , or the weather, is something that fascinates me, its not so good, the industrial haze in the eveningsky's still turns what would be clouds into vapors
Yet the continued baking seems to have been altered more then i expected, i dont know what to think, perhaps saddams oil really cooled the climate. I would say there is better rain then there used to be some 5 years ago during the negative trend. Another explanation could be that human generated dust cools the planet by reflecting the sunlight, i used to see that have no appreciable influence on the incoming radiation at all, but in the longer run it may still show to happen. Still not satisfied with that radiation at least it feels safer then also being boiled off.

cheer up ppl.. now we have obama, we can change evrything, i can keep him for the newyear post i suppose. but he was a big thing this year, one would expect. sth to come out of the victory of respect over insult wouldn't one?

i have more unfinished posts:)

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